My Wife sets me up for first M/M


My Wife sets me up for first M/M
** This story contains male on male sexual contact **

My wife has had a regular boyfriend for the past year. He is a great guy who enjoys pampering her and doing those things I don’t like to do such as shopping for clothes. He can get into fashion as much as my wife on those trips. While Keaton enjoys helping my wife with her hair and can spend hours talking about things most men avoid he also has a healthy libido and my wife enjoys their frequent sexual escapades.

Keaton has also enhanced our marriage, the sexual energy he and my wife explore has definitely increased my wife’s sexual drive and willingness to try new things. For me, Keaton has been amazing. I can stay home and watch my games with no guilt while Keaton spends the day from store to store looking for that perfect pair of shoes and then returns my wife ready to be frisky once he departs.

A few weeks ago I was home while my wife was traveling for work. I had decided to take a mid-day nap and was in bed in my boxers when Keaton walked into the room. He had come over looking for my wife who apparently had not told him she was out of town. Keaton was excited talking about a sale he found that he knew my wife would not want to miss.

Instead of leaving Keaton sat on the side of the bed continuing to talk. Once I was talking to him, I found Keaton fascinating. We sat in the bedroom talking for over an hour before I got up and used the restroom. We both walked out into our living room and sat on our couch. Keaton asked if I ever thought of joining him with my wife when they have sex. I told him I really had not ever given it any thought since I thought two men with one woman would be awkward. Keaton asked if I had ever watched any videos of MMF action and I told him no. Keaton pulled up an amateur video submission site and cast the phone to the large screen 4K television in the room.

The first video he played was pretty tame, mostly the two men took turns with the lady while the other stood back and watched before switching places. It was a very erotic video and sitting in only my boxers on the couch in our living room, I had an erection causing a tent in my underwear. There was really nothing I could do about it, so I just sat hopefull Keaton had not noticed. As the video ended Keaton said he was going to ask if I liked the action, but he smiled big and said, he did not have to ask since I was already showing him how much I enjoyed it. I was embarrassed, but Keaton glanced at my situation and said that’s hot and then pulled up another video.

After the surprise of Keaton coming into the bedroom, we had begun talking, and I never thought of being in only my boxers. I usually wore only my boxers around the house anytime I was alone, or it was just my wife and me at home. In my thin Hanes short boxers, three was no way to conceal my hard-on. I was going to get up and put on a pair of sweat pants for modesty but then figured Keaton has experienced plenty of his own boners, after all, he was doing my wife for the last year.

The next video was much more intense than the first from the start. The lady was holding both men’s penises while taking turns sucking them. After several minutes of that, all three players became tangled in a hot bisexual threesome. I had not ever seen men playing together, and the woman seemed to get off by it. I was glued to the television as I watched the lady taking both men along with the men touching each other and even sucking each other’s dicks as the woman masturbated herself while bahis siteleri watching.

When the video ended, I looked over at Keaton who had unbuttoned his jeans and was sitting a foot from me with the top two inches of his meaty, pink penis sticking out of the band of his blue underwear waistband. Keaton smiled at me and said, “I can’t believe you have never considered playing in a threesome with your beautiful wife. It obviously really arouses you.” I looked away from the view of Keaton’s penis to see my own erection poked through the fly of my boxers and standing straight out at full attention in full view.

I got up and adjusted myself the best I could manage. It was dark outside now, and I asked if Keaton wanted a drink. He said yes so I got us both a bottle of water from the fridge and grabbed a half gallon bottle of Fireball from the freezer along with two red solo cups. When I returned Keaton still had his alluring penis sticking out of his waistband. I don’t know why but I was drawn to it. I could not keep from looking at it and wondering what it looked like out in the open entirely. I filled both cups with Fireball to the halfway mark and sat back down as Keaton, and I toasted.

Keaton picked his phone back up and asked if I had a preference in what type of video we watched next, more MMF, Straight MF or anything else. I thought I should say MF but said more like the one we just watched. Keaton put on a new video that made the last one look like a Sunday school picnic by comparison. Three men were all naked with one lady who was directing them in their actions. There was oral sex and even anal sex between the men with several cum shots. I was glued to the TV for the full f******n minutes video. I was aroused and also in disbelief.

A new video started back with two men and a lady all kissing on a bed. I had resisted my strong urge to stroke my own cock which was aching. As I glanced over to Keaton, he had his penis out in his hand while he was slowly stroking himself. His jeans and undershorts were pushed down to about mid-thigh. Keaton was sitting less than a foot to my side, and I had been so engrossed at the video action, I never noticed him pull his pants down. I refilled out solo cups with more Fireball and sat back down removing my boxers.

The video was going full bore with one man pounding into the woman while the other guy was behind licking the guys’ balls and spreading his ass cheeks licking him. Despite the video action, I had my focus and gaze fixed on the sight of Keaton’s penis. He was much thicker than me while being probably two inches longer. I had not ever looked directly at another man’s dick. I saw guys in the gym showers all the time but never looked closely. Keaton’s balls were larger than my own and nestled between his legs which were spread slightly. I turned my gaze back to the television and felt Keaton’s hand move to my lap and his warm, soft fingers wrapped around my shaft as he started stroking me very lightly and softly. His touch felt amazing.

The current video ended as another started. This time it was two men alone, and the one began to suck the other’s cock. A woman walked into the scene still fully dressed, and she began to sharply slap the butt cheeks of the guy who was on his knees sucking. I reached over, and Keaton took his hand from his own shaft as I grasped it. He filled my hand with his girth, he was warm and hard as I could feel the veins. I began to stroke him as I continued to watch the television. The woman had taken out a penis shaped bahis şirketleri dildo and was using it inside the man’s ass now as he continued to suck the other man’s dick.

Keaton reached over to me with his free right hand, and he rubbed my balls as he continued to stroke me with his left. I felt his hand move lower between my legs as I spread them apart. Keaton found my virgin anus while using a finger to gently poke around the area. Each time his finger pressed as if to enter me it made my cock twitch. It felt incredible. I leaned over at the waist and took Keaton’s cock into my mouth. I had always enjoyed receiving blowjobs, but it had been ages since I got my last one. I was not sure what to do but circled my tongue around Keaton’s shaft as I tried to go deeper.

Keaton was moaning in pleasure, and his hands moved from me to hold my head as I sucked him. I lost track of time and where I was as my jaw started to get sore from sucking as I felt Keaton pushing my head down while his breathing grew deep. he was in the back of my mouth when I felt the first jet of warm liquid and heard Keaton moaning, “Yes, keep sucking, keep sucking.” At that moment I knew Keaton was cumming, but all I could do was to continue to suck him and to swallow as much of his load as I could. After I felt Keaton no longer shooting cum, I continued to suck until he pulled me away saying he was sensitive and needed a break.

I sat up thinking the taste of his cock and of his cum was not bad. I was a mess, with cum covering my chin and chest on one side that had leaked out around his shaft. I could smell the distinct smell of cum. Keaton remarked, “That was so incredible. Your wife had never been into giving head, and she refuses to allow me to cum in her mouth.” Keaton told me to lay back, and he knelt between my legs as he took my throbbing cock into his warm, hot, wet mouth. Keaton sucked and used his saliva to get his finger inside my ass. At first, it was a little uncomfortable with pressure, but it quickly became pleasurable as he located my prostate. I came instantly as Keaton sucked and swallowed every drop I had. I literally thought he was going to suck everything I had in my balls out as his finger thrust in and out of my ass. I had spread and raised my legs to allow him access. Once he was done and had pulled his finger from inside me, I told him that was the first time I had ever cum in somebody’s mouth. He surprised me as he replied it was his first time having somebody swallow his load or allow him to cum in their mouth.

We sat and watched several more porn videos as we remained naked. It was after two in the morning when I told Keaton to stay and said I was ready for bed if he was. We went into the bedroom with my boxers and Keaton’s clothes all strewn on the living room floor. Keaton was laying beside me while I was on my side facing away from him. His cock was poking me, and he got it between my thighs against my perineum. It was dry, but he was grinding back and forth pressed up against me with his massive arm wrapped over and around my chest. I broke the silence in the room when I asked, “I have some lube, do you want to try to put it in my ass like they did on the videos?”

Keaton stopped grinding and said he would love to if I wanted that. I got sitting up and reached over him into the nightstand beside my wife’s side of the bed and grabbed a bottle of gel lubricant. I told him I did not have any condoms, we didn’t use them. Keaton laughed and replied that he didn’t either since my wife was illegal bahis allergic to them and latex. Keaton grabbed the lube, and he put both pillows on the middle of the mattress, and I lay over them to elevate my hips. I spread my legs wide, and Keaton began to apply lube to my anus. Other than Keaton’s finger earlier I had not ever had anything penetrate my ass.

Keaton got in the back of me and slowly worked the bulbous head of his cock into my sphincter. It hurt a lot but was a mix of pain and pleasure. He went very slowly advancing small fractions at a time and asking if I was ok. I would tell him as the pain subsided and he would press in a little more. I had lost my erection, but it felt good once Keaton had got inside me fully. Keaton fucking me from behind, hard and deep was the most intense feeling I had ever experienced up to that point. He went for at least twenty minutes before he blasted his load as deep inside me as he could.

Once he was out of me, Keaton lay beside me and fondled my cock until I was hard again. He asked me if I wanted to fuck him, but I told him no. He stroked me until I blasted my own huge load up covering my chest and face.

The next morning we both awoke with raging hard-ons. Keaton got up on his knees with me on my back, and he raised my legs up and rested them on his hairy chest. He was talking and teasing around with the head of his hard cock when I began to thrust my hips into him. He put some lube on his shaft and pressed inside me missionary style and pinched my nipples as he fucked me as deep as he could. This was my favorite position, and my cock remained hard as I stroked myself. As Keaton began to cum inside me, I shot my third load over myself once again. It had been years since I had managed to cum more than once and now this was my third load.

Keaton and I both had to pee but went and fell back off to sleep with our late night and activity. It was after three in the afternoon when Keaton was laying beside me on our sides. I was awake and enjoying the contact of his naked hot body against mine. As Keaton began to wake his cock was hard and was nestled between my sticky, wet cheeks. I had slept on my back, and a stream of his cum had slowly leaked running down between my cheeks and collecting.

Keaton was able to slide his cock inside me with little work and no added lube. For the next hour, Keaton remained inside me, slowly fucking me as he stroked me and kissed my neck from behind. His tempo never switched slow, rhythmic, deep strokes. His pressure on my prostate was intense, and I filled his hand with yet another load of cum. When I was finished, he moved his hand to my face, and for the first time in my life, I tasted my own cum. It was about ten minutes later when Keaton said he was going to cum, he repeated himself for several minutes and then pushed hard into me as he held my hips tightly to him and he released a load.

When we got up, I made gurgling noises every time I moved. I tried to eject as much as I could on the toilet, but I had so much so deep inside me that I leaked continuously. Keaton and I showered together, and he told me we should remain naked. I said I needed something to keep from making a mess with cum leaking from me. Keaton got one of my wife’s tampons and asked what about this? I laughed, but Keaton told me to bend over for him. I was not sure about this but I bent over, and he told me to spread my cheeks wide. I grabbed my cheeks and spread my cheeks as he said that was the hottest thing he had seen and we would definitely need to try that position. The tampon inserted easily and did a great job of stopping me from leaking.

I told Keaton I definitely was going to find a way to bring up the subject of an MMF threesome when my wife arrived back home from her trip.

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