One Family’s Awakening – Chapter 2


One Family’s Awakening – Chapter 2Keith arrived home about 30 minutes after his mother did. She was in a strange mood, Keith thought to himself. He wasn’t sure he wanted to talk about the evening because he was still thinking about the surprise fucking he got from Amanda and had another erection. He mostly wanted to head for his room and jack off to the thoughts about his experience. But his mother was having none of it.”Come in here and tell me about your evening at the dance. You seemed to be having a good time with your “date”. she said with a smile. “I had a wonderful time and I am pretty sure Jim did, too. Did you think I looked pretty enough to be seen in public at a dance like that?””You were the prettiest one there, mom. And I am not just saying that because you are my mom.” was his honest reply. “I wish we could have worked it out so that you could have been my date.””Why do you say that?” Karen asked her son with what he considered to be in a sexy voice.”Because you were the prettiest one there and it would not have been so awkward. We know each other and, well, …””Well, what?” she pressed him to complete his thought out loud. By then she walked up to him and put her arms around his neck, kissing him on the lips for the first time in years. He put his arms around her waist and she pulled him close. She could feel the erection against her abdomen even though he was beginning to go a little soft because of her questions. But her body pressed against him brought him back to full erection and they could both feel it.”Something tells me the evening was more than ‘alright’,” she chuckled, again with a sultry sound in her voice. “Sit next to me on the couch and tell me everything that happened tonight.”He sat at one end of the couch and she sat next to him, snuggling up to him, hip to hip, and rested her hand on his thigh and put her other hand in his. “First, you tell me about your “date” with Jim. Was he a good dancer? Did he treat you like you deserved?” he quizzed his mother, turning the tables on her a bit.”Oh, yes. He was a good dancer. And he treated me just like I wanted him to. He is very graceful and wasn’t the least bit afraid to get close when the occasion called for it.” she said coyly. “But I feel the same way you do. I wish my date to the dance had been with you and we could have held each other that close.” She got up, turned the music on at the stereo and motioned for him to stand up. “In fact, let’s have a second dance right here and you can be my date for the rest of the evening right here in the living room.”Keith rolled his eyes a bit. He really wanted to go to his room and jack off. And his mother was acting strange. But he got to his feet and they started slow dancing to some oldies his mother really liked. He was glad his mother had insisted on some dance lessons so that he had not been a buffoon at the dance or now with his mother. But now he wished she would just go to bed.Instead she took him very close to her and whenever she could, she pressed up against his still hard cock, making him uncomfortable and her all the more aroused. “Would you say that I was a milf?” she asked without warning.”Well, yeah, I would definitely say that you are a milf.” he thought it odd that she would ask her own son such a question. “I mean, you are very pretty, have a good figure, you are fun to be with…all those things. I think that qualifies you as a milf.””But am I a mother YOU would like to fuck?” she wasn’t letting him off easy and he could feel himself starting to sweat.”Uh, honestly, uh, oh shit, mom! Yes, if I could, I would like to, you know, yeah.” he stammered.”And if I said you could, if you really wanted to, what would you say to that?” she quizzed, looking him in the eyes with lust written all over her face. Now he could even hear himself sweat. What was the correct answer? She pressed against his hard cock again and ground on it a bit sliding her hips back and forth. “Mom, I would…I would…” he paused and she finished the sentence for him.”You’d fuck me?” she said with a wicked grin.”Yep. Right here and right now.” he finished bravely.”Then I think, just between you and me, it’s time you did just that. I want you to and I want you to let me do anything to you that I feel like doing. I want to show you that I am not only a milf, but one that doesn’t just look the part, but is the part. I want you to fuck me tonight, tomorrow and anytime you want to.”She pulled his head forward and kissed him deeply, pushing her tongue into his mouth until he matched the passion and the force of her own. He reached down and grabbed her ass in his hands and totally forgot for the time being that it was his mother with whom he was making out. She nearly strangled him, trying to get his necktie from around his neck and then nearly popped the buttons off his shirt and she frantically tried to undress him. He at least helped by kicking off his shoes and by the time he had güvenilir bahis done that, she had his belt loosened and was working on his zipper and the hook to his trousers. He lifted her to her feet before she could get the job finished and removed the outer clothes she had worn to the dance. She kicked off her heels he removed her bra to reveal the most beautifully shaped tits he had ever seen. They were not huge, but not small either – just perfect. She was only wearing a garter and hose now and he could see that she had a neatly shaved mound below the garter.She got his pants down and realized he was not wearing anything under them. She was struck by that and by his beautiful, hard cock within inches of her mouth. “Wear is your underwear? I distinctly remember seeing you in them as you were getting dressed for the dance?”He had left them on the floor of Amanda’s bedroom. In his rush to leave after fucking her, he did not put them on as he got dressed. There was nothing to say at this moment so he ignored her question and pressed his cock to her lips as if he did not hear her. She regained her focus on her son’s cock and eagerly took it into her mouth and began to suck on it like she was starving. Then she paused, stood up, and told him to lie on the sofa. He did as he was instructed and she sat at the other end so that she was facing him.”I want you to last awhile when we get to the best stuff. So I have something I want to do for you and I think you will enjoy it.” She stretched out her nylon covered legs and began to rub her foot up and down the under side of his hard shaft. The nylons provided their own unique sensation on his sensitive cock as did her foot. She moved enough that she could get her other foot over to the top side of his cock and used both nylon covered feet to stroke his cock in uniform movements. He was in heaven as he watched her sexy feet massage his cock and felt the sensation of his cock skin being pulled tight up and down his shaft. Then she placed her feet on both sides of his cock and continued the stroking. Karen then went back to using one foot on his shaft and used the other to play lightly with his balls.”I want you to cum on my feet,” she said softly. He could only nod. “Tell me when you are about to cum so I can get my feet positioned to catch it all and you can aim your cock at them when you are ready.” Again, Keith nodded at his mother’s request. She continued stroking his cock, increasing the pace. She wanted him to cum now so that she could then on work at getting herself fucked finally by the one person she wanted more than anyone else – her son.Keith said he was almost ready, so she pulled her legs back and stretched out her feet so that her toes were pointed at his cock. He stroked the rest of the way and then grunted, aimed his cock at her toes and shot a thick, heavy load of cum all over her toes and tops of her feet. It was more than she was expecting, but she managed to keep it all on the tops of her feet. Her black nylons were covered in white cum and both were even more aroused at the sight. She rubbed her feet together, working his cum into her nylons until they just looked wet, then she slipped off the nylons and her garter and asked him if he knew how to use his tongue to please her. He had never done oral sex before, so he told her he would do whatever she instructed him to do so that he could please her.Karen chose to get in the 69 position so that she could suck his cock and give him a better position to see what he was working on. She gave him basic instructions about using his tongue on her clit and about alternating between sucking on it and licking it. She told him he would know if he was doing it right based on her reaction. Before she could get her son’s cock in her mouth, Keith spread her pussy lips wide, saw her clit and immediately went to work licking it and sucking on it just as he had been instructed. She immediately let out a low growling noise that turned into a higher pitched moan. She just lay there on top of him, holding his cock in her hand for a few minutes as he worked hard on her clit. She gave up trying to suck his cock until she had her first cum on his face. She nearly gushed on his face, then realized there was more there than just her pussy juice. Keith was getting a taste of her and of Jim as she had not gotten all of Jim’s cum from her pussy before Keith got home. Keith was none the wiser and continued at a slower pace to begin bringing his mother to another orgasm. Karen was able to focus more now on sucking her son’s cock and began taking long, slow strokes with her tongue and lips up and down his shaft. After her son gave her another orgasm, she turned her body around and slid his cock into her pussy and began riding him. She could feel his cock fill her up and then she felt the feeling of emptiness as she rose up and nearly off of it, taking those long, slow strokes and enjoying every second perabet of the moment she had longed for over the past few months. Lying beneath her, Keith’s hands were free to explore those perfectly shaped tits, squeezing them, playing with her nipples, pushing them together and watching the expression on her face each time he tried something new. Karen was lost inside herself and sensations washing over her body from both the cock in her cunt and the hands toying with her tits. Months – years actually – of want and need were focused on just a couple of concentrated areas of her body and the intensity overwhelmed her. She felt her pussy spasm in orgasm around his cock with wave after wave washing over her. She was not one to normally have multiple orgasms, but tonight was an exception and something special. She had no sooner finished one cum, when another would rise from nowhere and rack her body with convulsive force that left her with almost no control over her muscles. Keith was overcome by the whole experience as well and as he watched his mother cum multiple times, he emptied his balls deep inside her. His youthfulness kept pace with the demands on his body and he pumped as much cum into this time as he did on her feet. It ran down his cock and onto his balls as she slowed her pace and relaxed her grip on his cock.For several minutes, she just lay on top of him, enjoying the euphoria of a fucking well done. She ran her hands over his ripped muscles without saying a word. Keith’s cock was still inside her and was only half relaxed. He ran his hands down her back and over her ass in long, slow motions and as he thought about his evening, with Amanda and now with his mother, his cock began to stiffen again, not wanting any of this to end. Karen responded in kind and while still lying on top of him in a relaxed position, she began to lift her hips up and down on him again for a more prolonged, easy fucking that lasted nearly 20 minutes until he shot one more load into her. They spent the night curled up on the couch together, not bothering to go to bed or get dressed………….Across town on that same night, in Kris and Kim’s apartment, brother and sister were having yet another quiet Friday night at home. After more than half a semester behind them, both had managed to only make a couple of friends of the same sex. Neither had dated yet and both were down in the dumps about their lack of a decent social life.”Kris, what are we going to do? I know everyone says we are shy and introverted, but we are also decent looking people. I can’t believe it is that hard to make friends or even get asked out on a date. At least I have an excuse. I am supposed to wait for the guys to ask me out. But being a guy, its your own fault you haven’t had a date.”Kris shrugged and said he wasn’t even sure how to go about it. He always started acting all awkward and nervous whenever he got up the nerve to ask a girl out and then he would just forget it. It didn’t help that the classes he was taking and the clubs he had joined were 80% guys and the girls were as “nerdy” as he was.Kim complained further, “I was so sure that I would finally start dating that I even started on the pill, so I could get laid if the opportunity presented itself. I don’t want to die a virgin.” She sat at her desk facing him in the chair with her arms folded and a pout on her face. Kim as attractive enough and her friends were sympathetic, telling her to be patient, that her time would come. She sat there facing her brother with her legs stretched out. She was wearing a pair of short cutoffs and a tight fitting tank top and no bra underneath. Kris was just wearing a pair of loose-fitting nylon shorts, no shirt and no shoes or socks.”I have a question, Kris. We have always been close and able to talk about anything and everything. Would you be honest with me? Do you think I am attractive? Why won’t a guy even approach me for a date? Are my tits too small, too big, is my ass too big, my nose? What the FUCK is wrong with me?””Calm down, Kim. You are a beauty just like our mom. In fact, your tits are a little bigger, your ass a little rounder and everything else is almost identical to her. And everyone thinks she is very pretty. Your friends are right. It is just going to take some time.””So, not only have you been checking me out, but you have sized up our mother, too?” Kim accused with a sly grin, her mood beginning to change at his detailed compliment.”I size up every female – even the ugly ones.” Kris said with a laugh. “I may not be smooth at asking girls out, but I am a pro at sizing them up.””Kris, let’s fantasize a little about what our first time would be like. Why don’t you pull up some porn on the internet and let’s see what we would be expected to do if we ever got lucky. I’ve never watched porn before. I was afraid of getting caught by mom and all hell would break loose.”He turned on the TV and opened perabet giriş a triple x website on the screen and selected a genre that he thought they would both enjoy. Kim was not surprised that Kris would know where to find it, but she was surprised that he would be willing to watch it with her right next to him. They sat just a few inches apart on the sofa in front of the TV as a movie with an extremely thin plot started playing. She laughed at first at the terrible acting and the contrived plot line, but the first sex scene started stirring her blood. A guy was going down on a girl and shortly thereafter, she was going down on him. Kim looked over at her brother, who was totally engrossed in the scene. Then she looked at his crotch. His cock was hardening and beginning to peek out the leg of his loose shorts. That was no small feat. His shorts reached to near mid thigh, although they had hiked up about half way to his crotch when he sat down. He clearly had a very large cock.Kris absentmindedly reached down to rub it a time or two and it got a little harder each time he did so. Kim watched his cock grow more than she watched the movie. Finally she said, “Kris, you have one huge cock! You are hung like the guy in this movie!” Kris turned red and tried to cover it up, but it was too hard and already poking out the leg of his pants and trying to rise and point at the ceiling.”No need to be embarrassed, bro. Actually, I would like to get a closer look at it if you don’t mind.”Again, Kris just shrugged. She had already seen it, so nothing to hide at this point. He stood up and dropped his shorts and stepped out of them, revealing a cock that was 9 or 10 inches long and thick. Kim just looked at it for the longest time and her attention to it kept Kris hard. He stood in front of her as she sat there just looking at it from different angles. “Can I touch it? Would you mind if I put my hands around it to see what it feels like?””You can touch my cock if you take off your clothes and let me feel your body as well.”Kim stood up, pulled off her top and shorts to reveal her naked body to him. His cock twitched at the sight of her full, firm tits and neatly trimmed triangle above her pussy lips. Kim took a step closer to her brother and reached out to wrap her hands around his hard shaft. He reached out and began to feel her tits and was amazed as her nipples hardened to his touch. She stroked him a little and reached under his cock and felt his balls. He reached between her legs and felt the warm, damp area between them, letting his finger slide inside her just a little. She whimpered a little at his touch and ever so slightly spread her legs for him. “I want to see you cum, bro. I want to see if you shoot a load like the guy in the movie did.””Okay, but you have to make it happen, sis.””I am not going to fuck you, bro! At least not now.””Fine, jack me off and then I will rub your clit and make you cum.”Both laughed at being 22 and just now starting to play doctor like a couple of 10-year-olds.Kim began stroking his cock, awkwardly at first, but then faster and smoother. She loved the way it felt in her hands and in the back of her mind she was in the porn flick getting ready to make him deliver the money shot. In a few minutes, she got what she wanted. Kris grunted and bucked a little and then shot a massive load that went straight in the air and came down on her face and hands. It came out in long, thick ropes at first. The latter shots were more watery and only shot up a few inches. When he was finished, her hands were covered and she had cum dripping from her nose and chin. “Holy shit! You should be in porn, bro!”Kris laughed and reached over and began rubbing her pussy lips and flicking her clit with his middle finger. She was very wet and ready for her first orgasm at the hands of another – literally. He wrapped one arm around her to hold her close to him and used the other to continue his fingering action. She continued to hold and lightly stroke his cock as her own orgasm began to build. Kim threw her head back, arched her back and let out a wail as she came hard on his hand. She squirted all over his hand, down her legs and into a small puddle on the floor in front of them. They stopped to catch their breath for a few minutes and then laughed at their first sexual experience coming literally at the hands of family. They decided that what they had done was so good that they were going to go ahead and try giving each other oral sex. “I am still not going to fuck you, bro. I am not ready for anything that size. But I do think I would enjoy sucking you off. Just don’t cum in my mouth. You’ll have a hard time explaining to mom why I drowned on a mouthful of cum.””Deal. Anyway, now you know why I have a hard time keeping a girlfriend. I have had dates, but when it gets to this point, most back away when they see how large I am. They just lose interest because they are afraid it is going to hurt.Kim and Kris gave each other head a couple of times that night while their mother and brother were fucking the night away. The world for all of them was beginning to change and none of them knew exactly where it would lead.

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