RFW Retribution – Chapter 4 of 4


RFW Retribution – Chapter 4 of 4
The three girls undid their seat belts followed by their clothes as the executive jet reached full height.

“Does danger make you as randy as it does me?” Asked Sacha. The other two women admitted that it did. Off came their clothes and they joined the mile high club. The cabin of a small executive jet did not provide much room but they were imaginative women. Two had been forced into prostitution which made them view men as work and women as fun. As for Sacha she didn’t care sex was sex with whoever.

Two busty ex-tarts and the slim boyish figure released their tension in raunchy fucking. Whatever came into range got sucked or groped for a sizable part of the flight.

It had all occurred when Sacha tried to help the women escape their enforced situation as working girls in Budapest, with the help of their boss Simon. Sacha was androgynous in appearance and neither identified as male or female. He had dressed as a man and made friends with the girls as a regular client. Somehow something had gone wrong and the heavies were sent to deal with Sacha instead of the night with the girls as planned.
The three of them had done a runner into a taxi and headed for the station with no more plan than ringing the boss. Faced with someone he had employed being chased by very nasty thugs Simon whilst now a billionaire showed his special forces training.

“How far are you from the station.”

“Twenty minutes.”

“We will get you tickets and you run for it. There is little they can do in a station or on the train unless willing to be very open about it.”

Fortunately, the thugs seemed unwilling to use v******e quite so openly. Alexa. Simon’s p.a. and lover had awoken and quickly booked the three escapees railway tickets for Prague on a direct train. Sacha reported that two of the thugs had got on the train with them. Simon thought through the options they had some hours until the train arrived in which to make arrangements. A few phone calls and the company jet was heading for Prague’s Václav Havel airport which as well as being the main international airport also accommodate executive jets. That did the job the thugs could not access the area for the private jets and all they knew was that their prey had literally flown.

The two escaped working girls were provided with cover by offering them jobs paid for by Simon working on an archaeological dig run by one of Anne’s colleagues. Sacha had to come and stay at the mas as returning to her home in Budapest was no longer safe.

Sacha was an interesting person as whilst technically physically female she identified as neither male or female and was attracted to men and women in equal measure. Whilst others might have issues with this Sacha didn’t care a toss and quickly and comfortably fitted in with the household.

Skinny dipping was the norm and as Simon watched his latest guest sitting starkers on the edge of the pool next to Fleur, he compared the two woman’s bodies. Fleur was very skinny and had breast a cruel individual would have described as two fried eggs. None the less they were there and recognisably female. Sacha on the other hand had only slightly large aureole and no flesh at all to call breasts. Down below a fairly normal fanny but quite undeveloped and naturally hairless. It was less that Sacha was androgyne as that she had neve seemed to have gone through puberty.
That did not however mean that she was uninterested in sex. Already she had spent the night with Fleur kaçak iddaa to their mutual satisfaction as well as a foursome adding in Alan and Gabriella. No Sacha was enthusiastically sexual.

While all this musing was going on over came Alexa who played with his cock to get it erect and then shoved it in her pussy.

“I just feel an itch and want a gentle fuck. Do you know that I love you Simon?” He did but this was the first time she had ever said so. It must be difficult for a woman forced into prostitution to form an affectionate relationship with a man. Somehow, he had got things right, though he had never set about getting this girl to become his partner and lover.

That they had another partner in Sofia was also not planned’ The diminutive girl came up and started rubbing her small globe shaped breast into Alexa’s larger, fuller ones. Simon really enjoyed taking one or other of them from behind so he could watch the pair of them make love and be able to touch either as took his fancy.

A gentle fuck might have been the intention but having both her lovers paying her attention got Alexa really going and her orgasm was impressive.

As she eased herself of Simon’s cock Sofia moved to replace her. Now all three were lying side by side with Sofia the meat in the sandwich. This performance had excited Sacha and Fleur who were locked in and embrace the other side of the pool. Their friends Alan and Gabriela came up from their apartment in the gatehouse took in the situation and Alan undid Gabi’s sun dress to reveal nothing underneath. Bracing herself against a convenient wall first Alan nibbled her to sopping wet and fucked her then and there.

Simon wasn’t sure how he had got in a situation where all his close friends just casually indulged in group sex. Even their other two friends who they had met professionally now joined in and within the group they had an open relationship.

Sacha made enquiries with his contacts in Budapest and found out that the mob were getting really seriously pissed. The latest failure to punish an offender and losing two more girls had not gone down well and they were putting serious effort into finding out who was behind it. Simon called a council of war.

“Right folks, we may have stirred up a hornets nest. I am going to talk to the gendarmerie nationale but until they commit a crime in France there is probably going to be little they can do. Let’s work on worst case scenario that they come after me and Sacha possibly though you. Do not resist, don’t try and hold back information but try and get away. If you feel unsafe make for here. Our little restoration project has made this place a very good place to hole up whilst we summon help. French gun laws are strict but we do have a perfectly legal shotgun and a hunting rifle. I am going to purchase as much ammo as I can reasonably justify.”

“Simon, I will bring up my reproduction cross-bow I don’t harp on about it but its fully functional. I am a pretty good shot with it so can do a lot of damage with the bastard.” Said Anne their kick arse archaeologist friend.

“Let’s make sure our trebuchet has a plentiful supply of nicely graded ammo. We know that with a scientific approach she is bloody accurate and where the track comes out of the scrub makes a nice killing zone.”

“You can thank whoever originally built this place twelve hundred years ago for that. I am sure it isn’t coincidence.”
“Well I will add quite a bit more CCTV. Let’s not stick our heads out when perabet güvenilir mi a camera can do it for us. I know where I can get some discreet cameras.

Like Sacha earlier this danger made them all randy, helped by food and the strong local red wine. Paul was already fondling his wife’s boobs. Alan sat on the sofa with Gabriella on his lap. On another sofa Simon was sandwiched between his two girls. Fleur and Sacha were cuddling each sitting in an armchair

Gabriella gently edged a tit out of her corset top. This seemed a good idea to Alexa who pulled down her boob tube and then reached behind Simon to pull the bow on Sofia’s halter neck. It could only go one way. The other three women got rid of their tops in short order, followed by skirts and jeans. Underwear was in short supply.

“Gabi, do you fancy swapping cocks” asked Anne who until the last couple of weeks had not done anything with anyone else since her marriage and was apparently making up for lost time. Gabriella agreed to this bit of partner swapping. Alongside each other in reverse cowboy position they bounced up and down on each other’s partner.

As for the threesome they played with the available cock and pussies with little regard to whose whilst enjoying a three way kiss. Alexa whispered in Simon’s ear and he nodded she got up and went to join Sacha and Fleur. In the course of the evening Anne came over to Simon and he had the pleasure of fondling her large tits.

In the weeks to come things settled down and no further indication came that the Hungarian thugs had found them. The none morning the proximity alarm at the gate showed a car had pulled off the road. Simon looked in the camera and saw a total of four SUV’s stuffed with big burly men. This did not look good. More worrying still, they had a woman with them who didn’t look happy. The thugs inspected the gate and pulled the girl out. It was Fleur who for once had gone home the previous evening.

The thugs were clearly threatening Fleur. Alexa watching this got on the phone to the local police who were not easy to convince there was a serious problem. The thugs clearly at Fleurs suggestion took her up a low rise near the gate. Simon wondered what that was about as it only led to a sleep slope and would be useless as access as it led down to a muddy stream. Then at the top Simon saw Fleur pull out of the thugs grip and ran towards the steep slope. At this point the CCTV could not follow her. One of them pulled a pistol but the lead thug waved him to stop.

They pulled the SUV’s back and rammed the gate. It was well built and solid but couldn’t hold for ever.

“Alexa, get Alan to shut the main gate to the Mas. Hopefully our restored fortifications will hold them off long enough to get help. I am going to talk the gendarmerie nationale and see if they are more use. Also, call Sacha to come here she will be best for following the CCTV feeds. Simon got on the phone to the gendarmerie who he had talked to before about what had been going on. If they needed convincing at first, they didn’t when he used the camera to transmit video of the gate being rammed. Still it would take time to get help there.

It had taken a while to find Alan and it was a good job that it had. Because he returned from shutting and barring the gate with a solid wooden beam not alone but with a very muddy Fleur. Fleur had got the thug up the slope knowing that if she could break free then she could roll down it steep tipobet giriş though it was and have her fall broken by the mud. The ploy whilst risky, worked and she had a much shorter route than the track that had to snake down the hill side.
Paul and Anne had been staying the previous night enjoying one of their now frequent foursomes with Alan and Gabriella. Anne looked grim but came in with her reproduction cross bow and some thoroughly modern and viciously sharp quarrels. Simon got the hunting rifle and shot gun from the secure cabinet. They were in accordance with French law so two barrels for the shot gun and a total of three rounds for the rifle without reloading.

“OK we do not fire on them first but the moment they use weaponry on us they are fare game. Paul can you get the drone up to give us an eye in the sky.“ The drone showed that they were approaching down the track at a cautious pace.

“Nobody show that anyone is at home. Sacha ensure we have a recording of the area in front of the gate. I want evidence for the future.”

“That’s if we survive.”

“Oh I think we will, I would like more weapons but they are going to take a lot of casualties getting in. If we fire Anne use the crossbow first as it has the longest reload time and is also silent. I want confusion amongst our foe. That will hopefully make them cautious.“

“The SUV’s appeared at the top of the track and stopped in a line side by side. Paul looked at them speculatively and selected a graded stone and loaded the trebuchet. Anne was watching with the crossbow through an arrow slit with Alan on the other side of the gate with Fleur to assist him. Fleur had acquired a hefty wood axe and was cradling it with overtly vicious intent.

The mobsters shouted out to those inside and got no reply they talked for a while then one of them got into the SUV they had already used as a battering ram and was putting it into gear. Simon also up on the gate house stuck out a water melon on a broom handle. A couple of the mob shot automatic rifles and both hit.

“OK open season, but keep your heads down as these thugs are good.”

Paul’s response was as the battering SUV started to move to open up with the trebuchet. Medieval weapon yes, but backed by modern science and precision. A ten kilo rock went straight through the bonnet and stopped the engine probably by shattering the engine block. Gabriela helped Paul to reload and shift the aim.

A second shot went through the windscreen of a second SUV straight into the passenger seat. A few degrees to the left and the steering column went down. The thugs got the message to pull back from the open ground though they weren’t to know Paul had yet to come up with a practical equivalent of g**** shot. The next shot hit the fuel tank and diesel could be seen leaking. G****shot no, fire ammo yes. The next did damage but didn’t ignite anything but the one that followed it started a nice little fire which spread and caused the next door SUV’s tank to go up with a satisfying bang.
If Simon hoped that the destruction of their vehicles would discourage his opponents then he was wrong it just got them mad. Before the cars destruction they had removed some gear from the boots. This included a rope and grappling hook. Four of the thugs ran at the gatehouse clearly intent on scaling the walls.

One went down with a quarrel in his chest but the other three got in the cover of the against the gate and threw up the grappling hook, it caught and they started climbing up. Simon could not get at them down there without becoming very exposed. So, he waited until the first man was over the top complete with assault rifle then shot him neatly and lethally in the chest. The body stayed up on the walkway supplying Simon w

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