Out Of Afrika, Chapter 36


Out Of Afrika, Chapter 36
Out of Afrika
A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van, Satinlvr and Wunderboi

Chapter 36

Janice tied the dressing gown around her waist before taking a final tour of the dinner table checking that every last detail had been attended to before her guests arrived. Herb faithfully followed her like a puppy dog ready to react and ‘put right’ or adjust anything that might catch her eye with disapproval.

“That looks fine”, she said giving the flower arrangement in the centre an unnecessary tweak, “You can go and get yourself sorted out now. We’ve got half an hour”

Herb didn’t say a word, he turned on his heel (his ladyhi-heel!) and quickly made his way down to his basement den to make his own inspection of his ‘domain’ where he hoped that he would be carrying out entertainments of his own later in the evening when he had been dismissed from his duties. In his own way he was equally satisfied as his domineering wife with what he saw and he wasted no time in running back up the stairs to the bedroom where he knew Janice would be waiting for him to assist her with getting herself ready.

As expected she had discarded the gown and was already seated naked at her vanity and peering closely at her reflection in the mirror. She ignored his sudden presence in the room and concentrated instead on looking for the slightest blemish that might spoil her appearance; she found none. She stood and looked at her body, pursed her lips and frowned. She had found something.

“Will you go and get me a razor. I think I could do with a little trim to tidy things up.”

Herb smiled, how he loved this little game. He scuttled into the bathroom and found her ‘lady shave’, a disposable plastic razor, and was back to her side in an instant. She obligingly turned on her stool and leaned back, spread her legs, “just a little sc**** along here,” she said indicating an almost indiscernible patch of soft stubble alongside her puffy pussy lips.

He knelt down and with trembling hands carefully grazed the razor around the soft mound of her pussy. They both knew there was no practical need for this intimate barbering as, by any measure, her vagina was picture-perfect, no, it was all to do with reminding Herb of his place and in his perverse way he felt honoured to be allowed to provide. He applied himself carefully to the task with one soft pudgy hand carefully guarding her lips whilst the other wielded the razor around her groin.

Janice liked the feel as he worked and coupled with the evidence of denying her wimpy husband any closer access to her it began to verge on being a pleasure but time was a-wasting, there were things to be done. “Enough,” she said handing him a pot of body lotion, “here, smooth some of this on … you’re starting to make me sore.”

Herb reluctantly stopped what he was doing and took the pot and with a fingerful of cream gave a last loving touch to her pussy knowing that someone else later that evening would be next to admire the delightful sight of her pink, puffy cunt. He got to his feet and although he couldn’t see it due to his sagging belly he knew his little stubby cock was what counted as being at full-mast.

Janice turned away from him and concentrated instead on finding her stockings and lingerie. She needed to look her best as she was sure the night would turn into one of those nights that pleased her and her best friend Simone so much. She didn’t share that prediction with Herb however. She had other thoughts in mind for him.

“You need to get yourself sorted out. I’ve laid out your clothes on your bed and we need to get you back into this thing. Can’t have you getting too excited tonight, can we?” Dangling from her fingers was the new cock-cage that she had picked up earlier from the Rhino Adult store.

Herb’s heart sank when he saw it for he had dreams of his own for the evening but he knew that to protest was futile and he dutifully returned to her side where she deftly clipped the device around his shaven cock and balls. He could only watch through the mirror of her dresser as she worked and he almost had a tear in his eye as he heard the humiliating sound of the click of the padlock and have it confirmed that his sensitive little penis would not be feeling touch of hand that night … or would it?

Still, Janice was not all that unfeeling toward his pleasures for she dismissed him with, “make sure you put on your favourite pink frilly French Knickers. I like to see you in those, you look really nice.” He didn’t see her smirk as she said it


Oskar, as guest of honour was the last to arrive and he arrived in style for, once again, he had Ingrid, the blonde Swedish ‘entertainer’ as his companion and chauffeur. The sight of the handsome black man; a long-legged, long blonde-haired beauty with large breasts and a red Ferrari was a sight that was sure to turn heads and turn heads they did as they approached the house. The beautiful coupe scrunched its way onto the park pad and with a final blip of the throttle that announced their arrival in dramatic fashion Ingrid switched off the engine.

Janice was standing at the open front door and noted with an approving smile that as Ingrid extracted herself from the low-slung sports car that she was wearing no panties. “There is just no elegant way of getting yourself out of one of those, ” she thought to herself.

“Lovely to see you; get yourselves in here. Everyone’s here,” she said by way of a greeting as Oskar led Ingrid toward the front door. “Oh, you look lovely, dear,” she added as she took in the sight of Ingrid wearing a dress from the ‘slave range’ clothing of the Adult Store. It was a beige silk creation that had strategically placed rips and tears in the fabric and gave the impression that it had been mishandled rather than tailored. The top half of the dress struggled to cover her ample tits and the slightest movement revealed a peek of the dark circles of her areoles. Janice wasn’t certain whether Ingrid had bothered with wearing a bra either but figured that there must be something supporting those luscious globes to be making her cleavage so prominent. The ensemble was completed by the thin leather collar, a choker around the young girl’s neck, complete with a ring for the attachment of a leash. “Hmm, the evening promises to be very entertaining indeed,” thought Janice as she gave Ingrid a welcoming hug and peck on the cheek.
She led them through to the lounge where the other guests were standing around with their drinks that had been served by the attentive Herb. He was in his element of acting out being the subservient servant as he scuttled around making sure that everyone was provided for and now his pleasure had been made even more complete by having his best friend Ian there to help him. Professor Steeves looked on amusedly as he watched them both tie aprons around their waists to ensure that their clothes didn’t get soiled by spills or accidents.

“Look everybody, the boss is here! Let’s get the party started!”, said Janice in a jokey manner. Oskar nodded his approval at the joke and acknowledged the greetings showered upon him by the rest of the guests. Simone and daughter Chloe gave shy waves from across the room; Zaire turned his head to see his business partner and likewise gave a wave of his hand and, standing over by the patio doors, he was genuinely pleased at the welcome sight of Hawksville’s newly arrived Indian couple Uma and Sharad. It had only been a few weeks’ ago that he had enjoyed the most delightful evening in their company together with Uma’s mother and his first thought as he shook hands was whether the experience might be repeated this night. Certainly the sight of her saree-clad body bought back the most vivid memories of what lay beneath the silk and he felt his cock begin to swell at the memory.

The room was filled with the murmur of conversation between friends. Chloe was delighted to see Ingrid for they hadn’t really seen much each other since their return from Lerotica and they had so much to talk about (with much giggling as the events of that trip were recalled).

Megan and her mother Angela were there and almost in awe of being in such exalted company but their recent experiences with Rhino certainly had given them plenty to talk about once their initial shyness had been overcome. They were assisted in becoming relaxed for, as ever whenever ‘Rhino folk’ met, there was the soothing sound of a humming in the background. It was something that Oskar encouraged to be played whenever, wherever, he was invited to an event.

Zaire acted almost like the host of the gathering but given his place in the affections of Janice and his almost permanent residency at her house it was a situation that Herb was happy to accept, “… after all, that black man was so much more capable in so many ways than myself,” was his thinking as he moved amongst the guests ensuring drinks and snacks were being enjoyed. He moved close to Janice and Zaire and stood reverently waiting for a break in their conversation so that he could say, “Excuse me Mistress, I think we ought be getting to the table or the dinner will spoil.”
Janice looked on him with amusement at both his deferential manner and his frilly pinny thinking, “… such a wimp”, but she didn’t say so, instead she clapped her hands and called out, “Everybody; up to the table ‘the chef’ says we are ready to eat.” Herb felt his little cock in its cage give a surge of pride to be referred to in such a formal manner rather than the usual dismissive way in which he was treated!

Everyone found their named place at the table, everyone that is other than Herb and Ian who never were intended to join the party given they were in attendance to serve. However, there was a little confusion when it was realized that there was no place set for Sharad. Janice put on an act of embarrassment that the seating arrangements had gone wrong and that with no place for him that he would be forced to join the two others in the kitchen.

Actually, there was no such mistake. The ‘error’ was deliberate and a planned step of turning and formalizing Sharad into being the same submissive cuckold as his two ‘new friends’. The charade had been pre-arranged and agreed with Uma who fully approved at how her husband was to be treated. güvenilir bahis She had watched enviously over the past few months how the husbands of Hawksville were so deferential to their women and respectful to their Black lovers that to her mind it was a logical step. (In truth, the suggestion hadn’t been her own mind. Oskar had targeted her and Sharad from his first meeting and the Rhino phones he had gifted had done the rest.

Dinner was served with the food prepared by Herb transported to the table by Ian and a Sharad who was slightly bemused at the change in his circumstances but, at the same time, feeling content and happy to be of use. Dishes were placed so that all could help themselves to what they wanted and once everyone had a plate of food Sharad retreated to the kitchen to take the opportunity to become better acquainted with his new buddies about whom he had heard so many ‘interesting’ rumours.

Bishop Erasmus who had up to that point not contributed much to the conversations in the lounge gave a blessing and that was the signal for all to begin eating. Around the table the food which was eagerly devoured and Janice gave due credit to Herb’s cooking (although he couldn’t hear from his place of exile in the kitchen) and she mentioned his imaginative use of the herbs which had been supplied by Uma’s mother and her new shop. Oskar smiled to hear the reference.

Everyone nodded and made comments of approval and Uma added to the compliments by saying that her mother, who had unfortunately had to turn down the invitation to dine with them, had sent over a package containing her latest creation, a confection of candy infused with her secret combination of herbs, “… perhaps we might try them later over coffee”.

Janice looked around the table and noted with satisfaction the evidence of empty plates that suggested the meal had been a success and enjoyed. She called out toward the kitchen, “Herb dear, you and your friends can come and clear away, we’re done here.” Herb instantly appeared at the sound of her voice and with Ian in tow came to the table where they deferentially pulled away chairs to allow the seated diners to stand up and vacate the dining room. Sharad watched from the doorway wondering how they could act so submissively. Soon, he would wonder no longer for already the subdued humming emanating from the sound system which had been pulsing away almost unheard was beginning to weave its subtle effect on his sub-conscience. It would take no time at all for the suggestions that were being directed toward him to be acted upon and he would soon be a willing participant.

Leaving the three husbands to clear away the debris of the dining table Janice led her guests into the large open-plan lounge and with a vague wave of the hand invited everyone to seat themselves on the sofas which were placed to form the three sides of a square. The arrangement allowed everyone to see each other as their conversations continued.

“Herb dear, you can bring in the coffee and the desserts,” Janice called out as soon as everyone had made themselves comfortable and like the attentive servant he had become Herb quickly appeared with a tray of cups and a cafetiere that contained a brew made from beans also sourced from Lerotica and helpfully supplied by Uma Mum’s new Indian spice shop. Ian followed with dishes filled with enticing-looking candies and sweets which he strategically placed on the central coffee table so that everyone could reach and make a selection. Sharad, who was now feeling quite comfortable in his new ‘role’, helpfully pointed out each of the varieties and recommended individual flavours and tastes. Coffee was poured; sweets were distributed and everyone agreed that the tastes were much to their liking. Indeed, so-much-so that the dishes of sweets were soon cleared and everyone was filled with a sense of great contentment and the overwhelming need to loosen off their clothing which somehow had become such a restriction to mind and body.

The Bishop was the first to slip his pants down and to adjust his swelling cock within his underwear. Nobody took much notice other than some to be prompted to do something of the same. His action certainly didn’t cause the conversation to stall and soon Professor Steeves followed suit and he slipped his pants down to his ankles where they were quickly kicked off to one side. He looked dreamily across to the young girls sat on the sofa opposite and said, “Why don’t you tell us something about our trip to Lerotica.”

Megan clapped her hands gleefully and encouraged Chloe and Ingrid to relate in more detail their experiences of having been involved with the project into racial attitudes between different cultures. The candies they had eaten had loosened the tongue and lessened any inhibitions and they enthusiastically began to describe their experiences and everyone was much amused when Chloe and Ingrid demonstrated with outstretched hands (and a little exaggeration) just how long and fat the penises of the native boys and men in the village had been. The Professor who was listening intently didn’t bother to correct them. He was having recollections of his own and how he had been treated so well by the young girls and their mothers in the village and all with the consent and encouragement of the King. The memory prompted him to slip off his boxers and to take hold of his growing erection, “Do you mean they were bigger than this?” he said invitingly.

Chloe gave a giggle, “Oh Professor, you know they were bigger.” Ingrid nodded and everyone laughed at the joke.
Oskar and Zaire not wishing to be left out of things had also removed their trousers and undone the buttons of their dress shirts so that now all four men were sat back in their seats with their large black cocks fully exposed and in various states of stiffness. Janice looked toward Simone and smiled as if to say that the evening was going very well indeed. Simone responded by discretely lifting her butt from the sofa and to remove her panties which were then stuffed down behind a cushion.

At the doorway into the lounge Ian and Herb stood looking on approvingly. They had been involved in such scenarios before and knew that if things went to plan that sometime soon they would be involved in the action and would have a part to play. Sharad had no such experience to draw upon but with the sound of the ‘Rhino Hum’ ringing in his ears he also looked on with a degree of approval as he watched his wife move closer to the Professor and for her to reach out and say provocatively in her charming Indian accent, “Really Professor, do you mean that the native boys’ cocks were bigger than this?”

He looked at her and took her hand, “You can make it bigger.” Uma needed no further encouragement she wrapped her hand around the thick shaft and without further instruction began to stroke her delicate fisted hand up and down. The Professor was correct, she could make it bigger.

Chloe and Ingrid stopped talking as they looked upon the Indian lady who was now truly regarded as a friend. They approved at what they were seeing and together with Megan decided that they also need to be feeling the warmth of a stiff black cock in their hands. With no discussion between them they each made a choice and Megan went to the kindly Bishop whilst Chloe found a willing Zaire awaiting her which left Ingrid to shuffle over to her beloved Oskar. Simone and Janice contented themselves with each other’s company and they began to hug and caress each other as they watched their daughters each become up close and personal with the task of wanking the erection of a black superior male.

Angela just sat wide-eyed and although she had partaken of the spiced food and was equally under the spell of the Rhino sounds she didn’t quite know what to do or think as she watched Megan enthusiastically jerking off the Bishop. She then caught her breath as she then saw her darling daughter dip her head and began to lick at the Bishop’s bulbous shiny knob and his leaking pre-cum. It was a delicious sight and without any aforethought she spread her legs and began to masturbate her increasingly wet pussy.

All conversation was abandoned as the girls concentrated on the task of giving pleasure to their selected black man and talk was replaced by the sounds of sucking, slurping and moans and murmurs of approval. By the doorway Ian was openly masturbating his stiff little cock whilst Sharad wasn’t quite sure what to do, he still retained a sense of propriety that prevented him from doing the same. Herb had no such freedom for although his own cock had reacted to the sights and sounds before him it was well restrained within the chrome cage of the device that Janice had carefully locked before their guests had arrived. His stubby erection was squashed inside the restraint and he felt a perverse kind of pleasure as the metal cut into the delicate flesh as he tried unsuccessfully to adjust the cage.
Ingrid was in her own kind of ecstasy as she wrapped her lipstick coloured lips around the fat head of Oskar’s cock. She adored the man and would do anything he asked. She was so enamoured with him and she sighed with pleasure as she felt him stroke her long-blonde hair which cascaded over her shoulders and was brushing against his cock and balls as she bobbed her head up and down. She was so concentrating on her task and the fat knob that was filling her mouth that she didn’t feel him reach behind her head and attach the dog-leash to the collar around her neck. He looked over to see Angela with her hand busy beneath her dress and decided on his next move.

He crooked his finger at Ian who instantly left his friends at their vantage point by the kitchen door and came over to him. Oskar handed him the leash and with his other hand grabbed a handful of Blonde hair to sharply tug Ingrid’s head from his lap and her task, “Here, take the bitch for a walk …. ” He left the rest of the instruction unsaid for they all knew what was required.

Ian dutifully led Ingrid who, on her hands and knees had adopted the poise of a dog, to the sofa opposite where Megan and Chloe were both engaged in fellating and stroking Zaire and the Bishop. Ian tugged at the leash and led Ingrid to crawl between the spread legs of the Bishop where she added to the holy man’s türkçe bahis pleasure by licking at his testicles as her best friend Chloe continued to wank him. She continued to do so until she felt his hairy balls seemingly contract and pulse and then for a fountain of thick, white spunk to spurt upward through Chloe’s fist and to splatter down over her head. Ian didn’t allow her to dally, he tugged at the leash and led her to take up the same position in front of Zaire.
From the other side of the room Oskar looked on approvingly as he saw her being treated in this fashion. Whilst to an outsider it may have been regarded as cruel mistreatment of a friend, in truth, it was all part of an elaborate game which everyone enjoyed. If anyone had previous misgivings then the ‘Rhino Hum’ had since taken care of that and any perversions and fantasies were eagerly accommodated and expected whenever a social event or similar was held. The sight of Ingrid’s dripping pussy between her luscious bum cheeks as she knelt before her ‘masters’ was testament to that. Oskar chose to ignore the evidence of Ian’s pleasure and his dribbling stiff little cock as he stood dutifully alongside holding the leash of his ‘pet’.

Uma, like Angela, had been transfixed by the scene before them but then the sight of seeing the Bishop erupt in such a spectacular fashion seem to trigger her urge to get involved with the action. She stood up and pulled at the waist of her Saree which as she went over to Oskar unraveled and by the time she had taken the few steps she was naked from the waist down and displaying her neatly trimmed pussy to anyone who might care to look. Nobody other than Sharad who was still standing at the doorway did look, they were all too busy with what they were doing. Uma turned her back to Oskar before straddling his legs and reaching down between her outstretched thighs took hold of his stiff cock and guided it into her gaping cunt. It was only then that she lifted her head to see her husband; she gave him a smile as she settled down to impale herself on Oskar’s fat penis.

The Professor, ever the academic and always making mental notes that would aid his research, was thrilled to see such activities at close range. No matter whatever situation he found himself in was regarded as an opportunity he thought to be used to bolster his theories about social interaction. He decided to put to the test his latest theory of humankind under the right circumstances being willing to accept being treated as an a****l. He struggled to his feet and with his erect cock in hand went over to the kneeling Ingrid, got to his own knees and mounted her like a dog. As she felt his cock slide into her wet pussy she momentarily lifted her head from the task of licking at Zaire’s balls, gave a moan of approval before feeling the sharp tug on the leash that forced her head back down.

Ian was in his element as he watched the Professor begin to rut at the mewling blonde girl. He felt that in some way he was in control of events and holding onto the leash gave him a sense of responsibility rather than having to suffer the usual contemptuous manner that he was regarded by these black men and their lovers. It mattered not that his presence was mainly ignored, he figured that if he wasn’t there to be leading this slave girl, this ‘pet’, that the people in the room would not be experiencing the level of enjoyment that was so evidently being experienced. He held this thought as he patiently waited for the Professor to increase his rutting of the ‘dog’ and then to hear the grunt of obvious satisfaction and observe the spunk that flowed around his shiny black penis that continued to pump in and out of the puffy lips of Ingrid’s cunt.

The professor got to his shaky feet and wiping his hands on his shirt tail looked to find his pants which were discarded on the floor where he had been sitting. He found his notebook and pen, “I must make a few notes,” he thought as his cock dripped the last of his ejaculation on the floor.

Ian tugged at Ingrid’s leash and pulled her back to where his daughter was about to mount herself on the Bishop. He noted that she had lost her dress and it was with a feeling of pride that he saw the stiff nipples on her hanging tits brushing against the chest of the holy man beneath her. “My, how my little girl has grown,” he thought as he led Ingrid to a position where she could once again employ her magic tongue between the wet thighs of the lovers. As the pair began to get into some kind of rhythm he took the opportunity to have a couple of strokes of his own cock that was dampening the frilly apron that covered it.

The evening developed into some kind of pattern and, thankfully, the black men never lost either their enthusiasm or their erections which meant that all the ladies were fucked at least once by the four magnificent black cocks that were presented to them. Angela, who had previously only had the pleasure of one black man, became addicted to the feel and the sight of black cock sliding into her white pussy and it thrilled her that her daughter was a willing accomplice to her new found passion.

Uma delighted in sharing so much black fucking with her new-found friends and she was even more pleased to have observed how her husband had been so effectively side-lined and to see the evidence of his transformation into being a sissy just like his own new-found friends. It hadn’t escaped her attention that when she was being pleasured by the Bishop that Sharad had been standing mute by the doorway with Herb on his knees and stroking and fondling her husband’s stiff little cock. She would have so much to tell her Mother when they got home she thought excitedly.
Janice and Simone sank back, both exhausted, onto a sofa and looked around the room with some satisfaction at the evidence of an evening being well spent. Both of them had had their fair share of black cock and they reflected that if a cock hadn’t been available at any one time that there had been plenty of wet pussy to indulge themselves with while they waited their turn. The room itself was somewhat disheveled and if there was something that Janice couldn’t abide then it was an untidy house however she knew that now was not the time to be doing housework and, anyway, Herb was in no state to begin the required tidying up. Indeed, she decided that Herb had been quite a good boy and faithful cuckold that evening and maybe he deserved a reward. She looked around and saw his fat backside as he was engaged in something or other with Ian over by the kitchen doorway. “Herb dear, don’t do that. Come here, I’ve got something for you.”

Herb hobbled over in obvious distress at the continued discomfort of his cock restraint. She reached around her neck and unfastened the necklace that held the key to his padlock, “Let’s get that nasty thing off you my darling … ” she said with mock sincerity, “.. it must have been terribly painful for you and you’ve been such a good boy, haven’t you?”
She lifted up his frilly apron and revealed the chrome cage that was filled with his straining swollen cock. His glans was slick and shiny and dripping a mixture of sticky pre-cum and the evidence of involuntary ejaculations that had occurred throughout the evening. “Tsk, you have been a messy boy, haven’t you?” she said as she unlocked and removed the device. Herb stood mutely as his stubby little stiff dicky all creased with friction marks dripped some more of his juices onto the carpet. She handed him the metal contraption and said, “Here, take this and give it a good wash and then why don’t you take yourself and your friends down to the den and get yourselves cleaned up. You know, go and do that thing you like to do with Ian in the shower? I’m sure that Sharad would like to see that.”

Uma, who was sitting close by enough to hear, looked at her husband who was still holding his erection and nodded her approval at Janice’s suggestion before turning her attention back to the Professor who was in the midst of demonstrating another of his theories that involved his more impressive sized cock.

Ian let go of the leash he had been jealously guarding and left Ingrid still on her knees to her own destiny. He joined Herb and together they quickly guided Sharad toward the stairway down to the basement and Herb, with Janice’s instruction ‘You can leave the tidying up till the morning’ ringing in his ears, took Sharad’s hand and lisped in his sissy voice, “We’re going to have so much fun”. The next sound to be heard was that of the shower being turned on.
Oskar, Zaire and the Bishop looked on with quiet amusement as the Professor instructed Uma to demonstrate to him as many of the positions that the Indian ‘Bible’, the Kama Sutra, that she could remember. She had earlier admitted to him that she had read it many times but now she was almost apologetic that her grasp of detail was a little shaky and that as she wrapped her legs around him in one fashion or another that she might not be following the instruction to the letter as she felt his stiff cock slip into her once more.

Indeed, the three ‘elder statesmen’ were quietly pleased that the evening appeared to be coming to its inevitable conclusion for although they would never openly admit such a thing they did feel at times that age might be catching up on them. As Oskar tucked his still semi-hard penis into the confines of his underwear he asked of his companions as to what plans they had for the up-coming business week.

Zaire was the first to respond when he told of the expansion plans of the Rhino Entertainment District and the project that was in place that would vastly expand the facilities by providing four new areas of themed-entertainment.
Oskar had heard of a few ideas that had been floated around at recent management meetings but nothing specific and indeed, hadn’t been aware that the plan had actually been launched and was so advanced. As he zipped up his pants he asked to hear more.

Zaire obliged and incongruously as he stood there still naked began to give a fair impression of making a business presentation to his boss.

“We have designated that there will be 4 areas that will cater to specific needs and fantasies. Each area will be able to be configured so that, for example, we can have a ‘Wives servicing Superior güvenilir bahis siteleri Black Males room’ and that various scenarios can be acted out such as ‘Wedding Day; 1950s Day; Enslavement/Collaring day; Breeding/Impregnation day.’ We have listened to our customers’ suggestions and it is clear from what they have told us in feedback is that such a play room will be much appreciated.” Oskar nodded his approval.

Zaire continued, “Another annex will be a Chapel, dedicated to the Church of the Holy Black Staff … ” Erasmus lifted his head at the mention ” .. but it will provide a slightly different ‘service’ to your church Bishop,” he said smiling at his own joke. “This chapel will provide for wives who have been attracted to the lifestyle in one of the other rooms and will want to convert to the faith afterwards. We expect for there to be one of the Church’s brothers to be in residence to provide the necessary blessings and there will be a room where husbands will be to allowed in to clean up their wife’s pussies afterwards. Under no circumstances will they be allowed in beforehand.” It was the Bishop’s turn to show his approval and instantly he began to mull over in his mind who among the brothers might be the most suitable of his acolytes to provide this valuable service .

Oskar interrupted, “Well, it sounds good so far but I wish you had passed this by me before you actually started pouring concrete. I trust you did a proper business case to support this; it sounds like a lot of expense to me. Are we going to make any money out of this?”

“Boss, don’t worry. We did a full analysis and profit projection and, believe me, this cannot fail. The new Rhino Entertainment Center will become the talk of the Adult entertainment world and we already have block bookings before we’ve even announced a launch date.

Oskar was slightly mollified by the answer but still required convincing, “OK, what else?”
“Market research revealed that there is a sector out there who have been poorly served in the past and we have listened to their concerns and have designed a play room just for them.”
“Go on.”
“Yup, it’s our own ladies who have been ‘bitching’ that they need to have somewhere to play without their husbands or partners being involved and so we have a whole facility begin built that will have white males serving Black Dommes; a suite of rooms where beta males are forced to give pleasure to black women in any way that they demand. You have no idea of the level of demand for this one; we cannot fail,” he said with conviction.

“Hmm, sounds as if it might work,” said Oskar grudgingly, “but that still leaves one more room; you did say four, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, and the last one is going to be the best of all by my reckoning. I call it the Cuckold/Sissy Room. It’s going to be a hi-tech facility with all the bells and whistles of Rhino’s broadcast and sound systems and there is no way anyone who enters will be able to resist what they are told to do. Primarily this is going to be a room where wives who we have chosen are taken away from their husbands or partners, with or without their consent, and then the husband will be made to watch the wives being used by a black male in whatever way he desires. We know that there is are so many white men out there who only need a little nudge to accept being turned into a cuckold and you have seen from our entertainment tonight how much white boys like to watch how much better a wife can be served by a proper cock, a black cock, rather than the pathetic thing that they have as an excuse.” Oskar recognized he was, of course, referring to Ian and Herb.

Zaire continued, “We figure that there are many of them willing to be further humiliated by being made to perform clean-up duties, licking vaginas, anal cleaning and such. We have even put in a laundry room so that the sissy can be made to wash and press the clothes and underwear of their wives’ new black lovers. God, can you imagine how they will feel when the black guy hands over his cum-soaked underwear and tells the wimp to get washing?!”
The three of them laughed out loud at the thought.

“Anything else?”, said Oskar as the laughter subsided.

“Nah, not anything more to do with the project but we have decided to tighten up the membership and house rules once we re-open.”

Oskar raised his eyebrows and cocked his head, “Oh, I thought we had most things covered. What are you proposing?”
“New rule, number one, Black men never use protection and white wives are to be denied any birth control.”
Oskar responded, “I like the first part but I’m not sure about the second bit; good luck with trying to impose that! Go on, what else have you got?”

“Rule two, white boys have to show more respect. I’m thinking that they will have to bow whenever they encounter a black man in the club and definitely they will have to kneel and be watching whenever a black man is pleasuring their wife.

“Rule Three, we shall be introducing a financial tribute scheme whereby white men have to pay an additional fee that will be paid direct to any black man they encounter in the club and also they will be required to run a bar tab which will have a minimum and will cover any black brother’s drinks.

“Rule number four, well not really a rule, but we are going to ensure that in future the club security and janitorial services are staffed exclusively by white boys, especially white sissy boys, and they will be paid minimum wage. We figure it will emphasize the lowly status of whites to be constantly reminded of the superiority of us black brothers, especially as they will be performing their duties in front of the wives of their neighbours and friends. It’s a win-win.”
“Hmm, all sounds reasonable,” said Oskar giving a glance to Erasmus who was absentmindedly stroking the hair of Megan who was resting her head on his lap, “What do you think Bishop?”

“Well I’m not qualified to answer the commercial reasons for introducing such ‘interesting’ requirements but I do have to say that the church is very grateful that you have considered us and our work by introducing a chapel into your own ‘place of worship’… “, he said with a grin, ” … it falls right in line with developments of our own to extend the church’s message and missionary work.” He looked to Oskar and then Zaire, “Have you finished; can I tell you what we have planned as our next campaign?”

Oskar made a show of looking at his watch a gesture which was not missed by the Bishop, “It won’t take me long,” he said hurriedly.

“Within the church we have become increasingly concerned by what we have identified as a ‘lost sector’. We have had great success with introducing the white wives and girls into the lifestyle and the way of the church’s teaching of black superiority but in order to complete the circle of happiness we need to encompass the young white boys who are part of the same families. It’s all very well having white wives craving and worshipping black cock but there is the danger of building up great resentment and resistance unless we can reach out and have these young men come into the church as well so that they can be immersed in the teachings of our lord and by extension accept and become willing cuckolds and sissies in the process.”

He stopped stroking Megan’s head which caused her to come out of her dream. The bishop looked down on her and with a evangelical glint in his eye he patted her and said, “That is why I am setting up a special group that will be led by lovely Megan here and her mother ..” he looked over at Angela who was sucking the cock of the Professor, “.. and they will be leading our new young men gathering, a sort of boy scout troop, and they will be introduced into the wonders and benefits of the lifestyle that will ultimately make them into the compliant cuckolds that we know they really crave to be.”

Oskar looked at him not saying a word but rather thought to himself what a pompous rambling old fool his religious friend could be. However, he had to admit that the plan had merit and he stifled his underlying thought and just said, “Sounds interesting Bishop. You’ll have to tell me more … but some other time. I need to be going, I have a busy week ahead of me and need to get myself prepared.”

“Oh, what are you up to then?” asked Erasmus trying to keep the conversation and his agreeable evening going.
“I am attending the Annual African American Leadership Conference in Atlanta and I have been invited to give a presentation as a guest speaker. It will present a great opportunity to get a foothold in the Southern States which, as you know, for historical reasons have proven to be a tough nut to crack as far as spreading your gospel is concerned. Rhino will have a trade stand there and I am hoping for great things to emerge from the trip. Now, if you will excuse me I must be going.”

He stood up and shook the hands of Zaire and then the bishop. He looked around to make his farewells to his hostess but it was to find Simone and Janice once more locked in a passionate embrace with their hands playing with each other’s pussies and breasts, he decided not to disturb them.

He walked over to the sofa where Ingrid was just climaxing once more on the cock of the Professor. He grabbed hold of the leash which was hanging down her back and gave it a tug, “come on, we’ve gotta go. You’ve got work to do.”
The Professor was mildly disappointed to have his own orgasm interrupted in such a rude fashion but not so Angela who had been kneeling alongside marveling at the sight of his black cock pistoning in and out of the white pussy lips of the Swedish Slave. As Ingrid slipped off his lap his rigid cock popped into view and was exposed in all its slick and slimy black glory. Angela quickly placed herself so that his rising orgasm and hot ejaculation hit her fully in the face and into her open mouth. “What a wonderful night I’m having,” she thought as she gagged trying to swallow as much of the spurting cum as she could manage.

Oskar made for the front door with Ingrid in tow, the leash being pulled by her master and her slave dress looking even more disheveled than it had been designed to be. As they passed by the stairwell to the basement they heard the sounds of the shower running, giggles from Ian and Herb and the sounds of yet another orgasm being enjoyed by Sharad as his new friends introduced him to the delights of anal sex between sissy boys.

Yes, it had been a great night but, as Oskar said to Ingrid as they buckled their seats belts in the Ferrari, “We need to get home. There is so much yet to do.”


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