SANDRA, the finale


SANDRA, the finale
I parked my truck across the street from the motel. On the off chance, I’m in for some bad luck, I don’t want anybody to see my truck outside one of their rooms. I was a half hour early so I sat there waiting for Sandra to arrive by taxi. 
That’s odd. I spotted Baxter and a guy exiting one of the rooms. They got into a red Town car and drove off. Hmmmmm. Baxter has something going on I thought. 
Twenty minutes later, Sandra got out of a taxi and entered the motel office. After a few minutes, I saw her leave and walk to unit number 21.
I got out of the truck and walked across the street. I knocked on the door. Sandra opened it and I entered. 
She closed the door. With one hand she pushed me back against the door. She wrapped both arms around my neck, pushed her body up against me and we began to kiss. 
She grabbed my right hand and lowered it between us to her crotch.
“Finger fuck me. Finger me off. I wanna cum fast and hard!”
My fingers went inside the waistband kaçak iddaa of her slacks and her panties. I went directly to her pussy. Her hot wet pussy. My forefinger went up and down her slit for a moment before I pushed it into her cunt.
She moaned and pushed harder against me. I stroked my finger in and out. Then my middle finger joined in. Her legs spread wider. I bent my wrist a bit and got a better angle to finger fuck her. In and out. Sandra was breathing harder and gasping on each push. My thumb rubbed over and around her clit. She hollered, “Harder, faster!”
I bent lower and thrust my fingers in and out of her at a furious pace. Her hips bucked and thrashed and with a mighty gasp, she came. I stroked in and out of her steadily. 
When she calmed down from her climax, she kissed me and said, “Thanks. I needed that!
Disengaging ourselves, we walked to the bed and undressed. 
I laid on the bed. My cock was fully erect and pointing at the ceiling. Sandra straddled me, pointed tipobet güvenilir mi my cock at her cunt and lowered herself. It felt so good, I moaned in appreciation. 
She laid down fully against me. She slowly ground her hips in a circle around my cock. There was no thrusting. She just moved her middle around mine. 
“A little over eager wasn’t I?”
“It was hot,” I replied.
“It’s been awhile since I got off. You do it so dam good for me.”
“Thanks but you deserve more credit than me. I’m just a dildo,” I laughed.
I widened my legs and pushed her legs together to tighten her cunt around my cock.
She continued to move in circles lazily. 
I raised my knees and with my feet flat on the bed, I started a slight stroke up into her pussy. 
For several minutes, she circled and I stroked in a steady rhythm. 
She was moaning happily, “That feels good. Mmmmmm.”
She quickened her round and round movements. I increased and lengthened my strokes.
Soon we developed tipobet giriş a fast paced race to our mutual climaxes. 
When she came, she bucked her hips mightily and almost ground my bum through the bed into the floor. 
I shot cum into her, again and again. 
When our movements stopped post climax, she lay quietly on top of me. We both went to sleep.
A sudden squeal of brakes from outside our door, awakened us half an hour later. 
She moved off me and went to the bathroom. 
When she returned, she lay beside me and we hugged each other. 
Her hand moved across my chest and abdomen. She moved lower and gave my limp dick a brief squeeze. 
She kissed my chest, gave my belly button a lick and took my cock fully into her mouth. Her hand squeezed my foreskin over my knob. She locked her lips around my overhang and sucked. Her tongue licked at my hood. 
Her teeth gave my foreskin a bite and I yelped, “Ouch!”
“A little something for you to remember me by. I’d hate for you to forget me!”
I went into the bathroom to check my poor pecker. She didn’t break skin. There is no blood. However, it hurt. It hurt a lot!
When I came out of the bathroom she’d already dressed. 
She gave me a smile and a wave as she opened the door, “Have a good life Bobby.”

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