Mallu Chechi


Mallu Chechi
Hi there readers , this story says the sex with neighbour’s wife her name is Geetha(name changed) she is 28 years old her stats are 36-24-36 she has the perfect body shape with a perfect yellow kerala (mallu) skin texture.

She is a married woman , i am really shy at talking to women and never had spoken to her until one day she came to our home but since no one else where there except me , i welcomed her .She said that her house ran out of gas cylinder she would like to borrow one if we had an extra. I then phone called my parent’s and said them this and they agreed to give it so i invited her inside our home and showed her the cyllinder and i also said that i will carry it since she is a lady. I started to roll it and when the steps came i tried to carry and she said she will also help me with that and when she bent to give a hand since she wore a saree her navels where seen and i could feel the heat in me , she smiled and i thought she caught me in the act and didn’t want to risk so i started to concentrate on the job.
After i kept the cyllinder at her kitchen she bent and fixed the gas valve and during this time i could see her navel hips and her a side part of her perfect boobs cover by her blouse. She asked me to sit on the sofa and asked wheather i would prefer coffee or tea. I said “no,i don’t need anything” but she insisted me to have a cup of a refreshment , she then asked about me . I casually replied about myself that i’m a college student who is pursuing my Engineering degree and have come to my home due to holidays. She asked wheather i have girl friends . i replied i wish i had but none in reality. I then asked about her , she said her name is Geetha and people call me Geethu . She gave me coffee and we had a serial which was going on tv i asked her weather she watches alot of serials kaçak iddaa , she replied that since no one is familiar since she is newly married and her husband goes out for job and comes home only for 2 days in a week she was bored. I said that if she need any help that i could provide and shared my number inturn she too shared hers.I right after i stored her number sent a “HI” in whatsapp and she laughed sitting here and texting . I found her as a pretty good friend to hangout .She shared all her things with me while having coffee.
We used to text alot everyday and crack jokes. One fine day while talking to her via whastapp i unknowingly sent her a xxx link which i was about to share to one of our friends group. I immediately deleted the whatsapp message but since she used GB Whatsapp she saw it and asked what is this Arjun (my name ) i said sorry Geetha (we called each other by names ) . I was very tensed and was feeling scared on the things which would come later. But i was shocked to hear this reply from her – she replied ” Idiot , No HD print , the movie sucks no quality ” .
I was star struck and was speechless she then calmed me down and said that it is common and girls also watch Gender Equality boss she said with a smily emoji. I then said her that i love porn , she said that she too loves and we started talking about porn, i asked her about her sex escaped with her hubby and she sent a sad emoji , i asked her why and she said that what she has dreamt has never been full filled . She said all her fantasies of getting groped from behind licked when standing in kitchen , drilling a dildo in her ass hole etc. I had my tool leaking its precum and was ready to be used . I was in pure Horny mood and i texted her with great dare that i would love to eat her inch by inch.
Chechi smiled and said first come to my home from college then speak . I cut the college on a friday and canlı casino siteleri had 3 days leave so on friday after reaching my home at 11:00 am i was really happy to be the only person there at home since all my family members left for a trip to Chennai. So i would home alone for 3 days.
Chechi came to my home and with great lust i held her hips and massaged it ,brought her inside and kissed her forehead and licked her face then a smooch , Chechi smelled Mallu way she was damn horny . Chechi didnt wear any inner wears , we didnt rush we slowly did it .

Geethu – make me your bitch !
me – licked her mouth spit inside wass enjoying her sweet saliva
Geethu – yeah baby i can’t bear anymore give me your tool
me – not so soon sweetheart .

She started crushing her boobs and was massaging her pussy. I removed her saree and licked her boobs and bit her nipples. I did it for like 20 min and she was getting very hungry for my cock. She stood naked , i took her to my kitchen and made her cut vegetables for lunch and i knelt and started licking her Clit . I inserted my tongue inside the pussy and was tasting her slowly inch by inch even i was unable to controll but somehow controlled my tool and used tongue and hands so far.

She became very much horny and she started to insert a Bootleguard inside her holes . I licked her fully , for our bad luck she got a phone call from her hubby . He said to her that he will be home in 10 min and would eat lunch and will leave to Hyderabad for a 3 days . She dressed up while she was wearing her dress i was licking over her face.She went to her house and got her self hair dressed and ready to meet her hubby. We had bad luck since her hubby left to Hyderabad only the next day. As soon as his hubby left i went and hugged her from behind and she loved it. I kissed her neck and pressed her boobs.She left a moan and this time i took casino şirketleri off my track pants and my 5″ cock was ready to ride a cave. i lifted her saree and inserted it without any condems or lubrications she had her juices so it went inside but not fully her pussy was unused and tight i pushed it in and i felt the stiffness it produced it hurt a little but i inserted it completely now she screamed when it went inside and i slowly started to move thru and fro , my hands went inside her blouse and was making love with her jugs . i pinched her nipples and she crushed the tits like a lemon . I loved the way she moaned , i increased my pace and was banging her from behind , She started to behave a slut , she uttered words like pornstars do . She made expressions like Francesca le does. Since i was a amateur in sex practically but a pro theoretically , i lasted for like 7 min and my cum came inside her. I then took her the bedroom and lied over her with my pennis still inside her. After 5 min i asked her to suck my dick and that lick and flick of her tongue made me hard instantly and her ball sucking was so awsome it gave me thrills and chills .
We went to 69 position and licked our parts. We did it for like 30 min and i poured oil on her naked body and her body glittered yellowish and i loved Chechi <3 she was a Sex Goddess like. I made her to go Doggy and pounded her this time with a full stamina and power . Then a missionery followed by a cow girl and reverse cowgirl in which she asked me to lie stable and she would like to take control and rided me with all her moves she got. I fingered her butt hole and starting licking it and she was scared , i calmed her down and inserted my pennis inside the butt hole and OH man she was the hottest woman , she was moaning and was enjoying the "CAVE EXPRESS" . She was amazing and She is the best slutty wife. I cummed inside her again and she was safe since she took pills. We had 5 more sessions that day including a sleepover in my room. Which will be posted later. We had a 10 session the other day but it was threesome with her cousin sister. Remaining stories will be posted later.

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