She Controlled Me More Than I Thought – 4


She Controlled Me More Than I Thought – 4
The Picnic Outing

Yesterday I got a text from her asking me to take the day off and come over. She has never asked me to do anything, it’s usually telling me. So I took the day off and was getting ready to head that way and another text came in.

(Don’t forget that butt plug you took home the other day.) Now I knew this was not really going to be an asking type of day.

(Do me a favor and have it put in before you get here, thanks.) In her next text. (See you soon.)

So I made a stop at the d**g store to pick up some K-Y. Then I headed for her house stoping at a little abandoned dirt road I had found about a mile form her house to remove and hide my clothes. I did not what to break rule no. 7 on a day she at least sounded as if she wanted to act nice. So I stoped to remove my clothing and inserted the plug as she had “ASKED” me to. At least it went in easier this time. I got in my truck and drove to her house pulling into the driveway and parked next to her car. Like before I listened for cars, looked around then ran up the steps naked and knocked on the door.

“Come in it’s unlocked.” I heard her from inside.

I stepped inside closed the door and turned around to see her. Wow! She was wearing a little sun dress, white with a flower pattern. It was held up in place with two little spaghetti straps and stoped half way down her thighs. There was no way she was wearing a bra under that. Around her neck she wore a scarf that floated in the air as she moved. Her hair was pulled back into pigtails just behind her ears, and she had just enough make-up on to highlight her pretty face. It was not what I was expecting, she was the cutes I had ever seen her.

She did a little twirl which caused her dress to flare out almost rising to reveal her ass.

“How do I look?” She asked.

“Amazing Mistress.”

“Thanks.” With a cute smile, she then asked? “Now why don’t you go get the picnic basket on the kitchen table and bring it here?”

“Yes mam.” I ran and grabbed it. On my return she opened the door.

“Lets go.” She said holding the door open.

I just stepped out and headed down the stairs and waited for her. She locked the front door came down the stairs and as she was passing by she patted me on the butt. Suddenly reality came rushing back in, I was standing out in her front yard completely naked and she was getting into her car.

“Come on lets not waist the day away. “It’s going to be so fun, “I can’t wait.” As she motioned me to get in the car.

I couldn’t stay out in the front yard so I jumped into the car. I placed the basket on my lap to cover myself. She started the car pulled out into the street and we were off.

“Where are we going mistress?” I asked nervously.

“You’ll see its going to be so much fun.” She was so excited.

I could tell we where head for town. She couldn’t possibly make me get out there. We stoped at a red light just before main street.

She looked over at me. “You don’t have to hold that basket.” She picked it up off my lap and placed it in the back seat.

There goes my only cover. The light turned green and into town we drove. I sunk down in my seat as far as I could. We stoped at a light in the middle of town waiting for it to turn. I looked out the window and saw a lady walking down the sidewalk towards us. She looked over at me and my eyes locked onto hers. She was getting closer and closer, I froze staring at her. Thinking does she see me, does she know! The light finally turned green and we drove off.

“We are almost there.” She said. “It’s right up here.”

We pulled into the parking lot of a park at the edge of town. It was mostly a big field with a small playground off to the side and a picnic area. There were some small nature trails that led into the woods directly from the parking area. We pulled bahis siteleri in and there was only one other car there. After parking the car she reached back and gave me the basket.

She got out of the car and motioned me out saying. “Lets go, it’s so beautiful out.”

“Mistress I don’t think I can.”

She walked over to the door and opened it. “Don’t be shy, “I’m here with you. “I won’t let anything happen to you. “You trust me right.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Besides you wouldn’t want to start breaking the rules all the way out here would you.” She said with a sarcastic concerned look.

“No Mistress”

I got out and she locked and shutting the door. “Lets go.” Smiling the whole time.

I followed her as she walked into the field. I could feel my dick and balls bouncing side to side with every step. The light breeze blow on areas of my body that have never been exposed to it before, it constantly reminding me of my nakedness. I tried holding the basket close to my hips to block any view of my genitals. As we walked I continued to look around for people especially for that cars owner in the parking lot. We finally stoped at the back corner of the field which was fairly far from the main facilities but close enough to see people if they arrived. She reached into the basket and pulled out a blanket telling me to lay it down.

After placing it on the ground. She laid down to one side and patted on the other side for me to lay on.

“It’s such a beautiful day out.” she said as she turn onto her side

She reached out and started to lightly play with my dick just fiddling with it really. She just kept flipping it around, giggling and talking as she had fun with it. She continued with this for about a half hour or so, I think just to see if she could get me hard. I was way to nervous for that, I just kept scanning around to see if anyone was coming our way. As it got closer to lunch time people started to show up and fill up the picnic tables. I couldn’t make out peoples faces but I could tell the color of there clothes and what they were wearing. Certainly they would be able to tell I wasn’t wearing anything if she made me stand up.

“Sit up.”

I really didn’t hear her my mind was elsewhere.

She stood up saying. “Sit up!” With her hands on her hips staring directly at me.

I quickly leaned forward supporting myself with me hands behind me. Desperately hoping that would be as far as I would have to go. She started smiling again, stepped over me and plopped down on my lap flinging one of her arms around my neck.

“Oh, “look at all the people that have shown up for lunch.” She said with excitement wiggling on my lap to get comfortable.

Than I realized as she fell down on my lap it caused her dress to flare out. As she was talking and twisting on my lap I could feel her ass, her bare ass! She had no panties on. My cock started to grow instantly, everything else faded away. She just kept talking and wiggling away as if everything was normal. By now my cock was harder than it has ever been pressing up against her bare ass, her ass! It was right there grinding down on my pelvis. I wanted in her so bad I didn’t know how much more I could take. She tweaked her hips slightly to the side allowing my cock to slip in between her cheeks. I let out a moan as I closed my eyes letting my head fall back. She made a high pitched squeal as she arched her back pushing her ass into me. For a slit second on the head of my penis I though I could feel her… She then stood up quickly causing my dick to spring up bouncing off my stomach then pointing strait up at the sky. My cock was aching to explode.

She looked down at it smiling with satisfaction. She had accomplishing her goal of exciting me and tormenting me at the same time. She reached over and pulled something out of the basket bahis şirketleri then sat down pulling my feet onto her lap.

“I think we can make your feet prettier.” She told me

She than reached out both her hands showing me a bottle of nail polish in each.

She tilted her head to the side asking. “What color do you want red or pink?” With a big smile on her face.

“I don’t know mistress.” I mumbled.

“Come on pick a color, “I’ll even put it on for you. “It’ll be fun”

Reluctantly I said. “Red mistress.”

“Great that will really stick out and high light your toes.” She put the other bottle back in the basket and proceeded to paint on the polish.

I watch her apply the red color on each toe. She looked as if she was getting more and more excited with each toe. All I could see was the red paint announcing how girly it made my feet looked.

She looked up. “Oh, “look your cock is starting to go down.” With a pouty expression. “Go ahead and play with it some, “I don’t mind.” turning her attention back to her task.

So I grabbed my cock and started stroking as I watched her finish painting my toes. She started to blow on them to help the polish dry. Her breath on my toes started to get my cock back into things, and I started stocking fast.

“Not so fast, “you little horn dog.” She laughed.

I slowed it down as she moved my feet off her lap and crawled over behind me. She opened the basket to put the polish back in so I thought.

She pressed up behind me asking. “Do you trust me.”

At the same time I could feel a metal object snap around my wrist.

“Give me your other arm.” She whispered in my ear.

“Yes Mistress.” as I gave my trembling arm back to her.

She handcuffed my two hands behind me, removed the scarf from around her neck and placed it over my eyes. It went completely dark and my whole body started to tremble and shake.

“Relax.” She said. “I’m with you, “I won’t let anything happen to you.” Putting her hand on my chest.

I couldn’t handle it so I just gave in. Submitted really, giving over to her. She slowly moved her hand down my chest and across my stomach gabbing my cock.

Stocking it she said. “Your cock is raging hard.”

It was with her hand wrapped around it. Her perfume fragrance that emanated from her scarf tied over my eyes. She started lightly teasing her breast up against my back. I could feel her nipples hard, with only the fabric of her dress separating us.

Whispering in my ear. “There are people all around, but I won’t let them see you.” she started to moan softly. “Not at least today.”

For some reason with her, the thought of being see was nerve racking and exciting all at the same time causing me to move my hips and let out a moan. She was really working on my cock now. Breathing and softly moaning in my ear. Her tits were moving on my back and I could tell her whole body was now responding like mine. With one of her hands on my cock, I believed her other hand was on her pussy playing with herself. The thought was getting to be to much.

“Mistress I have to come!” I moaned softly.

“Not yet!” She ordered though her rapid breathing.

She was really pumping on my cock now, and strongly gyrating and pushing her tits into my back.

“Not yet!” She licked the back of my ear breathing harder.

She was moaning harder and harder under her breath and pumping harder and harder on my cock.

“Mistress I can’t hold it any longer!” I yelled out loudly!

She bit down on my ear and yelled though her teeth “Cum!”

I exploded so hard it felt as if the butt plug was getting sucked farther and farther up my ass with every blast. I shot so much it covered my entire chest and abdomen. She moaned in ecstasy with me, her body shuttering and tensing in rhythm with mine.

She dropped her ass back onto her feet as I collapsed leaning back onto her canlı bahis in exhaustion.
I could feel her place her chin atop my head, she was still breathing hard as her breast pushed into my back with every breath. She raised up a little and started caressing my head with the hand she pleasured me of with. With her other hand she rubbed across my chest scooping up my cum. I felt her place her hand at my chin and I started licking without a command. I would lick her hand clean and she would scoop up another load. My cock was trying to get hard again at the thought of her pussy juices and my cum mixed together on her hand. I would have lick up that mixture all day as long as she kept feeding it to me.

“Thats a good boy.” She finally spoke. “I think thats all we are going to get.” She stuck each of her fingers in my mouth pulling them out slowly as I sucked to completely clean them off.

She took the blind fold off and laid me to her side placing my head on her lap. She just played with my hair and caressed my head talking as if all was normal again. I just felt so relaxed not caring about the world, forgetting about everything. We stayed in the park for another hour or so.

Then she said. “Ok it’s time to get going.”

I perked up remembering I would have to walk back to the car naked, but there are people here now. I started to look around and saw no one in the park. They must have returned back to work after lunch, with this being a week day. Still someone could be around watching. Fear and anxiety started to return to my thoughts.

“Get up so I can put the blanket away.” She told me.

As I tried to get up I realized she never uncuffed my hands. I struggle to my feet as she put the blanket away in the basket.

“Ok lets go.” She said.

I didn’t move I was just scanning the park looking for people

“Oh, come on.” She reached out and grabbed my penis pulling me forward.

She led me back to the car swing the basket in one hand and pulling me forward by my dick with the other. I could not see anyone out in the park, but as we got closer to the parking lot there where more than just our car parked in it. To include one parked next to ours. As we got closer I focused on that car but could not tell if anyone was in it, there was to much glare from the sun to see though the glass. She just kept pulling me closer and closer not a care in the world. The closer we got the more nervous I got with my hands still cuffed behind my back there would be nothing I could do. It wasn’t till I was standing next to the car that I could tell no one was in it. What a relief, and at least we are at the car. She let go of my cock leaving me next to my door between the two cars. She opened the trunk to put the basket in when I noticed a car pulling into the parking lot. She closed the trunk lid as the car pulled up and parked to the other side of our car.

“Mistress I can’t get in!” I was trying to decide if I should duck or hide in some manor.

“Quit being a baby,” just stand there.” Mistress calmly ordered.

A lady got out and looked over at us. Mistress said hello and the lady greeted her back. I pressed my genitals up against the car trying to hide my lower half.

“Its a beautiful day out isn’t it.” mistress asked the other lady.

The lady answered back, “yes”

The lady kept glancing over at me probably try to figure out why I had no shirt on and why my arms where behind my back the whole time. I just smiled back at her just wanting to get in the car.
The lady turned to walk towards the nature trails when mistress finally hit the button to unlock the doors. I spun around to be able to open the door and quickly slid in. Mistress got in, started the car and reach across me to close my door seeing I could not reach it with my hands cuffed behind me.

After closing the door leaning back into her seat she look down at me. “Look your cock is rock hard again!”

I didn’t even notice, but it was.

”We’ll definitely do this again, seeing you obviously enjoyed it so much.” She started to drive away with a smile from ear to ear.

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