Open to the public


Open to the public
by williacj

mirian herold and I were shooting a promo for PBS, she looked lovely with her hair in Indian braids wearing a white evening gown and floral sandals.I rewrote the promotion song.”you turn me on and you know it” she sang” you turn me on when you’re up in me your dick’s hard and I want it, TV worth watching fuck me TV!”

i grabbed her and kissed her passionately on a bed “okay cut” the director ordered. She looked into my eyes and I grabbed her around her waist she began to kiss me again.“we gotta cut now” the director said sternly. I’m not going to obey his commands, I picked her up and carried her into a dimly lit room with candles. I watched as she unloosened her gown and let it fall to the floor. I caressed that lovely smooth lush white ass of hers and gave it a pat and a firm squeeze.

After taking off my clothes I guided myself into her slowly and began working illegal bahis myself into her warm fleshly canal. Mirian closed her eyes and licked her lips.”take me” she demanded. she wrapped her arms around my neck and dug her nails into my backside. “umphhh urmmpf! ohhh baby ooh you feel so good inside me.” she said as she took every inch of me.”ohhh miri!” I grunted, I increased my thrusts into her she looked into my eyes as if to enjoy my conquest.

PBS is all about night line nova, nature, sesame street and mister Roger’s neighborhood what we were doing was PBS after hours or pay per view. if mirian’s pussy is truly PBS I must be a lifetime member of PBS friends because I’m pledging my support to her warm pink moist programming. I clutched her firmly and she wrapped her arms around my neck and began to rake her nails across my back slowly wrapping her legs tightly around my waist perabet “please pledge your support for PBS don’t stop pledging, the future of public broadcasting depends on your support.”she whispered.

Public TV depends on donations to remain on the air, I’m donating to her pussy to keep her legs in the air. As i lay there just working myself into her warm pink cavern I realized how important this kind of PBS is, Public Broadcasting Sex.” mmmmmmm! mmmmmm ooooh fuck me fuck me oooh give it to me!” she whispered i lay there just drumming away in her warm plump pussy.I leaned down and pressed my lip against hers “some people aren’t going to like this new programming” i told her “some people like watching people have sex i don’t mind watching but i prefer just getting the shit fucked out of me by you!” she said.

I pinned her to the bed plunging away in her pussy.”uhhhh miri miri perabet giriş on the wall ” i mumbled. Mirian squeezed my ass “omi-god i love it when you talk dirty to me, fuck me fuck me!”she pleaded. her wish is my command I began driving myself harder into her”uhhhh umpffff mirian, the viewers are gonna love what they’re seeing” i promised. mirian lay there looking up into my eyes fingering her pussy”yes oooh fuck me oohh don’t stop yes damn you brown dick son-of-a-”

“comin home miri!” i grunted”comin home to you can’t stop till i nut can’t take it out can’t pull out can’t stop this-” i began to feel my load rising, I pulled out and she grabbed my dick and stroked it. “urghhhhhhh” i mumbled as i spurted thick creamy spunk all over Mirian’s stomach and tits”TV worth watching” i grunted”public TV pussy is the best kind!”

“omi goodness, you can sure fuck a woman” she says”i love sex and i love it when people see me getting fucked!” I climbed out of bed and began to get dressed. mirian lay there fingering her well fucked pussy” fucked me TV” she says in a seductive voice, TV worth watching was more like pussy worth fucking!

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