Part 13) Monday – Country Western FUN in Vegas


Part 13) Monday – Country Western FUN in Vegas
Since Angel had bet Dick that she could tolerate having his cock in her ass longer then he could we had to stay in Vegas until the bet ended, no matter how long it took.

Monday morning Dick & Angel woke up again with his cock about 6″ deep in her ass soft. He pumped her a few times to get hard & then lifted her off the bed. This time though Angel asked if she could please take a short, maybe 10 minute break off him so she could go to the toilet so we let her get off Dicks dick for then.

I then took advantage of her being gone to talk to Dick about our dilemma of needing to head home. I then suggested that we stick the horse shaped dong deep in her ass UNDER his cock & then see how long she could last with other guys using her as they pleased too, especially IN her ass with him. Dick liked that idea but 1st he wanted to take a shit too in the other bathroom & then when she got out of the bathroom he was waiting for her refreshed too. Then before we put the dong in her ass he wanted to take a shower with her so when she walked out of the toilet he bent her over, stuck his dick back in her ass & picked her up again to carry her into the shower.

Once they were done in the shower Dick carried Angel out on the balcony, flipped her around on his cock & laid her back over the glass table there. Then as he slowly pulled his cock out of her asshole. Billy lubed the horse dong & immediately shoved it deep in Angels ass so that Dick could quickly get back in her ass too. Once Dick was nicely back in Angels ass Billy stepped over Dicks cock between him & Angel & stuck his cock in her cunt to fuck her too. However this was NOT the ultimate plan. After pumping her cunt 9 or 10 times Billy slipped out of her cunt & forced his cock into her ass about 4 inches before he began fucking her there. Angel did squeal out some from this but did not try to stop him because she did not want to lose her bet yet. After Billy finished fucking Angels ass & was ready to cum he pulled out heading for her face while I took his place in her ass to fuck her more. Angel by then was climaxing wildly too but she still did not object to anything & then sucked Billy as he cummed in her mouth. Then when I was ready to cum I also had her suck me to a climax as Dick continued fucking her ass.

By the way, as this was happening there were 2 guys on the balcony next to us watching the fun. 1 of them stood by the fence between us & asked “Can anyone get in on some of that too?” I answered “Yes, but you’ll need to fuck her just like you saw us fucking her, start in her cunt, go to her ass, & then finish in her mouth.” He said “That sounds like fun to me.” as he climbed over the fence & removed his shorts. He then straddled Angel & began fucking her cunt too before moving to her ass for a few more minutes before finishing in her mouth too. During this time his buddy had climbed over & was gladly waiting for his turn in Angel.

Before the 1st new guy began fucking Angel too (while I was fucking her) Billy had gone in & called down for some breakfast. While this 2nd guy was fucking Angels asshole the room service waiter arrived with our breakfast so Billy let him in. When he saw how Angel was being used this time he happily decided to join the fun & removed his pants to wait his turn in her. His comment now was “Damn this slut is wild. I never imagined seeing her being ass fucked by 2 guys at 1 time & NEVER thought I would be 1 of the guys doing it too.” He had watched how Angel was being fucked & immediately followed suit in her when it was his turn. Then as he was in her ass he said “WOW, I never thought her ass would feel this tight after seeing those 2 guys fuck her there already too.” Dick then said “That’s likely because she also has a BIG horse canlı bahis şirketleri shaped dong buried 12 inches deep in her ass too under me. We intend to see just how much longer she can last this way”

1 of the other guys then asked “Why in the hell is she doing that?” Dick answered “She bet me that she could endure all this in her asshole for longer then I could no matter what else was done to her too. So far she has lasted over a day & a half but now we’re trying to break her down until she cries UNCLE & quits.” Angel then was finally sucking the waiter clean also & when she finished getting him clean she said “This is MORE then I expected to tolerate BUT I’m NOT willing to quit & lose the bet yet.”

The guys then went back on their side of the fence while Dick raised Angel up off the table & then sat down to eat with her straddling him still in her asshole. Think about this now, Angel was STILL stark assed naked & had just been fucked by 5 different guys with Dick in her ass in full view of anyone looking on our balcony & now she was sitting facing out while still straddling Dick as she ate her breakfast. Angel then said “What surprises me is that I also climaxed wildly from all that but I will admit I have no idea how much more I can endure. BUT I’m not ready to quit yet. I still intend to WIN this bet!! ”

Angel did not say a thing when Dick picked her up again & headed out with her to his friends room so they could also get some of Angel. When they saw her still stuck on Dicks dick 1 of them asked “Just how long have you been in her asshole? When we last saw you your cock was buried in her ass.” Dick answered “She bet me $100 that she could last longer with me in her ass then I could take it. So I’ve been her continuously since then, about 45 hours so far. However if you look closely you’ll see she also has that huge horse dong in her ass with me now. we’re trying to see just how much cock she can take in her ass now, and for how much longer, so you guys need to fuck her ass with me too.” They both said “OK, that sounds kool.”

With that both guys dropped their shorts & stepped out into the hall with Dick & Angel. Dick just held Angel a bit tighter to him revealing her ass better & said “You can lube your cocks in her cunt 1st for a couple of minutes & then move to her asshole to finish. The 1st guy did just as Dick suggested & fucked Angels cunt for a few minutes before moving to her ass & fucking her there for another 10+ minutes before he cummed in her ass. The other roommate said “Her ass looks primed enough to me.” and just stuck his cock in her asshole to fuck her. He fucked her ass hard for about 15 minutes before he cummed in her too. Angel climaxed from these fuckings too.

Dick then carried Angel to the concierge desk & told them just what he had told his friends. The guard then was the 1st there to ass fuck Angel too. Angel then commented “I am still enjoying this but to be honest I don’t know how much more I can take. My asshole is beginning to feel a bit used.” After the guard finished fucking her ass & pulled out he said “I can imagine WHY you may feel that way. Even with everything you have in it your asshole has a good 3 inch gape BUT it did feel GREAT fucking it too.” Then the concierge took his turn in Angels asshole & said “Damn Ben, your right, her asshole does feel great like this. This is the tightest I’ve ever felt it.” He continued fucking her for another 10+ minutes before he cummed in her ass again too.

Dick then said “Hey, before anyone else here fucks her more let me take her downstairs again for folks to see this full while cum drips out of her ass too.” With that they summoned the elevator & when the door opened Dick backed into the elevator again, shut the elevator door & headed downstairs again. canlı casino siteleri About 5 minutes later the door re-opened to show Angel with another new guy fucking her ass while 3 more guys were waiting for their turns in her as well. Angel said “That was wild. The door opened & these guys saw me & commented how great I looked like this so I invited them in to enjoy me as well so they immediately got in. The guy fucking me now was almost in my ass before the doors closed again too & fucked me all the way here. I really can’t believe I picked up 4 strangers this way but I will enjoy letting them use me too.”

Shortly after this the guy then assfucking Angel cummed in her ass & pulled out of her. The next guy dropped his pants & revealed a hard 13 inch cock. He then got in position & began shoving his cock in Angels ass too but stopped after about 7 inches because I asked him to when I suggested “Hey, why don’t 1 of you guys try to straddle her & fuck her in the cunt at the same time. Let’s see just how much she can take.” With that 1 of the other guys got in position & stuck his cock in Angels cunt too. Then these 2 guys began fucking her eagerly. Angel now was squealing from both pain & ecstasy because not only was she hurting but she was also climaxing wildly too. Once that guy cummed in her cunt the other guy replaced him in her cunt & fucked her again. Angel was still squealing & climaxing too.

The new guy in Angels ass was willing to remain in her ass with Dick while Billy & then the 2 roommates fucked Angels cunt again literally driving her wild in pain & ecstasy. After they finished fucking her cunt the concierge said he wanted another turn in her too. Angel then said “OK, but that’s ALL I can take. After you fuck me I finally want to quit. I GIVE UP & WILL LOSE THE BET.” Dick then said OK, GOOD. However, you need to take 1 more ride downstairs too for more people to see & maybe enjoy as well after the concierge cums in you. Then I’ll carry you back to the room & we can finally separate, BUT you need to keep the horse dong in your ass for a bit longer IF it will stay there.” Angel said “OK, that will work for me.”

After the concierge climaxed again in Angels cunt & got out the new guy in her ass also slowly got out of her. Dick then carried Angel back to the elevator for 1 last trip downstairs impaled on his cock. This time it took about 15 minutes for the elevator to return. It seems the guard this time wanted a good look at Angel himself so he left the door open awhile while he looked at her being ass fucked in the elevator along with some other people. Then 2 more guys got in with her & Dick. 1 of them was fucking Angels cunt when they got back & Angel again had to wait for the last guy to fuck her as well.

Dick then carried her to Billy’s room to let her off his cock finally. By then it was a bit after 5pm. Angel had been impaled on Dicks dick then for ABOUT 50 hours & had been used in either her ass & or cunt by at least another 75 to 80 guys during that time too. She was VERY well fucked & VERY happy as well even though she by then also had a sore ass. NOW she had to pay off her bet too.

After everything that Angel had been put through during the last 2+ days I really expected Dick to get real kinky with her bet payoff but he kind of surprised me a bit with what he wanted her to do.

Dick did allow her to rest a bit & also take a well deserved shower 1st BUT she did still have the horse dong buried in her asshole sticking out about 4 inches. Once Angel finished her shower & was sitting naked in the living room area Dick told her what she had to do to pay off her bet. He had seen the red fishnet body suit in the bedroom & told her to go put it on. This body suit looked cute on her too. Both her pierced nipples stuck kaçak casino out through the fishnet but so long as she did not spread her legs open her cunt did not show clearly, just a bit of her clit. However when she turned around you could see a couple of inches of the horse dong pushing the body suit out in the back but not really clear enough to tell exactly what it was. Also, Angel was told to fix her face & hair to look nice & put on a pair of heels.

Dick now told Angel what she needed to do next. She was to go down the rear elevator to the garage & walk out the rear garage door & then around to the front of Caesars Palace on the Strip & walk down the sidewalk to the main entrance of the hotel & then walk back up the main walkway to the main entrance to go into the hotel/casino & then go into the casino & play blackjack for an hour or so to let folks get a great look at her there too. Billy then said “We’ll follow behind you maybe 100ft or so & IF the cops see you I will do everything to keep you OK, or bail you out immediately if needed.” Angel just replied “That will work for me.”

Angel then headed out with us with her down the rear elevator to the garage & then she walked off on her own to the exit. Angel then walked around the hotel to the sidewalk on the strip & strutted down the sidewalk towards the front main entrance. A few cars driving by honked at her & she waved to them & a few people walking along the sidewalk did take a good look at her too BUT no one seemed to object to how she looked. However she was stopped about 3 times as people took pictures of her. 2 guys even had their friends take pictures of each of them hugging her. Nobody even seemed to notice me, Dick & Billy standing about 100ft behind her as they took their pictures of her. Billy even commented “I’ll be damned, this is the 1st time I can recall walking along a street dressed up & have NO ONE even seem to notice me.”

Angel walked on across the main driveway & headed into Caesars past their fountains & statues up the sidewalk to the front entrance passing a few more people that took more nice looks at her. Then she walked in the main entrance & headed straight to the casino floor to the blackjack tables & took a stool at 1. Then she opened her little clutch she had with her & took out some money & began playing cards while me, Billy & Dick sat at nearby tables to play cards too while keeping a watchful eye on Angel too.

Now though guys were getting a look at her bare cunt since she had to keep her legs open while sitting on a stool. A couple of guys did comment on how cute she looked in her red fishnet bodysuit with her pierced nipples poking out & how cute her cunt looked peeking out of her bodysuit too. 1 guy even asked “What is that thing sticking out beneath your pussy?” Angel answered “I have a dong in my butt too that I’m sitting on. What you likely see is the end of it.” He just said “WOW, that’s wild. I wish I could see it better.”, to which Angel replied “Sorry but not right now.” & ended the conversation there.

We continued to play cards for about an hour before Billy said “Let’s go have dinner.” & went to get Angel as well. We then went to the Steak House for dinner. Once we were sat down waiting for our dinner to be served Angel said “This has been both wild & exciting together. I never expected people to want to take pictures of me on the sidewalk & I did enjoy it too. However, playing cards with this dong deep in my butt was uncomfortable & still is now too. I really don’t think it could be deeper in me. I’ll be glad to get it out soon.” All I said to that was “We’ll see about that later.”

After dinner we all headed back to Billy’s room to relax some before even considering letting Angel get the dong out of her ass. However once we were in the elevator Billy told Angel to take off her bodysuit & get naked again so she took off her shoes & then her bodysuit as well so that when we were back upstairs she was naked again with her dong barely showing out of her asshole, it was at least 14in deep in her ass.

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