Nothing Done in Love Ch. 04


Katie cursed her mother again under her breath as she had been doing for the last half hour. She watched the smile spread across that ruggedly handsome face. For the first time, it actually reached the azure depths of his eyes.

“Be good, princess,” Chase ordered as he held another bite of the fruit salad between his sweet and sticky fingers.

Damn her mother, did the woman have any idea how intimate it was being fed by someone else? How helpless it made you feel? She exhaled slowly as she realized that of course, Joy did. Most of her meals for the past two weeks had been spoon-fed to her by someone else.

She felt so incredibly selfish then. Was this really too much for her mother to ask? For her to take a long walk on a quiet beach at sunset with a guy that belonged on the cover of a damned erotic romance. To feed him her mother’s unique ambrosia and be fed by him, by his own fingers, nonetheless.

It was just so damned intimate; she thought as she opened her mouth and took the bite he offered. His fingers lingered on her lips until she could not resist sucking the juice slowly from them. She was utterly lost in the taste and sensation of sweet oranges, strawberries, and melon sprinkled with coconut, almonds, and cinnamon. Or maybe it was the feel of his fingertips against her tongue.

The low rumble that sounded almost like human thunder woke her from her reverie. “Stop it now, princess, or I am giving you something else to suck on.”

Katie blushed and looked down at the bowl. There was only one bite left as she picked it up and scooped the messy contents into her fingers as best she could. Damn, Mom, she thought one more time as she looked up into those baby blues that were filled with mirth and tinged with a touch of passion, perhaps.

“Open wide,” she whispered.

Chase chuckled, “That’s supposed to be my line, Katie.”

“Be good, damn it,” she chastised her old friend.

“Oh, baby, we are always good. Damn good, especially when we are bad,” his smile was that boyish one that she had loved so much in high school, with just a hint of feral male. It was sexy as hell, maybe the hottest thing she had ever seen. But that was not what she needed to be focusing on as she stared at his lips, bringing her fingers slowly to them.

She got more than a taste of her own medicine as his tongue wrapped about them, suckling softly at her flesh long past the time that the fruit and juices were gone. Katie bit her lower lip and added another curse to her earlier litany as she felt her nipples harden painfully in her bathing suit top.

What would those soft but firm lips feel like wrapped around them right now? One of them anyway. She got the feeling that the other one would be intensely jealous of his attention. She hoped the man was the type of considerate lover that would not play favorites, alternating between her peaks, giving each equal attention.

‘Of course, there is another option,’ that sly voice whispered in her brain as it reminded her how intense it had felt that night being pressed between them, passed like their football from one brother to the other, always on the edge of confusion as to whose lips, whose hands were doing what to her virgin body.

Katie felt the liquid heat drool into her swimsuit bottoms at the thought. She chuckled as she thought, ‘My second chakra is more than open now. Thank you, Mother.’ The question was, what was she going to do about it?

Even if she wanted to, the beach was not that deserted. There were still dozens of people milling about the pier, enjoying the spectacular sunset, she reminded herself as she tried to refocus.

Chase grinned as he released her fingers with a final lick just across the tip of the middle one. He took the bowl from her hands, his fingers brushing seductively against hers as he leaned in to whisper. “We aren’t finished yet, princess.”

For a moment she was so dazed by the taste and feel of this man, the memories and thousands of naughty fantasies that had consumed her for so long that she honestly did not know what he meant. Then he set the bowl down on the blanket next to them and wrapped those strong hands about her waist.

Her first instinct was to fight him as he drew her closer, turning her body so that she faced the pounding waves, cradled in his lap between firm thighs with his cock pressed against her ass. The pounding surf was drowned out by the sound of her heart accelerating.

‘Dangerous,’ the single word flitted through her brain as his superior strength won this battle. His hands pushed her forward, allowing just enough space for his hands to make slow, sensual circles in her lower tuzla eve gelen escort back.

“Joy said a massage too, princess. Did you forget?” Chase whispered against the side of her face.

She could smell the sweetness of the cinnamon and coconut on his breath and fill the heat of his words caressing her skin with each syllable. ‘You are in so much trouble,’ she wanted to scream at that damned voice that sounded just a bit too cocky in her addled brain. Instead, she merely shook her head and closed her eyes. Maybe if she thought about other things, she could make it through the next few minutes with her dignity intact?

But when those strong fingers found the small of her back, just above the dimples of her ass, and buried themselves deep in the tight, tender muscles, Katie almost lost it. A low moan escaped her throat before she could stop it as she arched her back.

That was a big mistake as it forced her hips back to make full contact with the bulge in the front of his jogging pants. ‘So much fucking trouble,’ that voice screamed in warning, but it was futile as her body began a slow dance of seduction, rubbing against it like a kitten in a pet shop begging you to take it home and make it yours.

Chase’s thumbs found the knots just over those dimples on either side and began to move in slow deep circles. She gave up even trying to contain her moans and groans as she felt the tightness begin to loosen just a bit with each stroke.

By the time, those fingers began to move higher up her back; she was practically a mindless sack of nerve endings all screaming for release. ‘Could you come from nothing more than a massage?’ her mind wondered.

Then she felt the roughness of his beard rub against the bare skin of her neck and shoulders, his tongue traced along the pounding pulse in her throat. She whimpered, her hips increasing the tempo of that erotic dance against the throbbing length cushioned so tightly between the cheeks of her ass. Her nipples felt like they were on fire and the cool, gentle breeze off the ocean that should have soothed them and extinguished the flames only fanned them higher.

“Damn, princess, if you sound like this with our clothes on, imagine how fucking sweet you will when we were naked,” his words were a deep sexy caress into her ear as his hips kept perfect time with hers, rubbing his erection harder and faster against her ass.

“Think of how good it would feel to have me buried in that tight little cunt of yours right now. We almost could you know. If I just,” the fingers of one hand finished his sentence for him as he leaned closer and wrapped an arm about her waist. His hand slipped just between her open thighs and brushed the clingy material of her swimsuit aside.

Chase was the one who was moaning into her ear then; his face buried deeper against the sensitive skin of her neck. His beard half tickled, but more enticed as it pushed her hair aside.

Those fingers though, captured her full attention as they traced slowly from the top of her swollen clitoris to the folds of her pussy, “Damn, girl, you are so fucking wet now. It would be so easy for me to get my cock inside you.”

Katie was the biggest devotee of her mother’s message that there was nothing free about love. She had been more than circumspect with her lovers.

Well, singular actual. Her boyfriend in college, but that had been such a horrid disappointment after all Joy’s proselytizing about the beauty and joy of sex. In fact, the relationship had ended shortly after she gave him her virginity. His parting shot at her, the accusation that ‘for a free love hippie chick, you sure are a frigid bitch,’ had eaten away at her confidence for a long time.

It had certainly not made her want to rush out and prove him wrong. No, maybe her Mom was wrong about that one, perhaps sex was not all it was cracked up to be. Or maybe he was right, maybe something was wrong with her. Especially since the only time she had ever truly felt those kinds of stirrings was when she was drunk and sandwiched between her two best friends.

Now, sitting on a public beach, with Chase’s hard cock pressed against her ass and his fingers softly outlining the wet lips of her pussy was a hell of a time to re-discover her latent sexuality.

Just as she began to struggle in his arms, his other hand wrapped itself through her long blonde hair. He used it to turn her head to the side until she was staring up into those deep blue eyes that reflected her own need.

“Shhh, princess, let me do this for you. Let me give you what your body needs now,” Chase whispered just a moment tuzla otele gelen escort before his lips covered hers. Then his fingers were pushing inside her. She cried out, screamed into his mouth as she felt the dams burst.

Logically she knew what was happening; she was after all Joy Danver’s daughter. Her mother’s book on the seven types of female orgasm had stayed on the best sellers list for weeks.

At the ripe old age of twenty-eight, she had just discovered the power of her g-spot. And the fact that it was one of her best friends and they were on a very public beach with people around did not do a goddess damned thing to stop her orgasm that seemed to be determined to make up for all that lost time.

Her tongue wrapped about his as she pushed back against his hands, drawing his fingers just a bit deeper. Then she felt him trembling too as this time he moaned into her mouth, his fingers pushing harder and faster, sending her soaring like a seagull towards the sun. His cock rubbed against her, pressing tighter and tighter against her ass as she felt it throbbing and pulsating.

Her breath caught, and her eyes flew wide open as she realized that her best friend was cumming too. Her lips curved into a satisfied smile as she continued to kiss Chase, to draw each moan and shudder from both their bodies. She was not sure how long they stayed locked like that. Just kissing as the tremors of their mutual orgasms subsided.

He was the first to break the erotic spell as his lips pressed a tender kiss to hers. He leaned his forehead against hers for a long moment. Then that laugh, the joyous, life filled one that she had missed for so damned long, a lifetime it seemed, echoed off the waves and winds. She joined him in girlish giggles despite everything that had happened, was still happening, and the worst that she knew was to come. Katie felt happier than she had in a long time.

Chase bent and pressed a tender kiss to the tip of her nose. His eyes danced with the fading light of the sun, “Well, I think we can safely tell your mother that our sacral chakras are unblocked now, princess.”

She blushed as she giggled, “And nothing wrong with your aura now, either.”

He frowned, “Can you? Did you inherit your mother’s gifts?”

She shook her head, “Mom always wanted to think I had, but not really. Now and then I catch glimpses of things, but not like her.”

He nodded as he straightened her in his arms, “I know we should head back, but just a few more minutes, okay, princess? Just let me hold you in my arms while we watch the sun go down?”

Katie nodded; she could not imagine anything more perfect as she leaned her head back against his shoulder.


It was dark and chilly as she opened her eyes. For a long moment, she was not even aware of where she was. Just the strong, warm arms wrapped so tightly about her, the soft, steady beat of the heart beneath her ear and the comforting embrace of that muscled chest cocooning her head.

Then it all came flooding back to her, along with a major dose of embarrassment. Had she allowed Chase to…her mind could not even fathom it. He had fingered her to the most powerful orgasm of her life. On a public beach. With people around. What the hell had she been thinking? She began to struggle in his arms, “Let me up, Chase.”

“It’s okay, princess. You just fell asleep for a while,” his deep voice soothed.

“Just fell asleep? After we…” she stammered and pried at his arms wrapped so tightly about her. “After you… Oh, sweet goddess! How could you let me? I should have been home long ago. What if Mom needs me?” she felt the panic rising inside her.

“Enough, Katie. If something were wrong, Chance would have come for us. Your mother sent us out here because she knew you needed a break.”

“Do you realize that you are making this harder on her? I love you, sweetheart. I always have and always will. But I’m going to be brutally honest with you, baby girl. The hardest part of dying for your mother is leaving you. She is so fucking worried about how you are going to survive without her. And the way you cling to her only makes that worse.”

Katie felt the scalding hot tears flowing like rivers down her cheeks, “So am I, Chase, so am I. She’s not just my mother; she’s my best friend. My only real one besides you and Chance. What am I going to do without her? How can I go on?”

Her body shook with the power of emotions she had been bottling for days, weeks, months, the past year since her mother’s diagnosis. “It isn’t supposed to be this way. There are weddings and grandbabies. All the tuzla sınırsız escort things that mothers and daughters are supposed to share together. And she won’t be there. She won’t be there.”

The final words were nothing more than a great gulping sob as not only tears, but snot dribbled down her face.

Those arms tightened about her, and he drew her head back to his shoulder. “I know, baby girl. I know. It isn’t fair. Life isn’t fair. But sometimes, it just is what it is. Let it out. Let it all out, Katie,” he coaxed as the tears fell and the snot ran. She was not sure how long, minutes or hours had no meaning in pain that visceral.

When her tears slowed to a trickle, and she began to hiccup gently, Chase loosened his hold on her. His fingers brushed the tears from her eyes. He chuckled as he pulled his t-shirt from the waist of his jogging pants to wipe her face.

She shook her head embarrassed as she raised her hand to swipe at her nose, but he pushed it away and insisted on using the soft material anyway. “Don’t worry, princess, yours ain’t the only bodily fluids staining my shirt, remember?”

Katie was glad that the sun had set, that darkness would cover the flaming red of her cheeks as she blushed at his bold reminder of their earlier sexual antics.

“But you are right. It is getting colder, and we should head back to the house as soon as you feel up to it.” He bent his dark head, and his beard chaffed the tender skin of her shoulder as he pressed a soft kiss to it, “You might need a shower even if you did take a bath earlier, sweetheart. Between the sticky sweetness on your fingers, the sweeter wetness between those legs, and all the tears and gunk, you will feel better after one.”

She shoved gently at his shoulder, “A gentleman does not remind a lady of such things.”

He laughed, and it rang across the cold, silent darkness, “Oh, sweet Katie ours, whoever said we were gentlemen?”

She could not deny the sweet tingles of excitement that his naughty words ignited. But they did not have time for a repeat of their earlier performance, and honestly, she was not ready to face what might happen this time, alone as they were on the beach and surrounded by the safe cover of darkness. No, much better to head back to the familiarity of the house.

She nodded as she stood. Her head spun just a bit as she found her balance. She waited for a moment, watching the tide come in. Until she heard the soft curse behind her, “Fuck,” he exclaimed. She turned to see Chase struggling to get to his feet. His foot, she remembered then.

It was too easy with the prosthetic hidden by his pants and sneaker to forget that Chase had lost his leg. She frowned, he always wore long pants. No matter how hot it was. She wondered if he might still be so uncomfortable with the prosthetic and scars that he needed to hide them. Not that she felt she had the right to ask such an intimate question, despite the very kinky intimacies they had shared this night.

She hesitated for a second. She knew this man. He was too proud and stubborn to want help, but that was too damned bad. If he could give her what she needed when she needed it and wipe the snot from her face with his shirt, then he could damned well learn to take hold of her hand when he needed it. She held out her arm, “Here,” she said in a firm voice.

He looked up at her. She saw it all written across that handsome face. Rage. Self-loathing. Despair. Self-pity. She frowned, it must be her imagination, but she could almost see his aura darkening. The silver that danced about him, turning first a light brown then almost black. She shook her head, “Take my damned hand, Chase.”

He sighed and shook his head. He looked away from her, but he did as she said using her as an anchor to pull himself back to standing. “Thanks,” his voice was quiet and tight as they began to make their way back to the street.

The walk that should have been quick seemed to take forever in the silence that was anything but companionable. When they got to the house, Katie stopped on the front porch. She put her hand on his chest. She wanted to say something, but she was not sure what.

After a long moment, Chase chuckled softly, but it was not a real one. Not like the laughter and tears they had shared on the beach. “Go. Get that shower, princess. You don’t want to have to explain to your mother the smell of sex clinging to your skin. Hell, the woman will probably take one look at your aura and know anyway.”

She shook her head and giggled as she stood on tiptoes to brush a gentle kiss on his lips. The only words she had seemed so inadequate, “Thank you,” as she slipped inside the house to do as he suggested.

A quick shower to wash the sand from her body and the mess from her face, perhaps even take a bit of the red from her eyes. But she knew deep in her heart that there was not enough water in the oceans to wash his touch from her body or mind. Even if she wanted to…and, she was not sure she did.

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