Tim let Michele sleep the next morning. The scheduled yacht trip was not set to sail until 11:00 AM. That would give Michele some time to rest and relax with breakfast before leaving by the Resort van to the harbor. Tim had one more thing he wanted to arrange before they left. He checked on Michele again and headed for the lobby to make some arrangements for dinner to be served in their cabin. First, though, he wanted to talk to their cabin attendant who should be there soon.

He stepped out and sat on the porch on the commons side and waited. She came down the path with her cart only moments later. As she approached, he stood and indicated he would like to talk. “Michele is still sleeping but she should naturally wake very soon. I have coffee, juice and fruit coming for her.”

She said, “I’ll just straighten up around the porches in the meantime. Not a problem at all.”

“Another thing. This will be our last night at the Resort.”

“I know. I’ll be sorry to see you leave. I have enjoyed spending time with you and Michele.”

“That’s what I wanted to talk about. Please don’t take this wrong, like I am just trying to pick up women or something, but a couple of days ago you said you would really enjoy to be able to spend time with us. This is our last evening, if you are truly interested.”

“I was very sincere about that. You two are so sensual, it would be exciting for me to spend quality time with you two. And I want you to understand that this is not something I do. I mean it. You two have really gotten to me.”

“That would be wonderful. I have not said anything to Michele about this so I would like to keep it a surprise. We will be spending the day on a cruise around the island, do some fishing, swimming, stop at a beach. When we get back to the Resort it will be just getting dark. Michele will undoubtedly be quite tire so I had planned a light dinner of fish, salad, white wine, a fruit dessert. Then time in the whirlpool and more wine. It would be nice if you could join us for the whole evening including dinner.”

“Wow, that would be wonderful.”

“Excellent. I will make the final arrangements. Michele will be ready for some gentle feminine love by then. See you then.” He reached out and took her into his arms. She was surprised, but also aroused by the act and the implication for later. She was nearly naked in her sheer wrap around her hips and he was quite naked. Pressing his body into hers, he said softly into her ear, “I think it will be an exciting night.” She shivered.

After finalizing arrangements for the evening, he verified the transportation to the harbor today and discussed the checkout process and transportation back to the airport. They said they had all reservations confirmed. He returned to the cabin and found Michele on the beach side porch with coffee and fruit. Naked, of course.

Tim changed into his swimsuit, tee shirt, hat and sandals. Packed a bag with sun lotion, ID packs for he and Michele, and made sure they had their hats and sunglasses. Michele walked in. The attendant was making the bed and watching us out of the corner of her eye. Michele asked, “So, what am I wearing today, sir?”

Tim stopped, turned to her and looked at her, looked at the attendant, smiled and replied, “I just got this especially for today.” He handed her a bag from the Resort gift shop. She opened it and took out a long tank top. She held it up and looked at Tim, then the attendant. She shook her head and asked, “And only this?”

“Oh, no, dear. I think you should wear you heeled sandals, beach hat and sunglasses.”

Michele turned to the attendant and said, “Men.” But with a big smile. She put the tank top on over her head. It fit like a glove and it was long but only came down to just past her butt cheeks. Looking at the attendant she warned, “If you ever find yourself wanting to give your body to a man to use as his … make very sure that he is as good as this one.” Michele walked over to Tim, put her arms around his neck and kissed him on the mouth. Still holding Tim, she looked over her shoulder to the attendant and asked, “My butt is showing isn’t it?”

“Yeah, pretty much. Have fun.”

They left for the lobby and the van. In the lobby several people stopped and watched Michele go by. Every one of them with knowing smiles.

Michele tried to get into the van without showing her pussy to the driver, but she found that to be impossible. Once inside she kept her knees together and ignored that she was sitting with her bare butt on the seat. She already knew today was not about modesty because Tim didn’t have her bring her bikini. She knew they didn’t have the boat to themselves and she found herself getting more excited in the anticipation. Tim put his hand on her knee and moved it to the inside and she opened her legs just enough to give him access. He moved his hand all the way up her legs to the top. There he found her pussy and found it wet. He only smiled at her. And her only response was to shiver in her anticipation.

At the harbor Tim confirmed the arrangements for picking them up for the return trip to the Resort. Then the driver exited and came around to open their door. Not that Tim couldn’t have handled it by himself but the driver really wanted to assist Michele. That gave him a viewing line straight between her legs to her bare pussy. And despite how much time she has recently spent naked, being dressed (even if very scantily) gave exposure a different level of naughty excitement. Standing on the boardwalk facing the harbor they considered the rows of docks with boats tied up. Determining the dock, they needed they walked down the dock approaching a large boat with four young guys getting gear and coolers onboard. Tim recognized the name of the boat and at the same time was approached by a middle-aged man who was deeply tanned. He identified himself as the owner/captain of the boat and introduced his helper onboard who was gathering up the stuff and stowing it into corners of the deck. Tim introduced Michele and the owner helped her move from the dock to the swaying boat deck. The four guys were standing watching Michele. Tim decided to start the fun and told Michele to hold onto the roof to steady herself getting onto the boat. Of course, that meant that as she lifted both her arms over her head, the hem of her top rose over her pussy in front giving everyone on the boat a clear view. And she knew Tim was doing it on purpose. And she also now knew this wasn’t just a relaxing cruise around the island.

Once onboard the crew cast off the lines and they slowly motored out through the harbor opening. Once through the harbor opening and into open water, the captain turned the controls over to his mate and came down to the main deck to his passengers. With everyone seated around the deck, he opened by saying that the two parties onboard had agreed to the same itinerary. They would be spending the entire remainder of the day on the boat or an isolated island beach he would recommend for a break. Since they were going to be spending the rest of the day together, he asked everyone to go around and introduce themselves, give a little information about where they are from, if there is anything they would rather spend more time doing versus others. The four guys it turned out were all from the same small college in Michigan, although from different parts of the country originally. They all mostly wanted to be on the water and have a good time. They brought lots of beer that should be considered for all. They had no preference of activity and were very amenable to doing whatever others wanted.

Tim introduced them and everyone was attentive. He identified that they were newlyweds on their honeymoon and were interested in discovering new experiences. He stated that they had no experience on the ocean and were, therefore, very interested in spending time cruising the areas around the island. Maybe doing a little fishing if they could catch some fish of any kind, maybe some snorkeling on a reef, and a little shelling on a beach. He looked at the four men and then the captain and asked, “It is my understanding that in open water and away from the main island, we don’t need to worry about nudity.”

The captain smiled at Tim and Michele because he knew this was being asked for the benefit of the other four. Tim had already verified with the captain that once in open water nudity was perfectly acceptable and had occurred on other charters. Although, usually not when there had been mixed parties. “Yes, that is correct. Once at sea, what happens on the boat is only our business. I don’t want any d**g or related laws broken that would get me in trouble. But nudity and such activity are only our business as long as we are a reasonable distance from shore.”

Tim stood up, took Michele’s hand and helped her up and to the center of the deck. “Captain, are we a suitable distance from the island now?”

“Yes, we are, Tim.”

“Very good. Michele, my lovely wife, would you please put your hands behind your head and spread your elbows out to your sides, please?” She did and, of course, raising her arms raised the hem of her top above her bare pussy and her elbows out to the sides thrust her breast out further. Except for the engines and the boat slapping the waves, there was quiet on the boat. “Now turn around slowly.” Everyone had a good look at both her pussy and ass as she turned. “Gentlemen, I discussed a charter with the captain to coincide with a small group such as you. As I indicated earlier, we are on our honeymoon, but not your traditional honeymoon. Has it been a traditional honeymoon, dear?”

“No, sir, it has not.”

Tim walked up behind Michele and took the hem of her top and slowly raised it up her body exposing her pussy, stomach, breasts and then over her head and off. “Dear, please assume the same position and slowly turn around, again.” As she did, she had a slight shiver, her nipples hardened, and she could feel her pussy moistening more. Tim continued, “Gentlemen, I assume none of you are married. Since you haven’t actually experienced your own honeymoon, what do you imagine is the primary sensual activity of a traditional honeymoon?”

“Lots of sex. Locked in your hotel room with room service and lots of time in bed.” Everyone seemed to think that was a dream honeymoon.

Tim asked Michele, “Dear, has that been what your honeymoon has been like? Locked in our room having sex?”

“No, sir. Not locked in our room to have sex.”

“Can you tell them where we are staying for our honeymoon and what kind of place it is?”

“The Resort on this island. It is an adults only, clothes optional, all-inclusive with its own private beach, clubs and restaurant. Clothes are optional, maybe discouraged, throughout the resort. We have had sex in the room, certainly, but also on the porch, the beach and the grass in front of our cabin.”

The guys were silent. Maybe stunned. They couldn’t believe what they were hearing and where this might be going. Sitting on a boat with the privacy of being out at sea, listening to a naked woman describe the sex on her honeymoon.

Tim leaned up to her back and whispered into her ear, “Is this getting you excited? Are you getting wet?”

She turned to him, put her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply, with tongue. Pulling away she said, “Yes, it is. Very much.”

“So, if you don’t think your honeymoon has been traditional in the sexual sense, can you tell them what your experience has been? You don’t have to go into all the boring details. Just some examples.” Tim looked up and the other crew member had come down from the upper control center to control the boat from the controls off the main deck and was paying as much attention as he could while controlling the boat.

“Without boring them? I’m not sure they’d be very interested,” she teased.

“Let’s take the chance they might be interested.”

“Well, let’s see. Since we came here, there has been the sex on the porch in front of strangers, sex on the beach in front of strangers, and sex with that nice young couple on the beach. Then, there was sex with those two dogs on the beach. That gangbang on the beach. I was a naked server at a dinner at a private home for a group of strangers, where I was asked to give the chef sex, and later demonstrated for the guests how to have sex with dogs. There was more, but like you said, husband, we don’t want to bore these gentlemen.”

While she was saying all this, Tim came up behind her and put one hand over her right breast and his left down along her abdomen and further to rub her clit and pussy. He whispered, “Soon, my lovely wife, you will be fucking all these men and for the rest of the day. Does that excite you?”

She whispered in return, “You already know the answer to that, my generous husband. You can feel my excitement.”

One of the young guys asked, “Is for real or are you two just cruel teasers?”

Tim looked at all of them and continued to stroke Michele and replied, “Michele, please spread your legs further so they can see your pussy.” She did so immediately. He put two fingers into her and pumped her a few times and brought wet fingers out. He rubbed his fingers on her stomach so they would see the wetness left behind. “Does this look like teasing? Yes, this güvenilir bahis is for real. Michele’s description of our honeymoon so far is real. You see we had wedding ceremonies. One was traditional in a church with lots of friends and family. The second was among very close and trusted friends where Michele committed in front of everyone there to be my slut. As you can see, she is already wet with anticipation. Now, there are only a few rules. One, this is fun for us. We share our sexuality which has an element of ‘using her’ but there will be NO abuse. She is my wife who I like to share but I do not want her hurt or abused. Two, we are NOT into pain. NO PAIN. Three, be nice to her and she will be very nice to you. Four, while we are on this cruise today, she will fuck all of us. That includes the captain and his mate. Be considerate of the others. Finally, she has three holes and all are available. If you want her ass, be sure to lubricate yourself and her. Again, no abuse. Any questions?”

None. Maybe they were too stunned to see this beautiful naked woman in front of them and coming to grips with the idea that they will be able to freely fuck her.

“When the captain or his mate have an opportunity away from managing the boat, they will get priority for their turn with Michele.” With that Tim kissed Michele’s neck. He had never stopped playing with her breasts and nipples and pussy and clit. He whispered to her, “I think some cock sucking is called for to get things started.”

She walked to one of the guys at the rear of the boat and asked, “May I suck your cock?” She got on her knees in front of him and reached for the snap and zipper his shorts and pulled them down to his knees. She looked up at his eyes and leaned in to kiss the top of his cock and lick the tip, then licked the length of the underside. She continued for minutes but his cock was hard before she even got his shorts down. She then moved on her knees to the next guy and went through the same routine and continued down the line until she had sucked them all and had all four hard and ready.

As she stood, the captain came back down from the upper navigation deck and said they were in a good run for some trolling, if they wanted to try their hands at fishing. He had the boat on automatic pilot for the minutes it would take to get rods ready and baited. Tim suggested just four rods as it appeared some would be otherwise occupied at least for a while. With the rods set, baited and line out the proper distance and firmly placed in the holders anchored to the boat, he returned to the upper deck.

Michele suggested to the first guy that they go to the front deck which was very visible but they were sufficiently distanced from the island to not be a concern. Michele took him by the hand and led him up front. She found cushions and spread them out for their use. She asked how he wanted to start. He wanted her missionary. She had already determined from sucking them that they were all average in size. Also, they were probably less experienced than she had been exposed to recently but that should change as the day wore on. She was right, he was inexperienced and came very quickly. She didn’t have near the time to get close to a cum, but she kissed him deeply and then cleaned off his cock and thanked him for the fuck. Soon after he left the next one came up and then the third. Each was about the same and climaxed quickly. The last of the four was obviously nervous. She stood up and took him into her arms and to her entire body to try to calm him down. She felt him shaking. She looked over his shoulder and a couple of his friends were watching. She sat him down and said she would be right back but needed something to drink.

When she got to the ladder, she caught Tim’s eye and motioned him over. “Honey, this one is really nervous. I think he might even be a virgin. A couple of his friends are watching and I think that is making him more anxious. Can you figure out a way to get them down to the back deck? And, I told him I was getting something to drink. Better make it two. Maybe I can get him comfortable if we just spend some time having a beer.”

He jumped down to the back deck and came back with two beers. Then he called to the two guys on the top navigation deck, “Guys, we need you down here on the rods. We already felt a heavy tug.” They jumped down and grabbed a rod each. He turned to her and said, “This is why I love you so much. I have tasked you with fucking six strangers all day and what you’re concerned with is that one of them is anxious and how can you make it better for him. You’re a beautiful woman, Michele,” and poked his finger to her breast indicating her heart, “right here where it’s most important.” He turned and left.

Michele went to the front and sat down next to him and handed him a beer. “Mind if we drink this first? Being in the sun can dry one out pretty fast. Beer probably isn’t the best for hydration, but it tastes good and it’s cold.” Soon they were laughing about stories each were sharing.

He asked, “Did you really fuck two dogs on the beach? How did that happen?”

“We weren’t at the Resort beach that day. We went to check out a different beach just for the excitement of meeting people not from the Resort. I dozed off and was on my back. I guess my legs were slightly spread. I woke feeling a delightful sensation between my legs. A dog was standing there licking my pussy. And it was delightful.”

“Where was your husband?”

“Sitting right next to me. Just watching. You have to understand that I do fuck dogs. I love their cocks and especially their knots. I have a dog at home that I fuck. It was a little unnerving because we were on a public beach, even if it was a nude beach. But it felt so good and there didn’t seem to be anybody near. Eventually, I turned over onto my hands and knees and let him take me. They both took me. Then their owner showed up while I was knotted with the first and talked to my husband. They just talked and watched.”

“Wow, that is so neat. You guys have an amazing relationship.”

“Yeah, I think so, too. Just between you and me, it sounds really kinky, and I guess it is, but we really love each other like any other married couple. We just show it differently. I’m done with my beer and I need a good fucking. You ready?”

“Hell, yeah.”

Boy was he ready. He had much more enthusiasm and energy in his fucking than the first guy. They started out in missionary, but in short order changed to her on top and she ground down onto him and pulled back up until he was barely inside, then dropped all the way down. As she felt him tense, she got off and licked his cock, his stomach, his chest, nipples and kissed his mouth and played tongue battle for a few minutes. She pulled back and smiled at him and said, “You are really good and I want more of you. But, first, have you ever eaten pussy?”


“Would you like to now? I’ll give you a few pointers. I would really like it, please?” She knew that for him to last the longest she needed to divert his attention and give his cock a break from stimulation. She got on her back, pulled her knees up and spread them out wide, fully exposing herself to him. Letting him see her wet pussy, gaping from their recent fucking. He was mesmerized. She raised her hips and wiggled them to entice him to her. Which he did. He gave a tentative kiss, then a lick on her pussy. “Pussy eating is a fine art so don’t worry about your first time. But women love a man who can make her happy orally. Remember one thing about making love to a woman. Fucking is nice but very often women will accept a man giving her oral sex when she doesn’t feel like fucking. If she senses that you are happy to make her happy and not necessarily looking for a fuck, you will win her heart faster than a big cock that pleases her in only one way.”

She led him through various things to do and then just let him do it. He was a natural. He started using his finger on her clit and inside her pussy as he licked, sucked and gently chewed on her lips and clit. With the mental stimulation of leading him through it and what he was doing, she called out to him, “ooooooooooo, yesssssssssss. OOOOOOOhhhhhhhhh, so goooooodddddddd. Yes. Don’t … you … dare … stop … uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh, yes … if you … want … oh, god, yes … if you want … to fuck … me more, don’t stop now! YYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS, I’mmmmmmmm cummmmmminnnnnggggggg!” Screaming it out for everyone on the boat to hear, and maybe others on the island.

He sat back and watched her. With her legs obscenely spread, he watched her pussy opening and contracting with her orgasm. She opened her eyes and looked at him and smiled. Mission accomplished. She said, “Come here. I need to be held for a minute. I need to feel your hard, young body against me.”

He lay on her for several minutes, gently kissing her neck and shoulder. She rolled him over and sat on this crotch and kissed him deeply and said, “Thank you. That was amazing. Now, you heard me talk about dogs, want to take me like one?”

She got off and onto her hands and knees but not before sneaking a glance at the windshield and seeing that all his friends were there to see what the noise was about. She wiggled her ass to bring him to her. He went full depth in one thrust. She gasped out like the wind was forced out of her. She called to him, “Yes! You made me cum, now pound me. Take me for your release. Yes, hard. Oooooohhhhh, gooooodddd.” He took hold of her hips and thrust into her. She was enjoying this one. He started out slow but all he needed was encouragement. His new-found energy was making up for what inexperience he had. She dropped a hand to here clit and vigorously strummed it to match his powerful strokes and as he stiffened and released his cum into her pussy, she was also cumming, again. Her second time with him. As he pulled out of her, she collapsed onto her front and rolled over. Holding her arms out to him, he again crawled on top of her. She hugged his body to hers and wiggled underneath him, feeling their naked skin against each other. She moved her ass around until his deflating cock was between her legs against her pussy. Then she squeezed her thighs together, trapping it there.

She kissed him deeply on the mouth, then whispered into his ear, “Thank you, that was wonderful, again. I also want you to know something that I won’t tell your friends and I don’t want you to, but … you just made me cum twice. With your three friends, I didn’t cum the entire time. You were wonderful. Always remember, think of the woman, first. She will love you for it.”

He looked at her and smiled, “Thank you, Michele. I know I was too nervous to perform for you. But you took the time to help me. You are an amazing woman. Tim is lucky.”

“Well, I suppose, but I am also lucky to have a man who will try to make me happy and give me new experiences. And to keep me safe in the meantime. But that’s what I mean about thinking about the woman. Maybe it doesn’t make any sense to you, but when I have sex with strangers and other dogs, it’s kinky and exciting, but my love is with Tim … and Cody back home.”

“Who’s Cody?”

“Cody is our dog that I gave myself to. Let’s go see what everyone is doing and what’s up next. Wonder how the fishing has been.”

When we got to the back deck, everyone was at least dressed in shorts. Michele was the only one naked.

The captain announced that they were approaching a good reef for snorkeling. He brought out a variety of flippers, masks and snorkels. Everyone was set by the time the boat was anchored. Michele, not having a swimming suit, remained naked. None of them were experienced but it was fun to swim along the top and occasionally dive down to look at something of interest. The water was crystal clear and the sun shining down provided good light. She noticed that several men seem content to stay right behind her as she provided a little extra show by kicking her legs outward and exposing her pussy more to them. It was interesting to her that she had been naked most of the trip and had fucked each of them but in this new environment they found it erotic to see a naked pussy in front of them. Men, she thought.

After an hour of swimming, they were back on the boat and heading for a small remote island that was supposed to have good sea shells. Everyone stayed on the back deck. The captain indicated that his mate was free until they got close to the little island. I pointed at a seat on the back deck. He sat down, she took down his shorts and sucked on his cock for several minutes to get him fully hard. Then turned around facing everyone and guided this new cock into her pussy. She slowly sat down until she had it all inside her. It was definitely bigger than the boys. She wiggled around on him for a time to get more lubrication on it and then started moving herself up and down on him. She leaned back and whispered, “Do you mind doing this in front of the others?”

“No ma’am, if I can fuck you, I’ll do it anywhere.”

And he did fuck her well. She was getting close and took one of his hands and put it down to her pussy and mashed his fingers into her clit. He took over and while she bounced up and down, he tried to keep contact on her clit. They were both very close now. Both gasping and moaning. Both mumbling türkçe bahis their expressions of lust. Then Michele went and her pussy clenching around his cock was too much for him and he started spurting into her well used pussy.

The captain yelled down from above, “If you’re done screwing around, Jose, we’re coming up to the island.”

Jose started laughing at the joke and everyone else joined in, including Michele.

The boat slowed to almost a stop as the captain maneuvered to the right spot and Jose dropped the anchor. They had a skiff to go to shore or he said it could easily be swum. Tim stopped Michele and lathered her up with sun lotion before going.

Once on shore one of the guys immediately took Michele on the sand missionary. When he entered her, she felt someone next to them and looked up to see another kneeing at her head, his cock right above her. She reached up, tilted her head back and took him into her mouth. Then she felt a set of hands on her breasts, then another. All four guys were participating. They rotated with each cumming in her mouth or pussy. Her entire body seemed to be ready to explode. The breeze across her body was extra sensual. She had several small orgasms during this session with the guys but she was building to an amazing orgasm. She moaned, “Please, don’t stop, all of you … please … I am soooooooo … close. Yessssss, right there … somebody, please … do my … clit. Yesssssssssss, now I am … yesssssss … like that … I am cummmmminnnnnggggggggg!” And that sent the last one off inside her.

Tim watched the entire action and smiled at her when she regained her composure and looked around for him. She smiled back to him and blew a kiss.

Michele and Tim were looking for shells while the guys got a makeshift game of football going using a damaged conch shell for the ball. They got quiet and Tim looked over his shoulder to see them kneeing on the edge of the water looking at something. One of them ran off to the mate who got something out of his pocket and handed it to him which sent him running back to the others. Whatever they were doing, they were also occasionally looking over at them and discussing something among themselves. They eventually got up and walked over with several of them holding something in their hands. One of them said, “We know you said no pain, but we were wondering about a kinky idea we had.” They created a small pile of clams next to us. “These are live and with the knife we can pry open the shells and then they close when we let it go. The kinky idea is what it would feel like to Michele if they were attached to her nipples, pussy lips and clit. If it’s out of line, we apologize. It was just a crazy thought. You guys have sure got us going today, that’s all.”

Tim looked over at Michele who had a concerned look on her face. He got up and then helped Michele up and said to the guys, “Let us have a minute.” He took Michele a little distance from the guys and asked her, “You looked worried. You don’t want to try it?”

“Do you want me to?”

“Yes, I do, but there could be some pain. Those are some of your most sensitive parts on your body. But I always kind of expected we would evolve into some mild bondage but not into real pain for pains sake like whipping or caning. But clamps were possible in my mind.”

“I know. We talked about the direction we could end up going. It’s just coming so fast. I know that was the intention of coming here for our honeymoon – to jumpstart our new lifestyle.”

“It has come faster, but it has all been naturally evolving. I didn’t force or contrive anything.”

“I know, honey. I didn’t mean that you did. And to be honest, part of the reason it seems a little overwhelming in reflection is that it never was forced or contrived. It did just naturally happen and evolve which has to mean it’s the right direction and what we want. I trust you to keep me from serious harm. A little pain, discomfort along the way is just part of it, I guess.”

They walked back to the guys, holding hands. Tim felt her hand slightly shake with nerves. He squeezed it reassuringly. Then he said, “Okay, guys. But if I get a sense that it is more pain than I think it is beneficial, you stop and take them off.”

“Wow, awesome.”

Michele stood among the guys with her hands at her side. Her nipples were already tight and extended just from thinking about this but two of the guys put their mouths to them, anyway, to make sure they were as rigid as possible. Meanwhile, another was prying open one of the clams with the knife. Getting it started he held it out to the last one who used a spoon to slip in and hold it open while the other started opening the next clam. The two guys on Michele’s breasts back away and everyone watched as he came up to Michele and twisted the spoon causing the clam to open sufficiently and slipped it over the nipple, then slowly turned the spoon back and the clam was clamped on. Michele gasped and whimpered a little but didn’t otherwise protest. Michele looked down at her nipple and giggled at the sight of a clam attached to her. The next was likewise attached and she was squirming. Standing naked in the middle of five guys in swim wear with two clams clamped onto her nipples.

Tim asked and the guys all held their breath, “How are you doing?”

“Good, it is very erotic to have my nipples clamped. But totally weird this way.”

The guys all smiled and got the next one ready. One of them instructed Michele, “Okay, babe, now you need to really spread those legs.”

He knelt down in front of her and looked up as he touched her pussy and took one of her lips between finger and thumb, pulled it out and said, “Ready for the next one.” It was brought over and they went through the same process which seemed pretty efficient by now. When the spoon was removed, the clam clamped down hard and Michele yelped. The next lip went the same way. It was getting crowded down there but the guys were intent to try to get one onto her clit hood. Being smaller, it was more awkward but after a couple tries, they got one clamped onto her clit, too. Michele was moaning after the second one on her pussy lips and after the one on her clit, she turned and leaned into Tim and hugged him hard. The feeling was incredibly weird and amazing. Intense pressure at all the spots. As she hung onto Tim, she started shaking. Her leg muscles were moving under the skin. She was cumming. Once she regained her orientation, she pulled her head back and mashed her mouth into his and said, “My god. That was intense!”

“Maybe you are a bit of a pain slut as well?”

“I don’t think so. Not like a pain slut, anyway. But a little added stimulation like this might be fun. Carefully, though.” She laughed and blushed at the same time.

Michele tried leaving the clams attached for a while but she really couldn’t move very well so asked for them to be taken off. All the guys had already cum twice and the beer wasn’t helping them any. Tim enquired but they were embarrassed not to be able to do it again.

Tim was wondering what the next step should be when the captain called out that it was time to head back if they were to arrive back at the harbor in time. He sent the skiff, this time given the drinking on shore.

On the way back to the harbor, the mate took the helm of the boat and the captain took Michele down to one of the cabins to have her in some privacy. He was older and didn’t care to have to perform in front of the young men.

As the boat made its approach to the harbor, Michele went to each man and kissed him and thanked him for a wonderful afternoon. She teasingly hoped that Tim and her presence on the trip didn’t negatively impact their plans for the day. She pulled the younger one a few steps away and whispered in his ear, “Remember what I said about loving a woman. You are a great lover. Remember to make sure she is pleasured.”

She put on her tank top dress, sandal heels and left the boat for the van back to the Resort. On the way back it turned dark and she snuggled into Tim, “Thank you, dear. That was a lovely afternoon. They were such nice guys. You planned that whole thing, didn’t you?”

“Not specifically those guys, but, yes, I did work it out with the captain that he found three or four young guys to share the trip with us.”

“So, it worked out well.”

“Better. The guys picked up our part of the trip, too. And the captain encouraged us to come back if we find ourselves on the island again. He and his mate would take us out for a day at no charge.”

“Well, maybe not money, but there will be an expected return I am sure.”

“But that’s almost like no charge. Just extending our ability to share our desires for pleasure. It was amazing watching you today. Especially with that youngest one. You really turned him.”

“Thank you, sir. I am intent on pleasing.”

“Speaking of which. I have a little surprise for you. When we get back to the cabin, we will have dinner provided to us in our cabin. We will have time to shower and dress before it arrives. We can stay in tonight. Tomorrow we have to leave this wonderful place.”

Walking through the lobby Tim told the front desk that their dinner could be served in an hour. Once in the cabin, Tim looked for the clock (it hadn’t really been a factor in their week to that point) and knew he had to get Michele in the shower soon, if his plans were going to work. He loved her up a little, slipping the dress off her, getting undressed himself and laying her on the bed and kissing and licking her breasts and nipples, up to her mouth, neck, ears and back to her breasts. Her breathing was getting quicker, her sighs more intense. He worked his way down her stomach, poking his tongue into her belly button, then trailing kisses and licks to her mound, skipping around her clit to her pussy lips. She raised her hips to meet his tongue and mouth. She was mumbling expressions of her building lust, giving him encouragement to continue and not stop, asking for more of his magical tongue she knew could give her such pleasure. Then he stopped. “No. Tim, don’t stop, just a little more, please. Oh, honey, you are soooooo good at this, just a little more.”

“We need to get ready. Shower first.”

“We have enough time to finish and to still get a shower before dinner arrives.”

“Not if I know you. Besides, there’s a little more involved but I’ll make that known soon.”

He got off the bed and pulled her to her feet, protesting the whole time. But when she realized he was joining her, she thought she understood why it was more involved. It always was when they took a shower together. Once in the shower, Tim got behind her and walked her under the spray and was massaging her breasts and nipples when they heard, “Hello? Tim, Michele?”

Tim replied, “We’re in the shower.”

“Am I early?”

“No, my dear, you’re right on time. Please come here.”

Michele whispered, “Who is that?”

“Helen, our cabin attendant. This is the other surprise.”

When she walked into the bathroom, she was in dark thigh high stay up stockings, black high heels, and a dark sheer baby doll just as Tim had requested. No thong, no bra. Tim said, “You are truly lovely, Helen Isn’t she lovely, Michele?”


“She is going to join us for dinner tonight.”

“Oh, wonderful. We were trying to have more time together. Thank you for arranging this.”

“But not only dinner. Helen, you are definitely overdressed, if you are joining us in here.”

She responded, “I’m joining you guys in the shower?”

“Yes, dear, you are. You can leave your clothes on the bed. Please.”

In only a minute she was entering the shower a bit timidly. Tim noted with interest that her pussy was bare of any hair, too. Tim put out his left hand to Helen as he continued to play with Michele’s breast with his right. He pulls her into Michele who pulled her into an embrace and kisses her on the cheeks, then her lips. Michele pulled back and looked at her and smiled. She then bent her head and gave Helen a passionate kiss, feeling the woman’s mouth open just a bit, then more and searching it with her tongue. They broke and they were both breathing heavier. Tim moved around behind Helen and massaged her breasts and nipples as the women kissed. Then he settled Helen onto the shower floor against the wall under the shower head. Michele went down with her, spread Helen’s legs and kissed her way to the woman’s pussy. With Michele’s ass sticking up in the air, Tim moved around and put his hands on Michele’s hips and brought his cock to her pussy and worked it in. Michele had already taken ten cocks today in her mouth or pussy but this was Tim’s first today. He was going to be slow and deliberate, make it last, give the women time. He used long strokes into Michele more to provide stimulation than to produce release. He wanted the tension high. He could feel Michele wiggling her butt trying to get him to increase his intensity and was hopefully getting a little frustrated as he didn’t. As he saw Helen beginning to react to Michele’s attention he called for a switch. Both protested, but he insisted. They switched places and Tim took hold of Helen’s hips and slid into her easily, thanks to the work by Michele. Helen then started in on Michele’s pussy a little tentatively. As he continued to provide slow, long strokes of his cock into her pussy, Tim asked her, “Is this your first time güvenilir bahis siteleri loving another woman’s pussy?”

“Yes, it is. But I want to.” And she did. With each minute she applied more energy and deliberateness to her loving. And Michele was showing the signs and sounds of appreciation.

With almost perfect timing they heard, “Hello? We’re here to setup your dinner as arranged. Are we early?”

Tim called out, “No. I will be right out.” He turned the shower off. “Ladies, get yourselves dried and dressed and meet me on the porch, please.” He slipped on shorts and a shirt and directed the room service people on where to setup the dinner on the beach side porch.

Michele said, “I wish I had the time to finish you off, or you finish me off.”

“I have a feeling Tim will give us time for that later. It seemed his timing of switching was to keep us from actually attaining release. He wanted to keep the atmosphere charged.”

“You’re right, of course, he had this planned. Again, without my knowledge.”

“This morning he asked me to join you two tonight. He said you would probably enjoy some softer loving, if I was interested. So, how did the day go?”

“Pretty good. I took ten cocks this afternoon. So, from my perspective, it was very good. The six guys seemed to be pretty satisfied with it, too. But I think we can join Tim now.”

On the beachside porch a table was set for three and a side table set with all the various dishes. Their table had the salads placed and the side table had various dishes of entrees and desserts, all covered. Tim held a chair for Michele and then for Helen. He sat down so they were equally spaced around the table. He lifted his glass to Michele and said, “To my lovely, and loving, wife for an absolutely wonderful week that far exceeded even my twisted expectations. I love you.” They all drank to that. Then Tim held his glass to both the women and said, “And to two exceedingly beautiful women and an evening yet to unfold. Hopefully with significant opportunity and realization for mutual pleasure.” They drank to it and Michele leaned to kiss Helen and then Tim.

Michele said, “This is marvelous, Tim. A perfect end to a week in paradise. Made all the more a paradise by the constant opportunity for pleasure and challenge you have provided to me. Thank you, honey. I promise with even more certainty after this week that my vows will be carried out with your continued love and protection.”

Dinner was great given the casual conversation laced with the expectancy of what was to follow. While eating the light dessert with an after-dinner drink, Tim asked Helen, “You seem pretty comfortable, Helen. This kind of evening with the guests happen frequently here?”

“Oh, no! I’ve NEVER done this kind of thing before. You guys were just so intriguing to me and I just made the offer hoping you’d find a way to act on it. And you did.”

“Well, I was just wondering because you are sitting with us wearing a beautiful, sheer baby doll with nylons, but that is all. Fully exposing you lovely body for us to enjoy. And fully knowing the intention of the rest of the evening and possibly well into the evening.”

“And, if the lighting was better than candle light, you’d see how much I have been blushing. This is so terribly erotic for me. I am sharing dinner and … whatever comes next, with a woman who has openly had numerous sexual escapades while here and the man who has not only condoned it, but planned them to happen. The sexuality of you two … I don’t know, amazing.”

Tim asked her, “Are you wet right now, Helen?”

“Oh my god. See? Such an open question, but yes, I am, very.”

“Show us, Helen. Drop you hand to your bare pussy, slip a finger inside and present it to Michele. Once she has enjoyed your finger, do the same for me.”

She visibly shook from the thought but did as she was instructed. Michele played it up and made a big effort of cleaning off Helen’s finger. Helen stared into Michele’s eyes even after she released Helen’s hand. Michele smiled at her and nodded her head toward me. Helen snapped out of it and, even in this light, her blush was visible. Tim was more deliberate, and merely looked into Helen’s eyes as he sucked her finger into his mouth and ran his tongue over it. When he released the finger from his mouth, he turned her hand up and kissed the palm with a small lick.

He then got up, walked between the two women, turned their chairs so he had access to both and slid each of them so their butts were at the edge. He started with Helen, spread her legs and knelt between them. He kissed her thighs, her abdomen, and her pussy. He kissed, licked and gently bit the lips before doing the same to her clit. Then he moved to Michele and repeated the same steps. Getting into a rhythm from one woman to the other. Then when he was kissing, licking and sucking one woman’s pussy and clit, he would use his fingers on the other. Back and forth. Both women were soon moaning and gasping, mumbling and calling out, finally with their releases. One after the other. Tim not stopping but continuing the alternating action on their pussies. Then, Helen took his hand in hers and pulled it away from her pussy. Holding it in both of hers as if to protect against it getting away and returning to her spasming pussy.

Tim smiled at them, stood and extended a hand to each. He asked Helen, “If we take you into the club for a drink, will you get in trouble for being with us, dress like that, or just being in the club?”

“No, not if I am with you. They don’t encourage staff and guests but you must have said something to the management because my supervisor told me this afternoon, she was envious and to have a good time. So, I guess I’m okay tonight.”

“Okay, ladies, you’re all dressed up. Pity not to go somewhere. The club for just a few drinks and dances.”

Tim took one on each arm and they exited the cabin for the main building and the club. Tim had also reserved one of the alcove booths and they were led to it. They ordered drinks and took in the music and vibration of the place. Several couples and groups stopped to say ‘hi’ and to wish them well and a safe travel.

With Helen between them in the booth, both Tim and Michele begin kissing and playing with Helen’s body as they waited for their drinks. The drinks are served and they don’t appear to notice, especially Helen who was quickly approaching yet another orgasm for the evening. Michele has Helen’s mouth in a passionate kiss while fingering her pussy. Tim has his mouth clamped to one nipple while pinching the other. But Tim had noticed the waiter, removed his mouth from her nipple and said, “Helen, say thank you to the waiter.”

Helen looked up and saw the waiter standing in front of them. She knew him casually from around the Resort. That recognition, the stimulation from these two, and the sensuality of the whole evening drove her over the edge and she orgasmed. Michele pulled her hand away from Helen’s pussy and commented to the waiter, “Look at that pussy. See it spasm? Open and close on its own?”

Helen hit another peak hearing her being called attention to and describing her orgasm and looking up and seeing the waiter staring at her gaping and closing pussy. She did the only thing she could in the situation, she turned into Michele and held tight to bury her face into Michele and stifled a scream that still slightly escaped her mouth. Both Michele and Tim tenderly stroke her back and sides, easing her back down from her orgasm. When she had recovered, Tim whispered to her that the waiter had left.

They finish their drinks, Tim orders another round and says, “Ladies, let’s dance. Helen, sit tight for just a minute.” He takes Michele’s hand and leads her to the dance floor where he had seen the young couple from the public beach. He danced with her briefly to move them over to the couple. He guided her between the two and, “Good to see you, again. You remember us?”

The guy replied, “How could we forget.”

“Care to dance with my lovely wife and enjoy her body discretely?”

“Absolutely. We’ll take good care of her.”

Tim then went back for Helen, led her to the dance floor and guided her past Michele to check out how they were getting on. Michele was between the two with the guy behind and the woman in front. Michele was grinding her ass into the guy and the woman was busy with Michele’s breasts and pussy. Tim moved to the side and center, Tim asks her, “Your abs look strong. Are they?”

“I think so. I work them regularly as part of my workouts. Why?”

“We’re going to test them and people are going to stop and watch. But they’ll be only seeing part of the action. This is what I want you to do. We’ll dance and twirl, then I want you to jump up and wrap your legs around my waist. When I have you, I will say now and I want you to lean back horizontal. I will be holding your hips, but you will be controlling your leaning back and coming back up. Once set we’ll dance this way. I will spin us and you will lean back as far as you can and periodically use your abs to sit up, again. With your long hair, I want you down far enough that your hair drags along the floor as we turn and spin. Okay, now.”

Helen jumped up, held to his neck and wrapped her legs around Tim’s waist. She barely noticed Tim being occupied below her ass but she was concentrating on her movements too much to think about it. When Tim told her to lean back and then come back up, he let her move slight from him and she felt something touch her crotch. When she pulled herself back up, he pulled her in and she instantly realized what was happening. He had just penetrated her in that quick move. He then twirled and spun and twisted them around the side of the dance floor and as she got comfortable with the action, he moved them to the center and front of the dance floor. He told her to lean back further and she felt her head getting close to the floor as he bent over slight, also. During all this his cock was moving inside her with each twist and spin and each time she leaned back and pulled herself up. On one the “up” positions she saw that people had cleared a large section of the dance floor to watch as they moved around the floor, Tim dipping her down and she coming up. With her hair trailing behind and her baby doll totally open and flying behind her body, they were a vision of flowing textures. But she also knew she was being fucked. Right in front of everyone and they were the only ones who knew it was happening. It was finally too much for her, though. The awareness that strangers were watching, the incredible stimulation, the non-stop thrusting in and out of her pussy. She was moaning, groaning and whimpering whether she was leaned back or up. When she finally gasps loudly and cried out, Tim pulled her up and they clutched to each other. Tim pulled her up and away, withdrew himself from her pussy, and one-handed got his cock covered again.

With her legs still wrapped around him, he kissed her shoulder and whispered, “Was it good for you?”

“God, Tim. I’ve never experienced anything like that. I am dancing nearly naked with a club full of people watching an amazing exhibition of dance and I am being fucked the whole time. Even though nobody else knew it. I can’t describe it.”

He gently put her down onto her feet and walked her toward their booth. She leaned into him and said, “I can feel our juices running down the inside of my thighs. This feels obscene.”

Tim laughed.

At the booth they have one last round. Tim asks Michele how her dance was. She said, “I don’t think they were as discrete as you might have wanted. But others gathered around to shield us. Yes, they made me cum. How was your dance Helen? Tim’s a good dancer, isn’t he?”

“I’m not sure I would be a good judge.”

“You were just dancing with him, weren’t you?”

“In a manner of speaking. More like I was just fucked by him on the dance floor and I don’t think anyone even noticed. People cleared a large area for us so they could watch us spinning and twirling. God, Michele. I’d die of stimulation with that man around me too much.”

“No, you wouldn’t. You’d enjoy it as much as I do. I can see it in you. You said you were intrigued by us, having known just a little about us but seeing the love and fun we share. I was once in the exact same position you are in. I met a couple when I worked at a resort, though nothing like this one, and I wanted to spend a night with them. And I did, just like you are. They ended up opening my eyes to a lot of things but especially how beautiful the sexual expression of two people’s love can be. That expression doesn’t have to be restricted to one to be fulfilling and meaningful. As you can see from us. As I saw from them. But a word of caution, Helen, look how I turned out.”

“I love how you are. How you two are.”

Tim interjected, “Ladies, to bed. We are not done with this evening, yet.”

Helen said, “Oh God, but yes, please more.”

Tim took them both to bed in their cabin. They set the alarm for mid-morning, just in case. Their plane was scheduled to leave early afternoon which would give them plenty of time to pack, checkout and take the short van ride to the airport.

That night, Helen was between Tim and Michele and received loving strokes along her entire body frequently during the night. Though in her sexually exhausted state, she wasn’t aware of most of it except for a feeling of contentment and belonging. But before they did call it quits and settle in for sleep, Tim finally fucked Helen to his release. And hers once again.

* * DAY 7 – GOING HOME will follow * * Thanks for reading.

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