More Adventures of young Billy


More Adventures of young Billy
Billy’s mother had to work to help support their family. Although she worked in a dress factory as a seamstress, she dressed to the nines for work everyday. Billy cherished the opportunity to hang around her while she was getting ready.

Her routine was exactly the same every morning. After she finished a couple of cups of coffee, she returned to her bathroom to begin her routine of applying her make up and fixing her hair. Once she was done with that, Billy knew what was coming next. She would move toward the top drawer of her dresser where she kept her lingerie and stockings, carefully selecting a pair to wear along with an open bottom girdle that she wore daily in lieu of a garter belt.

Billy would find his way into her bedroom and act as though he was just enjoying being near her when his real motive was to watch her put on her silky, ultra sheer nylon stockings. He would become mesmerized by this daily morning ritual of his mother’s. What was it about her stockings that was so alluring? Their wispy sheerness was hypnotic especially as she gathered one up in her hand down to the dark reinforced toe and carefully slipped it onto her waiting foot with her toes pointed. It was almost too much to take as she continued to slide the stocking up her slender leg to the awaiting metal garter clasp attached to her girdle.

Billy couldn’t decide which part of this spectacle was his favorite. He loved watching his mother expertly attach the garter clip to the dark welt that matched the color of the heel and toe of her ultra sheer stocking. Then she would stand and twist toward her back to reach the rearward garter clip to attach to her nylon to it.

Next, she sat back down gathering illegal bahis up her remaining stocking preparing it to slip over her pretty pedicured toes and the ritual would repeat itself. All the time, she was trying to make small talk with her son as she engaged in behavior that she must have suspected was highly arousing to him. He couldn’t hear much of what she was saying because of the state of arousal he was in. He couldn’t wait for her to return home later than afternoon.

When she did come back home, she slipped off her heels and reclined on the sofa to relax before preparing dinner. Billy knew that she would eventually fall asleep for a quick nap and then he could make his move.

He headed back to his room pretending to play when he was really waiting for his mother to fall off to sleep. He could tell by her breathing and an occasional snore that she was out. He waited for about ten minutes while listening for the tell tale signs of a nap. Only then did he quietly return to the living room where his mother was lying with her sumptous nylons fully exposed for him to enjoy. It never failed that her dress would ride up while she was reclining to reveal the mysteriously sexy dark welts of her stockings and the garter clasps they were attached to.

He carefully moved toward his mother’s nylon clad legs to experience them close up drinking in their sheerness with subtle wrinkles around her knees. That drove him crazy with desire – seeing the diaphenous, delicate nylon creases. He moved his face close to her nylon clad feet coming within a micron of touching them with his lips and nose while he carefully drank in the sight of the heel and toe reinforcements. It was so arousing and excitingly tipobet güvenilir mi naughty.

As he continued his close up exploration of the nylon clad legs and feet before him, he carefully unzipped his fly and pulled out his already erect penis. He had to feel her nylons on his cock.

He carefully and quietly knelt down along the length of his mother’s nyloned legs and barely touched the tip of his penis to her legs. That immediately set off an electric shock wave of intense arousal up his cock straight to his brain. What an incredible feeling! He continued to lightly rub the length of his young meat against the smooth sheer nylon when he noticed some clear, sticky liquid oozing from the tip of his penis. He had heard about this happening to men when they became aroused and now it was happening to him.

He didn’t want to push his luck and suffer the consequences of waking his mother so he returned his extremely erect penis meat back into his pants. It was like an iron rod so it was a challenge to manuver it back into its hiding place. He could feel his erection struggling against the tightness of his pants wanting to be freed again like a wild a****l.

He didn’t know if he would have enough time, but he quickly went to his mother’s bedroom to find the nylons she had worn the previous day which she often left lying on the top of her dresser as if they were waiting there for him to fuck. Sure enough, there they were, smokey gray color – almost equally thrilling to see off her legs as on. They looked so sexy innocently lying on the dresser with the scent of her perfume lightly hanging about them.

He grabbed his prize and headed to the bathroom for a quick nylon session before his perabet mother woke up from her nap. He laid down on the bathroom floor rug taking his prize to his face to consume its aroma and softness. His cock was standing straight up like a flagpole begging for more attention as he lowered his mother’s nylons around his awaiting shaft.

He carefully wrapped the silky stockings around his penis allowing them to softly caress
and envelope it. He slowly stroked his nyloned covered cock reveling in the silky slipperiness of the sheer nylons. But what he loved most was to roll up a stocking like he’d seen his mother do as she was preparing to put one on – and slowly pull it over his awaiting erection like a condom made of nylon. He pulled the stocking down all the way to the dark, reinforced toe until it encased the tip of his penis which was dribbling pre-cum that noticeable darkened the nylon. He took the other stocking and loosely drapped it over his nylon covered dick so that he could experience the friction from the slippery nylons as he slowly jacked off.

He continued jacking off with his mother’s worn stockings replaying what he had just experienced moments earlier while lightly rubbing his cock against her nylon clad legs. It was only a matter of a few more second before he felt his orgasm approaching. He didn’t know that it was called an orgasm but he knew he was the pinnacle of sexual arousal that was highly desirable.

As he continued pumping the nylons around his cock meat, he felt that familiar feeling of a climax approaching. He was blind with arousal and excitement as the electricity of the sheer nylons did their magic. And then it happened. His orgasm came but something felt different. He could sense something different. He felt a different sensation along the shaft of his penis as he reached orgasm and he noticed that the toe of the stocking on his cock was soaked with a sticky, white viscous liquid. Semen! He first real, wet orgasm.

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