Pizza Party — Part 2


Pizza Party — Part 2
Pizza Party — Part 2

Author’s note: I apologize for the length, but I couldn’t find a good
breaking point and wanted to finish this encounter; the story just kind
of ran away from me! — Stacey_tv

“Thank you,” I said, “and can you be sure David brings me my pizza?” As
I said these words my asshole spasmed around my buttplug and my clittie
jumped in my panties.

“He’s on shift so that shouldn’t be a problem,” the clerk replied.
“We’re a little backed up on orders, but it should be there in an hour or

“That will be fine. Thanks.”

So I had an hour to make final preparations. I had an hour to fret and
worry and to try to quell the ache in my stomach–hunger pangs, yes, but
hunger for something other than pizza.

It had been over a month since I was last here; but the memories of how
my first cock tasted, how it felt in my virgin mouth and how it filled my
throat remained fresh in my mind as I re-lived it every time I dressed up
and jacked my sissy clittie off.

For the millionth time I checked myself out in the full-length mirror,
trying to ignore my nervousness. Like last time I opted to not wear a
wig. I wanted David to see me for what I was before I went further down
that road.

For tonight’s meeting I chose a sexy bra and panty set, black and purple
with lavender highlights. The bra was a padded underwire and I loved how
it held my breast forms and helped me fill out the cups. Lilac bows were
attached where the shoulder straps met the front as well as nestled
between the two cups. The matching boyshort panties had a lace-front and
a full mesh back that was sheer. Two more lilac bows were centered on
the waistband on both the front and the back of the panties, highlighting
the fact that they were crotchless. I had modified the panties slightly,
adding a few closures to the front of them so they held my clittie secure
in the front but left the back clearly “open for business.”

To complete the look, I had added black stay-up stockings. They had rear
seams, which I checked one more time to be sure they were straight, and a
three-inch band of sexy black lace at the tops. I wore the same ankle-
strap black patent leather pumps as before. They had a 4-inch heel and
made my ass stick out and wiggle when I walked.

Last time I had only done a little blush and some lipstick. This time I
had completely made up my face–eye liner, mascara, the whole works.
Since this lingerie also had purple in it, I used the same Revlon nail
polish–Petal Power–for accent; my lipstick was a frosty shade of
purple–Covergirl’s “Vixen Violet.”

In anticipation I had done both an enema and a douche just before I
ordered. I applied a generous amount of lube up my ass before inserting
my smallest buttplug, a metal double-ripple design with a pretty pink
jewel accent on the end. It was just over an inch at its widest point
with three and a half inches of insertable length. It was just enough to
open me up a little yet still leave my ass nice and tight for his cock!

I looked myself up and down in the mirror. My clittie was half-hard,
making a nice bulge in the front of my panties. I resisted the urge to
stroke myself as I turned to check my profile. This was going to be the
longest hour of my life!

I paced, enjoying the *click* of my heels when I crossed the tile of the
entryway or the kitchenette. I tried to watch television. I checked my
makeup in the bathroom mirror. I thought about reading some of my
favorite Fictionmania authors but knew that would lead to more temptation
to stroke my clittie.

When the knock finally came I jumped. I stood up, looking down myself to
make sure everything was in place. Just a little paranoid I still peeked
through the keyhole. It was David. It looked like he was wearing the
same ball cap and company Polo shirt.

I took a deep breath and opened the door.

“Here’s your pizza…” He paused as he recognized me. “Well, look who’s
back,” he said. He opened the door wider and brushed past me into the

“Well, come on in,” I said with a bitter edge, hoping for a little better
reaction to my efforts. The door closed behind me. He dropped the pizza
on the credenza and turned to face me.

“I’ll take my tip first,” he said. “Get over here and suck my cock.”

I crossed the room quickly and kneeled in front of him. He was wearing
baggy khaki shorts this time and boat shoes. I unbuttoned and unzipped
his shorts and pulled them down. His underwear, which I hadn’t noticed
at all last time, was a pair of light blue nylon/spandex boxer briefs.
His cock was already rising and a dark spot of pre-cum was visible.

“Someone sure looks happy to see me,” I said. I nuzzled my face against
his growing bulge as my hands reached for his waistband.

“Less talking, more sucking you sissy faggot,” he said.

“Mmmmm-hmmmm,” was all I managed as I pulled down his Jockeys and his
cock bobbed free. I immediately slurped it into my mouth and started
sucking. My mind mulled over his use of the “F” word while my mouth
moved up and down on his cock. Had somebody been doing some research?
As I felt his cock grow to full hardness in my mouth, my own clittie
straightened in my panties.

“Oh yeah, that’s right,” he said. “Suck my cock, you sissy cocksucker.”
I moaned my appreciation as I continued my efforts. His cock tasted so

“Look at me,” he said. I looked up, my mouth still holding on to his
cock, unsure of what to expect. His phone flashed.

“Perfect.” One hand dropped to my head and pushed down, obviously
encouraging me to continue sucking. I took the hint and resumed my work.
“Such a perfect picture of a sissy cocksucker.”

I heard him set his phone down on the credenza. He grabbed my head with
both hands and shoved his cock into my throat. “Damn! That’s what I’m
talking about,” he said. He started fucking my throat and I tried to
breathe through my nose as best I could. “This is what a cocksucking
sissy faggot’s mouth is good for!”

He pulled out and I drew deep ragged breaths. He fiddled with his phone
on the credenza for a minute, then hobbled away. He stepped out of his
shorts and underwear, leaving them in a pile on the floor. He came back,
made some final adjustments to the phone and then stepped away again.

“Over here, sissy,” he said. I walked over on my knees. When I was in
place he told me to turn around. I did so, and he straddled me, taking
my head into his hands once more.

“Now I’m going to fuck your face again, sissy. You’re going to swallow
my cock and we’re going to get some great pictures while I use your mouth
like a cunt.” I opened my mouth in anticipation. He shoved his cock all
the way in with one thrust and began a series of steady strokes. The
rhythmic *gluck-gluck* of his efforts were loud in my ears.
Intermittently he gave a loud whistle and I heard the smartphone camera
click. I placed my hands on his hips to guide him but also to steady

“Oh no you don’t,” he snapped. “I’m fucking your mouth, you’re not
sucking my cock!” He stepped forward, pushing me off balance. I reached
back to catch myself and he followed, now crouching slightly as he kept
churning his cock between my lips. I was still on my knees but he was up
around my chest; my lower half jutted out and up, my raging clittie
tenting out the front of my panties providing clear evidence of how
turned on I was. I heard more whistles and more shutter clicks.

He suddenly let go of my head and I gasped for air, my eyes watering
excessively. I imagined that my mascara must surely be running by now.
I fell back, almost reclining, still up on my elbows. He stood over me
and turned in profile to the camera. More pictures.

He looked me up and down. “Are those crotchless panties?” he asked.

“Yes, sir.”

“Spread your legs and show me.” I shifted, releasing my lower legs from
underneath me and spread my legs.

“Bend your knees and raise your hips.” I did as he ordered.

“I made some modifications to the opening,” I said. “I closed the front
more to better hold my clittie in, but left the back side open.” He
laughed casino siteleri out loud, so loud that the camera clicked.

“You can’t even bring yourself to call it a dick! I thought you might
just be a dick sucker who liked wearing women’s clothes. You really are
a sissy!”

He walked around for a better look between my legs.

“What the fuck…,” he started. “Pull your knees to your chest.” I
grabbed my legs under my knees and pulled them to my chest, completely
exposing my ass to his view. “Well, well. Is that pretty jewel for me?”

“Yes,” I said, feeling my face flush.

“So I take it you discussed my proposal with your mistress?”

“Yes, sir.”

“And what did she say?”

“She said it was high time I had my ass-pussy fucked by a real man.”

“Who is this mistress?” he asked. “Do you meet her in person?”

“No, she is my online mistress. Her name is Mistress Erica.” I had
anticipated this coming up and had already created the back story–email
address, Tumblr account, the works–and had been rehearsing answers to
the questions I expected.

“How’s that work?”

“We chat online, she gives me tasks to do, that kind of stuff.” He
picked up his phone and walked over to the couch. He sat on one end and
motioned for me to join him. I released my legs and stood up, my clittie
still painfully erect in the front of my panties.

He snapped more pictures of me as I crossed the room.

I sat down next to him and he spread his legs giving me better access to
his cock. “We can continue this conversation while you show me how much
you like sucking my cock.” I leaned over, my face in his lap, and
slurped him into my mouth. As I sucked his cock he continued with the
Q&A. I answered between mouthfuls of his dick.

“So what do you do for her?”

“All kinds of things. I buy the toys and lingerie she commands and I
wear them and use them on myself when and where she tells me.”

“How does she know you do it?”

“I have to email pictures to her and she posts her favorites on her
Tumblr. That reminds me, she asked me to give you her email address so
you could email pictures of our encounters to her.”

“Is that a fact? What if I don’t want to share my pictures?”

“Then she told me our little arrangement is over. I won’t be allowed to
suck you or any delivery person anymore.”

“What if I agree to her offer, fuck your ass, and then back out on the

“Well, it would leave me satisfied; but I have no idea what she might do
or even who she knows. She seemed rather interested in your name and who
you worked for after our first tryst.”

“Hmmm.” He took a few more pictures “selfie-style” of me sucking his

“Well you’re in luck, sweetheart,” he said. “It turns out I don’t mind
sharing. And when I saw this delivery address and the manager told me I
was specifically requested I made sure you were my last stop for the

I stopped sucking his cock and looked up at him. “You mean… ?”

He guided my mouth back to his cock. As my head bobbed up and down on
his shaft his hand slid down my body and between my ass cheeks. His
finger found the jeweled end of the buttplug and pressed against it.
“I’ll have all night to use your mouth and ass again and again and

“Mmmmm,” I moaned.

“The real question is where I want to deposit my first load,” he said.
“You’re doing such a good job sucking my cock I almost want to blow it
down your throat.”


“Or perhaps I should shoot it all over your face and take pictures.”


“Or I could plunge my cock balls-deep in your ass and shoot it all inside
of you.” As he said this his hand pushed against the buttplug again.

“Mmmmm-ohhhhh!! God, yes!”

He stood up, pushing me from his lap. “On your knees, face up over
here,” he barked. It seemed he had made up his mind.

I hustled off the couch and dropped in front of him. I opened my mouth
and looked up expectantly.

“Oh no, not in your mouth, sissy. On your face. And you jack me off,
I’ll need my hands for the camera.” I slobbered on his cock for a few
minutes, sucking and jacking it simultaneously. His urgency was soon

“Here it comes,” he announced.

I closed my mouth and continued stroking his cock. I lowered his shaft
and aimed it, as best as I could, right between my eyes. The first spurt
hit my forehead, almost square between the eyes. The second spurt was
more powerful and contained more sperm. It landed across my entire face
from my bangs, down my forehead and nose, and across my lips and chin.
His third spurt, short and full, landed in the corner of my right eye. I
jammed the right eye shut and kept pulling on his cock. His fourth
spurt was also short and thick, landing between my nose and mouth. The
fifth and sixth spurts were powerful shots that covered me from the top
of my head to the tip of my nose. The seventh spurt went from my nose in
a thin string over my left eye, but I was able to keep it open. The
final spurt went across my nose and directly into my right eye again.

“Ohhhh, shit!” he said. “Shit.”

I popped the head of his cock into my mouth and sucked as I jacked his
shaft, moving my head from side to side.

“Ohhh, fuckin’-A. Ahhhhh, shit!”

When he stopped spasming I sat back on my heels. “Like that?” I asked.

“Ohhh, shit. Yeah, sissy, there’s cum all over you. Mmmmm.” I heard
the camera clicks now. I didn’t imagine many of the pictures he took
during his climax would be in focus! “Straighten up, I want to capture
your cum-covered face and that sissy bulge in your panties.”

“Yes, sir,” I said as I continued kneeling but “stood up.” I was so
turned on by the cum facial that my cock was seriously straining against
the front of my panties. He took several pictures straight on and a few
in profile–even having me turn to face him while he shot from the side.

He walked over, his cock still half-hard. He held his cock and started
using it to smear the cum on face all over. “Now you do it,” he said,
letting go. “Paint your face with my cum using my cock.”

“Mmmmm, yes sir,” I said. I smeared his cum all over my lips, cheeks,
chin, nose and forehead while he took more photos. Every few “strokes” I
popped his cock in my mouth and sucked on it a few times. When some of
the cum started dripping from my chin I caught it with the tip of his
cock and returned it to my face, getting just enough of it in my mouth to
feed my desire to taste him. After a few minutes my face was coated
with a sheen of shiny cum that was drying rapidly. His cock was hard
again. I licked my lips in anticipation.

“Open wide,” he said. I did and he rammed his cock in my mouth and down
my throat. As he fucked my face again he punctuated each thrust with an
audible “Uh.” “Uh… uh… uh… uh.” Just when I thought I was about
to pass out from lack of air he pulled out. I fell forward, catching
myself with my hands, now on my hands and knees.

“Perfect,” he said as he moved behind me. “It’s time for me to use you
like a sissy faggot deserves to be used.” I felt him kneel behind me,
pushing my knees apart with his as he widened his stance.

“Oh yessssss,” I hissed. “Give me your hard cock. Fuck my pussy and
make me a woman.” I felt his probing fingers. They gripped the end of
the buttplug and pulled. I did my part, helping expel the plug–anxious
for my first cock. I heard him spit, and then felt the warmth of the
head of his cock against my hungry hole. I pushed back, encouraging him.
He pulled back, teasing me.

“Not so fast,” he said. “You seem to be confused about what’s happening

“Fuck me! Please fuck me,” I whined. “I need to feel your cock in my
pussy.” He placed the head against my hole again. I pushed back again,
and he pulled away again. He placed the head of his cock against my hole
one more time.

“This isn’t your pussy, though, is it?” he asked. “Tell me what it is.”

“It’s my ass,” I said. “My sissy ass.”

“Almost right,” he said. He pushed slightly, but then withdrew. “Try
again. Tell me who you are and what you want.”

“I’m a sissy and I want you to fuck my ass.” He pushed harder this time
and I felt güvenilir casino my hole start to open. He withdrew again. I groaned.

“One more time,” he said. “Try to get it right.” My mind raced, trying
to think of what he meant. Then it dawned on me; he had given me at
least three clues already tonight. I wasn’t too interested in his
labels, but he obviously was. I just wanted to get fucked!

“I am a sissy faggot,” I said. “I am a sissy faggot and I want you to
fuck me in the ass. I need to feel your cock up my ass, fucking me
hard.” He lunged forward and I felt my puckered hole open around the head
of his cock. I moaned.

“There you go,” he said. He gripped my hips and pushed, his cock now
almost halfway inside me. He paused. I groaned my frustration. “What’s
your name?”

“My… my, uh, name?” I asked, half-confused. “What… wh….” Having a
real cock in my ass felt so good and was a huge distraction!

“Not your real name, you stupid cunt!” he barked. “I understand that
many sissy faggots give themselves girls’ names to make them feel more
girly. Anyone who’s sucked cock at least twice and has a cock halfway up
their ass must surely have a name!”

“Stacey,” I said. “My mistress and I call me Stacey.”

“Just Stacey?” he asked. As he said this he started to pull his cock

“Sissy Stacey!” I said hurriedly. He kept pulling out. “Sissy faggot
Stacey!” I was all but yelling.

“Put it all together for me,” he said. His pushed forward until his cock
was halfway inside me again. I heard myself moaning.

“I am Sissy faggot Stacey,” I said. “I am a sissy faggot and I need your
cock in my ass! Please fuck my sissy faggot ass with your cock!” He
adjusted his grip on my hips and pulled me back as he lunged forward,
burying his cock balls-deep in my virgin ass.

“Damn,” he said. “Your ass is tighter than most pussies I’ve fucked.”
He began a steady series of strokes in and out of my ass. His cock was
not as long as my favorite dildo, but it was wider and filled me nicely.
I moaned my appreciation of his efforts and urged him on.

“Ohhhh, yes. Mmmmm. Fuck me, baby. Fuck my sissy ass. Fuck your sissy
faggot hard! Fuck me like the cock whore I am!”

He pumped hard, slamming his cock into me over and over and I met him
stroke for stroke pushing back against him. I knew that he had just
blown a huge load all over my face and I hoped that this would help him
give me the pounding I so desperately needed.

He started pulling all of the way out and slamming himself tip to balls
into my gaping ass. It forced me forward onto my elbows and just when I
thought I had steadied myself his hand was on the back of my neck pushing
my head to the floor.

“That’s right, sissy faggot, face on the floor!” he said. I turned my
head sideways and bent my torso slightly. “Look at me!” I smiled up at
him with a look of pure pleasure on my face; it barely registered with me
as his camera flashed several times.

“Spread it, Stacey. Spread your ass for me to fuck.” I reached behind me
with my hands and pulled my cheeks apart. He stood over me, his left
foot in front of my left knee and his right foot behind my right knee.
He plunged his cock into me again, using long strokes to fuck me while I
basically just laid there and took it. I wasn’t sure how long he’d be
able to hold this position, but I was sure willing to find out!

The rhythmic *slap-slap* of his loins against my ass was loud in my ears.
He fucked me like that for just a few minutes before his leg muscles gave
out. He kneeled to my left, pulling me over onto my side; I scooted and
pushed back as best I could trying to keep as much of his cock inside of
me as I could.

Now he was kneeling and fucking me from the side (like they do in all the
porno movies) while I lay half-on my back on the floor in front of him.
I raised my right leg and he grabbed it at the knee and ankle, pushing up
and raising my ass to a more accessible fucking level. He took more
pictures now as I lay mostly exposed, my rock-hard cock in my panties in
plain view.

He fucked me like this for several minutes, his cock penetrating me with
a slow and steady pace, but not quite able to get all the way inside me.
I was desperate to feel him as deep as he could go. He must have been
thinking the same thing as I was, because he suddenly used the leg he was
holding as a lever and quickly rolled me onto my back while keeping his
cock inside of me.

“You want to be treated like a girl then I’m going to fuck you like a
girl,” he said. He moved until his knees were on either side of me. He
grabbed my other leg, made a few more adjustments to his position, and
then spread my legs wide, hooking them at the knees with his biceps,
totally exposing my ass. I moaned as he sunk his entire length into me.

“You like that, faggot?” he asked. “You like how my cock feels in your

“Mmmmm-hmmmm. Fuck me hard! Fuck this sissy faggot like the slut I am!”

He fucked me with slow deliberate strokes at first, and then picked up
the pace. As his speed peaked I reached out to grasp his hips and then
his ass, unsure of what his reaction would be. It seemed to turn him on
more and I stroked and squeezed his butt cheeks as he plowed my ass. His
pace slowed and then quickened. Was he ready to blow his second load?

“Here it comes, Stacey. Here’s your sissy faggot reward. Here is your
ass full of cum.”

“Ohhhh, yesss!” I said. “Fill me with your seed. Fuck my sissy ass and
come inside me!”

With my legs still pinned by his arms he pounded my ass before making one
final deep thrust. “Uuuuuuunnnnggggghhhhh,” he moaned.

I felt his ball sack spasm, mashed between by the cheeks of my ass. I
felt the heat and wetness as he shot his load up my ass. I felt…
complete. Although I hadn’t come as I had always fantasized I would from
my first ass-fucking, I was lost in the afterglow.

As his cock softened, he softly popped out of my ass. He obviously felt
more than a little self-conscious laying on top of or anywhere near me so
instead of collapsing next to me on the floor he straightened up on his

“Keep your legs up,” he said. I grabbed my knees and kept my legs where
he had held them. He took more pictures. I guessed my ass was gaping
wide open and wondered what he had in store for me next. I felt a cold
pressure between my cheeks and realized that he was inserting my buttplug
again. “We want to make sure you keep all that natural lube up in your
ass, faggot.”

He moved to straddle my face, lowering his balls to my mouth. I didn’t
need to be told to lick and suck them. I coated them with my saliva and
then licked them off, over and over again. He leaned back and presented
his cock to my lips. I instinctively opened up and slurped him inside.

“That’s right, faggot,” he said, “Suck your ass off of my cock. Have a
little ass-to-mouth action.” He continued chattering as I sucked his
cock. As he moved back and forth I alternated between licking his balls
and sucking his cock.

“You know what? I’m hungry,” he said suddenly. He stood up and moved
over to the couch once more. “Why don’t you bring that pizza over here.”

I stood, checking that my buttplug was staying in place before I walked
over to the credenza. I brought the pizza back with me and made to sit
down on the couch beside him.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” he asked. He pushed the
coffee table away from the couch with his foot and indicated where he
wanted me. He took the pizza from me as I got down on all fours between
his legs. Even cold, the smell of the pizza made me suddenly realize
just how hungry I now was.

“You don’t need to worry about the pizza,” he said. He pulled me by my
hair until his cock was at my lips once again. “You need to work on my
cock. We’re not done fucking yet.” I took him in my mouth and sucked his
cock as he ate my pizza. At one point he even placed the box on my back,
using me as a coffee table!

How long I was between his legs I don’t know, but soon his cock was
rising again. It might have been 10 minutes, it might have been 20; but
his internet casino cock was raging hard again.

“So,” he said, “we’ve established that you’re a cocksucking sissy

“Yes, sir.”

“And after fucking you in almost every position I think it’s safe to say
that you’re a sissy fag anal whore as well.”

“Yes, sir.”

“So now I want to see just how much you love it,” he said. “I want you
to fuck me.”

“What?!?” I said, flabbergasted. He grabbed me by the hair and pushed
his cock into my mouth.

“Not like that, sissy!” he shouted. He humped my face a few times. “I’m
not a faggot like you! You’re going to show me how much you love having
MY cock in YOUR ass. You’re going to fuck my cock with your ass.” He
let go of my head and spread his legs wider.

“Get your ass on my cock, bitch. Fuck your ass with my dick like I’m
sure you do with your dildos. Milk my cock with your sissy faggot ass.”

I stood up and moved to straddle him on the couch. I reached behind me,
pulled the buttplug from my ass, and with one quick motion (to keep his
first load of cum inside me as best I could) sank onto his cock, moaning
my pleasure.

It felt good to have his cock inside of me again! The hunger I was
feeling in my stomach was replaced by a hunger for something else.

With my hands on the back of the couch above his shoulders I bounced up
and down, riding his cock. It was a familiar feeling, as I frequently
rode dildos like this, but he wasn’t quite hitting the right spot with
me. I was also conscious of my fake tits bouncing up and down in his
face and I wished he would take hold of them and make me feel more
womanly. Even his hands on my hips guiding me would have been welcome
acknowledgement of my femininity.

I was also very aware of my hard clittie in my panties. If he would have
just pushed his stomach out a little bit I would have been able to rub
myself against him. Perhaps that was why he didn’t–he wasn’t interested
in being reminded of what was between my legs.

“Let me turn around,” I said. “I want to feel all of your cock inside of

“Sure, slut,” he said. “In fact, let me lay down on the floor and I’ll
take all the Reverse Cowgirl you want to bring.”

He gripped my hips and stood up, impaling me on his cock. I groaned as I
wrapped my legs around his waist and my hands around his neck. I had
never felt more girly! I had to resist the urge to lean in and kiss him.
Instead I focused on the feeling of having my panty-covered clittie
mashed between us. It felt divine!

He kneeled to the floor and I stood, separating us.

I kneeled over him with my back to him, straddling his waist with my
knees about mid-way down his thigh. I reached behind me and guided his
throbbing cock to my hungry ass, lowering myself onto his cock once more
and riding him aggressively.

As I rode his cock I started to feel the stimulation building inside of
me. The head of his cock was just barely brushing my prostate and it was
driving me crazy. I wanted to improve the angle and drive myself over
the edge along with him.

I put my right hand down on the floor above his waist and raised as far
as I could while still keeping his cock inside of me. I shuffled until
my feet were under me. I started fucking his cock for all I was worth,
really moving up and down and slamming hard against his torso. My hips
were gyrating as I moved up and down his shaft, applying pressure to my
p-spot. I could feel my orgasm approaching.

“Shit, girl, you’re going to fuck my dick off!” he said. “I’m about to
bust my nut up in that ass.”

“Yeah, baby, do it,” I panted. He called me a girl!! I doubled my
efforts, working even harder for both our orgasms. “Give me another big
load of your hot cum up my sissy ass!”

We came almost together. He started first and the head of his cock
expanding as he pumped his third load inside of me really pushed on my
prostate and sent me over the edge.

“Ohhhhh, fuck yeah!” he said. His hands grabbed my waist and his hips
bucked upward, driving his cock inside of me.

“Oh, you’re making me come!” I said. “I’m shooting my sissy load inside
of my panties. Unnnggghhhh!” My arm gave out and I barely caught myself
before laying back on top of him. My hips were still bucking and he was
still fucking me, though I could feel his cock getting softer now.

I felt the heat and wetness inside of me from his load and against my
skin in the front of my panties where my load had completely soaked them.
He rolled over, taking me with him, spooning me with his dick still
inside of me. I floated in a haze of sissy bliss, closing my eyes and
enjoying the afterglow.

I don’t know how long we were together there on the floor; I know I
certainly drifted off to sleep. I didn’t feel him get up, but he
obviously did at some point. I was startled awake by his cock slapping
my face. He was kneeling by my head and smacking his cock against my

“Rise and shine, my cocksucking faggot,” he said. I opened my mouth by
instinct and slurped him inside. “I have to go soon, but I couldn’t
leave without giving you one more taste.”

“Mmmmm-hmmmm,” was all I could manage with my mouth full. He straddled
my head, basically sitting on my chest as I sucked his cock. As he got
harder it was more of a struggle for me to service his cock properly.

He turned around, still straddling my face but now able to force his cock
down my throat as I tilted my head back a little. He started fucking my
mouth with slow and steady strokes.

“Take out your dick,” he said. “I want to see your girly cock flopping
around as I fuck your face.”

I pulled at the opening between my legs, the extra snaps I had installed
came apart and my semi-hard clittie came free. As he pistoned his cock
in and out of my mouth, my own clittie and balls flopped between my legs.
I heard him whistle again, followed by shutter clicks of his camera.

“That’s it, sissy faggot,” he said. “You look good with my cock balls-
deep in your mouth while your useless clit dangles between your legs.”

Too soon his breathing became ragged and I knew he was getting close. I
wondered if he was going to shoot his last load on my face or maybe in my
mouth this time. I was wrong on both counts. He pulled out of my mouth
and moved away from me.

“Spread your legs,” he barked. I raised my hips and spread my legs,
presuming he wanted access to my ass once more. He kneeled between my
thighs, spreading them wider. Instead of feeling his cock against my
asshole, I clearly heard him stroking his cock.

“Oh yeah, you faggot, here it comes!” he announced. I felt his hot cum
spurting all over my clittie and balls, being sprayed over the front of
my panties. Some of it ran down beside my balls to my ass.

“Oh yesss, come all over my sissy clittie!” I said. “Use me as your cum

The next thing I knew he was beside my head again, pushing his cock into
my mouth so I could suck the last few drops of his cum from his cock.

“There you go, sissy faggot,” he said with finality. I heard more
pictures being taken now. “I look forward to hearing from your mistress.
We’ll see what she has in store for our next meeting.”

I sucked him one last time, feeling my clittie start to rise even as he
stood up to leave. He dressed quickly.

“Later, queer,” he said as he opened the door and left my suite.

I lay there, a living wreck of dried and drying cum in me and on me.
When I stood up I glanced at the clock. It had been about three hours
since my pizza had arrived. I picked up the box from the couch and
carried it to the bedroom along with my buttplug.

He had written on the top of the box.

“Let’s do this again soon. Send me Mistress Erica’s email and Tumblr
addresses.” Below that he had scrawled his email address. I plugged my
ass and sat down at the desk with my tablet. I nibbled on a piece of
cold pizza as I logged in to Mistress Erica’s accounts.

I sent him a quick email from “her” account asking for a selection of
photos and any videos of the evening, and providing him a link to the
Tumblr account. I posted a quick note to the Tumblr about how my Sissy
Stacey had lost her ass-cherry tonight and that I would post pictures as
soon as I could.

I crawled into bed, leaving the plug in my ass; my cum-covered face and
clittie unwashed and a satisfied sissy smile on my face.

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