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Are you sitting comfortably… better make that lying… LOL…then I’ll begin.

Want you to imagine that you are on my soft warm bed in my candlelit bedroom. You are naked and lying on your stomach. Guess what I’m naked too. I pour some scented oil into my hands and just hold it letting it absorb some of my body heat and energy. Then ever so slowly and without warning I trickle it down your spine. Starting at the base of your spine slowly I move my hands upwards , then across your shoulders and back down your sides to where I began. Never letting my fingers leave your skin I repeat these movements working the oil in to your skin. Gradually getting firmer and faster. Alternating long slow strokes with using my thumbs in circular movements along your spine. Stopping at your shoulders I knead the muscles there , really working on any areas of tension , feeling you relax.

I take hold of one of your hands , and pour some oil on to your palm then start to massage it in. caressing between your fingers ,gently pulling on them , smoothing the oil up your arm , massaging it in. Slide my hands across your shoulders and down your other arm. Pour oil on to bahis firmaları your palm again , wiggling your fingers as I massage them. Using my thumbs on your palm. Caressing up your arm as I massage the oil into your skin, all the way up to your shoulder.

Then in one long slow movement I slide my hands down your back over your buttocks , and along your legs to your feet.

I take one foot in my hands and trickle some oil on it, I start on your toes massaging , wiggling, pulling then work the oil into your foot. As i’m doing this one by one I suck your toes, licking between them (hope you’re not too ticklish though I am but still love having my feet massaged ). Take hold of your other foot and massage it , sucking your toes again. mmmmm I like to do that

Next I start to move up your legs alternating from one to the other , long slow strokes gradually getting higher and higher. My fingers so slippy with oil that as they pass up your thighs they slip between your them , softly brushing your balls

slide my hands over your buttocks and as I massage your back again I move so that I am knelt astride your thighs.

i lean forward , kaçak iddaa my nipples gently touching your back as I kiss and gently nibble across your shoulders. Licking and kissing down your spine before I massage your back with my breasts transferring some of the oil onto me.

Sitting up I start to massage your buttocks , circular movements , my thumbs sliding between the cheeks , caressing your inner thighs…

would you like to turn over now…

now you are lying on your back , I’m still knelt astride your thighs and I pour some oil onto your chest and down over your stomach. Very slowly I massage it into skin , now we’ve got eye contact and I can watch what effect I’m having on you. I lean forward massaging you with my breasts as I start to kiss you. Soft gentle kisses at first getting deeper and harder, kissing your neck and shoulders. licking down your chest , flicking your nipples with my tongue , slowly licking downwards.sticking my tongue in your navel.

then in one long slow stroke I lick down to the base of your cock. watching it jerk in response

wrap my fingers round your cock and scarcely touching gently start to kaçak bahis caress it. one hand stroking your cock the other massaging your balls ,

licking up and down the shaft of your cock and over your balls. sucking your balls gently drawing them into my mouth then pushing them out again. Lick back up and take the head in my mouth swirling my tongue round it first one way then the other

sticking my tongue in the slit.

start to softly suck your cock as I caress the shaft. Gradually taking more and more in my mouth as I suck harder. mmmm feel your cock throbbing in response.

lean forward to kiss you again sliding myself forward as I do so.

letting my hot wet pussy rub over your cock. Wiggle my hips so that my clit presses against you. Still kissing you lift myself up so that the head of your cock slips inside me. stay still for a minute or two then slowly push down so that your cock is deep in me.

slowly start to slide myself up and down your cock. rotating my hips as I do so. gradually getting faster and harder , sit up and lean back so that you are really deep in me , rubbing my pussy against you , lovely warm tingly feelings building up inside me , getting harder and faster till with a final hard push downwards I cum my pussy squeezing your cock hard , making you cum too…mmmm that feels so good , can’t wait to do that for real

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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