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Snuggling next to you in bed, feeling you wrap your arms around me.
Rubbing my belly, feeling my tits. Making me moan as I push my butt on your
growing cock. After I orgasm from you touching me; I reach back and massage
your cock to a hardness you haven’t felt in a very long time. I insert him into
my pussy from behind, I slowly grind him into my pussy; as I shutter I cum hard
and I squirt as you sink deeper into me, stretching me open more than I have
been stretched before. I tingle everywhere and feel a massive orgasm building
deep inside my pussy. I moan and scream with deep pleasure. I cum Over and
over again, leaving your cock wanting more. Feeling my pussy pulse with
pleasure you have longed to feel and leaving your dick drenched with juices
you have not felt in a very long time.
` I take him out turn around, I get down on my hands and knees and start
to suck and lick my dripping juices off him, moaning and humming on your
cock. I lick slowly around the shaft sucking hard on your head while pulling up
I take him out turn around, I get down on my hands and knees and start
to suck and illegal bahis lick my dripping juices off him, moaning and humming on your
cock. I lick slowly around the shaft sucking hard on your head while pulling up
slightly. Then while sucking run my hand and mouth down your cock as far as I
can go messaging with my tongue tickling and circling the entire way up and down
on your cock. Making sure I pay close attention to the small spot under your head
making you gasp and moan. what I can’t get to with my mouth and tongue I attended
with my hand slathered with coconut oil. I put my hand to work pulling on your
massive cock to make sure you are fully attended too. I put your hands on my
tits for you to play with, I moan with pleasure again, so close to cumming yet
again. Your cock is still rock hard as I marvel at how massive he is, and imaging
myself trying to ride this monster. Thinking what it would be like to get
pregnant from this beautiful cock. I start squirting. I squirt everywhere, juices
start flowing from my pussy all over the bed, you, and dripping down my legs.
I stop trying to suck him tipobet all and ask what you want next. You beg me to ride
you, moaning and begging as i am teasing your cock with my tongue. I sit on
your cock, facing you at first … You want to suck my nipples. You get flooded
with milk and my cum. As, I am sliding down your pole I fit most of him except
for 5 inches into my drenched tight pussy. I scream out in orgasms, yet again I
am panting with so much pleasure. The most I have had from one cock. I feel I
never want this beautiful treasure to be removed from my neglected pussy.
You stand up with my pussy still logged on your pole and lie me onto the bed
you fuck me deep and hard for a few minutes and let me cum again. After this
orgasm stops, you slowly remove your cock from me, then dive into my wet
pussy with your tongue. I gasp and squirt on your tongue, almost immediately.
I cum to more orgasms over and over. Then a massive orgasm overtakes so
sudden and so hard I can barely breathe.I hold your head in my hands as you
are tasting my pussy. After my pussy stops pulsating you finally stop.You tipobet giriş want
more pussy. You sit in the chair , we kiss. I love the taste of me on your tongue
and I kiss your face to remove any residue of cum. I then turn around and
slowly slide your cock deeply inside from reserve cowgirl. I can get him
my pussy as I start fucking I massage your balls. I feel them start to draw close
to your body. You start to pant and moan and grab at my body like you want to
fuck but you want me in a different posistion. So, I slowly slide myself off your
cock. Like I am going to miss him in my deep, sopping wet, hole.
I get on all fours on the bed. You enter me from behind so you can get
deeper. I am craving your sperm, I am screaming, cumming every time you
thrust that monster into me, without bottoming out. I am screaming your
name begging for your sperm. Begging for you to explode deep with in me.You
are thrusting into me hard as we are both on the verge of exploding deep in me.
I scream you are cumming. As I feel your cock open me up further. I cum with
one massively hard orgasm also.
As we cum together, you keep your cock buryied deep inside me and we
spoon as we both drift off to a peaceful nap with the biggest cock I have ever
had the pleasure to fuck deep inside my cum filled, so satified, drenched, and
Oh so sore pussy.

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