Sethy – Part Ten – Celia


Sethy – Part Ten – Celia
AUTHOR’S NOTE – This story is partly fantasy, partly true. For best effect, read parts 1-9 before this part. The main character, Sethy, is based upon a real woman who is an active member of the XHamster community, and much of Sethy reflects the true woman. The photos included in this story of Sethy are of the real Sethy and are here with her permission.

This story is the property of the author and cannot be copied or used in part or in entirety without express written consent of the author.

Sethy – Part Ten – Celia


Rod said that he wanted to go eat sushi again at the PCR Nantehlik restaurant but today he wanted to come and go in our own car, without a taxi, so he went to go rent a car for the day. I thought that was a little unusual since Rod had been comfortable riding in taxis since his arrival in Pohnpei, but I did not question him about it. There is almost always a purpose for everything that he does.

Rod returned with a rental car and we got ready to go. It was about 5:00pm and we were both very hungry. Rod suggested we dress casually. I pulled on some jeans with a white belt and a pink top which had two thin straps over each shoulder. “How do I look, my lovely boy?” I asked and I turned around to give him a good look.

“You look fabulous, Sethy. You always do. But lose the bra. No bra tonight” Rod responded. I was about to push back to say that the pink top was rather sheer and light and that my nipples would be plainly on display beneath the clingy fabric of my top, but then decided not to say anything. Rod is a lovely man and he and I can discuss anything, but sometimes he gets a look in his eye and a tone in his voice which communicates do-this-and-don’t-give-me-any-backtalk, and he had that look in his eye when he told me to take off the bra. Rod was not often that way so I wondered to myself what was going on in his head.

“Rod dear, any reason why you don’t want me to wear a bra tonight?” I asked.

“You will find out soon, my lovely girl” he replied with a smile. I knew him well enough to know that this was all I was going to get. We got in the car and Rod started driving to the restaurant.

“Sethy my love, you know that I think your tits are magnificent. In fact, you will remember that once I asked you whether you had a boob job to make them so large and perfect. I was so glad that you did not get angry with my question since you have 100% natural tits.”

“Yes, Rod, I remember when you asked me that. You said that my tits were large and perfect. You said the tits of many of my friends were big and nicely shaped also. You thought that we might all have had boob jobs. It was a reasonable question so I did not get angry at you. Why do you bring that up now, my boy?”

“Because I want to see those fabulous tits of yours right now, my love.” Rod responded.

“Rod! We’re here in traffic! There are people walking on the sidewalk not far from our car! People could see me if I do that!” I protested.

“Yes, dear, that’s the whole point. I remember what you told me last night about how excited and hot and horny you get when you feel that you have been exposed and humiliated. It may make you uncomfortable now but later you will thank me for a very powerful orgasm. So come along, dear. Come on. Let’s see that lovely tit! Pull that top down!”

“Rod! There are people nearby!” I really did not want to do it.

“Sethy! Come on! Show me that tit! And I’m willing to wager that your pussy is already wet since we started talking about this!” Rod said.

He was right. I was wet. I loved Rod because he was so intelligent but sometimes he was just too damn smart! I exposed casino oyna my right tit by pulling the front of my top down.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about! My love, you have the most gorgeous tits in the world!” Rod beamed. It’s true, I know he does love my tits. I was still anxious though. We had stopped in traffic and there were people on the sidewalk only about 5 meters away. I couldn’t bear to look outside. “Oh God, I hope nobody can see me!” I was thinking to myself. I even had my eyes closed.

“Well, my darling” I heard Rod say, ”Now let’s see that beautiful pair. Come on my girl. Lift up that top and let’s see the finest pair of tits in the entire universe!” “Oh, God” I thought. “OK Here goes.” I reached down with both hands and pulled up my top. Oh my God! My tits were on full display now!

Thank God we were moving in traffic again and were not standing still. I looked out the window and saw a young man with a surprised look on his face looking in my direction. Oh shit! He must have seen me! And there’s a woman who looks like she might be in her fifties looking directly at me with a sour look on her face. Shit! She certainly saw me! Oh my God! But at the same time I could feel the heat and wetness in my cunt. My lovely Rod knew me entirely too well.

After what seemed like forever, I pulled my top back down over my exposed breasts. I noticed that my nipples were very hard and standing up really high. I couldn’t hide it. I was very turned on by this.

“No, no dear! Pull that top back up!” Rod said after noticing that I had pulled my top back down. “Pull that top up and keep it up!” Rod demanded. I looked over at him and saw from the look on his face that he was serious. I did as he ordered and pulled my top back up and kept it up.

“Oh that’s good my love. God, your breasts are perfect! You should call your mom and dad right now and thank them for giving you these perfect genes and these perfect tits!” Rod said as he looked over at me with a big smile.

I don’t know how many people saw me flashing my tits from the front seat of the car on the way to the restaurant. Sometimes I just could not bear to look, especially when we were stopped or going slowly. We finally pulled into the restaurant parking lot and Rod let me pull my top down. Not that it did a whole lot of good. My nipples were bullet-hard and were prominent beneath the pink top. Rod parked the car and we got out. As we were walking up to the front entrance I remembered that this is the restaurant where that little scamp Celia worked. I remember she called me madam, like I am some old lady and she couldn’t take her eyes off of Rod. I remembered thinking that I needed to keep my eyes on her. As we walked into the restaurant, I was hoping that she would not be there tonight.

“Mr. Bronco! What a pleasure Sir! I’m thrilled to see you again!” There was Celia, at the hostess stand greeting Rod enthusiastically. Then she turned to me and here eyes went straight to the two large indentations on my top directly above my rock-hard nipples. “Madam, how nice to see you again. And I can see that you are excited to be here again!” Oh fuck! I could have strangled that little vixen right there! That little shit!

“Yes, nice to see you again also, Celia!” Rod was very pleasant but not effusive in his greeting. “Celia, you remember Sethy. Sethy, this is Celia”. Rod nicely introduced us but Celia and I already knew who each other were and the best word to describe our relationship would be “enemy”. I don’t think Rod saw how we looked at each other, but it was very clear to Celia and me how we felt about each other.

“Celia, can you give kaçak casino us a table with a little privacy? The table you gave us last time we were here would be great if it is available” Rod said.

“Certainly, Mr. Bronco, Sir.” Celia took a few steps into the dining room and then returned. “Mr. Bronco, I’m delighted that your table is available. Please follow me Sir” and Celia led us into the dining room. I noticed as Celia walked a few paces in front of us she was moving that hot little ass of hers in a provocative way. She was probably doing that entirely for Rod’s pleasure. That little slut. We took our seats and Rod ordered his usual Johnnie Walker Black and I had my Chablis. Celia returned in a few minutes with our drinks.

I noticed how close she got to Rod when she was delivering our drinks and how she leaned over the table next to him when she placed his tumbler of Johnnie Walker Black down. My eyes were shooting darts at her but she did not notice. All her attention was on Rod. She finally took our order, and left. I was so glad to see her backside disappear into the kitchen and I had my Rod all to myself again.

Rod lifted his glass of scotch to eye-level and looked at me. “Here’s to Sethy, the most beautiful girl in the world whom I love with my whole heart and soul.” At that moment I felt like I had fallen into his eyes. He was all I could see. I love his hazel eyes and sometimes, like now, I just get lost in them. Someone somewhere wrote, “The eyes are the portals to the soul”. I think that’s right. When Rod looks into my eyes, I’m usually swept away into some place where all I see is him. I raised my glass of Chablis and responded, “Here’s to Rod, my lovely man. I love you too”. It felt like one of life’s rare perfect moments, like when you get married or a c***d is born. Unfortunately, it was cut short when Celia arrived with our shrimp tempura appetizer.

We had started our sushi and sashimi when Rod looked over at me and asked, “Sethy, how wet did you get in the ride over to the restaurant?”

“Full to overflowing, dear” I answered.

“I think it was not an easy thing for you to do. Am I right?” he asked.

“You are right, dear. I really did not want to pull my top up with all those people nearby. I even closed my eyes part of the time.”

“Yes, it was not easy for you and you did not want to do it, but it got you very horny and hot, didn’t it?” he asked looking into my eyes.

“Yes, my boy, it did. And when we finish here I want you to take me back to the hotel and fuck me long and hard” I said with a little smile.

Rod smiled back at me, moved forward in his chair, took my left hand between his two hands, and looked me straight into the eyes. I felt he was about to say something important.

“Sethy, I’m going to ask you to do something else that you might not want to do, but something that will get you very hot and very horny, and I want you to remember that I’m doing it because I love you. I want you to feel the greatest pleasure that you can and to achieve that pleasure you may have to do some things that you don’t want to do.” I squeezed his hand. I was a little afraid to respond. He was right; pulling my top up in the car had not been easy for me. I looked back at him and waited for him to say more.

“Sethy, you said that if you saw me fucking another woman, it would thrill you and make your pussy flood. Do you remember saying that?”

“Yes dear, I remember telling you that. And it’s true.” As soon as those words escaped my lips, I thought, “Sethy, what have you done now? Oh God, what’s he going to say next?” I felt my stomach tighten up a little.

“I have an idea, but canlı casino we won’t do this unless you agree 100%. I don’t want to do anything that will hurt our relationship and I want you to always trust me. So if you don’t want to do this, all you have to do is say no.” I said nothing and looked back at him, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

“Sethy, I want you to watch me fuck Celia tonight.”

“Celia?? Oh God!! CELIA??!!” I thought. Before he said it I thought he was going to ask about fucking another woman but I didn’t think it would be Celia! I sat there in my chair with what seemed to be a million thoughts in my head competing to be heard. Rod, my lovely man. After such a short time together you know me entirely too well. He was right. The idea of seeing him fuck another woman did turn me on. But at the same time, watching my man with another woman… Oh God, I just called him my man! Although we had had wonderful times together and I did feel I loved him, I had never thought about him as my man. I had never used those words before. But there it was, in my thoughts, it just popped out…my man. I had shared past boyfriends with other women and they had shared me with other men, and it had never seemed to be a problem. But now I was hesitating. I did believe Rod loved me and I did believe if I said no that would end this. But Rod knew me about as well as I knew myself and he knew this would be a huge turn-on for me. But Celia? Why must it be with Celia??


Sethy was quiet on the other side of the table. She did not look like she was in distress, but she was clearly thinking about my request. I did not want to rush her and I did not want to influence her decision – I wanted her to be 100% invested in whatever she decided. I had thought long about asking her this and I was absolutely OK with whatever she decided. I found Celia to be an attractive woman for sure, but if Sethy was the only woman that I would be making love to for the rest of my life, I would be blessed. It took Sethy awhile to sort this out, but then she squeezed my hand and said, “Yes, Rod, I want to watch you fuck Celia tonight.”

I did not say anything in response. I looked at Sethy closely for any signs from her body that indicated that she did not agree with the words that just came from her mouth. I saw signs of discomfort, eyes down, shoulders slumped, but I did not see any signs that she disagreed with her words. I steeled myself. I needed to look strong saying what I was going to say next.

“OK Sethy, walk over to the hostess stand and ask Celia if she wants to fuck me tonight with you watching.” I knew this would be a big shock to her so I needed to say it resolutely so she wouldn’t question it. If I would have asked her to do it, she never would have agreed.

Sethy’s eyes opened wide in surprise. “WHAT?”

“Sethy, it’s the humiliation that makes it so hot for you. The more you feel humiliation, the hotter and hornier you get. Am I right?”

Sethy looked sheepishly at me. “You are right”.

“OK, so do what you have to do and walk over there and speak to Celia”. Sethy reluctantly pushed her seat back, swung her fantastic legs out from under the table, stood up and walked towards the hostess stand where Celia was standing. I had my back to the hostess stand and did not want to turn around to watch. After a minute of two, I heard footsteps behind me approaching our table. Sethy took her seat. Celia stood next to me and said, “Mr. Bronco, Sethy just asked me if I wanted to fuck you tonight with her watching. Is that right? Is that what you wanted her to ask me?”

I looked over at Celia. “Yes, that’s right”

Celia continued, “Does she have to watch? Does she have to be there?”

I answered, “Yes, she must be there to watch. If she doesn’t watch the offer is off”.

Celia wasted no time at all with her response. “I accept”

To be continued…

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