middleageminx picks up a stranger


middleageminx picks up a stranger
I’d taken a few days off work to do some jobs around the house, but I needed to go to B&Q to get some bits. While I was getting some light fittings a smart lady, slightly grey hair asked if I knew about outside lights. I didn’t want to be rude so asked what she was looking for, I then picked up some lights and said that I thought these were good value for money and suggested a particular light. She smiled and thanked me, putting the light into her basket.
I went back to getting some cables and fittings. After a few minutes she came back to me and asked if the light was easy to fix, so I said it’s pretty basic and easy to fit if you know what you’re doing. She asked if it would be easy for me. I could see what was coming next, yes I said I could do it, she looked a little coy and said if I didn’t mind, she’d be ever so grateful and pay me for my time.
So after getting all my bits and pieces, I paid and met her at the checkout. She said she only lived five minutes away, so I followed her in my car. Once I got to her house, I thought let’s get this done so I can get back to my work. She opened the front door and took off her coat, I hadn’t taken much notice up until now, but when she turned to face me, I could see that she had rather large tits that pushed against her jumper, with lovely legs. Naughty thoughts immediately sprang to mind as I mentally undressed her.
She asked if I wanted a drink before I put the light up, she showed me where she wanted the light and I got started while she made a drink. After a few minutes she called out that it was ready. So I got down from the ladder and went in for my coffee. We sat opposite each other in her lounge and started chatting, apparently she’d lost her husband a few years ago bahis siteleri and struggled with little jobs around the house, she must have noticed me staring at her legs, they were lovely and slightly apart, giving me a nice view, she crossed her legs which gave me a lovely flash.
I must have flushed, because she gave me a nice smile. I then said I’d better get on and went back out and climbed the ladder, after a few minutes she came out and asked if I was ok, I was wobbling a bit as I stretched to fix the light and asked if she could hold the ladder, which she did. After the light was fixed, I started down the ladder with her still holding it for me, looking down, I could see down the top of her jumper, what gorgeous tits, really nice. I stopped and admired them for a few seconds, then as I became level with her hands, she must have noticed that I had a bulge in my jogging bottoms and she just moved her hand so that she brushed against me.
Again was it my imagination or was it deliberate. I had to get into a cupboard under her kitchen worktop to run the light cable into the house, as I was on the floor leaning into the cupboard she came and stood beside me, I couldn’t resist so while still talking, I looked at her legs, slowly following them all the way up, looking at her lovely round bum, with white lace knickers. She must have known what I was doing as she leant forward, opening her legs to reveal a great view between her legs. By now I could feel myself starting to grow, how could I get up with a massive bulge. She said she just needed to get something from upstairs and disappeared, giving me a chance to get sorted out.
She was gone for a while so I finished the connections and tested the light. I shouted up to her that I was finished bahis şirketleri and she asked if I could come up and give her a hand. So I went up to the room where the voice was coming from, she asked if I could just help her with just one more thing. Could l get her case and put on top of the wardrobe, no problem I said. She had the steps ready for me, I got the case and started up the small set of steps, I put the case up and she asked if I could pass her bag down. As I got the bag and turned to get it to her, I could see her gorgeous tits and smiled at her, she took the bag in one hand and then put her other hand on my now hard cock.This only happens in books or magazines I thought, but as I got back to floor, she was just leaning back on the bed, showing her lovely legs, smiling at me looking at my growing bulge.
All she said was that it had been 3 years since she’d had a man. Then she reached over and pulled my joggers s down, leant forward and took my cock in her hand, slowly pulling me towards her. Then as she slowly ran her hand over my cock and balls, I lifted up her jumper, wow what a sight, I took her tots out of her bra, leant over and kissed her nipples and she started to moan. She let go of my cock and just layed back, with one hand gently going from one tot to the other, I started to move the other up her skirt, I hadn’t even reached her pussy and she was moaning and purring. I rubbed her pussy on the outside of her knickers, they were soaking, I slowly moved my fingers inside her knickers and pushed one the two into her lovely wet hole.
Fuck me was all she kept saying, who was I to say no. I lifted her bum up pulled down her skirt and the her knickers. What a gorgeous body, lovely full tits with beautiful erect nipples, nice canlı bahis dark hair leading to a gapping wet pussy. I got between her legs, opening her pussy and pushing my cock slowly into her, as I began to move in and out she was moaning and holding my arms tight, I kissed her, moving my tongue into her mouth as I pumped hard into her lovely warm pussy. It felt amazing, I pulled out and moved my mouth down to taste her juices, I slowly licked around the edge of her pussy, teasing her, while my hands reached up to squeeze her nipples, then as I started to lick her clit , her moans became louder, she was squirming and writhing as I licked harder and then she stiffened and came and as she laid there , legs open I entered her again, bringing her back to life, moaning and arms spread holding onto the bed as i pushed hard and fast until I came deep inside her.
She was amazing, I lay there beside her, just running my fingers over her body, massaging her lovely tits and pushing my fingers into her soaking pussy, she was purring and squirming as I explored her body, I gently turned her over onto her belly, her bum was so good, nice and round, I just pulled her up slightly so that I could push my cock into from behind. She responded by pushing her bum back onto my cock and started to move back and fourth, Fuck this was great, I leant forward to grab her tits and held them as I pushed deep into her from behind. I’d never heard anyone like her, she was moaning and purring at the same time, it was so good. I couldn’t wait, I was fucking her hard and came again, she rolled onto her back and said my turn now, as I laid there she started to finger herself, god she was so horny, her tit were bouncing as she played with her clit, I just took one in my mouth and played with the other as she was going wild fingering herself – then with a scream she came again. What a day. Three years pent up, she blew my mind and I hope I satisfied her.

Written for me by my XH friend Georgelondon, thanks I had a great time.

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