My early experiences as a genderqueer


My early experiences as a genderqueer
Thought I’d share an early experience of being queer with my gender with you all.

I think it all started with a school play when I was about 18 and I was cast as an usherette in a cinema. It was a comedy and the teacher through that would be be funny for a boy to play the role. I had a few doubts as my friends all found it very funny, but to really was glad to have a part in the play and the idea of playing a female secretly appealed to me as I had quite a habit of dressing up in my sister’s clothes when I had the house to myself.

With my sister’s help we found an outfit in her wardrobe – a skirt and vest top accessorised with a pair of tights and small apron, some high heeled shoes and a shoulder length brown wig.

I’d really enjoyed chosing the clothes and outfit so set off to try it all on together and was really with result. I loved feeling feminine and the girly version of myself in the wig and high heels.

At the next rehearsal I dressed up in character and had a great reaction from everyone, saying I looked great and looked just like my sister! A few of the boys thought it funny to pull up my skirt, as you can imagine, but it was all in good humour.

I had a great time rehearsing for the play, but in the background my mind was working overtime on how much I enjoyed switching gender. On one occasion I kept my character clothes on for the rest of the day after rehearsal and just wanted to stay in character.

That night when I went home I decided to kaçak iddaa take a bath – much like my mother and sister did in the evenings. As I ran the bath – with lots of flowery bubbles – I studied my naked body in the mirror, still wearing the wig. I tried to conceal my cock between my legs and pulled on my nipples to see myself in female form. I loved the look and felt so feminine but was really annoyed by my body hair. So, I go into the bath with a razor and started to shave – everywhere! My chest was hairless, but I shaved my legs, arms and armpits and then set to work on my bum and crotch untill I was silky smooth from the head down. It felt amazing!

I got out of the bath and covered myself in my mother’s best creams, put the wig back on and looked in the mirror. My transformation was fantastic – I was a girl with a dick!

In the heat of the moment I hadn’t considered what would happen next, but when I got dressed (in my guy clothes) I realised that my arms were now visibly hairless and my legs would be also when I wore shorts for sports! My sister was the first to notice, with my Mum, so I shrug it off and told them it was for the play. They teased me that I may be taking it a bit far.

At school I kept up the same explanation for my sudden hair loss and got teased quite a bit for being girly, but I just didn’t care and I continued to keep myself smooth until the performance.

A few days before the performance I decided that I needed to improve my outfit – I’d beeen wearing my own perabet giriş briefs under the tights. I had a good look through my Mum an sister’s clothes, but there was nothing that really appealed, so I went out to a discount clothes store and built up the courage to buy some lingerie to my liking – It had to be a thong and I also bought a bra to wear under my vest top.

On the performance day I slipped the thong on under my school trousers, packed up the rest of my outfit and went to school. The boys and girls had separate changing areas backstage, so I joined the boys and started to change, realising that they may see me in a bra and thong.

The bra was no problem – I decided to be brazen so just took my top off and made a big joke of stuffing a couple of pairs of socks in the cups – everyone had a really good laugh. Then came the problem, I’d hoped to quietly slip my trousers off and put on my tights and skirt without anyone noticing, but it wasn’t that easy. I took off my trousers, but was struggling to get my tights on quickly when I was spotted. There I was in a room with my fellow students wearing a girl’s thong. All the other boys crowded around to get a look and there was plenty of jeering and name calling. We had to be ready for the performance though, so we were hurried along by the drama teacher and got on with the performance.

The play was a big hit and most of the parents had only realised I was a boy because of my strange voice. Afterwards there was a small perabet güvenilir mi after party that I went to still dressed up. I was enjoying myself, trying to sneak a few alcoholic drinks and feeling great – but also aware that I felt so differerent, like another person – and also female.

At the end of the night a few of the cool crowd were having an after party and I was invited to join them. I was given a lift with a few others by a guy with a car. As I got into the backseat, someone pulled up my skirt and smacked my bum, which everyone found hysterical. We drove down the road for a bit, with everyone in high spirits and teasing and laughing at me, but by now I really didn’t mind.

As we arrived at the house party and I was getting out of the car, once again someone pulled up my skirt, but this time they also grabbed at my tights. I tried to hold on to them, but in the battle they got laddered and torn completely and then ripped off. I wasn’t too bothered though and was actually quite excited to be going to a party as a girl wearing skirt with just a thong underneath.

At the party the drinking an jesting continued – as did the attempts to pull up my skirt. When I was dancing one of my friends pulled it up for everyone to see my thong and bum, and someone gave me a big slap on the buttocks. That type of thing kept happening from then. It was harassment, but to be honest I was enjoying the attention to much.

Later on I went to the bathroom and crossed paths with a guy I didn’t recognise – He said hello and as he walked past slipped his hand up my skirt and stroked my bum. I realised that he thought I was a real girl – so I turned around pulled my skirt up and pulled down my thong, showing him everything. He was so shocked!!!!

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