my real sex live few days ago


my real sex live few days ago
Every year there is an event for companies which are very succsesfull. This year I manage to come to the top. As a young boy I was lucky I had style and ladies loved me. I was kind of a Playboy for them. I could get everything I want, money, credit cards, which I used, presents etc… I even got my first car from one MILF, she was very lonely, and I had a chance to be her young lover boy, while her husband was working all the time.

Well thats just short version off how I get some money to start my own bussiness. Men I m always so horny I need to fuck at least a few times on day. Luckily I have employ one nice student, not very experienced but anyway I will teach her. I will be her Dom, and she is mine slut. I like to fuck her in the ass, I like to hear her how she screams, while she feel the pain. She likes to lick my cock. This evening I promised her that I will take her to this bussiness dinner, and I want her to get dressed with elegant style and somehow like an elegant slut. I told her that she will have to do what ever I say. While we were waiting to go to the main restaurant to have dinner and start with the programme, I notice this lovely lady in age off 40 years.

She was the main coordinator for this bussiness event. Damn she looked very attractive. There was something on her I can not describe… Anyway I had my young secretary there and I wanted to fuck her. I told her that I want ot meet her in the toillete, where I need to fuck her quickly before we start the dinner. canlı bahis şirketleri We both meet in the toillet. I took her skirt up, get my hand ower her mounth that nobody hear her moans, and start to fingering her pussy. When she was prepared I took my already hard cock and put it in her hot pussy and fucked her.

Omg how she love it, and I enjoyed as well finnaly fucking once again. Behind the door there was a little girl, which saw us. She looked how I fucked her. I didnt want to finish in her. I wanted her to make me some blow job. This little girl, was still looking at us, uff I liked her face soo inocent, but she remind me of someone but could not remember on who. She was watching how my secretary is doing this blowjob. And I saw this curiosity in her. I wanted to fuck her as well, not just that I imagine that she is doing this blowjob instead of my secretary.

My secretary finnished this blowjob, she took her dress down, lick my cock, that there were no sperm anymore. We returned back, when we wanted to go through the main door, little girl run away before us. I could not saw where she wnt. I wanted to find her, but I need to be alredy in the restaurant This lovely coordinator start with the programme and announcments. There were some speaches as well. There was something in her eyes what attracted me so much. I imagine that I fuck her. While I was kind off boring and I wanted some hand job again, I asked my secretary to do that under the desk. I open my throusers, and there it was my hard süperbahis cock already waiting for some action. She took it in her hands and start it, but ther were some other bussiness men sititng around our table. She cold not finnish the hand job.

I was kind off angry, but suddenly I could feel a hand on my cock. It felt like small hand, very gentle skin, nice small fingers. OMG… I felt like in heaven. I didnot know who was under the table, but this feeling was incredible. I felt very hot, every second I was thinking how to check under this table, is it the same girl, which was watching me and my secretary or it was someone else. Anyway I felt like in heaven, those small hands, start to doing hand job, squzeeing it up and down. In one moment I felt small mouth on mine cock. It start to lick my cock so slowely, nicely… uhhhhhh… I was embarrased I almost start to moan myself, while having my hard cock in someones mounth. It even make me more hot, more horny, because I was courious. I enjoyed this sooo much… I listened and wath this coordiator of this event, and imagine her in a sexy black lingerie, fucking her.

Hmmmm…. From mouth to the small hands… Damn it feel so good and I knew I m going to explode any minute… Not just that…. I need to finish as soon as possible because It was already time to take my bussiness award. Ooooouuu… what a feeling.. I finished just in right perfect time. This small creature under the table even clean all the sperm. Finnaly this lovely coordinator invited süperbahis güvenilir mi me to the stage to get my reward. When I touched her, and watch her in the eyes, I saw something I could not explain to myself. She confused me soo much. I even forget to thank to my bussiness partner etc… while having a speach.

When I return back to the table, I have a chance to see under the table, who was doing that hand jo band blow job on my cock… It was this small little girl from the toillete…. She was still under the table, she smiled on me… and there were those eyes… Damn…. Whose girl is this, she made me such a good blow job… I was hardly waiting that this event and dinner finish that I could get contact with this small girl. My secretary already make some new friendships. One off this bussiness college asked me if he could fuck her, and I said why not, you can take her… She left with him. I wanted to stay through the end, to see this lovely small girl under the table. This event finnaly finnished, there were waiters already start to cleaning the restaurant. There was this lovely coordinator, looking for something, I wanted to get contact with her. I ask her If she would like to have a drink with me, and she said no,that she have no time. She was nervous. I ask her what is wrong and she didnt want to say…
Finnaly she excuse herself,she need to go, while she find what she was looking for. Her daughter… Guess who it was, the same eyes, same colour of hair, just mini her….

Damn… I think my cock was already hard, I wanted to fuck both off them…. Girl was a little bit scared, and run away out… I stopped this lovely coordiator and ask her once again If she would like to know me better, and go out with me… and she returned me once again… Im married women, whith the c***d… Sorry….

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