Massage Class Shenanigans

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“Mmmn…” she moaned into the mattress.

His strong fingers slid down her shapely back in sinuous curves. The scent of cinnamon from the essential oils permeated the air. The room was dimly lit by several candles.

“I love how you make me feel,” she purred as she glanced over her stiff shoulder at her man. His face wore a secret smirk as the palms of his hands pushed into her muscles on either side of her spine on their way back up to her shoulders. He was tall, and lithe above her. She appreciated how the dim light provided contrast to his lean frame. Groaning again, and smiling herself, she let her head drop back down.

His voice was husky, “It is my pleasure. Anything I can do for the Most Valuable Player!” She could hear his smile, even though her eyes were closed in pleasure at the way his thumbs were kneading all around her shoulder blades.

She luxuriated in his touch. His hands were large, and supple, and especially talented! He brought the same care into his massage as he did to his paintings, his music, and his work. She felt her eyes roll up as his palms slid back and forth across her lower back in what she knew he called ‘frictions’.

She felt herself dampen as her man soothed the aches and pains of her latest game from her body. His slow, deliberate motions moved lower and lower down her back. Each stroke moved further onto her buttocks until she felt him grasp her ass cheeks in a most unprofessional manner!

“Oh God,” she moaned as his hands worked her tired glutes, kneading them and drawing sensation directly to her moist lips. She involuntarily pushed her ass into the air, exposing herself to his no doubt hungry gaze.

“I wish I could do to you what you do to me,” she mumbled.

“You do,” he exclaimed.

“Ughhhaaa…” she moaned as his fingers gripped her ass hard, lifting it. “I mean with massa-, “she broke off as he grasped her again, “-age…” she finished lamely.

“Well,” he murmured, “You could always just take a class, like I did.” He ran his hands in an effleurage motion pushing up the back of her thighs and snaking back down, his fingers seeming to accidently stray to her pussy, barely brushing her lips. “The local night-school runs a massage for couples course.”

Abruptly she spun around under him, lying on her back to admire him. His runner’s thighs were bracing him above her, and his excitement was obvious through his boxer-briefs: a large wet stain was visible near the end of a noticeable bulge. She reached out her hand to smear across his excitement at the same time that his hands snaked down to stroke the hips that she knew he adored.

“Oh I can just imagine that!” she teased as his body stiffened at her touch. “You would be hard as a rock in front of God and everybody the whole time!” She smiled at her own power as he threw his head back and lost himself in the sensation her thumb was bringing to the tip of his very hard cock! “You would just end up embarrassing yourself!” she concluded as she stroked her index finger between his balls and up his cloth covered penis.

His shuddering body was at complete odds with his words: “I could take it, Baby! Erugh…” he groaned, “I swear!”

Sensing her advantage, she licked her lips devilishly as she cocked her head and glared challengingly into his eyes.

“Wanna bet?” she growled as she grabbed his dog tags and pulled his lips to hers.

Which is how they found themselves listening to a lecture on contra-indications, reasons not to massage a person…

“Uncontrolled high blood pressure, uncontrolled diabetes, cancer patients,” the instructor paused at a nearby table. “Make your movements proximal to distal, work towards the heart,”

Her man lay on his back nearby. She smoothed warm oil down his chest and lean belly, stopping where the sheet artfully concealed what she watched closely for signs of arousal!

She wore a tight, sleeveless shirt, which she knew accentuated her breasts and arms. She made sure to lean far down his body, pressing her chest near his face while the instructor droned on about anti-inflammatories and pain meds.

She watched his face as carefully as she did the sheet covering his hips. His eyes were closed tightly, but his mouth hung slack and open as she pressed the heels of her palms into his pecs, the bahis firmaları tips of her fingers teased his nipples. She secretly enjoyed the sweet torture she knew that she applied when she ran her hands down his ribs and allowed her nails to drag back up his torso. She delighted at the whimper he let out, and the goose flesh her nails produced on his skin in the warm air of the studio.

She leaned close to his head and whispered, “You have been doing very well my Love, but don’t forget our bet, and that you are going to lose!” She punctuated the last word with her nails into his ribcage! He let out a muffled cry.

“Remember, many clients will be sensitive, even ticklish along the ribs and abdomen,” the instructor remarked from across the room.

She resumed the normal massage, smiling broadly. The thin sheet that covered the lower half of his body had not stirred as she suspected it would have by now, but she was still confident that she would win their little wager. If she could cause him to have an erection during the massage class without actually touching his penis, we would pay for the entire tuition for the course. If she could not, she would pay.

She knew her man very well, however, and knew that he could never resist her. She could soap up his thick cock during their morning shower, and make him spray up her back by rubbing her slippery ass back and forth across it. After the shower she could curl her finger at him and draw him to kneel between her spread thighs on the bed. He would dutifully rise, slip inside her, and they would fuck until they were so sweaty that they needed to shower again! Oh yes, this would be an easy victory, she thought as her hands made sweeping circles on his flat stomach.

“Now cover your partner’s torso and expose one leg, being careful of your sheet etiquette,” the instructor called. She draped the sheet over his chest and curled the bottom of it away from his left leg. Near the top she deliberately pushed the cloth tight against his package.

“That’s cheating,” he quietly murmured.

“I didn’t touch you, the sheet did,” she whispered sweetly and began to apply oil to his leg. She admired the look and feel of his long limb. She might not have appreciated him waking her up when he went running early in the morning, but she certainly liked the results.

She was growing mildly annoyed. She had expected the wager to already be won by this point. As she worked on his ankle and lower calf she tried to think of a way to keep the pressure on. She noticed his fingers draped over the edge of the massage table, and quickly looked around. Everyone was engrossed in their own practice; the instructor was explaining sheet etiquette to a heavy man on the other side of the room. She went on her tip toes and gingerly ground her pubic mound on his fingers.

“That’s definitely cheating,” he gasped under his breath. She pushed herself against his knuckles again.

“I’m not touching your penis,” she whispered again. He pulled his hand away from the edge of the table, and under the sheet. “Kill joy!”

She was quite glad that they had not bet on her own arousal! Touching her man, and rubbing herself against him had certainly starting things going in her own underwear!

“Miss,” the instructor caught her off guard and made her squeak. “You should be working on the upper thigh by now.”

“Thank you,” she told him, and continued massaging her man, in earnest. Aside from the bet, she really did want to learn!

Chagrined, she finished his left leg and covered it. She looked carefully at the thin sheet covering his groin. He should be at full mast, she thought. Dripping and pulsing with his heartbeat! Even if he got up early and jerked off, which she was pretty sure he hadn’t done. She had even denied him sex the night before to make sure he was ready! Instead the cloth was smooth over his mounded manhood. His pulse and breathing suggested that he was excited. Could he really have some sort of Zen Mastery that she had never witnessed before?

She was diligent in her efforts on his other leg, listening carefully to instruction, despite her own body’s ongoing reaction to the situation. There was still plenty of time for her to win this bet!

“Now cover your partner. Begin gentle compressions on the limbs and torso. Be careful kaçak iddaa not to press on the knee caps, or too near the bladder.”

“Pee button!” he giggled so only she could hear it. “Oof!” she poked him hard in the ribs.

“You keep your hands away from my pee button!” she told him in mock seriousness, smiling through her pretend frown.

“When you have completed the compressions hold the sheet by two points. Make a tent for the client to turn over inside of, without exposing themselves. Brace the sheet with your legs against the table, and have them roll away from you,” the room filled with awkward shuffling sounds.

“Also, wake up your client at this time, if necessary,” an older gentleman ruefully wiped a trickle of drool from his face and began to turn on his table.

Her man gently chided her, “See, his massage is relaxing!” She draped the cloth the rest of the way as he finally lay on his chest, and pinched his ass.

“Quiet you!” she laughed as he jumped.

“One again, expose one leg. Be certain not to expose too much, Sir!” She saw that the instructor was back with the heavy man, who was looking sheepish as his wife glared back at him.

“Begin with a gentle effleurage to apply the oil,” the instructor’s soothing massage-voice floated into the air.

This wasn’t going how she planned at all. Her man was on his front now. Even in he did get hard now, he would probably be able to hide it. Lost in thought as she applied the oil, she let her hands slide under the sheet slightly. Her fingers encountered an elastic strap! She felt around more, and saw him deflate slightly under the sheet. It was a jock strap! She dug her nails hard into his firm ass cheek and fiercely whispered, “Who is the cheater now?”

“There was nothing in the rules about,” his muffled voice could barely be heard.

“You are going to get it!” she hissed. She looked around the room, casting about for the opportunity for her vengeance! Here he had had her worried that she had lost her touch!

When the instructor turned away she was hit with inspiration! She lifted the sheet and tipped her bottle of cold massage oil right over his exposed ass crack! She dropped the sheet and amused herself with his squirming and muffled protests as the cold oil no doubt trickled down his crack and onto his balls.

She massaged vigorously, moving his leg briskly with the ringing motions the instructor described. She knew that the oil would spread everywhere that way. She wasn’t really mad, but she couldn’t let him get away with being so cheeky!

“How does that feel, Babykins?” she enquired too sweetly and smiling down at him. A noncommittal grunt came from the pillow ring where his face was cushioned.

She decided that he wasn’t sorry enough, so on her next long massage stroke she ran her fingers under the sheet again. She made sure that her slick fingers slid along the edge of his balls that was not covered by the jock, and up his taint which was slick with oil. That certainly got a reaction! His body seized up and she heard him barely suppress a yelp! Most satisfactory, she decided as her hand slid down and began the upward effleurage sweep again. This time she slid even further. She could tell by the desperate twitching of his hips that not only was she getting her vengeance, but that he now had a sizable erection pressed between his body and the massage table, despite his jock strap!

She took wicked pleasure from his predicament, and ran one final sweep up the back of his thigh. Her fingers dragged across his anus and this time he could not hold back his cry!

Everyone in the room looked up at them, wondering what was going on! Face reddening she quickly bent back to her work, applying proper massage techniques.

“Please, no pinching of clients,” the instructors lame joke made a few people chuckle and the moment passed.

Mollified, she completed the massage completely professionally, despite the intense wetness she felt soaking into her panties!

“Remember, next week you switch places, massagers will be massage-ees!” the instructor called as people collapsed the tables and folded their sheets.

She tried to smile up at her man, but could not catch his eye. He wore a neutral, even grim expression. It made her uneasy, since his eyes were almost always kaçak bahis smiling. He folded the linen very efficiently and packed up their supplies. She was nervous. They were always teasing each other, but maybe she had gone too far?

“Let’s go,” his monotone did not encourage her. He started down the hall of the darkened collegiate at a brisk pace. She had to do a bit of a half run to keep up to him as he marched down the hall, his boots ringing hollowly in the nearly abandoned building. He turned a corner and she realized that he was not going toward the parking lot and their truck! She ran to catch up to him around the corner.

She almost collided with him as he grabbed her up hard under her arms! She gasped her startlement until he pulled her fiercely towards him and kissed her hard on the mouth!

After several moments he put her down and looked intensely at her, his eyes searching hers. His fingers still pressed firmly around her limbs. He whirled them through the door she hadn’t noticed beside him and into a girls’ washroom!

He pulled her to himself again, pressing their bodies tightly together. She knew for certain now that he wasn’t angry at all! His hard penis pressed into her belly as his hands slid up and down her back, grabbing her ass and pressing her face to his in turn! He was on fire!

Abruptly he stepped back from her and grasped her shoulders. He quickly spun her around, and she could make out the intensity of his expression in the mirror above the sink. Passion burned in his eyes!

He pressed her body down, bending it at the waist over the sink, and roughly dragged her pants and underwear down in one stroke before falling to his knees. She knew she was completely exposed, and that her own arousal was completely obvious in the sodden panties that were now bunched near her shoes. She heard an appreciative moan from him just before his beautiful tongue began long stokes up her pussy!

She felt herself sag against the cold porcelain sink as she lost herself in the pleasure his mouth always brought. She yelped, however, as his tongue swiped higher than usual, grazing her own tender rosebud! Turnabout is fair play she reminded herself as she started to enjoy the attention he was giving her ass.

Her face was pressed into her reflection as she moaned her appreciation into the cold glass. She was not concerned in the least that someone might hear her, let them!

Just as she was about to have an intense orgasm his probing tongue vanished from her ass and pussy! She was about to moan her displeasure when she heard him stand up, tearing at his jeans. She opened her eyes a crack to stare at his reflection as he pulled his own pants down and his very hard cock burst free!

She began to moan as he shuffled forward and bent his knees. He positioned his cock at her entrance and waited for only a moment before plunging it deeply into her in a single stroke! She wailed! Usually he was too large to do that sort of thing, and was gentler. She knew her Penguin would be sore later, but quickly lost that thought as his hard cock ground into her, driving her towards an enormous orgasm!

She wailed his name out loud as she came. He continued to pound into her driving her pretty hips against the cold, hard porcelain sink! She had never known him to be so aggressive before, but rather than frightening her, she basked in the strength of his body and the power of the emotion she wrought in him. She knew that this roaring hurricane of a man behind her was hers. She knew he would protect her with the same strength that now poured into loving her! She felt her body clamp down hard on his.

He loved her.

She came again, pushing back into him, driving her own strength into his. He howled as his body tightened, his muscles stood out sharply as he emptied himself into his girl! Round after round of orgasmic spasms ripped through his body until he collapsed onto her back.

They didn’t speak for several minutes. Their heavy breathing was now the only sound in the room, and their bodies were slick with sweat and residual massage oil. Raggedly he whispered, “I love you,”

“I know,” she said. “Now, let me up you Brute,” she gently chided.

They lay naked in their warm bed that night. Her head rested gently on his shoulder. He gently massaged her bruised hips looking guiltily at her. She idly stroked his once again hard cock, stopping every now and then to rub his thighs and caress his balls.

She glanced sweetly up at him, “So… double or nothing?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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