Mallin Prepares Ashira

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Ashira Modark leaned her petite frame against the balcony rail and sighed as she glanced upon the twin moons of Kahlar, located in the southern sky. Her waist length pale blue hair flowed out behind her as the breeze caressed it and occasionally a heavy lock would fall gently against the small of her back resulting in a small uncontrollable shiver. The pupils in her keen silver eyes expanded slowly as they adjusted to the dark and she ran her long fingers over her arm in an absent minded way as she looked out into the distance.

He would be coming tonight…. she thought to herself.

Ashira’s large nipples strained against the silken robe and she cursed quietly at her own bodies betrayal. Her small hands curled into a fist and she slammed them against the balcony rail. A muted chuckle coming from behind her caused Ashira to spin around in surprise.

“Why so angry, my daughter?”

Ashira narrowed her eyes and glared at the imposing figure of her father.

“Like you need to voice that question, father,” she muttered.

He frowned and walked towards her. As he did so he let his eyes take in the sight of his only offspring and he found himself holding his breath as he did so. She was magnificent. The very image of her mother. King Jarred frowned slightly at the thought of his now deceased wife, wishing she could be here to ease the fear of their only child on this night.

“There is nothing to be overly frightened of, Ashira… it is the way of our people… and you are the heir to the throne, it is your duty to carry out,” he lowered his voice aiming for gentleness to soothe Ashira’s nerves. But she would have naught of it.

She bahis firmaları turned on him angrily. “You are giving me to that man! I have no say in it… I might as well be an animal offered to the great feast!” Ashira spat out each word forcefully causing Jarred to wince at the anger she omitted. He himself became angry and before he realized what he had done, Jarred had brought his large hand down heavy across Ashira’s face. She fell back over a lounging chair that was placed on the balcony so one could enjoy the view.

They stared at each other a long moment, both shocked by what had occurred, but Jarred hardened his face and pointed one long finger at his daughter. “You are a woman, Ashira, and I know I have spoiled you. It is well past time that you learned your place among our people and become a woman in every aspect of the word. You will become his mate…. you will respect him… and you will respect me. Or I shall make you pay for it dearly.” He strode off the balcony leaving Ashira still sitting on the balcony floor and she choked back a sob as she rubbed the spot on her cheek where her father had slapped her.

“It’s not fair,” Ashira whispered as she raised herself up.

She straightened her robe and headed towards her bedchamber so she could check to see if her cheek would swell too much before the ceremony. As Ashira glanced into the mirror she let her eyes travel slowly over her form … wondering how he would see her. Oh she knew he desired her. He had made that known from the very beginning. He was so large and forceful. The men of this planet were much larger than the woman by nature… but he was a giant among men. She kaçak iddaa realized she was shaking and started twisting her fingers together, something Ashira always did when she was nervous. She paced back and forth her hair and robe trailing behind her as images of him kept finding themselves into her mind. As she turned to pace in the opposite direction a large shadow filled her doorway.

“Hello, Ashira”

The deep voice reverberated through the stone chamber and Ashira found herself backing up slightly. It was him! Her full lips formed an “o” of surprise and she glanced around the room for the maids that usually waited on her night and day. She was alone… with him.

She raised her chin up slightly in defiance before allowing him a brief nod.

“Greetings, Mallin”

He smirked and leaned casually against the frame of the door… as if blocking any route of escape for her.

She scowled at him and they both studied each other for a long moment. Ashira unconsciously chewed on her lower lip and again started ringing her fingers together. Mallin chuckled and walked towards her.

“Are you so afraid of me, Ashira?” His deep voice enveloped her and she felt light headed suddenly.

“I fear nothing,” Ashira managed to reply.

He grinned and she found herself despising this man. He was nearly two feet taller than she. His silver hair glided over his shoulders with the exception of one stray lock that fell stubbornly above his eyes. It gave him a rakish look. How appropriate she thought. For Mallin was indeed a rake.

So intent was her gaze upon him that she didn’t noticed when his extraordinarily large hand found its kaçak bahis way down to her heaving chest. She gasped as one finger brushed her nipple gently.

Ashira slapped his hand away.

“Don’t touch me… we are not wed yet”

His lips curled up into a snarl and he grabbed her nipple forcefully causing her to cry out in pain.

“Perhaps not, princess.. but we shall be and frankly I have a sudden urge to sample the goods.”

Ashira drew in her breath sharply and tried to sink her teeth into his hand but Mallin would have nothing of it. He forced his other hand into her long mane of hair using it to pull her head back. With her face upturned like this he took the opportunity to crush his lips onto her own. Ashira struggled but he easily overpowered her and forced his tongue into the moist recess of her mouth. He let his tongue delve deep into her, tasting her, savoring the flavor of her. How long he had waited for this. His blood pumped faster through his veins and he pulled her close against his hips so she could feel what was in store for her. He laughed into her mouth at her whimpers when she felt the size of his cock pulsating against her stomach. She renewed the strength of her struggles but he ignored them and kissed her harder.

Mallin tore his lips from hers and Ashira instantly started screaming but Mallin simply covered her mouth with his hand as he swooped her up into his arms. His eyes found the bed and he strode purposely in that direction. He grinned to himself and lowered his lips towards Ashira’s ear.

“Go ahead and scream, my princess… it will hardly be the last time you do so tonight. Wait until I thrust myself into you for the first time,” he said silkily before he licked her soft earlobe. She glared at him and Mallin threw back his large head and laughed loudly. What a night this was going to be…

To be continued…

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