Ranch House summer part 1


Ranch House summer part 1
So this is a story told to me by my friend, he swears it was all true. Naturally I had to improvise on some of it has he couldn’t have witnessed everything. He grew up outside of town, his family bred horses on their ranch for a living.
He told me this drinking one night.

In the 80s growing up on the ranch he and his sister didn’t get to go to town often and usually had to find their own entertainment. They both had friends over a lot because the parents were usually out of town gone to the horse races. One week his older sister had a friend over and he had 2 of his buddies. They were all hanging swimming in the pool and just doing things around the ranch to have fun. His sister was in charge of washing the horses and combing them he was in charge of feeding them. It was nice to have friends over to help with chores as they only lasted a couple hours.

One after noon his sister and her friend were washing one of the studs in the barn and got the idea to get the horse excited. They had a soft broom and as it was tied up they would tickle his groin are until his massive cock would hang down, never getting full erect like they had seen during breeding season but none the less still 18 inches long. It got both the girls excited and soon it was something they did almost every time they would wash. After a couple days of doing this his sister and her friend were getting so turned on that they would even reach under feel the horses penis to try and get it erect like it is for mating. After doing this often the girls started to masturbate in the barn looking at it and sometimes feeling him up. During one of their sessions the bother walked in and caught them. Both of them sitting in  fold out lounge chairs with both of them with their hands down their pants moaning. They didn’t notice him until he asked what the hell are you gals doing? Both sat up jumped to attention and acted like nothing. He laughed and said I saw you masturbating to the horse. Both denied but couldn’t. Mike (the brother) said to them as he walked out of the barn ‘you two will be feeding tomorrow or else I will tell”.

Later that afternoon he girls were hanging around the pool and Mikes friends were out riding the ATVs. Mike opened the sliding door just enough he could hear them talking. He heard his sister say how she wishes he wouldn’t have seen them and how embarrassed she is. Her friend said they better feed in the morning for him so he doesn’t say anything. The sister said Mike cannot illegal bahis keep a secret he will tell somebody I’m sure. His sister then suggested to her friend maybe you should offer to fuck him to keep quiet. Her friend said she would totally do that if Mike would actually want to. Mike slid the door closed and with excitement went to find his friends, sure enough he told them all about it already. His friends started to tell him he should fuck Nancy (his sisters friend). Mike was a virgin and hadn’t even yet touched a pussy or made out with a girl. Even porn was hard to get back in those days so imagination is all they had to jerk off to. The following day he and his 2 buddies were lounging by the pool talking about pussy. None of them had ever had any but acted like they had. They were talking about how if Mike didn’t fuck Nancy one of them would. Mike then broke down and told them about what he saw in the barn. Then his friends were saying how now that they all knew they all should get to fuck Nancy for being quit.

Short time later the girls were done feeding and went to his sisters room. From there she can open a window that faces the pool and here all the conversation the boys were having. As they are listening to them they both cannot believe that Mike had already told them. The girls are now thinking we need to do damage control soon. They couldn’t imagine going back to school after summer and having to deal with it. Nancy and Jill were scared of the 3 boys and would do almost anything to keep this all a secret. As they listened on they could hear how perverted the boys were and how easily turned on they could get. They heard one of the boys say how he got a hard on during class and it wouldn’t go down. Another said even the sears catalog girls get him hard. But that’s when they heard one of them say what would how he would fuck any girl if no one found out. He said it wouldn’t matter just as long as he could feel a pussy or what a blow job is like.

Nancy had it. She said to Jill why don’t we go down there fuck the shit out of them and tell them we will be their sex slaves if they can keep quiet. Jill was a virgin also, and told Nancy she would rather the story get out. But then Nancy explained how fun it would be. When we were masturbating in the barn I would have loved to get fucked instead. Once your excited it will be easy. Nancy then takes her shorts off gets on Jills bed and begins to rub her pussy. Jill cannot believe what she’s seeing. She has talked tipobet about sex and even masturbated with Nancy but always under covers or with their shorts on. As she watches her friend play with her pussy she starts getting soaking wet. Nancy tells her take off your shorts and come lay down at least till your thinking about sex. Nancy has no idea how turned on Jill already is and Jill drops her shorts lays down beside Nancy and sticks her fingers in her soaking pussy. As both of them lay there rubbing and fingering their pussies they are more turned on than ever. Next thing Jill feels Nancy’s hand rubbing her thigh then up to pussy. OMG she thought no one has ever touched me this close. Nancy then begins to bring her hand down and over Jill’s. Jill moved her hand hoping Nancy would take over. With her hand out of the way Nancy’s fingers begin to slide between Jill’s pussy lips. Fuck your even wetter than me Nancy says. Jill then asks Nancy have you ever touched another girl? No says Nancy but its fucking hot. Jill then reaches over and begins to finger Nancy’s pussy. Soon as she touched another cunt for the first time in her life she shuttered with orgasm. It was so hot to feel another clit and stick her fingers inside another cunt she couldn’t believe the strong sexual feelings she was getting. They turned and faced each other and Nancy asked if she was ready now? Fuck yes she replied.

The girls put on some really loose shorts, something that could leave their pussy accessible. They walked out to the pool and Nancy went and stood over Olly one of Mike’s friends. Olly was laying in the lounge chair with only a pair of shorts on. He looks up at Nancy and says she’s blocking his sun. Nancy pulled her shorts to the side and showed him he soaking wet pussy lips, as Olly’s eyes opened wide Nancy said if we get all of you off the rest of the week you have to promise to never say anything. Olly rubbing his crotch as if to move his cock around says I’m game. Olly was the biggest of the bunch and whatever he said went. Olly reached out and put his hand on Nancy’s thigh he started sliding up towards her fuck hole and inside her shorts. Soon as his hand reached her wet pussy Nancy noticed his cock already pitching a tent in his short. She had never felt a cock either (not a humans) she slid her hand up his thigh and under his shorts to find his raging hard on.  As she did so she kneeled down which spread her slick wet cunt wide apart. Within no time she felt Olly’s fingers enter tipobet giriş her vagina. It felt so good she started cumming right away. She stayed in the squatting position until her orgasm subsided and continued stroking his cock. He was giving off so much pre-cum now that his shorts were soaked through so she pulled them down over his cock.  Nancy then stood up straddled him and slowly slid down on his pole, it almost hurt it was stretching her out but it felt amazing getting filled up with more than just a finger.

She looked over and noticed Jill already straddling Chad (the other friend) in the exact same manner. Mike was lost, he didn’t know what to do watching both his friends getting laid and there was no girl left for him. Not only that but one being his sister so he knew Nancy was his only chance. Just then Nancy said to Mike why don’t you come over here and join in. Mike walked over to Nancy, she grabbed the band on his shorts and pulled them down. His solid cock sprang free and popped out in front of her. As she gazed over it she could see a clear fluid dripping off the head. This excited for some reason and took his cock in her mouth while she rode his friend. Right then she heard Olly moan and she felt a rush of hot fluid shoot up into her cunt. Unsure what it was it felt amazing, she looked down and watched Olly’s cock slide in and out of her now soaked in a white cum she realized he just blew his load deep in her canal. Turned on she turned toward Mikes cock again right when she felt it swell up in her hand. Mike moved his hips forward like he was pushing into her hand and let out a loud moan. His first shot went across Nancy’s chest on her shirt. Not wanting it on her shirt she aimed his cock down and jerked him off as he shot rope after rope all over her thighs and on his friends stomach.

About that time Chad told Jill he was going to cum, Jill slid off his cock and didn’t know what to do. She watched Chad reach down and start jacking off then he shoots straight up in the air. Jill kind of moved forward and let the next shots shoot up her stomach and at her tits. It was exciting to see his cock pump hot cum all over her. She wiped some off with her hand and started rubbing her pussy. She was started to cum and couldn’t take it, she wanted to cum while riding his cock. She reached down grabbed his cock and shoved it back in her cunt, she could feel his last couple of blasts of cum shoot inside as she was shaking and cumming all over his cock. She was so wet her cum was running down his cock over his balls and flooding the concrete floor. She sits back down on his cock and can still feel his cock throbbing inside of her. All of them looked around couldn’t believe what just happened.

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