Open Household Ch. 02


Sam had taken me shopping. Amber wasn’t home when we got back – a note on the dining table read, be back tonight. See you guys soon.

“Why did we need to buy entirely new clothes for tonight?” I asked, as Sam held up a fine, blue-patterned shirt. “What was wrong with my normal wardrobe?”

“Well, it’s a bit lacking in grace, babe.” Sam said matter-of-factly, putting the shirt to one side and holding up a suit jacket while she pursed her lips. “Do you want to wear a jacket, or did you want to go a little more casual?”

I shrugged. “Dealer’s choice.” I replied. “I’m going to hit the shower, come join me once you’re all finished up choosing my outfit.”

“Your date is an hour!” Sam protested with a smile. “You can’t be thinking of shower sex this late in the game, surely?”

“Last I checked, it’s still my birthday. I’m pretty sure that means I still make the rules.”

Sam rolled her eyes at me. “Fine, you addict. Go. I’ll be there in a few.”

Grinning, I began chucking my clothes on the floor as I headed into the bathroom. Sam and I shared a bathroom sat between our two bedrooms, but we spent so much time in each other’s rooms that we pretty much had one giant bedroom in two separate spaces.

As I started up the shower, I heard Sam moving around in her room as she decided what I was going to wear to meet my mysterious date. So far, all I’d figured out was that I knew whoever I was about to go and meet, and Sam was talking like the possibility of tonight ending in sex was all but guaranteed. Sometimes, having a girlfriend who didn’t give a shit who else you slept with on the side was incredible. But, having a girlfriend who actively found you a fuck buddy on your twenty-first birthday was even better.

The sound of the shower door opening made me turn around. Sam was slyly leaning against the frame, completely naked. Her amazing huge tits were perfectly sat on her chest, and her legs were crossed so I could only see the beginning of her gorgeous pussy lips. Her red hair hung loosely around her shoulders and chest, exactly the way she knew I liked it.

I said nothing as I pulled her in, shutting the door behind her. Our lips met with a passion we rarely exhibited anymore, so used to being able to fuck around the house whenever we wanted that it rarely had the spark of excitement and surprise. But the ferocity my stepsister kissed me with now was a fervour that we hadn’t properly experienced in several months.

As my hands wandered freely over her body, squeezing her ass and teasing her tits, hers gently fondled my dick with enough motion to bring a sense of satisfaction without building it to the point of orgasm. “Someone’s eager.” She laughed around my mouth as she felt my full erection.

“Says you!” I chuckled back.

Sam lowered herself down onto her knees, licking my shaft from the bottom all the way up to its tip. “You have no idea.” She said, before engulfing my entire seven inches in her mouth. I sighed with content and placed my hand gently on her head as she moved. Sam was an amazing cocksucker, and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have this kind of treatment whenever I wanted. I looked down at my beautiful stepsister and girlfriend as she worked, her eyes looking up at me with that sly twinkle, and her hand buried between her legs as she treated me.

After a few minutes of enjoying the special treatment, and enjoying the sight of Sam’s eyes locked on mine, I beckoned to her, and she immediately rose to kiss me. Our tongues duelled ferociously as our hands explored each other once again, and then I turned her around and lined my dick up with her pussy.

She groaned as I entered her, and I wasted no time in giving her the pounding I knew she loved. She grunted again and again as I slammed against her perfect ass, my hands firmly holding and massaging her tits. She reached back with one hand to cup my neck, her face turned back towards me, her eyes filled with love and lust.

I lowered my head to her neck, sensually nuzzling my mouth against her. As she sighed with pleasure and tilted her head to one side to give me better access, I bit down, drawing a gasp of surprise from her.

“Aaaahh, shit.” She moaned, as I kissed her neck passionately in the spot I’d bitten. “You’re a right pain in the ass, you know that?”

“I could be.” I laughed, moving a finger along her body to grasp her juicy buttcheek.

“Don’t you dare.” She grunted, moving her hand back to steady herself against the wall. “Fuck, John, I’m about to cum!”

“So am I.” I replied, feeling her pussy tightening around my shaft. “Where do you want it all, sis?”

“Fill me up, brother.” She squealed, losing herself as she came. “Cum inside my pussy!”

I grunted as I thrust deep inside her and let loose everything I had. I recharged pretty fast, so despite unloading everything I had earlier this morning, I could feel a pretty big load of cum shoot inside Sam’s pussy.

“Damn, you haven’t pulled the ‘sis’ card in a while!” Sam commented as I pulled out of her.

“I fixbet know.” I grinned as I kissed her. “I thought you’d like it, seeing as you were particularly invigorated this time.”

Sam took some body wash in her hands and began washing my dick clean gently. “I did like it, you’re right. But you need to go and get dressed and get off to your date now. I just hope a shower shag hasn’t taken it all out of you.”

“Nah.” I shrugged as her hands massaged my cock, even bringing it back up to an erection. “I’ll just last even longer now because I’m all empty.” I kissed Sam one last time, and then waved goodbye as I got out of the shower to go and meet my mysterious date.


Sam had given me directions to a nice restaurant a few towns over, so it took me nearly an hour to drive there. Of course, because I’d been a bit busy sticking my dick in her, that meant I was a little late for my date.

She’d chosen to dress me in a cream-colored shirt and black pants. I’ll be honest, once I saw myself dressed, I understood why Sam felt the need to drag me shopping for a couple hours – nothing I’d owned previously was this good.

“Table for John?” I said to the server at the door as I entered.

“Of course.” He said with a slight French accent as he looked down his list. “Your lady has already arrived – please, follow me.”

I felt the prickle of butterflies begin in my stomach as I followed the server into the restaurant – but I think I pretty much swayed when I saw the knockout date sitting at my table. Because I did know her.

Amber was sat with a glass of red wine, dressed in a stunning light blue dress that left one shoulder bare, although I could see an identical light blue bra strap running over that shoulder. The dress clung tightly to her torso, accentuating the curves of her breasts, and then hung loosely past her waist.

She greeted me with a smile and a kiss on my cheek as the server took my drink order, and then as he headed away to fetch it, I turned to my stepmother in shock.

“Amber? You’re my date?”

“I sure am.” She smiled warmly. “Sam asked me if I’d be up for entertaining you for the evening as a birthday treat – it’s not every day a young man turns twenty-one now, is it?”

“But Sam made it sound like I’d be having sex with my date tonight.” I spluttered.

Amber shrugged, still smiling warmly at me. “If you want. I mean, it’s not like I haven’t seen you two kids going at it just this morning. You and I wouldn’t really be any different to you and Sam.”

She was right. We weren’t exactly reserved about our sex life as a family. Sam and I went from fully clothed to fucking each other senseless and then cumming everywhere in front of Amber half a dozen times a week. Amber, for her part, was open about her clientele and sometimes went around the house in nothing more than her panties, especially when she was in a hurry about getting ready for a client, so I’d definitely gotten a good eyeful of my stepmother more than once – and damn was she worth a look.

But Sam had been my girlfriend long before she was my stepsister, and Amber had pretty much always been my stepmom. So although we were open about sex, although Amber had seen me naked and I’d seen everything her glorious body had to offer except her pussy, there had never once been anything sexual between us. This morning when I’d shot my cum on her had been the first sexual contact we’d had – and that had been by accident.

“Look, don’t think too much on it for now.” Amber said soothingly, putting one hand on mine. “Right now, it’s just you and me, and a nice dinner. Alright?”

I nodded. “I’m just going to call Sam though.”

Amber smiled wider. “Of course, sweetie. Take as much time as you need, ok?”

I stepped outside to a quiet area and phoned Sam. She answered on the fourth ring. “I’m guessing you met my birthday surprise.” She laughed.

“Yeah, I’m not going to lie, that was a bit weird!” I replied. “Why’d you set me up with your mom?”

“Three reasons, really.” Sam admitted. “Firstly, I’ve seen you checking her out. Don’t worry, I’m not jealous or anything, but I knew you found her attractive and thought you might appreciate the opportunity to get some. Secondly, mom hasn’t had a sex partner who actually cares about her sexual needs in a long time, and she’s seen how you take care of me. So when I asked her if she’d treat you on your birthday, she said yes.”

I was a bit moved by her consideration for her mom. I hadn’t thought about Amber being more of an actress in her job than a partner. An errant thought crossed my mind wondering when she’d last had an orgasm. “What’s the third reason?”

“I’ll be honest, the third reason is rather recent.” Sam giggled sheepishly. I didn’t answer, so after a moment, she continued. “Seeing your cum on her face and tits was a bit of a turn on.”

Ok, that was a bigger shock than seeing Amber was my date. “You were turned on seeing your stepbrother’s cum all over your mom?”

“Oh, don’t!” fixbet giriş Sam moaned. “Just go and enjoy yourself, ok? I’ll see you tomorrow -“


“Yes. We got a hotel room so you can really enjoy yourselves. That’s why the date is so far away, so no one will question why you show up to a hotel room with your stepmom. Now go and have fun! I love you.”

“I love you too.” I smiled, and hung up the phone.

Back inside, Amber had been given menus to peruse. My drink order, a beer, was also sat on the table. My stepmom looked up and gave me that warm, open smile as I sat back down. “So? Everything ok?”

I nodded. “Sam explained. She said you agreed in part because most of your clients don’t consider your needs. Is that true?”

Amber nodded. “Sadly. I do have one or two on occasion who really want the full experience, including me to have real pleasure, but most guys just want their satisfaction and then it’s over.”

“How long has it been for you?” I asked. “Since you had a proper, caring lover?”

Amber considered for a moment. “I’d have to say nearly three years. One of my earlier clients. Sadly he met someone shortly after, but before he did he saw me regularly. Wanted me to enjoy it as much as he did. More, in fact. It wasn’t uncommon for him to give me ten orgasms before he finally came himself.”

“Why isn’t it weird for you that you see me fucking Sam all the time?”

Amber chuckled. “Why would it be? Some people are quite open about sex, John, like us. As long as you’re happy and she’s happy, I’m happy. And besides, you two are adults. You give me money to help pay bills, the mortgage, put food on the table. The two of you have as much a claim to every inch of that house as I do. And I can hardly be judgemental when I’m practically nude myself half the time, can I?”

“And you don’t think it’s weird that your daughter has set the two of us up?”

Amber shook her head. “Not in the slightest. I love you like a son, but we both know I met you as a man. I’ve seen that monster you keep between your legs. And I’m not blind, either – I’ve seen you eyeing me up when I’m showing. We’re both sexual people, John. The act isn’t weird unless we make it weird.”

I sat for a moment, taking it all in.

“You ok there?” My stepmom asked softly, her hand back on mine once again.

I nodded slowly. “Just thinking we’d better eat so we can take this back to the hotel.”

Amber’s smile turned into a grin, and she picked up her menu and beckoned for a waiter.


We took Amber’s car back to the hotel, leaving mine in the carpark. Amber checked in swiftly, and then we headed up to the room together. It was a beautiful little room, with a sofa, a massive soft bed, kitchen, and a large bathroom with both a shower and bathtub.

“This is very cosy.” I cooed softly, looking around as we entered.

Amber nodded absently. “That it is.” She headed towards the kitchen. “Do you want some coffee?”

“Sure.” I replied, taking our bags into the bedroom.

When I came back out to sit on the sofa, Amber was moving around in the kitchen making us both coffee. She brought me over a mug and sat next to me gently, her body partially turned towards me. My eyes drifted over her chest, admiring the way her dress clung so tightly to her torso, before lifting them to gaze into her gorgeous emerald green eyes.

“So.” I said simply.

“So.” Amber replied, with a slight smile, taking a sip of her coffee.

“I’m not going to lie, this is a little bit awkward.” I confessed.

Amber nodded understandingly. “We can take this at whatever speed you want. We don’t even need to do anything if you don’t want to.”

“No, I do.” I said, quickly. “I do, it’s just … I love Sam, and I love you too, but I love Sam as a girlfriend, and you’re my stepmom. It’s a different relationship.”

“You’re my stepson, and I love you as such. But taking care of each other in a sexual manner doesn’t mean that we’re going to fall in love. I think you and Sam are a great fit together. I remember when she came home the first day of school after you asked her out. She was so excited. That’s why I argued with your father when he told you two to split up. I wasn’t going to make her happiness – and yours, for that matter – a secondary priority to my own.”

“I thought I’d made a mess of it.” I remembered, laughing. “I was surprised she’d said yes.”

“And look at the two of you now. You fit together like two halves of a puzzle.”

I nodded slowly, smiling as I gazed into space.

“So help me out of this dress.” Amber said, turning around and gesturing to the zipper running down her back.

I nodded, content now, and put my coffee down on the table. I reached out and began undoing her dress zipper, revelling as her skin was revealed to me. Amber’s skin was especially smooth and divine, seeming to glow under my hands. She was so similar in appearance to Sam as well – apart from their height, eye color, and breast size, they could have been twins.

Amber stepped out of her dress, now stood before me in just her lingerie – light blue bra and panties that matched her dress exactly. She beckoned to me, and as I rose I realised, perhaps for the first time, Amber was almost the same height as me. She pulled me in for a deep kiss, her hands undressing me as mine explored her.

As she pulled away my underwear, my dick sprung free, already rigid from anticipation. “Oh my.” Amber laughed. “It’ll be interesting to see what this hunk of meat does for me, won’t it?” She grinned, and began lowering herself to her knees.

My eyes almost rolled into the back of my head as she enveloped me in her mouth. Sam was an amazing cocksucker, but she had nothing on Amber’s years of experience. She was graceful, and knew all the right angles and moves to make, but she was still sweet and gentle – sucking me with the intensity of a lover and the care of a stepmother.

“As amazing as this is, it hardly seems fair that I’m naked and getting some, while you’re still partially dressed and waiting.” I said after my voice came back to me.

Amber said nothing, but she stopped sucking me off and simply stood waiting before me. I took her bra off first, revealing those perfect 32-C tits I had seen so many times. Beneath her panties were a mystery, and I wanted to savour the reveal as much as I could.

I bent my head slightly, running my tongue over my stepmom’s nipples in circular motions, gently biting down on them sporadically, drawing gasps of pleasure and shock from Amber as she held my head close. I let one hand wander down her back to cup her firm, juicy ass as I worked, and damn – that was one hell of an ass.

Without warning, I picked Amber up, carrying her through to the bedroom and throwing her down on the bed. I parted her legs and gently kissed her inner thighs, massaging her pussy through her panties with one hand. Amber was moaning gently as I worked, but I knew the best part of the foreplay for her was yet to come.

When I couldn’t wait any longer to see my stepmom’s gorgeous pussy, I slowly took off her panties, and I was not disappointed. It was freshly shaven, beautiful, and moist from the teasing I had given her. I leant my head in, and began to use my tongue.

Amber’s moan of pleasure could probably have been heard in the next room, but I didn’t stop, slipping a finger in to add to her ecstasy. Amber’s hand grasped my head as I worked, and her breathing was uneven, even ragged – I hadn’t heard her get this way even when she’d entertained some of her regular clients at home.

Amber suddenly screamed as she came, clenching me close as her body shuddered and trembled. I looked up, and she smiled sweetly at me as she pulled me close to kiss me. “I haven’t had an orgasm like that in three years.” She whispered, as she rolled on top of me. “I can’t wait any longer – I need you inside me.”

She slowly impaled herself on my rod, bracing herself as she adjusted to it. “Most clients aren’t nearly so big as you.” She chuckled. “Give me a moment.” I nodded as she breathed slowly, waiting for her to ride me.

As Amber began moving herself up and down my shaft, there was a surprising sweetness and gentle rhythm to it. It was less like a hook up and more like lovemaking. She rode me with a slow and steady pace, rather than a fast and furious bounce.

“This is different.” I commented, as my hands wandered across her waist and up her stomach to play with her tits.

Amber leant forward until she was on top of me, her chest pressed against mine. She moved her hair out of the way so that we could both see each other clearly. “If you want to fuck, we can. Whatever you want, it’s yours. But just remember, John, you are first and foremost my stepson, and I am always going to look after you.” Then she kissed me sweetly and passionately, never once breaking stride in her slow and steady bouncing on my dick.

“Does that mean … you and me -?”

She smiled. “Whenever, wherever, however. It doesn’t matter what we’re doing or who we’re with. If you want me, I’m yours. But -” and she leaned in close to my ear to nibble it playfully “- don’t think I’m going to let you loan me out to your friends for free, mister. If you want me to have fun with you in front of others, then I will. But if you expect them to join in, I expect my standard rates.”

“I’m not pimping you out. Are you nuts?” I replied, awed at being given permission to use this heavenly body whenever I wanted. “I’m keeping you all to myself.”

Amber smiled wider, and she kissed me again as we made passionate love. My stepmom was certainly well practiced in kissing and bouncing. Although I was clumsy at it, not usually making such a move, she kept guiding my lips back to hers, moaning deep in her throat instead of aggressively grunting like Sam usually did.

I reached down between her legs with one hand, gently playing with her clit while she rode me. She spread her legs slightly more to give me better access, and although she never broke her slow and steady rhythm, I felt her breathing become slightly more uneven, her moaning become more intense, and a general urgency to her actions that suggested she was going to cum.

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