Married Guy Lied

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I am a divorced thirty something year old girl named Janice. I would like to find a man my age to love and be married again. The pickings are rather slim. One of the problems is that too many married guys want a little sex on the side. I don’t mind having a date with a married man if he tells me he is married before we go out. That way I know where I stand and won’t get serious with him. It’s the guys who remove their wedding ring, seduce me and later I find out they are married.

One day a very handsome guy my age was assigned to my office area. He had been temporarily transferred from New Jersey to our office branch here in California. I was rather impressed with him when he took time to flirt with me.

The next day when he came to my office, he brought a dozen roses for my desk.

“Thank you, Jim, for the beautiful flowers. What’s the occasion?”

“Janice, you always smile and seem so pleasant. I thought the flowers would compliment your personality.”

That sounded like a big line to me, but I thought it was nice for him to say it.

Later, he asked me out for lunch. I accepted. He seemed so nice and I didn’t see a wedding ring. I was hoping he would ask me out at night.

Two days later he came by my office.

“Janice, I see you still have the flowers on your desk. Hope you have enjoyed them.”

I loved the way he smiled at me. He looked so handsome.

“Yes, they are still pretty.”

He said, “I have the evening free. I would like to take you out to dinner. I have a rental car and can pick you up at 7.”

I had been hoping something like this would happen. I didn’t want to act too eager.

I hesitated a little then said, “That would be nice. Let me give you my phone number and address.”

That evening he took me to a very upscale restaurant. Later we danced. When we slow danced, he held me close with our cheeks touching. I knew then I was willing to have sex with him if the occasion arose. But, I really wanted to know if he was married.

I pulled back from him to ask, “Jim, are you married?”

He hesitated, but then said, “I’m divorced.”

That made me feel much better. Now I could let my feelings go as far as possible.

When Jim drove in my driveway, I asked, “Would you like to come in for a drink?”

“That would be very nice. I’m not ready to go back to my lonely motel room just yet.”

I served a drink bahis firmaları and soon we headed for the bedroom. He held me for a couple of very sexy kisses while we were standing fully dressed. No words were needed as we shed our clothing and crawled in bed in each others arms to share more kisses. He was making me feel very sexy as his hands roamed my body. When my hand found his hard erection, I squeeze it and cuddled his balls. His fingers found my pussy.

Jim’s lips kissed my neck, then on to nibble my breasts. I knew he could hear my breathing becoming irregular. It had been over a month since I had sex, now I was really enjoying the erotic feeling. Jim moved on down to kiss my stomach and I was hoping he would soon be kissing my pussy.

His tongue flicked over my clit causing my body to erotically flinch. Then his tongue was going softly up and down my slit. I spread my legs even wider to give his head plenty of room.

After a minute or so of eroticism, he squirmed his body around so that his cock was near my head. I took the hint that he wanted me to suck his cock. I wanted that too. I always like to explore a cock with my mouth and tongue to feel and measure what I’m going to get in my pussy.

Jim rolled me up on top of his body. I took his cock fully in my mouth, pulled back up to explore the head with my tongue and lips. He was hunching up to me each time I moved down a little on him. Then I took his cock as far in my mouth and throat as I could. He hunched up nearly choking me.

He excitedly said, “Wow! You really do that good. You are really wonderful.”

I wasn’t exactly sure what he meant by that. Was I just a good fuck, or did he really like me as a person? Probably just a good fuck because we haven’t known each other very long. Oh well! Just enjoy it for now.

His tongue was doing wonders to my clit and I knew I could build up to an orgasm anytime. I wanted to hold off to cum when he did.

He was beginning to moan and groan a little as I worked up and down on his cock. My orgasm was beginning to build in my body. I noticed he was moaning more and then his cock began jerking and spurting in my mouth. I rapidly jacked his cock while keeping it in my mouth to catch all his spurting. As he was beginning to simmer down, he continued to suck on my clit to give me an orgasm.

I laid exhausted on top of him for a couple of minutes before I rolled off kaçak iddaa at his side.

We got up to get another drink, then returned to the bedroom to sit up in bed to talk. We talked about our work and about life in general. After awhile, his hand started slowly exploring my body. Then he became more serious by kissing my nipples.

He said, “Your breasts are beautiful. So nice and soft, yet firm.”

I was always proud of my breasts, now I said, “Thank you. You have a very athletic body. Very nice.”

He kissed me, then snuggled against me. “I want to bury my cock in you this time.”

I was more than willing. I said, “What position?”

“Why don’t you ride me?”

I didn’t say a word. I got up on my knees and straddled his body. I held his cock as I eased all the way down on it. As his cock slowly disappeared in me, I could hear him make erotic moans. I knew he liked it.

I gyrated on him, rested and gyrated some more for a long time as we both enjoyed the erotic feelings. He often played with my breasts as they jiggled and swung back and forth when I leaned forward. Sometimes the nipples would swing forward near his mouth to allow his lips to kiss them. Finally, we both had very satisfactory orgasms.

The next day, Jim came by my office desk, “Janice, I had a wonderful time last night. Let’s go out to dinner again.”

I was hoping last night was not just a one night stand. I was beginning to like him very much. I knew there wasn’t much of a future for us because he would be going back to his permanent office in New Jersey. Maybe if he asked to marry me, I would try for a transfer to the New Jersey office. I really didn’t want to get my hopes up.

We were together every night for the next few days. My relationship with Jim was successfully progressing and I was hoping we might have a future together.

All of a sudden I found out I had no future with Jim. A girl in the administrative section of my office informed me that Jim was a married man with three children.

That night when Jim took me out to dinner, I said, “Jim, I was told you are married with three children. Is that the truth?”

He looked very shocked, hesitated, then said, “Oh, I’m sorry. If I had told you I was married, you probably would not have gone out with me. I apologize.”

I was upset that he lied to me. I didn’t mind it so much if he had told me he was married in the kaçak bahis beginning. Sex with him was great and I didn’t really want to break up with him.

I acted very mad, but then said, “I was beginning to like you a lot, and I still do. But that was a mean thing to lie to me.”

“I apologize again. I’m sorry, I should have told you.”

“That’s alright we can still be friends. Just don’t lie to me anymore.”

He seemed so relieved. He took me home and we had more wonderful sex. I thought I might as well enjoy his company as long as he was here in California. I didn’t have any other prospects for a date.

During the next week, we had sex every night. It was great. Then he told me he was leaving on Saturday to go back to his wife.

He said, “Being with you has been really wonderful. However, I have only two more nights here and I think we should not see each other.”

“Why can’t we see each other?”

He seemed embarrassed, but finally said, “I’m flying home on Saturday and my wife will expect me to be really primed for sex that very night.”

He didn’t say anymore, but I knew what he meant. If he had sex with me on his last two nights here, he would be worn out when he got in bed with his wife. I decided to do something about it.

Thursday night about nine o’clock, I drove to his motel room. I knocked on the door.

He greeted me, “It’s nice to see you, but we weren’t going to be together again.”

“Thought I would come by to see you. Let’s have one drink.”

While we had the drink, I often rubbed his leg and his cock through his pants. He couldn’t resist and finally took me in his arms. We stripped and had sex.

He saw me at the office the next day, “That was nice for you to come by last night, but, please , not tonight.”

I had made up my mind that I was going to fuck him all Friday night and let him leave Saturday morning with a very limp cock. He had lied to me, now I was getting even.

Friday night he was very surprised when I knocked on his motel door.

He pleaded, “As much as I like you, please not tonight.”

I pushed my way in and asked, “Alright, fix us a drink and maybe I’ll leave.”

After a couple of drinks, he couldn’t resist my sexual advances. We had sex until he couldn’t get an erection again even after I sucked on it for awhile. It was about four in the morning when I left him. His plane was scheduled to leave at six. Now he would arrive at home in his wife’s arms with no sleep and probably have a difficult time getting a good erection.

Next time, maybe he won’t lie to a girl when he is a long way from home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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