Sex and the Magic Lamp


The best part of living near the beach was being able to go down any time and look at the eye candy of the beautiful men hanging out in just swim trunks. Today I was just walking along. As always, there were some great looking men, and I could get to them and let my fantasies go wild. Unfortunately, it stopped at fantasies. I wasn’t bad looking, but I was a bit shy, so I didn’t approach any to have a “beach encounter” that I could remember for the rest of my life.

Enjoying the walk, I kept on going, past the populated areas and on to where the beach was less manicured. There really weren’t any other people around, so I was enjoying the solitude and visuals. I was lazily scanning around and saw a glint in the sand, and headed towards it in minor interest of what it was. When I got to it, I noticed it was a bit of bronze-colored metal. I tapped it with my foot and freed it from the sand. Thoughts of Aladdin went through my head and I laughed out loud. I dusted most of the sand off of it and looked at it. It sure did look like a small version of Aladdin’s lamp, and was pretty well made. I figured it must be some sort of souvenir washed up on the shore. But it looked nice, and I decided to keep it. I stuck it in my pocket and kept on walking. When I decided I was far enough, I headed home. Back on the populated beach, I had another chance to see the great bodies of the men there, and I felt my dick chub a little.

In my apartment, I put the lamp on the counter and took care of some chores. It wasn’t until later that evening when I noticed it again and decided to polish it up. I cleaned the rest of the sand off of it and used some metal polish to get it to shine. Pleased with myself, I looked at it and said to nobody “There, now you look like a real magic lamp. Let’s rub you and let the genie pop out.” With a chuckle, I rubbed it like you see in the movies. End of my adventure, I thought. Until a bit of smoke began to come out of the opening. I almost dropped it, but my hand held on and I stared, slack-jawed.

The smoke coalesced to a figure about 2 feet tall. I could make out that he looked like an attractive, nicely muscled Arabic man, and perfectly proportioned to the size. And partially transparent, like those holograms you see in movies.

“Master, you have called me from the lamp, how can I serve you?” The genie said with a bow from his waist.

“What is going on?” Was all I could get out. At least I could close my mouth and stop looking like an idiot.

The genie chuckled a little “You have found the lamp and rubbed it, calling me, the slave of the lamp. For as long as you own it, I will fulfill the wishes you make that are within my power.”

I carefully put the lamp on the counter. “So, I can wish for anything?”

“Well, no, I’m afraid not.” The genie was looking up at me. Very handsome face, and it looked like he was pleased to see me. “Wishing for anything is a myth, the fact is a genie can only grant wishes made in the realm they have power in. Genies come in what are like races or ethnicities for you humans, and our powers only work in relation to what race we are. Some can provide wealth, some can cause harm to people you target. I’m neither of those.”

So I wouldn’t be getting rich off this one. Where money is great, it’s not the only thing in the world. “So what is it you can do?”

He looked at me almost like he didn’t want to say for a second, then told me. “It’s very rare, not a lot of genies are like me.”

“That makes you special, unique.”

“True, but most of the humans who find my lamp aren’t interested in what I can do.”

“So, what is it?”

He gave me a look that said ‘you probably won’t be interested’, and said “I can only grant wishes for man-on-man sex.” He looked a little defeated, as if he knew that would be the end of my interest in him.

I broke out in a huge grin. “Oh, that’s the best!”

He looked at me incredulously, “You are serious?”

“Of course, I’m gay. I love having sex with men.”

The genie looked so pleased. “We don’t get to choose, it all depends on who finds our lamp. You really like to fuck guys?”

“And be fucked by guys, yeah.” We looked at each other for a moment. Then I decided I needed to be a better host. “I don’t know how this works, can I get you a seat, or a drink maybe? How long have you been in there?”

The genie replied “I can’t physically manifest on Earth, but I can seat myself.” With that he sat down, a cushion appearing below him. He reached out and a small cup appeared in his hand. “I will also need to take my own drinks, but I thank you for the offer.”

“So I can’t touch you?”

“No, on earth, genies can only been seen, we often won’t be much bigger than this either. It’s our natural size in relation to everything.” He paused. “You want to touch me?” He didn’t seem displeased with the idea.

“Sure, you are very attractive. You look great.”

“Thank you, Master. I think you look attractive as well. Would you like to also sit?”

“Yeah.” I looked around. “Can I move you over to the living room.”

“Of course.” I did, putting the lamp cloud storage on the coffee table and sitting in my chair. He floated in relation to the lamp.

“So, how long have you been in the lamp?”

“For as long as I have existed. Many thousands of years. I have been found several times, but it’s been rare that the human who found me has wanted to use my powers. The last time was a couple hundred years ago.”

“So do I just get three wishes? Do I have to phrase them somehow?”

“That’s another myth. You get as many wishes as you want while you possess the lamp. I will grant any within my power to do so. You have to direct the wishes at me, and say them out loud. You didn’t get a drink, wish for one.”

“Genie, I want a nice, tropical drink delivered by a man with a raging hard-on.”

“Yes, Master.” He waved his arm, and suddenly there was a Latino bending over with a tray containing a tropical drink. He was completely naked and his dick was at full mast. I took the drink and the waiter disappeared.

“That was awesome!” I said.

“I’m glad you liked it.” He smiled.

“Will he remember showing up just to serve me a drink?”

“If I wanted him to, but I took the memory away. Fewer questions that way.”

“Yeah, I don’t want a horde of men at my door wondering how they showed up naked for me.” I let out a little laugh.

“Exactly, getting you in prison for kidnapping will have me just waiting again.” Genie agreed.

“Do I have to rub the lamp each time?” I asked.

“No, I just have to be aware you are speaking to me. It gets harder for me to hear you the further away you are from the lamp, and I can’t go far from it. I would be able to hear you anywhere in this apartment, for example.”

“You seem to know a lot about the world after being in the lamp so long.”

“Genies can watch the world go by, so I know what’s happening. We just can’t interact with it without a master, and we have to wait until chance for one to find us.”

“This is actually a lot better than I could have dreamed of.”

“Again, Master, I’m glad you are pleased. It will be wonderful for me to fulfill your wishes.”

“You keep calling me Master, my name is Todd.”

“Yes, you are my Master. I am your slave. Genies are slaves to the humans who find them. Our existence is to please them, so by pleasing you, I am whole.”

“Wow.” I just looked at him for a moment. “I’ll feel bad just ordering you around.”

“Don’t, it gives me purpose, which I have so rarely had. And I can tell you are a nice guy, which is even better for me. Plus, since you are my Master, I’ll be attuned to you, and as you get pleasure from the men I provide you, I will get pleasure as well.”

“You get to enjoy my having sex?” That seemed weird, I was puzzled.

“A bit like you do with porn. I won’t be watching unless you permit it, but the better you feel, the better I feel.”

“So it’s really a win-win situation.”

“Exactly. Do you want me to find a man for you to have sex with?”

That was too tempting to turn down. “Yeah…” I started, thinking. “I was on the beach today. I guess it would be nice to have one of those blond surfer types. The kind with the tan and shaggy hair.”

“Easy. I don’t know all your preferences yet. Like a big cock? Want him to top or bottom?”

“Big cock for sure.” Genie smiled like it was his preference as well “Versatile, I think I want to start out by him sucking me, then taking me to the bedroom to fuck me good. Maybe I’ll fuck him as well.”

“Want to keep him all night?” Genie looked devious.

“Trying to trick me into something?” I joked.

“No, just wondering what I have to arrange. It takes a bit, depending on what you wish for.”

“Then no. He can go once we’re done.”

“All right. Let’s see.” Genie seemed deep in thought, searching. “Got him.” He gestured towards my bedroom door.

I looked at it. It was closed, then started to open. What appeared in the doorway was exactly what I had wished for. A blond surfer with shaggy hair and a big cock, already hard. His muscles rippled under his tan, and his dick swung back and forth. The surfer smiled, and moved towards me. He stopped between my knees and knelt down, running his hands over my legs. Without a word he began to undo my pants. Pulling them down, he whispered “Dude.” Moving his mouth to my cock, engulfing it. He began to suck, and my dick responded right away, getting harder in his mouth. This pushed him on to more, and he began to stroke my shaft with one hand, fondling my balls with the other. His mouth going deep and gagging a little when I was all the way in him. His tongue work was making me buck my hips and groan. He pulled off my dick “Yeah dude, fuck my face.” I moved in and out while he worked harder to get me off. My thrusts got stronger, and I felt the back of his throat and it was so great. Having this gorgeous man sucking me off like this was a total fantasy. I was getting a hot man because I wished for it, and I’d be able to wish for all the hot men I wanted.

I started fucking his face harder, I cloud file storage couldn’t believe I was doing this to such a fucking hot stud just because I had wished for it. That made my dick harder and I pushed in even faster. I felt his throat spasm and heard him gag, but he kept his face in my crotch, even shoving deeper into my pelvis. I had never had a guy try to eat my dick so hungrily before. I was getting so close, I had to push him off me. “Almost came – fuck me first.”

“Yeah dude.” He seemed a bit dazed, but started pulling my shirt off. I joined in, pulling him to the bedroom. We got my clothes off, leaving them around my apartment. I pulled him down on top of me on the bed, kissing him deeply. Our hands felt up each other’s bodies. Our kissing was fast and sloppy, strong and noisy.

I reached between his legs and found a big, hard cock. I pulled on it, breaking our kiss at the same time. “Fuck me now.”

“Fuck yeah.” The surfer replied, climbing off me.

I scooted myself to the edge of the bed, then dropped my head down to the floor, my legs splayed open and up in the air. I used my back to support myself against the bed. The surfer grinned, and got over me, holding his cock down and pointed to my ass. He positioned himself, and moved his dickhead down and found my hole and stopped for a second, then started to push in slowly. He was taking his time and I could feel every one of his many inches inside me. I groaned, moving my head back and forth. His prick felt great going in, and the time he was taking increased my pleasure. The surfer finally got all his penis in me and held still, smiling at me. “Really like it dude?”

“Fuck yes I do. Fuck me now. Fuck me good.”

“You got it dude.” And he did, pulling his dick out, then going back in. He started to speed up, going faster and faster. The sensations were getting better and better. He was holding my ankles and thrusting into me like a piledriver.

“Fuck me, man, fuck me.” I said. And he was. He was going strong, and my dick was throbbing as it hit my stomach. “Cum in me. Shoot that wad.”

“Righteous dude, so righteous.” He kept fucking, screwing my ass. Finally he shot in my ass with an animalistic cry. Amazingly, he continued to pump in and out of me, slowing from his rapid pace. Then he pulled his softening dick out of me, and I extracted myself from my position.

“Now it’s time to fuck you.” My dick was hard and wanted to fuck something. The surfer was great looking and this was going to be fantastic. I rolled him on the bed so his legs were up. I wanted to see his face as I fucked him. I wasted no time getting my prick in him. His legs on my shoulders, I pushed in, going deep until I was up against his ass. I moved in and out, his hole gripping my cock, “Fuck, your ass feels great.”

“Fuck me dude.” I complied, using his hole with my dick like a battering ram. I was rougher than with any other guy I’d been with, and he seemed to be loving it. That just spurred me on to go harder. My cock was rock solid, and I felt the cum boiling in my balls. I went even faster, shouting when the cum shot out of my cock into his ass. I just left my dick in there, not moving while I breathed deeply. Then I lay on the bed. The surfer came up to lay next to me. “Dude, that was intense.”

“Sure was. Never been fucked so good man.” He had fucked me better than ever before. We were both covered in sweat.

“You’re done with me. I’ll leave you now.” The surfer said, leaning over to kiss me. He got up and headed out the bedroom door. I watched his naked ass as he left.

The genie appeared, “You enjoyed that.”

“I fucking did.”

“Lots more just like it to come as well, Master.”

“Cum for sure. I’m tapped out. He was fucking great.”

“Funny Master. Do you know what you want next?”

“God no, too many options. I can take a break some.”

“Of course. Would you like dinner?”

“Yeah, I’m hungry. Say, can I wish for dinner served by a couple of hot guys who stay and massage my feet?”

“Of course, what sort of men do you want?”

“Twinks? Hmm, no, how about hairy-chested bodybuilders?”

“Yes, Master.” The genie paused, then made a motion, indicating the door. There were a couple of naked, hairy-chested muscled men there. “They’re brothers”. They looked like it, favoring each other. And they were hung. And hard. It was an afterthought that I noticed one was holding a tray and the other a drink.

They approached me, smiling. I realized I was naked, but I didn’t care. I scooted up, propping my back on the headboard. They set the tray before me and the drink on the nightstand. I could barely believe when they both went for my feet, rubbing them softly at first, then with more force. I was enjoying a nice dinner while they worked. Shortly after starting, they brought their mouths in on the action, licking my toes while kneading me with their hands. Such bliss. The food was good too. I was thinking I could easily get used to this. Constant sexual service, of any kind I desired. The boys seemed really into it. The genie really went all out.

When file upload I finished, they did as well, taking the tray and empty glass out the door. Their asses were fine as well.

Genie reappeared. “Satisfied?”

“Very. I’m amazed at how easy this is for me.”

“It’s easy for me too. It’s my purpose in existence.”

“I still seem to be getting the better end of the bargain.” I pulled a pair of shorts on. I felt weird being naked while Genie had clothes on. I added a t-shirt. “Can I do anything for you? Just wishing for men is great, but I’m feeling like I’m going into debt.”

“Not really, you polished up my lamp, and I’m out of it. Just keep it in a nice place, we’ll be fine.”

“OK. Want to watch a movie? We can chat and get to know each other.”

The genie looked at me surprised for a second, then broke out in a wide grin. “That would be wonderful Master.”

“Cool. I’ve got Netflix, we’ll find something.”

We did. I lounged on the sofa, and he did the same on the table. He really seemed to loosen up as we talked, discovering I was really interested in what he had to say. His previous masters had just ordered him around. I could see that as a temptation, but to my mind, I was going to be hanging with him a lot, and it was better to establish a good rapport. Plus, what he was doing for me was so awesome, that I really did feel like I owed him.

As the credits on the movie started he looked over at me. He seemed really relaxed. If it weren’t for his size and the fact he was partially transparent, he could have been a buddy over. “Do you know what you desire in a man for the night?” Genie asked with a smile on his face.

“I guess I could keep this one all night, couldn’t I? How about a cowboy? Chaps over faded jeans, boots, open shirt, bit of a shadow on his face. And one of the hats.”

“Want him to have a rope to tie you up with? Or you him?” Genie asked with a devilish grin.

“That would be hot.” I replied.

Genie concentrated for a moment, then I heard “Howdy, partner.” I looked up and there was exactly what I had described. A few inches over 6 feet, muscles, and a rope looped over his shoulder. The cowboy used a finger to push up his hat a bit and gave me a sexy smile.

“Ready to start this rodeo?”

“Fuck yeah!” I said, jumping up. “Thanks Genie!”

“You are most welcome, Master.” I glanced at him and saw him smiling.

The cowboy approached me and bent over a bit. I was confused for a second, then he put me over his shoulder and stood up. I could feel his hand on my ass, rubbing it. “That’s gonna make a good ride, I can tell already.”

My hands could feel the strong muscles of his back under his plaid shirt. I sighed in anticipated pleasure. His boots made clomping sounds on the floor as he carried me to the bedroom. I was getting excited, this was so sexy, more than I expected. I lifted my head to see the Genie smiling at me. I gave him a thumbs-up.

Cowboy half-tossed me onto the bed. I stared up at him, as he stood still a moment. He was great-looking. Slowly, his hands came up to his shirt, he gave me a cockeyed smile as he undid the buttons, revealing more of his hairy body. He pulled it off, muscles rippling. It and the rope fell to the floor as he stood there, powerfully built. I could tell he had a large boner in his jeans. He reached for his cock and rubbed it with both hands. It was long and thick, making it a very impressive distance to one knee.

I pulled myself up and reached for his big belt buckle. This guy was all cowboy, a complete stud. I worked to open it up. It clinked as it came undone, letting me start on the jeans. I popped the button, then the zipper. He wasn’t wearing underwear, which I found hot. He helped me push them down, freeing his massive dick. I leaned forward and wrapped my lips around it, feeling the silky hardness fill me. My jaw was forced wide to accommodate his girth. I worked around the head of his cock. My mouth moved back and forth, right and left, as I savored his manly taste. I had never been with a guy with such an endowment. After a few minutes, I pulled off and said, “I wish I could take this to the root, it’s so big.” It didn’t strike me that Genie would be listening, it just came out.

I felt what was like a tickle in my throat, and thought to myself that Genie had heard me and I should take a chance. I pushed my face back on his cock, going further than I was before, and I kept going. I’d gagged on big cocks before, but this one was different, I was able to go deeper than ever. I kept going, and found my nose in his thick pubes. I felt so proud of myself, even if Genie was the one who made it possible. I constricted my throat around it and heard him moan in pleasure. I kept my mouth on the great prick and worked it as hard as I could. I only pulled off when I needed to breathe.

I rounded my tongue around his shaft so I could have more taste and contact. I moved up and down, and he was groaning, obviously enjoying what I had to offer. My newly found ability to deep-throat was working out great for the both of us. His hips moved back and forth. We got into a rhythm, I felt I could do this all night, and I was giving that a good go. I could feel his cock throbbing, deep in my throat. He had some stamina. If I was getting such deep head, I would have shot off quick. “Wanna fuck that hole?”

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