Mother love – The Begining


Mother love – The Begining
Julie sat in her armchair, the tv was on, some lunchtime programme with stupid people buying rubbish at some outdoor market then trying to make a profit at auction. Julie was only vaguely aware of it, her brain was in turmoil, if it wasn’t one thing it was another, just when she was trying to think how she was going to cope with her son James coming home from University for the summer break, and now she had this on top, it felt as if the world was collapsing on top of her. How could Henry do this to her? How could she not have suspected what was going on?

She flicked the channels, not really taking much notice as the screen kept changing from Police chases, wild a****ls, some cooking show, finally coming across three women sitting round a table.
“First we are talking about what happened last night on the latest blockbuster series on tv,” the middle woman said, “later we will be talking to a lady, we will call her Jane, who will tell us how she coped with discovering her husband of twenty years was a homosexual.”

“Jesus Christ,” Julie screamed at the tv, “you as well!”

In Julie’s case, she and Henry had been married for almost thirty years, “thirty very boring years,” she thought to herself. Looking back, she couldn’t really say why she had married him in the first place, it was just a matter of growing up in this god forsaken town where she had drifted into a relationship with him that somehow ended up with her agreeing to marry him. As far as she was concerned it wasn’t a love match, more like it was just a case of not having anything else to do.

Things had never really improved after they were married. Oh Henry was a decent enough husband, he had a good job as an accountant in a local factory, he earned a decent wage, they had a decent little house in a decent area. The trouble was that every day was the same, as if they were just marking time together until they died.

Julie spent her days doing household chores, she helped out part time at the local corner shop. Her only escape from the daily routine was when she sat back with one of her novels. Julie was a prolific reader, mainly romantic fiction, taking her to exotic locations where people had passionate relationships.

As for her own relationship with Henry, calling it passionate would be greatly stretching the imagination. Julie often read of women crying out in passion when being made love to, that had certainly never happened to her, sex with Henry had always been a bit of a non event. Julie had never experienced an orgasm until she had taken the courage to send for a vibrator she saw advertised in a magazine at the hairdresser’s. Sex had been fairly routine from the start, usually Saturday night, after he had watched the football, it consisted of a quick feel of her boobs, then he would climb on top, the whole thing rarely lasting more than three minutes, Julie was always amazed that she had managed to conceive at all.

It wasn’t that she was unattractive, she knew she was no beauty queen but she had always managed to turn a few heads. She was curvy more than slim, her 36 C boobs seeing to that. She also had good legs and her bum was still fairly firm. On the rare occasion that she got to dress up she thought she scrubbed up quite well, certainly she usually got a few admiring looks at the firm’s Christmas Party. There was that year when Henry’s boss had come up behind her at the party and put his hand on her bum, she had allowed it to rest there perhaps a little longer than she should before laughing it off, she often wondered if she should have encouraged him more.

Lately of course there had been Sunni, the son of the Pakistani owner of the shop. He was only nineteen, working odd shifts in the shop while he studied to be a solicitor. It had started in the stock room, Julie had been up the step ladder fetching some cereal boxes down, Sunni had come in, She hadn’t noticed him until she felt his hand on her leg, just above her knee. He had tried to say that he had seen her wobble and was only steadying her but Julie couldn’t help but notice the sizeable bulge in the front of his trousers. Since then there had been a couple of occasions when he had brushed past her behind the counter, sometimes his hand would brush against her bum, sometimes he would squeeze past her and she could feel the unmistakable hardness of his erection. It had got to the stage where she had started thinking about him when she was using her vibrator, he was a good looking lad and the fact that he obviously found her attractive gave her a bit of a glow.

Then, of course, there had been the incident with James during the Easter break. Her hand automatically pressed between her thighs when she remembered that.

Suddenly her attention was drawn back to the tv, there was a woman telling how she had come home early from work to find her husband in bed with another man. That brought her back to what had happened earlier.

She had been returning some of Henry’s shirts that she had ironed, back to his wardrobe when one fell off the hanger, she had bent to retrieve it when she had stumbled, landing on the pile of old gardening clothes that he kept at the bottom of the wardrobe. That was when she felt something hard under the pile. Moving the clothes aside she had discovered a wooden box, about the size of a large shoe box. It was what was inside the box that had caused her current dilemma.

Inside she had found three pairs of her old panties, thin, lacy ones in red, black and white, two bras, one white, one black, a garter belt and several pairs of stockings. There was also another box with a picture on it describing the contents as a “De-lux, vibrating butt plug,” with a picture of it being inserted into someone’s bum. Moving aside the clothes she saw a number of photos, all of them of Henry, holding his phone as he stood in front of their full length mirror, dressed in various versions of the undies in the box. The final photo showed him with his back to the mirror, bending over, the butt plug clearly visible inserted into his bottom.

The discovery had shocked her to her core. She had been about to replace all the items when she spied a piece of paper at the bottom of the box, there was writing on it. Julie saw that it was details of a web site with the login and password details. She had copied down the details before replacing everything.

Now she was sitting there, listening to this woman explaining how she had discovered her husband was bi-sexual, how she had confronted him, and how she had eventually come to accept it.

Julie could not believe it possible to accept that your husband wanted sex with another man, but listening to the woman describing how they had come to an arrangement where she was allowed to take lovers and that her husband would often join them in bed, performing oral sex on her lover. She was saying how she found it sexually stimulating. Julie had difficulty accepting that, but as the three other women continued to ask questions and the woman went into more detail, despite it being daytime tv, she even said that she had now reached the stage where she found it stimulating to watch her husband taking full anal sex.

As she had been listening, Julie had not realised that her own hand was now under her skirt, pressing hard against her own vagina. Quickly she turned off the tv, racing upstairs, she found her vibrator, lying on the bed, her legs thrown wide, pulling aside her panties and pressing her vibrator against her sensitive button. It took only seconds for her to experience her most intense orgasm ever.

“Oh my god, what am l going to do,” she said to herself as she lay they, her body heaving as she recovered. “I can’t cope with this on top of everything,” she thought, What with James arriving the next day, after what had happened, she had tried to convince herself that he had forgotten about it until that phone call last night when she had said she was looking forward to him coming home.

“So am l Mum,” he had replied, “l think we have some unfinished business, don’t you?”

That remark had shaken her rigid, he obviously had not forgotten, why should he, she certainly hadn’t. The sight of him, lying naked on his bed when she had mistakenly walked in unannounced, the sight of him stroking his penis, the sight of his penis standing rigid, much bigger than Henry’s. The way she had stood there, transfixed as he continued to masturbate, smiling at her as suddenly his penis erupted, firing jets of white cum into the air, landing on his tummy and chest.

Her legs had gone weak, she had only just managed to gather their strength to run out of the room, into her bedroom. She had grabbed the tail board of the bed to steady herself when she felt a presence behind her, arms enfolding her, hands cupping her breasts.

“Did you like the show Mummy?” James had said, “feel me, l’m still hard.” He had pressed himself against her, his erection hard against her bottom.

“Stop it,” she had summoned strength from somewhere, “what are you doing James,” she had turned and pushed him away, the sight of his body still with the traces of his cum on his chest, his erection standing proud. She had felt her knees buckle again but she fought back. “Get out!” She screamed. “Get out!” She pushed him out of her bedroom, slamming the door on his smiling face.

It had been over an hour before she felt able to leave the safety of her bedroom. She had made it to the kitchen without encountering James. He was due to leave soon and she busied herself making him sandwiches for the journey. When he did appear, carrying his rucksack, there was a tense silence between them. James packed the sandwiches into his rucksack then bent to kiss her cheek to say goodbye.

Julie offered her cheek, seeing the confident smirk on his face, then feeling his hand her bum. “Bye Mum,” he’d said, “l’m looking forward to the summer holiday, we’re going to have fun.” He had given her bum a squeeze before lifting his rucksack and leaving.

There had only been a couple of phone calls during the term, Julie had quickly handed the phone to Henry each time. Henry had questioned why she didn’t speak longer with James but she had excused it by saying that she had seen much more of James during the holiday and that it was important he had contact with his father. Julie had almost convinced herself that it was an isolated incident and if she tried to pretend it had never happened then things would return to normal. Last night’s brief conversation had scuppered that idea, and now, as if she didn’t have enough to worry about, she had to think what she was going to do about Henry.

It never rains but it pours, and the day before, at the shop, twice, Sunni managed to manufacture situations when his hand brushed against her breast, the second time it had lasted just that second too long to be an accident, plus there was a cheeky grin on his face.

“What is happening to me?” She said to herself, “all of a sudden my life seems to be about sex.”

She found herself going back upstairs, into Henry’s wardrobe and bringing out the box. She lifted out the neatly folded undies, taking out the photos. She immediately noticed there were two new ones, Julie knew that Henry had installed a photo printer in his study, now she understood why. The first new photos showed Henry dressed in red panties and bra, with his garter belt and stockings. If that was not shocking enough, the photo was obviously taken outdoors, it appeared to be in a wooded area, Julie didn’t recognise it but knew there were a couple of wooded areas nearby. The second photo almost made her physically sick, Henry was on his knees, the photo showed the lower half of another man, his penis in Henry’s mouth. Julie dropped the photos in shock, who was that other man? Who was taking the photo? All kinds of thoughts flashed through her mind. She desperately tried to rearrange the photos back in their correct order, replacing the undies and then the box.

Sitting in the kitchen with a glass of wine, trying to sort her head out.

Julie had never had a penis in her mouth, until recently the thought of it disgusted her, but then she had read an article in a magazine at the hairdresser’s, she had been fascinated to discover that it appeared to be common practice, there had even been interviews with women of various ages all saying how much they enjoyed doing it. The article had gone on to ask each one if they swallowed güvenilir bahis the semen or spat it out. Two of the older ones said that they used to spit it out but had recently started swallowing, the younger ones all agreed that swallowing was best. Julie had become totally engrossed in the article, not realising that Carol the hairdresser was looking over her shoulder.

“Do you do it?” Carol had said.

“Oh….l….er….l….no…..l…oh,” Julie had stammered.

“Oh you should try it,” Carol had said, “it’s a great way to stop your man from straying, if more married women did it there would be less divorce.”

“Is that why you do it?” Julie asked.

“Oh no,” Carol replied, “l do it because l love it, the feeling l get when a man starts pumping his semen into my mouth, sometimes l cum myself.”

Julie couldn’t believe she had had that conversation with someone she had only known for a few weeks, but she remembered now how wet she had felt as she had driven home, thinking of what Carol had said. That afternoon was only her second time with her vibrator, the orgasm had been so intense she had thought her brain would burst.

Her thoughts went back to that photo of Henry with that penis in his mouth. Julie wondered if a man had the same feelings when he was doing it, she wondered if Henry swallowed the semen.

She felt that same wetness between her thighs, standing and walking upstairs as if on auto pilot, she stripped off, lying on the bed with her vibrator pressed against her clitoris. Immediately she felt her orgasm building. She closed her eyes, a vision forming itself, two men standing above her, naked, their penis’s erect as they stroked them. One of the men was Sunni, the other was James. Suddenly both penis’s erupted, showering semen down onto her, her orgasm tore through her body, she cried out, ramming the vibrator into her vagina as her body convulsed.

Julie lay on the bed, recovering, wondering if she was actually going mad. Her world had turned upside down in a matter of days, no she thought, not days, it had actually started with that incident with James, she had tried to put it out of her mind but time and again she had relived it in her dreams. Seeing those jets of semen fountaining from his penis, the cool, confident expression on his face, watching her, seeing her reaction, and then later when he had shown no embarrassment, he had been confident, he had touched her, as if taking control of her. When she closed her eyes she could see his penis again, she found her mind wondering. “How would it feel inside me?… How would it feel in my mouth?….What would his semen taste like?….Will he still want me?”

“Stop it!…..stop it!….stop it!” She shouted at herself, “What on earth are you thinking?”

But the thoughts would not leave her head. She was disgusted, she was angry with herself, but there was still something else, something deep in the core of her being, something that sent butterflies through her tummy, something that created that wetness between her legs.

She decided a shower would wash away those feelings, and to a certain extent it did. But there was still apprehension, James would be home the next day, and what was she intending to do about Henry.

Julie slept fitfully that night, almost afraid to close her eyes in case those visions kept appearing, Sunni and James taking her, Henry on his knees in front of that man. She couldn’t shake any of them off.

How she managed to appear as if everything was normal she didn’t know, but Henry gave no sign of anything untoward at breakfast, leaving for work at the usual time. The rest of the day she spent tidying and preparing James’s room.

Just after midday she heard a car on the drive, looking through the front door she saw James’s car. Normally she would have gone out to greet him, this time she decided to stay indoors.

“Hi Mum,” James said as he came through the front door. He walked straight up to her, bending to kiss her cheek. As he did so, his hand pressed against her back, sliding down to her bottom and pulling her hard against his groin.

Julie was taken completely by surprise. She pushed him away hard.

“What do you think you’re doing,” she said, trying to remain calm.

“Oh come on Mum,” he smirked, “it’s only a bit of fun, l thought you might like it after last time.”

“Well l don’t like it,” she said, “you don’t do that sort of thing with your mother, it’s disgusting.” Julie tried to hold her reserve, fighting the butterflies in her tummy and the wetness between her legs.

“It’s not like mother and son Mum,” he replied, “l’ll be twenty soon, l’m not a c***d.”

“But l’m still your mother,” she responded, “if you want to do that sort of thing you should get a girlfriend.”

“I’ve got a girlfriend at Uni,” he replied, “but she’s the same age as me, l’ve always fancied older women, it was you l was thinking about last time when you saw me wanking.”

“James!” She cried, “you don’t use that language in this house.”

“Oh Mum,” he sighed, “this is the twenty first century, l bet you hear worse than that when you watch tv, don’t be such a prude.”

“I don’t know where this is coming from with you,” she replied, “you have never been like this, you’ve always been brought up to be decent. Whatever are you thinking, touching me like that.”

“Really Mum,” he said, “you need to be honest with yourself, l saw the look on your face when you watched me cum, then l felt how you reacted later, then again today, you tried to conceal it but l felt you react when l pulled you close, l bet your pussy is wet now.”

“Stop it this minute,” she shouted, “l will not have you talking like that to me, what sort of mother do you think l am.”

“Oh come on Mum,” he smiled, enjoying her embarrassment, “l’ve had fantasies about you for years, ever since l started wanking, it’s not unusual, most boys start off with fantasies about their mother, l used to look at old photos of you in a swimsuit when l started wanking, then one day l saw you naked.”

“What!” She said, “What do you mean, you’ve never seen me naked.”

“Yes l have Mum,” he smiled, “it was a couple of years ago, l came home early from school, l called out when l got in but you didn’t hear me, l went upstairs and saw the bathroom door open, l could hear you in the shower, you never saw me, l watched you for ages, there was a pair of your panties on the laundry pile, l picked them up and wanked into them while l watched you. I’ve been thinking about that day ever since, every time l wank off.”

Julie was horrified. “I…..l….l don’t know what to say,” was all she could utter.

“I haven’t been able to think of anything else all term,” he said, “it felt so good when you watched me cum, l keep imagining you naked, even when l’m fucking my girlfriend l keep imagining it’s you instead.”

“James!!!” She cried, “stop talking like that, it’s disgusting, stop it this instant, l won’t have you talking to me like that.” Julie could feel herself coming out in a cold sweat, she had no idea how to handle this situation, she felt as if her whole world was collapsing.

“Come on Mum,” he said, stepping towards her. Julie backed away, putting up both hands to ward him off but he closed the gap, putting his hands round her and holding her buttocks. “Has it made you wet Mum?” He said, kneading her bottom, “l bet Dad never excites you like this, do you want me to go further Mum, do you want me to fuck you.”

“No! Stop it!” Julie summoned all her strength to push him away again, tears were streaming down her cheeks. “Stop it now!” She screamed, “l won’t have you talking like that, l won’t have it. If you can’t behave properly l suggest you go back to University, l will not have you treating me like some common slut, l am your mother, go up to your room, your father will be home soon, he’s coming home early as he wanted to see you and he is out at a committee meeting tonight. Go up to your room, l suggest you have a cold shower and calm down, but if you carry on behaving like this l will not have you in this house, do you hear.”

“Okay Mum, we’ll talk later,” James said with a smirk, picking up his bag and heading for the stairs.

Julie managed to hold herself together until he was out of sight, then she collapsed onto a chair, sobbing. She didn’t understand how her life had suddenly become so crazily mixed up. She didn’t understand how her body could be reacting like it was when everything that James had said and done was so disgusting to her. She sat there, she could feel heat in her breasts, her nipples were hard and sensitive, her tummy was turning over, the wetness between her thighs. Her hand pressed between her legs trying to stop the sensations coming from there, but it only made it worse. She began rubbing herself, disgusted at what she was doing, but unable to stop. It only took seconds for her to cum, her body trembling as the flood of warmth travelled down inside her. She was ashamed at what she was doing, but couldn’t stop, pressing harder, rubbing harder, she felt it building again. Her other hand went to her breast, squeezing, feeling the hardness of her nipple. “Oh my god!” She sighed loudly as a second orgasm followed, stronger than the first, she could feel the wetness through her dress.

As she sat there, slumped in the chair, trying to deal with the shame of what she had done. She closed her eyes but the vision that appeared, of Henry in his bra and panties sucking that cock, horrified her even more. Julie was convinced she was going mad. Was that the sound of James laughing she could hear, had he seen what she was doing, had he seen the effect he had had on her. She rose in panic, running upstairs, into her bedroom, slamming the door behind her, throwing herself onto the bed and sobbing into the pillow.

Once she had collected herself, she went downstairs to prepare the meal. Henry arrived and went upstairs to see James. Once Julie had called them down for their meal, they all sat round the table. Henry and James continued their conversation, virtually ignoring Julie, normally she would have been annoyed but on this occasion she took it as a blessing.

Once the meal was over, Henry announced he was going for a shower, then change ready for his meeting. Julie asked what the meeting was for, Henry replied, mumbling something about a sport committee connected with work. Julie noted the way he stumbled over his explanation which raised her suspicions, but she decided she had enough to cope with at present without opening that can of worms.

Julie was in the lounge, watching tv, when Henry looked in to say he was going, “Don’t wait up,” he said, “these things often go on till late.”

Ten minutes later, the door opened and James walked in, totally naked.

“James!” She cried, “what do you think you’re doing, go and put some clothes on at once.”

James just smiled in reply, standing in front of her, holding his erection. “Admit it Mum, you want it,” he said.

“James, you’re really upsetting me now,” she pleaded, “please stop this, l can’t cope with any more, not with your father as well, l just can’t cope any more, please stop, please James.”

“What about Dad?” James asked, “what’s he been doing?”

“I can’t talk about it,” she replied, “please go and put some clothes on, stop this silliness and we’ll forget it ever happened.”

“We can’t forget Mum,” he said, “you may be saying all the right things but your eyes have been fixed on my cock since l came in, you want it Mum, l know you do, admit it, you want it.”
Julie realised he was right, she had been staring at his penis. Apart from photographs and tv, Henry’s was the only other penis she had seen erect, well since leaving school anyway, there had always been boys there who would try to impress the girls by showing their cocks and trying to feel a girl’s boobs or getting their hands inside their knickers. Why she was staring at James’s cock was because it looked so beautiful. It was bigger than Henry’s, both in length and girth, his foreskin was peeled back, the bulbous, purple head glistening, it looked so powerful and yet gentle, she could see it pulsing as he stroked it. Despite her protests, she felt drawn to it, she could see a bead of moisture forming at the eye, suddenly she had the vision of Henry with that cock in his mouth, she wondered what that bead of moisture on James’s cock would taste like. She felt the urge to lean forward and take it into her mouth.

James had seen her expression change, he grew in confidence, türkçe bahis stroking his cock, her eyes fixed on it. He felt this would be a discerning moment, all those years he had masturbated thinking of his mother, he squeezed his cock, saw a bead of pre cum oozing from the tip, he placed his finger on it, smearing it over the swollen head. He saw her lips part, he could tell what was in her mind, he saw her move, just fractionally, as if she was being pulled towards him by some invisible cord.

Suddenly the realisation of what she was about to do hit her, she jerked back. “Go James,” she said, flustered, trying to maintain some authority.

“Okay,” he smirked, “this time l will, but you want it Mum, l could see it in your eyes, you want it inside you, you want to taste it, you want it fucking you. Your nipples are hard, your cunt is dripping wet, you want it Mum, don’t deny it.”

“Please,” she begged, “Please don’t make me James.”

“No Mum,” he replied, “l won’t force you, but you have to recognise that you want it, you will Mum.”

He stepped back, breaking the air of tension in the room. “What’s this about Dad anyway?” He asked.

“Go and get dressed,” she said, “then come into our bedroom, l need to show you something.”

Julie realised as soon as she’d said it that asking him to come to her bedroom was probably sending the wrong message but she couldn’t take it back, that would only make a bigger issue of it.

When James entered the bedroom, he had only put on a pair of shorts. Julie had hoped he would dress fully, at least that would draw a line under what had happened. Conversely, she had to admit he looked good, his tanned, muscular body so much of a contrast from Henry with his paunch and man boobs.

Julie sat on the bed, a wooden box on the floor at her feet.

“Open it,” she indicated the box.

James sat beside her, reaching down and opening the box. He saw a small pile of different coloured lace panties and bras. He looked at his mother, puzzled.

“Some of them are mine,” she said, “but some l’ve never seen before.”

James took the panties and bras out, placing them on the floor.

“The red ones are missing,” she said, “he’s probably wearing them now.”

James was silent as he removed a garter belt and three pairs of stockings, then he saw the box which would have contained the butt plug, had it not been open and empty. Also James saw the photos.
“Jesus fucking Christ,” he said, taking out each photo in turn, seeing his father dressed in the outfits. Finally he came to the photos of his father sucking cocks. “How long?” He asked, “how long has this been going on, why keep photos, no-one keeps photos these days.”

“I suppose it’s because he knows l sometimes use his phone, so he was afraid l would see them. He bought a photo printer, he said it was so that he could make pictures of birds for his study.”

“Have you spoken to him about it?” James said.

“No, l only found it a yesterday,” she said, “l don’t know what to do,” she started to cry, “how can l be expected to cope with this, all these years we’ve been together, all these years he’s been pretending, lying with me when he is thinking about doing this stuff. I know he’s never been the most passionate of men, l mean we hardly ever have sex these days, not that we ever had it much before. But how is a wife supposed to cope when she discovers her husband likes to dress up like that and do things like that.”

Julie broke down completely, tears streaming down her face.

“Hey Mum,” James said, putting his arms around her.

“Am l really that unattractive,” she cried, “so ugly that he prefers men.”

“Shush Mum,” James said, “of course you’re not, you’ve always been a good looking woman, l’ve seen the way men look at you Mum, even my mates, they all think you’re a looker.”

Julie clung to him, her head resting on his chest. He was holding her gently but she could still feel the power in him. Despite everything, she felt a stirring deep in her tummy.

“And now you as well,” she sobbed, “wanting to humiliate me.”

“Whoa Mum,” he stopped her, “l never want to humiliate you, don’t ever think that, l love you Mum.”

“You’ve got a funny way of showing it,” she said, “confronting me like that, how could you do that to me.”

“It really isn’t that unusual Mum for boys to have fantasies about their mothers,” he said, “and not many boys have mothers with a figure like yours.”

“Don’t be silly James,” she replied, feeling a surge of warmth hearing him complimenting her. “I’m no beauty queen, l’m overweight to start with.”

“No you’re not Mum, you’re great,” he replied, “that time l saw you in the shower, l’ll never forget it Mum, l came so much, l had to steal the panties later in case you saw the state of them.”

“You really shouldn’t be telling me these things,” she said.

“Oh come on Mum,” he said, “l’ve been wanking over you for years, you’re gorgeous, that’s why l want to fuck you.”

“James please,” she said, “please don’t start that again.”

His hand went to her waist. “Don’t tell me you don’t like it Mum, l can feel it in your body.” His hand moved up to cover her breast. “Your nipples are hard Mum, don’t fight it.”

“Please James,”she pleaded, “please don’t.”

Despite her words, she made no move to stop him as he began gently kneading her breast. Then his hand slid down her body, following the inward curve of her waist, then the swell of her hips as she leaned against him.

Julie’s hand was resting on his chest. u*********sly it began to move over the contours, feeling the hardness of his muscles.

James’s hand was on her thigh, moving down, finding the edge of her skirt, then slipping under, sliding up the inside of her thigh.

Despite herself, she emitted a faint groan as she felt his hand on the inside of her thigh.

“Please no,” she whispered, but she could feel her resistance melting away. Her own hand sliding down his body until it reached the waistband of his shorts.

His hand had reached the top of her thigh, his fingers tracing over the thin material of her panties. Automatically her leg moved, parting, allowing him access. She felt his fingers tracing the cleft of her vagina.

“Oh god,” she hissed, turning her face up to his, her lips meeting his, his tongue entering her mouth, searching, exciting. Her hand slipped inside his shorts, finding the hardness of him, her hand encircling his shaft, not fully, she could feel him pulsating, feel his heartbeat in his cock.

His fingers were inside her panties, tracing her labia, they found her clitoris. She inhaled sharply as the thrill went through her body. She squeezed his cock hard, it was rigid, like an iron rod.

“I have to fuck you,” he said, “l have to.”

There was no more fight left in her, she knew she had to surrender, had to give in to her own desires.

“Yes,” was all she could whisper.

The scene turned rapidly from tenderness to blind passion. He pushed her down onto the bed, standing above her, her stepped out of his shorts. She stared up at him as he removed her panties, immediately parting her thighs, displaying herself to him.

James couldn’t hold back, lifting her legs onto his shoulders, he felt the tip of his cock brushing against her cunt. In one movement he was in her to the hilt.
“Oh god,” she cried, as she felt him entering her, his pelvis crushing onto her as his cock reached depths that had never been reached before.

His hands went to the front of her dress, fumbling with the buttons, then giving up, grabbing the material and tearing it apart. Hearing her shriek of surprise. He grabbed her bra, pushing it up roughly, setting her breasts free, grabbing them, mauling them, pinching her nipples.

“Oh god yes,” she cried, her body rising to meet him as he slammed into her again and again. “Fuck me baby.”

Those words from his mother just ignited the flame inside him, he was out of control, years of frustration poured into that moment. He knew he was hurting her but she was calling for more. The red mist settled over him as he fucked her violently, she fucking him in return. They rolled and thrashed on the bed. One second she was on top, tearing at her clothes until she was naked, hanging her breasts over him as he sucked her nipples hungrily. The next she was under him, meeting him thrust for thrust.

She cried out as her first orgasm hit her, James felt the burning heat as her fluids engulfed him. That just inspired him to fuck her harder, their bodies now covered in sweat.

“Again,” she yelled, “make me cum again, oh my god, yes, harder, harder, Oh my god.”

James cried out as if in agony as with one final deep thrust his balls unloaded his seed deep in her belly. He felt her nails digging into his back as she came again, his cock throbbing wildly as it pumped his spunk into her.

They both collapsed together, clinging to each other, his cock still deep inside her, her face buried in his neck as she held him tight. She felt the muscles in her vagina tense up, then realised that she could control it, smiling as she repeated it over and over, feeling the power of him inside her.

Finally he rolled off her, exhausted. Julie gave a groan of disappointment as he slipped from her cunt. They lay side by side.

“Good?” He whispered.

“Very good,” she replied, “very, very, very good.”

Neither of them had any sense of time as they lay there, briefly touching each other.

“I need to shower,” she said.

“Me too,” he replied, standing and offering her his hand. “Shall we,” he said.

Julie giggled as she allowed him to stand her up, leading her to the bathroom.

“Just give me a minute,” she said, releasing her hand, intending to shut the door door on him, “l need to pee.”

“I want to watch,” he replied, refusing to let her shut the door.

“Don’t be daft,” she giggled, jigging about, “shut the door before l have an accident.”
James didn’t move. Julie could wait no longer, rushing to the toilet and sitting down.

“Open your legs,” he said, kneeing in front of her, “l want to watch.”

“God l can’t believe l’m doing this,” she giggled, parting her thighs as the stream of urine flooded from her. “Don’t do that!” She shouted as he put his hand between her thighs, touching her vagina as she continued to pee.

“I’ve always wanted to do this,” he said as his fingers played with her as she continued to pee. “I’ve only ever seen it on porn videos. He removed his fingers, putting them to his lips. “Mmmmmm,” he said, smiling, “tasty.”

“That’s disgusting,” she giggled again, reaching for some toilet paper to dry herself. “This is surreal, you’re making me giggle like a schoolgirl.”

“That’s what l said Mum,” he said, leading her into the shower, “sex should be fun.”

Once they had stepped under the warm water, James covered her with shower gel, then using his hands to soap her, travelling all over her body with particular attention to her breasts and between her legs.

Julie was loving the attention, she couldn’t remember the last time she had relaxed so much and had fun. James’s hands on her body electrified her, she responded, roaming her hands over his body, finally caressing his cock and balls.

James stooped to kiss her breasts, sucking each nipple, Julie holding him to her, feeding him her breast. James sank to his knees, kissing her body as he travelled down.

Julie tensed, she knew where he was going, she had read about it in novels. She had never experienced it herself, she was nervous.

“Relax Mum,” he whispered, “is this your first time?” He said, kissing her belly button, then just above the patch of thick dark hair.

Julie could only whimper in response as his hands forced her to part her legs. He pushed her back against the wall, then, as if she was as light as a feather, his hands were between her legs, supporting her bottom as he lifted her so that her thighs rested on his shoulders.

Julie cried out as his mouth made contact with her vagina. She had never experienced anything like it, electric shocks raging through her body as he found her clitoris, sucking it, nibbling it. Some how he managed to slide fingers inside her, she cried out again.

In seconds he took her to the verge of orgasm, her hands were on his head, holding him against her. Then he stopped, Julie cried out in anguish, she wanted that orgasm. James remained still, feeling the tension leaving her body before commencing again.

“Oh god!” She cried as he quickly took her back to that threshold, again holding her there. Julie felt the pressure building inside her, she thought güvenilir bahis siteleri she would go mad if she didn’t cum soon. She tried grinding her pelvis against his mouth but still he held her back before taking her up again. “Please, this time, please,” she pleaded.

This time she was sure she was going over the edge, but no, he held her again.

“Noooooo!” She screamed, “l need it now, please, your killing me, please baby, anything baby, anything you want, l’ll do anything but please baby, finish me, please.”

James didn’t respond, he remained still, resisting her attempts to rub herself against him. Then he began again, he heard his mother’s sigh as she built again. This time he took his fingers out of her cunt, tracing his finger tip around her puckered anus.

“Oh my god!” She screamed at this new sensation. Now her hands went to her breasts, squeezing them hard, pinching her own nipples. This time she was going, she knew it, he couldn’t stop her again, it would be too cruel.

James knew she was on the edge, he could feel her clitoris pulsating in his mouth, just at the right moment he forced the tip of his finger into the anus.

“Oh Jesus Christ!” She cried as her whole body erupted, fluids burst from her, pouring into his mouth. Julie felt as if something huge had invaded her but she didn’t care, she was crying and laughing at the same time, it was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. It felt like it would never end, she didn’t want it to end. The sensation as he removed his finger from her bum hole simply sent another shock wave through her body.

James could feel all the tension leaving her body, he took her juices hungrily, savouring the taste of her. This was even better than he had hoped.

As her orgasm passed, he lifted her again, then lowered her gently back onto her feet. He held her then, feeling her unsteadiness, kissing her as she recovered.

Finally he felt her strength returning. “Good?” He asked, smiling at her.

“Oh baby,” she sighed, “l’ve never felt like that before.” She kissed him. “Thank you baby, l do love you.”

“I love you too Mum,” he said, “l want this to be us, we have all the summer holiday, we’re going to have so much fun together.”

Julie felt strong enough to support herself, she turned him so that he was against the wall. She kissed his chest, sucking on his nipples, then looked up at him. “My turn,” she said as she went lower, kissing his body as she slowly sank to her knees.

She was on her knees in front of him, holding his erect cock. She looked up at him. “I’ve never done this before,” she said.

“You don’t have to Mum,” he replied.

“I want to,” she said, “but l want it to be good for you, l don’t want to disappoint you.”

“I love you Mum,” he said then gave a deep sigh of pleasure as he felt her mouth engulfing him.

Julie was surprised at how easily she had taken him, surprised how good it felt to feel the rigid shaft throbbing in her mouth, the head filling her as it pulsates. The knowledge of what she was doing excited her again, he felt huge in her mouth but she knew she had only taken a fraction of him.

She didn’t know what to do next, she began sucking gently on him, each time taking a little more of him inside her. She felt him reaching the back of her throat and instinctively pulled back, gagging slightly but determined not to release him.

“You don’t have to Mum,” she heard him say, his hands on her head, gently pushing her away.

Julie was determined, grabbing his buttocks she pulled him to her again, this time taking him deep into her mouth, resisting the urge to gag as his head filled the back of her throat. She sucked on him hard, caressing his balls.

James realised he had to help her, holding her he began slowly fucking her mouth. He heard her groan with pleasure as his cock moved back and fore. He had to admit that for her first time she was very good, he didn’t want to hold back for long, not sure how far he should take her.

Julie picked up on the rhythm of him, taking his full length with each thrust, gradually increasing the speed and force. The head of his cock was entering her throat now with each thrust, Julie managing to time her breathing to accommodate him. She couldn’t believe how good it felt, he felt so powerful in her mouth.

James knew his orgasm was close, he tried to push her away but she clung to him.

Julie realised why he was trying to push her away but she wasn’t going to allow it. At that second she felt his cock swell, his efforts to push her suddenly changed to pulling her, forcing his cock deep into her throat as he fired his first ever jet of cum into her mouth. She was determined not to reject him, swallowing hard, surprised at the taste, if anything slightly salty but otherwise not what she expected.

The realisation of what she was doing sent shivers down her body, she felt the warmth inside her as she had a little orgasm of her own.

James held her firm as he unloaded his spunk into her mouth, the whole evening had gone far better than he had dreamt, he had wanted his mother for so long, now, here she was, on her knees before him, taking his seed into her mouth.

Once she was satisfied that she had taken every last drop, she released him, looking up at him.

“Did l do it right?” She asked, smiling.

James helped her to her feet.

“You are fantastic Mum,” he said, “l’ve wanted this for so long, we’re going to have a wonderful summer.”

They towelled each other dry. Walking back into the bedroom, Julie noticed the time.

“My god, where has the evening gone,” she said. “We had better cover our tracks, your father could be home soon.”
James came up behind her, putting his arms around her, cupping her breasts, gently pinching her nipples. Feeling her sink back into him, her nuzzled the back of her neck.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she sighed, “that feels nice.”

“What are you going to do about Dad Mum?” He said, not releasing his hold on her breasts. “Are you going to confront him?”

“I don’t know baby,” Julie instinctively covered his hands with hers. “I can hardly take the high ground after what we’ve just done. I mean, l don’t condone it, the idea that he is doing that with strangers, then coming home to my bed disgusts me, but he would probably say the same if he found out about us.”

“Have you never had any suspicions?” He said, sitting on the bed, pulling his mother down to sit on his lap, his hand immediately resting between her thighs, stroking her labia.

“Don’t James,” she said, making a weak attempt to push his hand away. “We can’t do it again, anyway, you can’t have anything left,” she giggled.

“I can always try,” he laughed, kissing her breasts, “would you like me to go down on you again?”

“No James, no…stop it,” she tried again to push him away, but again it was a weak attempt, the feeling of him stroking her vagina was just too good to want him to stop. “We don’t have time for that, your father could be home any minute.”

“That’s alright Mum,” James chuckled, “he could watch me fucking you, l could show him how to do it properly.”

“Stop it…!” She whimpered as his fingers entered her, biting her lip as his thumb made contact with her clitoris. “Stop it James…please,” she begged, making no effort to push him away, instead cupping her own breast as he sucked on her nipple.

“That would be fun Mum,” he said, “making him watch us fucking, he could dress up in his undies and wank watching us.”

“Stop it,” she sighed, leaning back into him, her legs spread as his fingers worked inside her.

“You telling him how useless he is,” James continued, feeling his mother lose all resistance. “Telling him how l’m fucking you properly, we could humiliate him.” He fingers pressed deeper inside her, his thumb pressing down hard on her clit.

“Oh my god!” Julie sighed as her cunt flooded, “l want you baby.”

“Get on your hands and knees on the bed,” he said, effortlessly lifting her off his lap, “l want to fuck you from behind, doggy style.”

Julie couldn’t resist him, she wanted him, she didn’t care about anything else….she had to have him.

She did as he ordered her, resting on her hands and knees as he knelt behind her. She felt his cock brushing against her cunt. She marvelled at how hard he felt, after everything they had done.

James held her hips, pulling her back as he thrusted his cock into her in one savage thrust.

“Oh Jesus Christ!” She cried out as he slammed against her upturned buttocks.

James immediately began fucking her violently, reaching under her, grabbing her swinging breasts, squeezing them hard as he used them to pull her back onto his cock.

“Do you want him to see me fucking you like this?” He said, “show him how l make you cum. You can watch him wanking while l fuck you, see him in his frilly panties and bra watching his wife taking her son’s cock deep in her cunt.”

His words set a fire inside her, her first orgasm quickly followed by another.

“I want to do it Mum,” he said, “l want to fuck you in front of him, humiliate him….you want it Mum….say it…..say you want it.”

“Yes……yes……anything,” she cried, “anything…..just fuck me.”

James drove into her hard, squeezing her breasts even harder, feeling the convulsions in her cunt as she came again, this time he came too.

Julie could feel him pulsating deep inside her, she didn’t know if he had much spunk to give her but she worked her cunt muscles, trying to drain him of as much as possible.

They stayed still, locked together as their orgasms subsided.

“Oh my god James,” she sighed, “what are we doing…..where are we going….we’re all going to hell….this is madness.”

Despite her words, she still gave a groan of disappointment as he pulled out of her cunt, releasing her and allowing her to collapse on the bed.

“We should never have started this baby,” she said, looking up at him. “It’s not your fault, l should never have allowed it to get this far, l don’t know how we got to this.”

“You’re a sexy woman Mum,” he said.

“No l’m not,” she laughed, “l’m too old and frumpy to be sexy.”

“You are Mum,” he said, “when l was in school l often heard the older boys talking about you.”

“Dirty things you mean?”

“Well yes, of course,” he chuckled, “usually about your tits or how they wanted to fuck you. I used to wank at night imagining them fucking you, loads of them, one after another, but in my dream each one that fucked you was me, it was me fucking you time after time, and you were begging for more, just like you were just now. Look at me, l’m still hard, l could fuck you again, that’s what you do to me.”

“No James,” she said, “your father will be home soon, please don’t make me cope with that, please baby. Go and have a cold shower, l have to get to bed, l’m always in bed when he gets in late, l don’t want to confront it just yet, l need to get my head around what is happening.”

“Okay Mum,” he stooped to kiss her, “you know l love you.”

“I love you baby,” she replied, watching him gather his discarded shorts and walk out of the bedroom.

Julie quickly raced around the room, trying to make sure everything was as normal. She looked at the clock, it was almost midnight. She pulled her nightdress over her head and climbed into bed, turning out the light. She lay there, reliving the evening. Her hand went to her breasts, they were tender after the way James had mauled them. Her other hand went between her thighs, there was still heat there, her fingers traced her labia, they were wet and sticky, two fingers slipped inside, she was so wet. Removing her fingers, she brought them to her mouth, tasting the mixture that was inside her.

She heard the front door close, then footsteps on the stairs. She heard Henry go into the bathroom, she suddenly panicked in case she had forgotten to make sure everything was as normal. She heard the shower, then it stopped. A few minutes later, Henry crept into the bedroom. He immediately went to his wardrobe. Julie could just make him out on his knees, fumbling at the base of the wardrobe, trying not to disturb her. Finally he slid under the quilt.

Julie had her back turned to him, trying to keep her breathing steady as if she was asleep. She felt him spooning behind her he grunted as his arm came over her, his hand finding her breast.

Julie gave a start, as if he had disturbed her, in fact it was the touch of his hand on her tender breast. She realised he wanted sex, she was instantly disgusted. How dare he come home expecting sex with her after spending the evening being used like some male prostitute.

“No, l’m tired,” she mumbled, shrugging his hand from her breast. She heard him grunt in disappointment before turning over.

Julie smiled to herself, closing her eyes and surrendering to a dream filled night.

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