My Giantess Futa Ch. 02


This is chapter 2, so go read the first chapter to get the most out of this story. As always, I love reading your comments and opinions.

Sorry this took so long. Also, big disclaimer: Sizes and sex get truly ridiculous in this one. Do not say I did not warn you.


I was woken up by the smell of coffee and freshly baked pastries. Still a bit groggy I followed the smell until I reached the kitchen. There I saw what must have been the most beautiful being to ever have existed. Fiona was facing away from me and I could see her massive and firm ass cheeks sway gently with every movement. She was wearing very complementary trousers, but I guess with that rear a sack of potatoes would be flattering. I could even clearly discern the sides of her enormous chest which reached far beyond her torso.

I snapped out of my bewilderment and started the day with a simple, “Good morning, Fiona.”

She turned towards me, offering a clear view of her deep cleavage, as well as the shape of her soft cock inside her trouser leg. With that ever-sweet smile unbefitting for such an Amazonian beauty, she offered me a cup of coffee as well as some croissants. “You were still asleep, so I just went to the baker and grabbed something. I hope you like a French breakfast. I didn’t know which flavour you preferred so I bought one of each,” she said with a light giggle. There was a lot to eat. “Don’t worry,” she continued, “I will finish the rest. I haven’t eaten either and breakfast is fundamental for me,” she finished with a smirk.

I was feeling cheeky, so I replied, “do you want to get even curvier than now?”

“Wouldn’t you like it?” was her quick response.

How was she able to be so sultry and cute at the same time? I really couldn’t cope with that as it made me both embarrassed and attracted to her. I tried to change the subject, “I slept very well. Your bed is amazing. Also, this is a queen’s breakfast. Thank you so much.”

“Stop thanking me so much,” she answered giggling, “I like being friendly and I like it when you smile and are happy. You are at your cutest when you do that.” I ate one of the croissants in silent trying not to stare at her massive tits and failing miserably, but she didn’t seem to mind.

After having swallowed the last bit I said, “I have to go home eventually and change. Also, it is almost noon and I have to open the bar at 4.”

A visible frown manifested itself on my host’s face. “Can’t you call in sick? I would like to enjoy the day with you.”

I also would have liked to stay with her. “Give me a sec I need to make a call.” I went to the other room grabbed my phone. I returned to the kitchen with a triumphant smile that made Fiona happy like a puppy.

“So, can you stay with me?” she asked.

“Yes, I found a substitute.”

“What did you tell them?”

“The truth, more or less. That I was assaulted yesterday and that was the reason for me leaving soon. And that I didn’t feel too well today. Ok that last part was a white lie. This is one of the best mornings imaginable. But my colleague was very understanding. I should give her a raise, since she covered for me yesterday as well.”

In a spurt of glee, Fiona stood up and lifted me up in a bearhug, as if I was a toy. She twirled once and cheered, “Yuppie I am so happy!” She quickly realised what she had done and put me down apologising, “Oh my God. I am so sorry. I don’t know what that was. Sorry sorry sorry.”

I felt sad that she put me down, I had loved her strong and soft embrace. I found the courage to say, “Could you pick me up again. I enjoyed it.” I said this with no eye contact as my cheeks became crimson. With less force than the first time I was picked up. We were face to face in a silence that was deafening. For the first time it was I who took initiative. I cupped her cheeks with my hands and kissed her gently. As our lips touched, I could feel fireworks explode in my head. Slowly, the kiss became more intense and our tongues began dancing in each other’s mouths. Unfortunately, her tongue is so huge that I had to retract coughing.

“What happened?” Fiona asked.

“Sorry. It is just that I choked on your tongue. How long is it?” I asked giggling. I found the situation quite funny.

Fiona pouted at me. “Are you making fun of me?”

“Just a bit,” I admitted. As a sign of peace, I once again pressed my lips against hers and kissed her more intensely than before. This time she used less tongue so to allow mine to dance with hers without being dwarfed.

The passionate kiss combined with our huge tits brushing against one another was causing quite a party in my trousers. Fiona must have noticed it as she said, “Isn’t someone eager? And I am not talking about your kissing skills rather the python far too big for a tiny cute girl like you.”

My face exploded red, which apparently Fiona liked a lot as she pecked my cheek in her usual sweet way. She started walking leaving the kitchen, samsun escort still holding me effortlessly. “Where are we going?” I asked almost scared.

“The bedroom. We cannot go out if you keep getting hard.”

“FIONA!” I screamed, “Wait I don’t want yet.” This was a blatant lie. I wanted to get my dick wet and Fiona was the hottest piece of ass I had ever seen. On the other hand, I didn’t want to spoil any chance I might have had to build something with her.

The towering beauty stopped at the threshold of the bedroom, looked me in the eyes and said, “Stop lying. We both want this. None the less I was honest when I said I liked you and wanted to get to know you. This won’t change if we go further or not.”

“Ok,” was my meek response.

With humbling strength, she tossed me onto her soft bed. Her eyes gleamed with a barely contained fury, showing her readiness to pounce me. I knew she could do everything she wanted to me and I was ready. Still stood up, she took her top off, making sure to make her tits jiggle as much as possible.

“I bet you have never been in this situation with a girl twice as busty as you, have you?” she was clearly gloating and asserting her dominance over me. God, her tits were enormous! Each firm yet bouncing globe easily twice the size of her head probably more. For comparison mine were each “only” a bit bigger than my head.

“No, I haven’t,” I admitted. I was by now openly starring at the hypnotic mounds. I gave up trying to hide my glances. With imposing movements, the amazon approached the bed, starring directly at my crotch. She climbed on the bed and came closer to me on all fours with feline movements as well as gaze. I was both terrified and excited by this mountain of a woman who could both send me to the highest peaks of pleasures, as well as literally kill me. Not that she would ever.

Her massive jugs where brushing the bed first, and my legs after, as she was advancing towards my face. She stopped as one enormous breast was over my face. “Ready?” she asked rhetorically. I couldn’t answer before she dropped the mound over my visage, covering it with tit flesh. My impulse was to grab the sides of the tit and to start sucking and licking whatever my mouth ad tongue could feel. I didn’t see her face, or anything for that matter, but I could hear light moans of pleasure. Clearly those mountains of meat were very sensitive, since I doubt my relatively small hands could do much. After a while she raised her upper body, put her hands on the oversized trousers I had worn until that point and swiftly pulled them away, revealing my fully erect 20 inches of cock.

“I had realised you were hung for your stature,” Fiona stated with a hint of surprise, “but I did not expect so much from a tiny cutie like you. This is going to be fun.” She was now heel sat on the bed, her tits covering most of her torso. She pulled me effortlessly towards her and put my bum on her legs, so that my cock would perfectly enter her voracious cleavage.

“Oh my God Fiona,” I uttered after having been quiet for lots of the whole procedure, “I want to titfuck you so bad.”

“Oh, my sweet little Keira,” she responded, “trust me you aren’t going to fuck anyone. I will fuck you as I please.” With these ominous words she grabbed my shlong with both hands and put it firmly inside her cleavage. She held her tits with her strong hands and began what I can only describe as an idyllic experience. All my senses were going crazy as for the first time I failed to see my dick come out of a girl’s cleavage. Fiona noticed my surprise and while keeping bouncing her tits around my cock said, “I was wondering whether you ever met a girl with tits large enough to engulf your dick. From your look I guess not. Guess my titties are too much for your dicky.”

For the first time ever, I was not in control of the sex act. Not only that, but my partner was ridiculing my anatomy. And for some reason I loved it. “Keep going. I don’t know how long I will last,” were the only things I could say. To my disappointment Fiona stopped her titjob.

“Don’t worry, cutie. I am not done. You will nut like never before in a couple of minutes.” She freed my cock from the immense cleavage, put two hands on my dick and her mouth on my gland. She was going to blow me. My cock bounced from excitement as she kissed and licked its head. Usually girls would barely mange to fit that in their mouth but as Fiona opened hers, she took about half of it effortlessly. She aligned her throat with my cock and kept going deeper and deeper, all the while keeping stroking the base with her hands. At what seemed to be the 15-inch mark she stopped and started bobbing her head. My God her lips, mouth and throat were unbelievable.

She clearly wanted to go all the way, so I looked away to try to avoid cumming before that. It took all of me to avoid the temptation of pleasure in that amazing situation: A 7ft7in amazon with tits that dwarf my upper body and an ass that could squish me, was taking all of my 20-inch monstercock in her throat. By the end of that thought I looked back at her. She was staring at me with deep blue eyes. In a spurt of lust, I grabbed her head and pushed her the last few inches. Her nose touched my pelvis and I came like never before. My strong jets seemed to be nothing for her as she swallowed every last bit of thick cum, I was producing. As my cock started softening, she retracted her head from it and mad an audible sound as her lips left the tip of my head.

“I hope you enjoyed this. I know I did,” she said with a surprising non chalance.

“It was amazing,” I answered. “I never got out of breath from a bj alone. No one ever managed to take all of my cock in her mouth.”

“It was a challenge for sure. I like your big cock on such a tiny cute body. I am pretty sure you are the most hung girl I ever met in relation to their body.

“Is that a compliment or are you mocking me for my size?” This wasn’t a joke, since I am quite insecure in regards to my stature. I think Fiona got it.

“I am sorry sweetie. I hope you know I don’t ever want to make you feel bad,” she said stroking my cheek with her big soft hand. “I don’t know if it matters to you, but I really like your size. The size of each of your body parts actually.” After this confession of hers I sat up on her bed and kissed her again. This time it was soft and sensual. No lust was involved, just deep emotions and what I much later discovered was the first hint of love.

I was lying on her enjoying the moment with my head on her tits using them as pillows. As I was staring at the ceiling Fiona’s hands crept on my bust. “What are you doing?” I asked surprised.

“You aren’t the only girl who likes huge tits, you know. I just wanna feel yours before you fall asleep again. I couldn’t bring myself to wake you up if you did and I wanna go out before lunch haha.” I then begrudgingly rolled to the side and said, “and I thought your bed was comfy. I was mistaken. Not to sound to cheesy but I love lying next to you, or in this case on you. I feel safe.”

“It was a bit cheesy to be fair,” she replied and gave me a peck on my cheek. “I suggest you take your clothes from yesterday and we go to your place, so you can change. Would you like taking a walk in the park? It’s such a beautiful day?”

“I would love that. And yes, I should actually change. My work attire isn’t my favourite.”

“I like how It flaunts your tits. I am sure it gives you lots of tips.”

“You discovered the secret of my success.”

“What do you think was the secret of my success as a model?” She asked while jiggling her tits before putting her bra back on.

“I feel the fact that you are a beautiful amazon has helped as well.”

“Aww you think I am beautiful?”

I was taken aback by her reaction, “yes I do.” I said this feeling my cheeks getting red.

We hopped inside her superlative car and stopped at my place. “Remember when you mentioned you didn’t want to have to lean inside a house? Well you will be forced to unfortunately. But in exchange you can help me choose my outfit.”

“I think I will survive having to duck a bit,” she answered calmly.

As we entered my apartment, with its “low” 7ft4 ceiling I was allowed to see the comedic scene of my sexy amazon ducking and contorting to enter through every door frame. Not only her height but, surprisingly, her curves as well, since the shimming and contorting in the door frames made her sumptuous ass and tits get squeezed by the door frame.

I had to laugh at her struggle to which she answered with an almost threatening, “are you sure you want to make fun of someone who’s two and a half feet taller and probably two hundred pounds heavier than you, sweetie?” I gulped and stopped my mocking. I hate to admit this but when she gets assertive, I still get a tingle in my pants after all these years.

After around an hour spent on deciding my outfit, we decided on some white pants, that very much exaggerated my soft shaft, and a pink top. It was one of my favourites as I had it tailored for my particular proportions. “You are looking incredible in this brighter outfit,” stated Fiona. “I like how little it leaves to the imagination without being slutty.”

“I may look good, but I am sure I will get promptly ignored by everyone we cross if I walk by your side. Not that I mind for once to be honest.”

“You have to stop being so complimentary or I will start to blush. On the way here I saw a park, do you wanna go for a stroll.”

“I would love to, but you have to promise to walk slowly. Your legs are enormous and I don’t want to have to jog and bounce all over just to keep your pace.”

“You are a terrible negotiator, Keira. You just gave me a great reason to walk faster than you.”

I faked an offended demeanour as we exited my apartment. I had locked my door as Fiona lifted me and gave me a deep kiss. With our enormous tits squeezing against each other a deep moan escaped from me. I love when she overpowers me this way and she knows it. She knew it even back then I imagine. We were interrupted by my neighbour exiting her apartment. Fiona put me down and we quickly tried to regain composure.

“How wonderful to see you, Keira. We so rarely get to see each other with your work schedule.”

“Hello Ms. Jones. I know it is a shame. I really miss your baking experiments you had me try. All delicious of course.” Ms. Jones was a caring figure in the building I lived in. Always there if one needed council or just a shoulder to cry on. In her mid 50s then, she had never married, not for lack of suitors as the frequent strangers exiting her room proved.

“Flattery won’t bring you anywhere. Who is your beautiful friend here?”

“Where are my manners? Fiona, Ms. Jones. Ms. Jones, Fiona.

“Nice to meet you,” said Fiona offering her sizeable hand. After some small talk Ms. Jones left us. “You didn’t say you live next to an absolute milf,” Fiona had the need to utter.

“I agree she is good looking, but she kind of is every one’s aunt in the building, so there is this unspoken rule that you don’t mess with her. But don’t worry about her. She has enough suitors as is. Do I have to get jealous, Fiona?” I asked semi-rhetorically.

“No, I prefer cute busty girls. They are more my type. Do you know any one around?” As she said that she bowed down and gave me a peck on the forehead, which promptly caused me to blush.

We slowly (for her) walked together until we arrived at the entrance of a large city park in the area. After some silent steps I put my hand in her giant one, which she gently squeezed, approving of my proposal. We must have looked weird since many were staring, miserably failing to hide said stares.

“I know you are ridiculously hot, but shouldn’t they at least try to hide their looks?” I asked curiously.

“I think it is the both of us, we both kind of complement each other’s looks, while both being as you said, very hot,” she bowed down for a kiss, which I not only accepted raising my toes, but encouraged by gently stroking her huge bulge. “Aren’t we feeling frisky, here on the outside where all can see?”

“You just make me crazy, and I really want to see how big this monster gets. As you said I never met a girl who was more hung than me.”

“We will have plenty of time to discover how big I get don’t worry. I am not a prude, but for logistical reasons it is better to find out at home.” At this my 10-inch softie started to grow in my pants. How fucking big does she get, to cause logistics issues. “I see you liked that answer. Let’s go over there underneath that pavilion next to the lake.”

We walked briskly, my hardening member making my steps very uneven. Clearly being too slow for her, Fiona grabbed me and put me on her shoulder, making my cock brush against her tits through the fabric of our clothes. The bouncing sensation was too much. By the time we arrived at the pavilion my cock was at full erection, which in the somewhat tight pants caused be some discomfort. I was gently put on a bench facing the park’s lake. I have never been an exhibitionist but I needed my giantess to make me cum in whatever way possible.

“Fiona, I really need you to…,” I began but was interrupted.

“Oh I know what you need, my cute little Keira.” With these promising words said, she pulled off her top, revealed her mountainous honkers and stuffed them in my face. While being suffocated in her heavy tits, I didn’t realise that she somehow managed to pull my trousers off.

With a swift movement she freed my face and ingulfed my 20 inches in the only cleavage deep enough to cover my cock.

“Oh my God your tits are so enormous.”

“Keep telling me how much you like my melons”

“Fuck I love them. Keep going I beg you. I need to cum.” And so, she did. For about 10 minutes I received an amazing titfuck, where every thrust heavily fell on my lap, both hurting slightly and increasing the pleasure felt. “Fuck, Fiona. I am about to cum. I love these monsters. Even my huge cock is too small for them. I am cuummiiing.” After my scream, Fiona plunged her mouth on my head ready to take my load. Incredibly, not a drop slipped out even after a dozen of thick, big loads.

After her last gulp, she took a seat next to me and said, “Your cum is delicious, Keira. I wasn’t expecting such a big load after only a few hours.”

After regaining some semblance of lucidity, I answered, “It didn’t seem to bother you.”

Looking over the lake she gave a small and cute snicker. I noticed on the other side were two girls who apparently had been enjoying the show. They were cheering and seemingly congratulating us. It was then that I realised my soft cock hanging low outside my pants as well as Fiona’s monsters hanging outside her top.

“I am glad they enjoyed the show,” I said.

“Pretty sure there is still plenty to see. If they are like me, they must love your big softie in the breeze.”

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