My sister and I sharing an older man


My sister and I sharing an older man
We arrived in Majorca in the late afternoon, skipped the induction as we had no intention of following any daily activities, and went sunbathing on the beach.

Later in the evening, after eating a burger and fries we hit the bar and decided just to have a few drinks and go to bed early, as we had a sleepless night before and a long day at the airport and flight down here.

We drank Rum and Coke, which surprisingly, was way more Rum than Coke, and the blend of tiredness, hot sun, and booze started to hit us hard.

We were two girls, here for fun, and as we watched other revellers, interacting, I saw my sister suddenly being chatted to by a married man, who had just saw his wife leave the bar to go to bed, what was comical, was he was in his late middle age and totally out of his depth, not that my sister noticed, as I could see she was having difficulty standing.

She came back with two more large glasses of Rum and I suggested we just take them to our shared room and drink them there, as she was slurring her words and found it hard to keep her eyes open.

Then the older guy she had been chatting to came over to where we sat, to say goodnight and introduced himself to me, having previously met my sister at the bar.
He was going up to his room and my sister decided I was right, ‘Lets go to bed’, she suggested, but I was not keen on him following us, so I made an excuse that I was going to finish my drink, go for a walk and then retire.

He left and my sister just upped and staggered away towards the elevator. I drank a little more and studied those around, I wanted to meet some male company, after all I was free from our parental observation and thought it would be nice to try and chat to some guys, seeing some revellers, already down each others throats with kissing and groping.

I came to the horrible conclusion that this hotel had too many females of all ages and not enough stag-do boys and I was very conscious of going outside and being jumped upon and ****d.

So I took my time and finished my drink and just made my way to our room on the tenth floor.

I went in and was met with my naked sister bent double on the bed and a naked man, the older man who was here with his wife, fucking her with her ankles either side of her blond hair.

he really was violently pounding down on her, but more surprisingly, she was every bit enjoying his attention demanding ore of the same.

The closest thing to canlı kaçak bahis sex was porn I watched fro time to time, seeing it actually happening on my bed with my sister under an older man, and in my state of mind, left me both frozen and fascinated, the sounds of their approving act and the smell of sex, became almost instantaneously addictive as I let the room door close and stood watching at the foot of the bed, seeing his balls slap my sisters stretched white bum and his thick cock all wet and glistening from her wetness, as he moved so easily in and out of her pussy.

He suddenly realised I was there, and turned his head to look as me, as my sister demanded he keep moving inside her, she was past caring, she just wanted to orgasm, their age difference, her youth to his aged body, was something I found sexually arousing, as clearly me sister did too, ‘take your clothes off’, he said, ‘and I’ll fuck you next’.

I was shocked at the ease of which he said it, just matter-of-factly, two teenage girls casually being stripped naked to be fucked, it was that easy and no questions asked or protests mounted, no rebukes, open your legs and ‘Hey, cum on in’.

I laughed at the absurdity of what I was witnessing, so this was it, on our first night of freedom, and I put my bag on the dresser table and sat on the bed and as I did so, my sister stared to orgasm, ‘Oh God, I’m cumming’, she moaned as my eyes watched her pussy start pulsating around his fat cock, she was indeed cumming, as her most intimate of female spasms and her fingers dug deep into his scrawny arse as she pulled him in, held me spellbound.

I had seen my sister orgasm before, when as girls we experimented with mothers sex toys, ‘God you’re fucking tight when you cum girl’, he suddenly spoke as he towered over her convulsing body, her ankles either side of her head, and he looked down at the conquest of a girl submitting to him and the power of his cock, I had to touch him, call it a ‘cow mentality’, cows and bulls in a field, and my fingers traced a line through the wetness of my sisters pussy lubrication, and my long pink nail, sc****d a line from his balls to my sisters pussy, as he plunged into her, my finger went in too, feeling his pleasure being choked with her soft shuttle muscles around his cock.

I used to finger her in bed so I knew the feeling of what it was like inside my own pussy and my sisters pussy, and my hand went hack up to his balls, flapping slot oyna around as he resumed humping her, this was something out of his wildest dreams, surely he never looked across at us and imagined himself being a bull in our bedroom, not that my sister was complaining, he was hitting her sweet spot every time as he bore down and ground into her.

I stood up and slipped of my mini skirt and my top, noting he was watching me closely, I wanted to say something, but I also wanted my sister to enjoy her first fuck, even though he was an aged dinosaur and besides, there was something I had always wanted to try and now here in a hotel, thousands of miles from home, I was free to do as I pleased, and so I un-clipped my brassiere, and let it deliberately fall to the floor to display my perfect teeny breasts, which I pleased by groping them in my hands, now he had two teenage girls and sisters at that, as my hands went down my body and and I slipped off my panties to show him my virgin pussy, now wet and like my older sibling, hungry for cock action.

I took the few steps necessary to reach the bed and get onto it, but first my little kinky desire that my curious girlish fantasy always promised myself to try, as my own fingers joined my sisters fingers and together we tore his cheeks apart to expose his arsehole.

I positioned myself centring his ass and my sisters, and I lent in, drinking deeply the smell and scents of my sisters cunt, and with the gentlest of touches, poked his crinkles with the tip of my tongue, I was going to Rim his ass to fuck, and he felt me do it, as he gasped out loud, as I applied more pressure and more of a poking, as if tongue tip fucking his butt hole, before just licking it, I swear I could feel the power of his ejaculation into my sisters pussy, as his whole crotch convulsed, in rapid spurts, like a machine gun shooting bullets.

I took his whole ball into my mouth and put my finger up his arse and wiggled it around feeling his powerful sphincter muscle choke my feminine digit, until we all collapsed into a heap on the bed and his ten inch flaccid cock just slipped from my sister like a python after a good meal.

Both he and my sister lay side by side and I played and studied his big cock. ‘You’ll have to do me now’, I intimated as he looked down at my naked form at his feet, one hand on his tool, and the other with fingers inside myself, I wondered if he ever say a girls playing with herself, canlı casino siteleri like I was doing, as he watched?

‘Tomorrow’, he replied, ‘I’ll fuck you tomorrow’, and he got up and started to pull his pants back on, ‘My wife will be wondering where I have got too’, he added, if it were justification for fucking two young teenage girls, and leaving them, in their bedroom.

He looked down at me and reached and took hold of my wrist and eased my fingers from my hungry pussy, ‘Come with me to my bedroom’, he said, ‘my wife likes girls and she likes you’.

I have been with girls, in particular my own sisters for sexual experiences, so I was no stranger to lesbian stuff, and to be as yet unfulfilled and be shared by this older couple, at that very moment in time, all it took was for my sleeping sister to snort, and I was on my way, with him to the twelfth floor to meet his bisexual wife and continue my induction into the world of sex.

The rooms were identical and as we entered, his wife was already in bed with a huge smile on her face, ‘You got the one I wanted’, she said as I sat on the edge of the bed?

She got up slightly to she was naked under the duvet, ‘Come my c***d’, she cooed, and she pulled me on top of her, her fingers searching for my wet pussy, which she found with ease, as women do.

I felt her expert touch rub behind my pubis, ‘You have a nice ‘G’, sweetheart’, I never knew this elusive rough bit behind the pubic bone could trigger such feelings, and she felt my response.

‘Sit on my face and let my tongue you’ she beckoned as I mounted her face and her fingers searched for more of my inner workings.
I felt the bed sag as he, now naked and suddenly hard again, came in behind me and pushed my pussy open as he went in over his wives fingers, I was really being stretched, as he started humping me on top of his wife’s face, what she drank from my tiny hole is anyone’s guess, but she was a noisy lapper, I had to be gagged by his hand to stop the whole of Majorca hearing my orgasm, I almost passed out.

While most of you reading this might wonder, is this possible, I can tell you it is. It happened in 1999, and he was both my sister and I first penetrative lover, and his cock really did measure 10″ and his lovely wife was indeed bi sexual and my lover on those two weeks.
We had sex on the beach with voyeurs, little gang-bangs which I later adopted to Tenerife on my own for Winter time sex with old men.
As usual I love to be given the opportunity to tell it like it happened for me and to read your kind comments after the story. I would also like to know or hear what turns you on, perhaps you can give me some ideas for a story, about you and I having sex.

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