May I Have This Dance

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As a dancer, I was aware of what men liked and the imagery they desired while I was on stage. At times it was boring…at times it was trite. But there is always the hope that one night, a man would be sitting in front of me that would unleash the hidden desire to please him for hours on end. I was good at building an illusion that would single out one man in the audience…a man who did not come in for the pleasure of a drink but the pleasure of seeing a woman on fire, burning and dancing only for him…

I wondered if there was a man still alive that liked to be teased…seduced to the state of primal instinct, where every cell is alive with such feeling that your heart will burst if you don’t touch flesh at that very moment. To have your senses challenged with more than sight, more than touch, taking you to the place where even the sense of smell is sharpened by lust.

Abruptly, I heard my cue from stage…I slipped on the cape that was part of my act and readied myself at the curtain…I loved this song, it was easy to move to. Mua Culpa…the sensual rhythms were exactly what I liked. I heard the down beat and stepped forward…throwing back the curtains. The lights always seem to immediately blind me, so I was glad this was not an unfamiliar stage.

I lifted my arms under the cape and strolled across the stage, seductively spreading the floor length garment apart to reveal my 5’9″ frame covered in a catsuit with long sleeves and a high neck, a front zipper from neck to waist…very sheer and black with out even a g-string underneath. It doesn’t hide anything but it still leaves you wondering if you saw me totally nude. Keeping my eyes to the lights and my ears to the music, I let it overtake me. I move my body to the gentle rhythms they awaken in me. Letting the cape float to the floor, my hands trace the outline of my body. I moved across the stage with the agility of a tiger. Sliding across the slick floor, I looked into the faces of the crowd and then catch my breath when I see your face. Your eyes meet mine with a smoldering power that seems to strip away everything except the stage and the music. There is no one else there. Your mouth opens and you run your tongue across your lips and teeth as slowly as if you are kissing me. Every nerve in my body comes alive and I have to truly focus on what I am doing.

I finish my dance beneath your stare and I think of your mouth, the sight of your tongue and the sharpness of your teeth. I was wet with sweat and wet with desire, my nipples hard with a hunger when I kneel down to gather my cape. I catch a glimpse of you standing to leave. I couldn’t believe it, the first real man to come in this place in “forever” and now you would get away before I could get changed and come back out to find you.

I close the door to my dressing room and drape my cloak across the changing screen. I bent towards the mirror and smiled at myself, shaking my head in disbelief. Damn, no one had gotten to me like that in years. In a small way, it gave me hope for the rest of the men out there. I shook my head and giggled.

A sharp tap at the door interrupts my laughter and I swing around to answer it. I am not usually bothered by anyone after my acts. Most men feel I am out of their reach and don’t even bother anymore. Or they think that if a woman exhibits any sexuality, she must be a whore. – Only men enjoy sex, right? Every wife in America would surprise her husband with her response if she was honest with herself.

I open the door and one of the bouncers hands me an envelope that he says one of the patrons left for me. He didn’t seem too happy about it, but he knew me well enough to know I was not fooled by macho behavior and could take care of myself. I thank him and shut the door.

The envelope was small and tearing it open, the thought of your eyes came into view. Before I remove the card inside, I feel a tingle travel down my spine. The card in my hand was handwritten in a script that spoke of mystery…“I have granted the devil my soul for an evening with you.” Nothing else. No number and certainly no name. Was it you? I couldn’t tell.

Frustrated, disappointed and then angry. I threw on my coat without bothering to change and stalked towards the back door. I threw the door open and nearly fell across the back of a limo pulled close to the building. (Damn politicians, so arrogant with their fancy cars.) I pulled the door closed behind me and walked between ümraniye escort the wall and the car. The rear door clicked opened, blocking my path. My adrenaline was so high, I could have kicked the door off the hinges. I stopped short when I saw your face through the opening. I feel my body get flushed and I smile, looking at you through my eyelashes.

You get out of the limo and reached for my hands. God, but you were gorgeous. But it is your eyes and the way they pierce my soul that captivates my senses. Leaning forward, you whisper, “my business with the devil is done, shall we leave?” Oh, so you like the seduction of touching on the realm fantasy. I like that. I like a lot of things that you will find out about soon enough.

I slid in beside you on the soft leather seats. I pull my coat around me, remembering I had left the club angry and had not bothered to change clothes. Brilliant. You settle into the seat and leave me silent with my own thoughts. My own thoughts? Who was this man? How did so much sexual energy exude from a man without any contact. And, where were we going?

We drove about 45 minutes and I did not recognize any streets or landmarks. I did have a brief thought of being so stupid to place myself in this situation, without any exit. Before I could second guess myself into a paranoia, the limo pulled into a long driveway and came a stop. The house was enormous! Very gothic with gargoyles and dragons sitting on the edges of the roof. I felt the stirrings of lust begin to flow through me, the increased longing for an evening that would leave both of us thirsting for more.

You guided me through the front door. I had a forbidding sense of this being a big mistake, but your mouth turned up in a smile and you led me into the darkened hallway. The foreboding sense I had was slowly replaced by curiosity. Curiosity about you. This place.

We came to a door that screamed with rust when you push it open. You stand aside, allowing me to go through first. There are several large candlesticks burning on the floor. A couple of crude tables are placed near one wall and there are two big mirrors leaning against the tables. A large leather chair is in the center of the room. I walk around the chair and turn to face you. You stand there, ravishing me with your eyes, licking your lips with quick flicks of your tongue. You indicate with a nod, a bottle of wine on one of the tables and then you leave the room. I walk over and pour a glass and then walk around the room. It was dark – very dark. Without the candlelight – you would not be able to see anything. I stop at the door and pull it to see if I can find where you went. It was locked.

I saunter back over to the chair and sit down. I think about the surroundings and contemplate what you have planned for us. Images of bondage invade my mind, flashes of whips, chains. None of these are present. Maybe it isn’t bondage, although the room was a perfect setting for that. I sit back and close my eyes, trying to break through to the real intent for this evening. What happened when our eyes met was instantaneous power. The kind that only happens when two people of the same hot blooded nature meet. I smile then because I know exactly what you want. Precisely what you expect and just what you have sold your soul for.

I feel the rush of wine to my head and I pour another glass. I open my coat and start to pace around the room. I would have to be careful to read you correctly – I could be wrong about this night. I didn’t think so, but the possibility was there. I catch my reflection in one of the mirrors and stop. My coat is open enough to show my breasts under the sheerness of the top. The way the material pulled tight across my nipples. I slid the zipper down, just a little.

I hear the door open and you return. We have not spoke more than a few words to each other, but the silence is not uncomfortable. It seems natural. I hand you a glass of wine and move closer to your body. I can smell the natural scent of your body. Your dark hair is tossled and your eyes peer at me through the loose strands that whisper along your brow. It is almost enough to send me reeling back against the table.

My tongue traces the lip of the wine glass. I cannot take this anymore. The cat and the mouse. The seduction is fast becoming complete. I place my glass down and pull you over to the chair and gently push you to sit in it. A flash of bewilderment crosses your kartal escort face, but you settle down and lean back. I stand before you and let my coat fall down my shoulders, catch it with one hand and toss it aside.

Leaning down, I brush your forehead with my lips and feel my nipples harden as your hands move over my hips. My mouth moves down and I lick your lips, teasing you. As you try to reach for me, I back away and walk slowly behind the chair. I take the belt from my coat and place it over your eyes, tying it off behind your head. The belt is not wide enough to totally blind you, but it does impair your vision quite a bit. I lean down and softly kiss the sides of your face and along your earlobes. I reach for your arms and let you move them behind your back until you are comfortable and tie them together with a scarf that was in my coat pocket.

Moving myself in front of you, I kneel down and pull your face to me. Drinking deeply of your mouth and tasting you with each flick of my tongue. My mouth engulfs your chin, sucking gently, sliding my tongue down your throat, tasting the saltiness of your skin. My fingers quickly unbutton your shirt and spread it open. My mouth continues to move over every inch of you. Licking the hardness of your nipples and the smoothness of your chest. My hands marvel at your body. My own breathing was starting to come in short gasps as my hands move over you.

I push backward and pull you to your feet. My hands make quick work of your zipper and I kneel down, sliding your pants to the floor. My legs spread apart, holding you in place with my knees, I can run my hands up your legs, massage the muscles of your ass. My tongue traces a line from one hip to your stomach and then down to the side. I can feel your hard cock against my neck and feel it getting lost in my long hair when my head moves to kiss your skin. I lean back just enough to place my mouth just as the head of your cock. Holding the tip between my lips, I kiss it as though I was kissing your mouth. Gently swirling my tongue around and probing each curve with wetness.

I start to stand up, rubbing my body against yours as I do. My nipples are rock hard and I am getting far wetter than I imagined. I help you sit down in the chair again and then kneel back down in front of you. I knew you could see under the bottom of the “blindfold” so I pulled one of the mirrors close to me and leaned it against the table directly behind my back. Spreading my legs as far as I could, I lean forward and lick your legs all the way to your balls, cupping each one in my mouth. You can feel the warmth of my breath between your legs. My hand drifts down, unzipping the front of my suit to my waist and then down between my legs, unsnapping the crotch of my catsuit, exposing my bare skin and wetness to the mirror. I glance down to make sure it is angled just right and can see the movement of your eyes in the reflection. Good, you can see me through a peephole affect, see my finger probing my wetness, pushing between my wet lips and sliding in and out of my pussy. I move my mouth up the shaft of your hard cock and plunge my mouth down, swallowing all of you. Stopping, letting you feel yourself engulfed in my mouth, the muscles of my throat contracting to pull you in deeper. You can see the reflection between my legs, my finger plunging deeper into myself, my hips moving back and forth. I run my tongue up and down very slowly, teasing you, the hunger growing inside of both of us.

I close my legs slightly and lean closer to you, rubbing my nipples against the soft hair on your legs. Both hands are massaging your legs as my ass moves in a circular motion you can still see underneath your blindfold with my back arched and my swollen pussy exposed in your view. Increasing the pressure my mouth is putting on your cock, I begin to suck you into my mouth. I lean forward and brace myself against your legs so my breasts are pressed against your balls. You can feel them moving with every dip of my head to suck you into my mouth.

My body shifts and my reflection in the mirror is no longer something you can see. I hear your sharp intake of breath and a low moan escape your lips. I know you can see me sucking you now. See through the small peephole at the bottom of the blindfold. See my lips surround you, my tongue leaving a wetness behind with every stroke. My nipples get harder when my breasts rub against your balls. I can feel everything through maltepe escort the satin sheerness the catsuit. I lift my breasts up and push them around you, stroking you, flicking my tongue across the head of your cock as my breasts rub up and down. My nipples are tingling with fleshly desires and I moan with pleasure.

I want you to fill every part of me. I slip away from you and stand up. Turning around, I slide the mirror back in a position that I know you can see. I spread my legs across your lap, my back facing you and lower myself down. You let out another moan when you feel (and see) my ass rubbing down your chest. I lean back, so you have to move your head to one side. I know you will see that I moved the mirror back in place and will want to watch another “peepshow.” Grasping your cock in one hand, my wetness slides around you. Locking you inside of me with a hot wetness that sends shivers all through my body. Pulling my hair to one side and out of your face, I lean forward just enough so you can see my breasts move as I slide up and down on you. I can feel you getting harder inside of me, moving up and down on your lap. I place my hands on my knees for support and move you in and out me deeper and more forcefully, holding you deeply inside, humping against your legs. I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My breasts framed by the sheer black material, bouncing as I move up and down on your hardness.

I can hear your breathing, feel your breath on my back. I want you to touch me, but knowing that is part of the seduction, I let you stay bound – only seeing the peepshow view of what is happening. My breathing is heavy and fast. That first twinge of orgasm builds deep inside of me. I feel my hips moving uncontrollably, faster with motion. I feel as though I am moving up and down so hard my bones will break. And you can see me in the mirror – see me fucking you like an animal in heat. I throw my head back as the first orgasm hits me. My hips continue to thrust against you harder. You move your hips into mine, forcing yourself harder into me, bucking against me, your eyes glued to the mirror.

I know different positions generate different orgasms and I am eager to experience many more with you. Lifting myself up and quickly turning, I straddle your hips. I lean forward to kiss your lips and push my nipples into your chest. I lift myself up and pull your cock into me. Sitting there for just a moment. . . you can’t cum yet. Your breathing is shallow and I can feel your heart beating through my skin.

Satisfied, you are okay, I lean backwards and place my hands behind me on the floor. Supporting myself, I move my legs over your shoulders and plunge you deep inside my now dripping pussy. I use my leg muscles to pull against the back of the chair and drive you in and out of me. Laying back, arching my back, feeling my breasts moving back and forth as your hips thrust into me. I can now see your eyes from under the blindfold, drinking in the site of your hard cock sliding in and out of my wet pussy. Your tongue licks your lips and I move against you faster, forcing you deeper still. We move as one, hard and fast, bucking against each other for what seems like only a few minutes. I feel your entire body stiffen and you let out a loud moan as you start pumping into me. The sense of you pulsing inside me makes me fuck you faster so I can feel myself cum again, my nipples harden as a second orgasm racks my body. We thrust ourselves at each other until the last wave of desire has passed.

Your head is leaning against the back of the chair, a smile plays at your lips. A whispered voice comes from you, asking me to loosen your hands. I stand up and bend over your shoulders to remove the scarf around your wrists. You bring your hands together, rubbing them. Stepping back to give you some room, I feel a trickle of your cum sliding down the inside of my thigh. You slip the blindfold off your eyes and look at me with eyes that would make me forsake all that is sacred to me for one more night with you. You stand and reach towards me, parting the top of my suit and slipping it off of me completely…removing each stiletto shoe and place it back on my foot after pulling off each leg.

You hold the suit in your hand and look at me, pulling me gruffly to yourself. With one firm movement, you slide the suit between my legs and wipe off the leftovers of yourself that are still sliding down my inner thighs. Tossing the suit aside, you pull me into you chest, exploring my lips with your tongue and running your hands through my hair. Pulling my hair back with both hands, you give it a little jerk, quickly exposing my neck to your mouth….what was in store for me now….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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