My husband’s boy friend made me bitch-1


My husband’s boy friend made me bitch-1deleteddeletedI am cumming, fuck me hard fuck me harder i am cumming i love it. Thats it i reached my 5th organism of the night. I am hungry and tired. I turned my head towards my husband vinoth. I couldn’t open my eyes fully but i can see the blur image of my husband’s ass is fucked by a black negro guy and my husband is shouting like a bitch. I smiled to myself. I heard another moaning sound from the other side of the room and i turned my head towards it. Its my sister-in-law rohini, getting fucked by harish. Oh my god harish, he never get tired. Little before he fucked me twice and then he fucked my husband and now my sister-in-law, this guy never get tired at all. From rohini’s moaning i can sense how much she is enjoying. Then i searched for rohini’s husband, hmmm he is watching his wife getting fucked and shaking his cock, simply same like my husband. Then i turned my head towards the man lying next to me. He is a black negro guy and he is tired of fucking me. I never seen this guys before and i don’t know his name also fully.I looked into watch the time is 2.30am, i don’t know how long this fucking session is going on. Its Friday night, i know this weekend also we had fuck feast in my house. I closed my eyes, i couldn’t sleep. My mind raced back to flash back. I am not like this before marriage. After marriage my life is completely upside down.My name is shalini, 30 years old. Basically i am from Chennai, India. Married six years back to vinoth and moved to Canada where vinoth is working. 3 years back i gave birth to girl baby, but vinoth is not her father. All the above fucking session is currently going on. It all started 6 years before. Now we spin the time wheel to 6 years back.I am 24 then. I am working as software engineer in a well named company in Chennai after completed my engineering studies. My father is works in Government office and my mom is housewife. Both are modern minded and i am having brother who recently finished his studies and joined a job. During college days i had a boy friend, but i never crossed the limit, only kissing and other plays. I often watch porn films with my friends and i always admire big cock and well built guys. After college my boy friend got job in other state and i got job in Chennai itself so our relationship dint work. So we both mutually ended our relationship in good terms. During my 2 years working, i got some love proposals from my colleagues, but no one is attractive and i was not prepared for another breakup, so i avoided them. My parents started my husband hunting once i reached 24. One day they told me i got good marriage proposal. His name is vinoth, age 26, working as software engineer in Canada. He is working there for last 4 years. He is earning good money and he is t-totaller (no bad habits at all). My parents showed me his photo, ya he good looking guy, looking handsome in the photo. I thought to myself maybe he is guys suitable for me and i said yes to them. Then both our parents and vinoth parents exchanged horoscopes and other family details. Then after few days my mom told me that mine and vinoth’s horoscope result is positive and their parents going to visit me on coming Saturday. Vinoth is working in Canada so he cant come that i know. On Saturday, Vinoth’s father, mother and her younger sister visited my house. Regular formalities took place. They talked very nice to me and my parents. Vinoth’s sister rohini, then took me separately and gave his brothers phone number and skype id. Then she noted my number and skype id. She was very sweet and good looking figure also. She told more things about her brother and finally told me that vinoth is very lucky guy to marry me and hugged me. I was happy and my parents also said yes for the marriage. Still i dint see vinoth, other than photo. That day evening, rohini called me in my phone and told me to log in to skype that her brother is in online and gave skype request. I told my parents about it and keeping them nearby i logged in to the skype. I seen a request from vinoth and i accepted it. In 2 min i got a video call. I am little nervous because for the first time i am going to see him and talk to him. I accepted the call and vinoth appeared on the screen. He is handsome guy like in the photo and looks good. He talked in very soft voice for sometime with my parents and then my parents left me alone to talk to him. He said i am looking beautiful and we both started talking for another 10 min. Both of us don’t know what to talk and said good bye and ended the call. After that my parents told me that he looks like nice guys and i am lucky.Then my marriage was fixed in another 6 months because then only vinoth gets holiday that too for only 2 weeks. Everything was planned for my marriage. Since only 2 weeks holidays available for the marriage vinoth comes only 4 days before marriage and will leave me here after marriage. Once he went back, he will process my visa things and i go to Canada within 3 months. Both my parents and myself understand it, because its not in our hand and we all agreed. So my marriage planning was started. From my friends and colleagues i have heard that their fiancés will call them often once the marriage fixed and even some of them had sex talks, but in my case vinoth dint call much often only during weekend that too 10 to 15 mins. He tells me that he couldn’t call due to time difference and i understand. Most of the time when he call he talk about his roommate harish and some time while talking i can hear someone calling Vinoth by name so he immediately tells me that he got to go, harish is calling for the help. I felt that little strange but i never asked him about it. Other than that vinoth is nice guy. More often i get call from rohini (vinoth sister) and we both became good friends. We both started going out for shopping or movie etc. During that sometime i asked her about harish, but she also know him as her brothers roommate. So i dint care. Like this all the days ran away. Four days before the marriage, vinoth arrived to Chennai. Next day evening, me, vinoth and rohini went for a movie and rohini left both of us alone for the dinner after the movie completed. Its our first time alone and we both started talking. Then he gifted me a platinum ring and iphone lastest that time. I was happy and expected that he will do some naughty things or talking but he acted like a gentle man. During our conversation he talked little about his roommate harish but i dint mind. Then he dropped me in my house and went. Then next day we had small engagement and reception. After the reception, myself and vinoth was asked to pose for different style of photos (which is very common now a days). I most of the stills, our bodies were touching, holding each other hands, drinking juice from same bottle with 2 straws etc. All during photo session i can sense nervous from vinoth and i understood that he is so innocent and good guys who never touched a girl before ( only later i know the actual reason.) All the time during photo session rohini was along with us and made funny jokes about our poses. Then both went to our separate rooms.Next marriage was marriage. I couldn’t sleep because all the excitement and tension and when i slept i don’t know. My mother waked me by 5 o clock in the morning and told me to get ready. I got ready and my cousins and my mom took me the marriage hall. Vinoth was already there in marriage costume and chatting some mantra’s before sitting the fire. I went and sit near to him. Both me and vinoth are nervous because being centre of the attraction and rituals were taking place. My parents, my brother, vinoth’s parents and rohini are all standing surrounding as. Music was playing at one end and all i can hear is crowd noise and mantra sound from the kurukal who is performing our marriage. I one eye i was looking vinoth and he is also afraid like he was looking into ghost. Then kurukal gave the mangulsustra to vinoth and he tied me with the help of rohini. Flower rains are flowing upon us and i don’t know y but i cried a little. Thats it i am married now, officially i am Mrs.Vinoth now. Some rituals took place after that after sometime we went for eating. Then by afternoon most of the people who came for wedding went and some of them are leaving. Then we vacated the marriage hall and went to vinoth’s house. There some regular rituals took place and in the evening we had dinner earlier itself. Because tonight is my first night. Rohini kaçak casino and my mother helped me for getting ready for first night. Rohini was teasing me now and then, i was little shy. Then around 8 o clock they took me to the vinoth rooms which is decorated for the first night. I entered into the room and i bolt it. Vinoth was sitting in the chair, once seen me he stood from the chair. I was nervous because its my first night and i am going to loose my virginity. But vinoth told me that this is not right time that both of us were tired of all the ceremony and also he had planned our honey in Canada thats the romantic place for it. I was disappointed but i accepted it, because it makes some sense. He also told me that don’t tell to anyone about it, because parents may get worry. I said ok. Then he told me to change to normal night dress if i want and i said yes and went to the attached bathroom to change. While i came out vinoth already slept in the floor. I tried to wake up but he was in sound sleep. I was disappointed dint even he touch me and dint talk well also. Then i slept in the bed due to tired i slept immediately. I waked up in the morning by 7 and seen that vinoth was still sleeping. I went to shower and took bath and i came out. Rohini was already up, when she saw me she had some mischievous smile in her face. I understood the smile but i was unable to tell that nothing happen that night. I went into the kitchen, my mother-in-law told me good morning and asked about vinoth. I told he was sleeping, with same mischievous smile my mil gave 2 cup of coffee for me and vinoth. I told myself, all the smiling but only i know the truth. Then i took the coffee to my room and waked vinoth. He said good morning and received the coffee. I took mine and came to hall where rohini is sitting. She is still having that smile in her face. She dint ask me anything and i also dint told her anything. I watched the news paper. Then after some time vinoth also come out of room after took the bath and sat near to me. He was acted like everything was normal. Then after some time my parents came there to take me and vinoth to my house for some ritual. Both got ready and while in room vinoth asked me that whether i told anyone about yesterday night. I said no and he said thanks don’t mistake me i have planned entirely different honeymoon for us. I said ok and i thought he had planned some romantic thing already.Then we went to our house and that day also spent same like that. At night we were in my room and i told vinoth to sleep in bed itself don’t want to sleep in floor. He agreed and we slept separately. I couldn’t understand him at all. As he said he may have some other plan for our first night, but he can touch me, kiss me or some plays but nothing. All the other 4 days also went same like that. We went to lunch for some of his cousin’s house, went for some shopping and movies. Sometime rohini was there with us, sometime we went alone. He purchased some costly sarees, gold bangles, watch etc for me. He was nice only so i stopped doubting him. During his stay he got 4 to 5 times call from harish, he picked the phone immediately not even waited for 2nd ring and he used talk to him for more than half an hour separately. Once time he gave me phone by saying that harish want to wish for the marriage, i reluctantly received the phone and talked to him. First time i am hearing his voice in close range. He had such a commanding voice and he talked for 10 min. He wished me for the marriage and said sorry for the not making to the marriage. Atlast he told that he is eagerly waiting to see me in person. I dint understand correctly what he saying and i gave phone to vinoth. That night i told vinoth about it, he said nothing to worry he is nice guy and he may said that for funny. So i also left that and i don’t want make it a big issue.At last day of vinoth departure came, we were busy packing all day for him. He went out to confirm the ticket and while coming he brought gold necklace for me. I was happy for that but sad because he is leaving me without doing anything. I am going to see him after 3 month only. During lunch he told his parent if i want to go to work they should allow me. Their parents also said ok no problem for that. Then he asked my decision about going to work i said i go to work because it will be boring in home. All of them accepted for it. Then everyone went to airport to send off him. Vinoth told me to not to worry that he will process my visa as soon as possible and harish know someone in the visa department so he will also help in it. Whenever vinoth uses harish i get irritate but i dint show up. While leaving he hugged me for the first time and left. I was sad and even few drops of cry. Rohini was near to me and told me don’t worry everything will be fine.We reached house and that night rohini slept with me in my bedroom. We watched some comedy movie, its rohini idea to cheer me up. Then after 2 day i was normal and vinoth parents also very nice to me like my parent. Now and then my parents also came and visited to me. Next week i joined the work from the leave. All my close friend were teasing me but i couldn’t tell them truth. Then vinoth started calling me daily but for some 10 to 20 min talking only. During some of the talk he used to tell about visa works and also tell that harish is helping him in that. So my life again going back to normal. In the weekends i go to my parents house or go out with rohini to shopping or movie. We both become close friends. I even told her that me and vinoth dint have sexual intercourse. She was surprised and asked sorry for her brother. But i told her not a problem that vinoth had some other idea in his head. Everything was fine but one thing is always troubling was harish. My husband talk about him more often and he acted strange when he got phone call from him.Even one time my husband called me and while talking he was talking like little moaning and i also heard some spanking sound. I asked him for that he told that its very cold day and he is not feeling little. And for the spanking sound he told that harish is going to cutting chicken for cooking. Since he told he was not well i dint mind anything. I told what happen and he said nothing major just like little fever. But for the full conversation he was talking like that one sometime even i heard laughing sounds. After completed the talking to him i thought myself that harish is causing some trouble to my husband and once i go there i need to take my husband and shift to new house. After 2 months one day my husband told me that he got a letter from the immigration that they are asking for a letter for his financial status once if he submitted it i will get my visa and it will take only 2 weeks. I was happy and i told this matter to my in-laws and to my parent and everyone was happy. Next day he told me that he has submitted the letter and while talking he told me that all because of harish help and told me to say thanks to him and gave phone to him. Even though i am irritated to hear his voice i had no other option. I told him thank for his help for that he said no problem that he will do anything for me. I said what? What did you tell now?. For that he said i said i will do anything for vinoth. I said ok give phone to my husband. Then vinoth talked to me for sometime. Then i heard a shout from harish calling out my husband name and immediately he said that i need to go and i talk to you tomorrow. I was afraid that because of my talking he is shouting my husband and i was confused that why vinoth is acting like this why he dint offend that bloody harish. Next day i asked vinoth about the yesterday incident he told me that is nothing. I insisted him more is harish is causing any trouble. For that he said no harish is good guy sometime he gets angry thats all. I asked him what is there to get angry on you. For that he said don’t worry about it. It nothing. But i again started to talk about it but vinoth told me to leave it started new subject to talk. I was worried for him and i even discussed it with rohini but she told that she cant talk to vinoth about it. Then i also left that incident and dint talk about it to vinoth. All my thoughts are once if reach there i need to take vinoth out from that house and move to new place.After 2 week vinoth called me in a very cheering voice and said that my visa was approved and going to send that to me with my tickets. I was happy and told it to others and everyone was canlı poker oyna happy. So i got visa and ticket in another five days. He booked ticket after 2 weeks so that i can prepare properly. I resigned my job and received all my certificate and started my shopping for the trip. I was excited about going to Canada. Once i went to Malaysia for my work other than that i never went any other country. Rohini helped me in most of my shopping and packing. One day my husband called me and told me to buy some men’s underwears. I thought that it was for him so i asked him the size but i heard my husband asking harish for the size. I was shocked and told my husband how can you ask to buy underwear for other. He said don’t be dramatic, its just help and repay for what he did for us in the visa. I was not convinced but dint have any choice. I dint tell this about rohini and i went alone was buying it. The guy in sale section was looking me like dirty worker and mischievously asked me for whom you buying it. I dint have any choice i said him that i am buying for my husband. I was embarrassed. He asked the size and i told him for that with smile he told me that you are very lucky having this size husband. He was he double meaning in his mentioning and i was totally embarrassed. I told him to pack soon and i left the shop. I hid it under the dress so that rohini will not see it.So finally the day arrived for my travel. My parents were happy that i am going to my husband and also sad for leaving to the long distance. So i finally boarded the flight and it took 28 hours to reach the destination. Inbetween once i called vinoth during transition. Then i landed in the airport and cleared all my checking and collected my baggage. I was very happy to see my husband and while i all my travelling i was dreaming about my honeymoon with vinoth and what will be his plans. I know that i am going to see my husband but what i dint know was that my life is going to change completely. 619I can feel the cold inside the airport itself. With my baggage trolley i came outside looking for my husband. He was standing out with a smile and i can see a person behind him placing his hand on my husband shoulder. I dint care about anyone i started walking towards vinoth and when i went near him i went to hug him. But he told “its very cold outside lets go” to avoid my hugging and suddenly turned towards the man and said this is harish. And to harish he said harish this is shalini my wife. First time i am looking harish. He was little taller than me and vinoth. Physically fit body i think that he goes for the gym. Brownish color but handsome look. My husband weared some coat and gloves for the cold but harish just a white colour t-shirt and blue jean. I can see his body through the t-shirt and well built bi-ceps. He was standing there that the cold not at all affecting him by any chance. A bright smile in his face and his eyes checking me all over. Even his look gave some sensation to me. Then he said “hello” by extending his hands towards me for shake hand. I am not interested in hand shake so i hello by joining my hands like namaskaram. For that he turned towards vinoth and said what is vinoth your wife is still acting like village girl and then he turned towards me and told shalini its Canada, be modern and suddenly grabbed my hand for the hand shake. His grip was so tight and very manly, i couldn’t take my hand. He was simply smiling and gripping my hand in the name of hand shake and my husband dint tell or do any thing. Then he left my hand and told vinoth lets go its getting cold and dark. Yes friends i reached by 7.00pm so it getting darker outside. I can see some snow fall also. Vinoth is started walking with my baggage trolley and i am walking along with him and harish was walking behind us. I can sense that he is checking my ass swing while i was walking and enjoying my back view. No one dint talk anything but in my mind i was recalling the scene which happen little before and checking harish body in my mind. I also got some electric shock when he touched my body. I was comparing vinoth’s touch and harish’s touch even i was thinking how my boy friend in the college touched. Nothing is compared to harish touch. He was having such a powerful grip and long arms. Even i can feel some sensation between my thighs. Then i started cursing myself for thinking like that. Then vinoth stopped near a black car. Its big BMW SVU car. In excitement i turned towards vinoth and asked is this your car, it was beautiful. For that vinoth told no no my car is in house, its harish car, in my car we can carry your luggages. For that harish from behind said that yes ur husband’s is small with a mischievous smile. I know that he is double meaning but i don’t know how to react. I just standing there like dint hear anything. Then both harish and vinoth loaded my baggage into the car. While lifting the heavy suitcase i can see the arm of the harish and i started comparing it with my husband in my mind. Then harish turned towards vinoth and said that “you always want to drive this car na so you drive today” and throwed the key to him. He catched the key and said to me that he never allowed to drive his car, today was lucky day i am going to drive that to for 1 and half hour drive (yes guys thats right from airport to house its 1 and half hour journey). I can see such an excitement in his voice and i was scolding him in my mind that he dint show such an excitement to see me but for driving a car he is showing. At the time i don’t know that driving the car is next step or approval for something in vinoth-harish relationship.Vinoth took the driver seat and while i was hooping harish opened the back door for me and told me to sit comfortably in the back seat and he hopped in the front seat. Then my hubby started driving the car and i was checking the car. Harish adjusted something and the car getting warm and it was nice for the outside cold. He then turned toward me and asked is it warmer now and i said yes. He told me feel free and make yourself comfortable. All the while my husband is concentrating only on driving. Then harish asked whether i was hungry and for that i said yes little bit. He said don’t worry i had cooked special dinner for you once we reached house you can have it, till then if you want in back to you u can find juice and some fruit you can eat it. I was surprised to hear that why he had cook specially for me and all these question and answers were has to come from my husband but he is driving without talk and harish is asking this all. And also i can sense that some special attention that harish is giving to me even my husband dint give which makes me some thing special and i also started enjoying that. Guy like harish with his charm, body and sensational voice can get any girl or women now giving special attention to me which makes me proud and i like that feeling.Then again harish voice disturbed from my thoughts. He told me that he expected me to wear modern jean t-shirt but i was wearing chudidar, Even though you are looking very beautiful in this dress. Oh my god what is going on here he is flirting with me openly infront of my husband. Before i answer his question vinoth turned towards me and told yes shalini i also thought you come in t-shirt jeans. Well its the first word my husband talked after getting in the car. Then suddenly harish interrupted and told vinoth in his commanding voice “you stop talking and concentrate on your driving”. Vinoth kept silence and driving. I was totally confused what is going on here, vinoth is my husband but he is not allowed to talk on the other hand harish is flirting with me and commanding my husband not to talk with his wife like a military order and my husband also not opposing and showing no sign of opposing. He was keep driving like nothing happen.Then harish again turned towards my side and looking me like waiting for the answer for his question before. I told him that i feel comfortable in chudidar and i like it that why. For that harish told “for your body structure modern dress will be very beautiful”. Thats it he openly commenting another man’s wife body structure infront of her husband. I was in mixed emotions angry on my husband for not telling anything for harish comment, Happy for the compliment that came from harish, little embarrassed due to awkward moment. I don’t know what to say and so i simply said thanks and kept quite. Then i turned my face towards window and started looking outside canlı bahis and started enjoying the view outside. But still my mind is asking me again and again what is really going on in the car now.After sometime harish started talking to me again like asking about my journey, about Chennai and about my works and all. For that i answered without looking into him and for some questions i just smiled without telling anything. Then harish insisted me to eat some fruits and i also felt little hungry and started eating. I can see harish is fully checking me, this feel is also new to me and also enjoying it. Why shouldn’t i enjoy even my husband is there he dint tell anything then what is my problem. After some time i also comfortable with harish presence and started asking about the place which we were crossing. All my question were answered only by harish and my husband dint even opened his mouth. All this encouraged me and i also started commenting on harish look and started asking about his work.From him i understood that he came to Canada 10 years back and now he is running 3 fuel station on his own. No parents alive only one brother who is living in India, he don’t talk to him much. Still bachelor and of same age as my husband. He is green card holder and the house we are going to stay is in lease of his name. I asked him how he and my husband got friends. Vinoth was staying near to one of his fuel station and while coming there for fuel and other groceries they become friend and after some time when my husband needed a place for stay harish accommodated him in his house. Still my husband dint open his mouth. After a long travel my husband parked a car before a nice individual house. Then harish told my husband “vinoth i take shalini inside since its cold outside you carry the baggage” like master saying to his servant. Vinoth also said ok for that obediently like a servant. Then harish told me that come shalini lets go inside. But in my i was thinking that “in our culture for the first time if a wife is going to the husband place she will go along with husband in side but here i going with harish” ( at the moment what i don’t know was he is going to be like my actual husband). Harish opened the door and we went inside. The inside view is also looking good with 2 bedroom, large hall and a kitchen but the toilet and bathroom were in common. Then he showed me my husband’s room and told me to freshen myself and come for the dinner. Vinoth carried my suitcase one by one and then harish also helped to carry some. Then harish left both and went to his room for changing the dress. Vinoth came and told me to freshen up and if i want i can change to any night dress. I told vinoth no i only had nighty as night dress and i don’t feel comfortable in front of harish. For that he told don’t worry he will not mind that. In my mind i replied myself “yes he wont mind but i mind it and i know if i change to nighty he will surely enjoy my beauty with his eyes”. So i told vinoth i change to some other chudidar and opened my bag to take another one and went to shower. I was little tired after long hour flight and car travel so i took good shower and hot water from the shower is very nice for the outside weather. Once i changed i came out for the dinner. Harish changed to night pant and sleeveless tight t shirt which is fully showing his well built body. I couldn’t take my eyes from him. He had such a structured body and attractive physic. We all sat in the dinning table and started eating. Harish dint talk much but only asked about the food taste. Food was really good and told him openly. Nothing happened after that, once he finished eating he went to his room by saying good bye and i can sense that his behaviour and i felt kind of avoiding me. He dint look much of me also. Me and vinoth also finished our food and went to bed room. I expected some fucking tonight atleast little romance but vinoth told me to sleep because of the journey i will be tired. He was right i am tired only but more i was upset. I slept quietly and i slept soon due to tired. I dint know how long i slept but i waked up suddenly by hearing some sound. I tired to open my eyes but i couldn’t but sound was clear now. Its moaning sound mixed with someone shouting. I opened my eyes fully and vinoth is sleeping near me. The sound is coming from harish room and i understand its sound of fucking. Initially i thought he was watching some porn movie but immediately i realised it is real and also the girl is shouting harish name. All i heard was “harish fuck me hard come on baby, ahhh…. haaaa…. and some hindi words also. I got from the bed and went out. His door was closed and went near to it. I can hear the now clearly due to calmness outside. I was getting hot and i can sense some wetness in my pussy. Then i came to room and tried to wake the vinoth but he is sleeping like a log. I also tried to avoid the sound and sleep but its getting heavier. I started to think when i came no girl in the house when and where he got the girl and without knowing my left arm is in pussy area upon the dress and i started creasing myself. I inserted my hand inside the panty, closed the eyes and started fingering myself by hearing the moaning and shouting. I had done it before by watching the porn movie but this time its real and only the sound itself making me hotter. I sound is getting higher and i thought they were reaching the climax and i also started to fingering harder. Then all the 3 of us reached the climax simultaneously. All the while i was thinking about harish body and i was getting fucked. This feeling is new for me and this time fingering was better than my other time watching the porn movie. I was getting my breath back and turned towards vinoth still he is sleeping. I really need a cock now but i dint get it. Then i heard kissing and laughing sound from the room and door opening sound. I thought that someone is going to the restroom. I kept silent and heard the sound closely then after some time again some kissing sound and then its become silent. I couldn’t sleep so kept my i open and hearing but only silent. I thought that they slept. I couldn’t remove my thoughts about harish. 2 minds voice going inside my head. 1 is cursing me for the bad imagination that to by keeping the husband in side. Another voice is telling me that if your husband gave you what you want you u going to imagine like this. Its his fault not yours. I dint know when i slept but i dint hear any sound after that.When i waked up its already morning and vinoth was not in the bed. I seen a note mention that he went to work, items are there for breakfast and lunch, if i want i can cook lunch and dinner otherwise told me to take rest. I came to hall and first my head turned towards harish room its wide open and slightly peek into it, he was not there i thought he also went to his shop. I went to rest room and while showering i kept on thinking what happen last night. I got again hotter and running water from the shower gave me new sensation so i started creasing my pussy and boobs. My boobs are standing erect like army man and pussy becomes moisture. I started to finger fuck myself which also left some moans from my mouth and reached another organism. After shower i took some breakfast and cooked something. By 4 in the evening i was watching some sports channel to kill the boring, i heard the front door opening and harish entered the house. I couldn’t look him directly, he smiled a little, without any talking he walked towards his room. I told him that i cooked lunch and told him to take it. He dint look me but said ok and went to his room. I was feeling sad because he is avoiding me. I don’t know why i miss his presence around me. Then after sometime he came out and he is changed to sleeveless baniyan and shorts. After coming out from rest room he turned towards me and asked ”i think vinoth told you to buy some under wears”. I dint expect that question and i turned to shy and said him yes. He asked me whether i brought that or not. I dint look him and told yes. He asked “please can you give it me, i need it now”. I said just a sec and went inside my room i searched it in my suitcase and took it. I was feeling very shy and gave it to harish. He opened it infront of me and started to measure its size by keeping it upon the dress itself. I was looking his act and he dint mind me at all. Then he told me that colour and size are good and my selection is fantastic. I can see buldge under his shorts and his words are total embarrassment to me. I went into my room and sat on the bed. I was getting hot and all i was thinking is once vinoth came i need the fuck today whatever his excuse i need him today and i cant manage anymore.

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