Mother in law can’t handle her alcohol part 2


Mother in law can’t handle her alcohol part 2
As I got to the bottom of the stairs I could here her Mum Anne talking on the phone in the kitchen.

“I’ll be home in the next 10 mins, just get in a taxi now” I could hear her say. So I waited at the doorway to listening.

“I’ll pay for it when you get there”

Yeah, I’ll make it worth your while,see you soon”

And she hung up.

“Make what worth your while”

She spun round, embarrassed and shocked that I had over heard her.

“ nothing” she giggled.

“You dirty bitch, your lining up booty call” I joked.

As MILs go Anne and myself got on really well and she was a good laugh. Never took herself too serious and could dish out anything that you gave to her. As we got in the car and headed out the drive I joked with her again about the booty call. She told me it was a guy from tinder. Tinder!!!

Annes 56 but you wouldn’t think it. 5’1 but unlike her daughter she has a small slim frame but the biggest tits you could imagine, easily 36FFand they were round and full, short bobbed hair and a neat little ass. I could only imagine what her tinder profile would look like. Back in the day she was known to be a bit of a good time girl. She had split from my wife’s dad 20 years ago and had been back on the scene ever since. A few boyfriends, a few one night stands that my wife had told me about. So I knew she was always sexually active.

As we drove we laughed and joked about her boots call, I joked that it would be a completion between her and my wife as to who would get the best fucking tonight. She laughed and told me that the reason she was going home was because my wife had mentioned that she wanted to fuck me and that she didn’t want to sleep over and get in the way. Wow

As we talked and drove I could feel myself getting stiff again. I was wearing loose fit cotton shorts with no underwear so it was free to rise up unchallenged. I tried to adjust myself discreetly but she knew what was happening. As I looked over at her and tried to adjust my now fully erect cock without her noticing I could see right down her top, her huge tits looked amazing just bouncing as we hit the bumps in the road. Her short dress up to her thighs leaving little to my imagination. güvenilir bahis siteleri As we pulled up to the house, I got out the car and gave her a hand out the door, she was really unsteady on her feet. We walked up to her door and she dropped her handbag, keys makeup phone everywhere.

“Fuck, I’ll wake all the neighbours up” she tried to whisper. I just laughed at her poor attempt at being quiet

I grabbed the keys and her stuff out it all in the bag and opened the door for her.

“In you get tart” I joked.

She stumbled in the door across the hall and landed on the bottom step. She sat there eyes glazed over unable to get her shoes off.

“Do you need help” I asked

“Please, or I’ll never get up the stairs in these heels”

I kneeled down in front of her to unfasten her shoes. Her top bunched up pushing her massive tits further up than I had seen them before. They were amazing, her dress still hiked up her thighs almost showing me her underwear.

“Huh-hmmm” she grunted

“And what are you looking at mister” she laughed

Busted! As I looked up she was starring right at me smiling.

“It’s a bit hard not to look, they’re nearly falling out your top” I could feel my cock stiffen again as I said it. I tried to laugh it off but If I stand up now she’ll definitely see how excited I am.

I couldn’t kneel any longer it was just awkward, her heels were off so why was I still down there. I stood up slowly and there it was in all its fucking glory. My cock rock solid and pressed against the front of my shorts right in front of her face. Her eyes widened and she laughed out loud.

“What the fuck is that?”

“What!” I was panicking.

“That right there” as she pointed at my cock.

I tried to laugh it off and made a quip about her tits in my face and how could she blame me.

She grabbed it.!!

“What you doing?”

“Lisa told me it was big, that’s fucking huge”

I didn’t even try to move away, I was stood there in front anne with her hand wrapped round my stiff cock and shorts. She pulled and squeezed at it like it was a new toy she had never seen. We didn’t speak again.

She slowly pulled at the front of my shorts making my cock spring out as it whipped past the waistband. The look on her canlı bahis face was pure delight. My 9” thick cock was withing inches of her face, she wrapped her hand around it and pulled it towards her eager mouth. This little slut was going to suck my cock and I was going to let her.

I could feel her breath on my throbbing head as it got nearer and then the warmth of her wet lips and tounge as it slid into her mouth. She was taking the full length in her mouth and throat without even gagging. She had done this before. She reachead around pulling my shorts down to my ankles and holding onto my ass cheeks as she pulled my body forward with ever suck, I began mouth fucking her, I grabbed her head and started to pump harder as she dug her nails into my ass cheeks. Harder and faster, she was looking up at me with thes wide eyes, I was on the edge ready to shoot my load down her throat then I stopped, I wanted this to last a bit longer. I pulled her head away, my cock left her mouth with a pop as she had been sucking so hard. She was gasping for air, still looking at me with her saliva dripping off my cock and onto her massive tits. I reached down and grabbed at them firmly, yanking her top down exposing her lace bra, I reached around and I clipped it off as fast as I could and pulled it off her shoulders revealing those beautiful large firm FF tits and her massive brown nipples(just like her daughters). I pushed her back onto the stair and began pulling at her nipples, teasing her, biting and licking them. She began to moan , the harder I bit he more she moaned. She loved it. I reached down and began stroking my cock. I straddled her on the stair and placed my cock between her tits, rubbing and slapping them with my massive throbbing head. Fully fucking her massive heaving tits, sliding between them all the way up to her mouth where her tounge lashed the top of my cock.

I could feel her moving beneath me, I lent back and reached down for her pussy to find her hands already down there pawing away at her mature cunt. She was soaking. Her hands inside her French lace panties, her thighs covered in juice. This dirty slut was ready and waiting for my cock. I climbed off and stepped güvenilir bahis back, she just kept rubbing at her pussy, waiting for me to slip it in. I grabbed her stood her up and pulled her panties to her ankles. Spun her round and knelt her back on the stairs. I pushed her head down onto the stair in front. There she was my MiL, bent over, tits out dress hiked up over her waist her small ass and mature cunt in the air ready for me. As I knelt down behind her I lubed up my thumb with her pussy juices and began to rub her tight little asshole, she squirmed an I could tell she knew what was coming. As I lined up the head of my cock with her soaking slit I pushed my thumb slowly into her asshole, she tightened up and I slid my fat cock into her simultaneously. The pressure of my thumb in her ass pushing agains my cock was too much for her, she bucked an moaned, arching her back up she whispered “fucking pound me” In An instant I smashed my cock into her cunt and buried my thumb as deep as I could, she went wild. I pumped and pumped until she began to moan louder and louder, the noises were sending me over the edge. I was ready to explode. I could feel her tightening. “I’m cumming” that was it, I kept pumping into her until she began to shake then I pulled my cock and thumb out at the same time, pulled her round to face me and pushed my cock back into her mouth. Pushing my thumb in aswell she eagerly cleaned both. I began to pump harder and faster and could feel the cum rising up my shaft, it exploded in her mouth, cum spilling out onto her chin and tits, I pulled out and shot that last small spurts of cum over her face. She licked every little drop from the tip of my cock.

I just stood there looking down at her, covered in cum, red in th face, panting for breath. She was so sexy. All in all we had been there for maybe 15 minutes but it felt like hours. We just laughed. I darted upstairs to wash my cock and the sweat and juices off my torso. She followed me upstairs.

“What are you doing”

“ I’ve got to go back and put my cock in Lisa mouth in about 10 mins so I can’t have her smelling your pussy on it can I.” I joked.

“Fuck,David will be her any minute.”

We had forgot about her tinder date. She jumped in the shower and laughed about having to do it all over again. I leaned into the shower and gave her a full kiss and a little tickle of her now swollen clit for good measure and made myself scarce.

Back in the car and home to my little slutwife

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