Old flame


Old flame
So recently i started out on my own as a painter and decorator . A couple of weeks ago i got a call from a guy that i had gone to school with asking if i would give him qoute for some work he was needing doing so i told him that i would come up later that night and give him a price.
When i turned up at his house later on that night i had a quick look at the job and he took me into the kitchen to discuss money but as i walked intothe the kitchen i got the surprise of my life as his wife was sitting at the table and she was a burd that i had banged at a house party about a year ago.
The 2 of us must have looked a little startled but obviously he was unaware of what went on so we just kind of gave an awkward hello as if we hadnt met before. So we agreed a price and he told me he would let me know about the job.

I wil go back to the first night i met her . I had been out with a couple of friends and we ended up going to a party after the club and the guys misses came home with a few of her pals aswel so we had a good drink and some lines of coke having a good laugh . But this guys wife was sitting bahis siteleri beside me all night and she kept putting her legs over me and sitting on my lap . The 2 of us more or less fired into each other all night everytime she sat on my lap i wouldgive her arse a squeeze and rub her pussy a little through her dress and she just let me go .
I got up to go to the toilet when i started peeing i heard the toilet door close at my back and she sat down pulled her knld me that ickers down and started peeing giving me a good look at her trim pussy as soon as she had finished the 2 of us just started goin at each other before i knew it she was on her knees sucking on my cock. We didnt fuck about incase someone else came up to the toilet so i bent her over the bath pulled her panties down and fucked her doggy over the bath until i spunked deep inside her and the both of us just went back and carried on the party and that was the last i seen of her .

A couple of days later i got a phone call off him asking if i would take the job so i told him yes and that i would start on monday as i had another bahis şirketleri job to finish. When i turned up on monday he told me he was heading to aberdeen for a couple of weeks and that he had left all the money with his misses and anythig i needed i was just to see her.
As i ws just about to start the first wall i hear the room door open and his misses comes ino theckitchen with just little pair of shorts on and a top with her tits hanging out .
The 2 of us started talking and she said that remembered that night in the party and that she was shocked when she seen me walking in her kitchen but i just tol her that i was the same and that we would keep i to ourselves. She told me that she was out the night before and was still a little rough so she walks to the fridge and grabs a bottle of wine and pours herself a big glass and asks me if i want a beer. Putting 2 and 2 together i knew where this was heading so i jumped at it . I had a little coke that i had from the previous weekend so i put out 4 half decent lines done my 2 and stood behind her as she done hers watching her bent over canlı bahis and and her shorts riding right up her arse .
After while the 2 of us were pretty wired and i kept getting litle flashes of her shaved pussy from the side of her shorts
Being pretty high i jst said to her your going to have to put some clothes on your making me horny . The words were berley out my mouth and she was straddling me on the chair . I wiped her top of exposing her big tits and pulled her shorts right off until she wa on op of me totally naked grinding on my cock . I slipped my hand down on between her legs and found my way into her wet pussy and started rubbing he clit . Before long the 2 of us were naked on the livingroom couch and she was bouncing all over my cock her big tits in my face .
The of us fucked all day long i had to stay late to try and do some painting but the next day the samething would happen she answered the door in just a bath robe walked into the kitchem bent over the table lifted up the bath robe and told me to fuck her i just quickly pulled down my overalls and started fucking her over the kitchen table until i spunked all over her ass.
I fucked her everyday for the next 2 weeks and the job only took a week to finish .
When he came back she just started coming ove to mine now she wants to leave him for me and she is a great fuck

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