Loving Daughter

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Dolly Little

Facts within this story are true but I have changed some events in order to protect some of the story members.


When my daughter first started coming to me with questions on sex and just about everything else I was in one way quite glad and I tried to help out in any way that I could. I will call her Casey. Casey and I have had a very close relationship up until I began to notice that she was no longer my little girl, she was growing into an incredibly beautiful young lady. I am very open about my sexuality and body and am not bashful in anyway shape or form. This was transferred to Casey but her mother is very tight fisted when it comes to people seeing what she believes they should not. So we kept to ourselves, not to imply anything sexual but more so our comfort zone with our bodies and how much of them we saw.

Casey joined the Army and did a split option, she went to basic training the end of her Junior year and would go to AIT after graduation. She missed the run by 3 seconds and would have to go back and redo the last 3 or 4 weeks of basic in order to graduate.

When she returned home she was 2 pants sizes smaller and her boobs had shrunk, still very nice but much more firm. She had been very interested in sex prior to leaving for basic but upon returning she was not interested at all. We had gotten her on birth control that lasted 5 years with an implant prior to her leaving for basic. I was initially surprised to find her lack of interest in sex basically gone when she returned but remembered this was normal after the hard physical training she had gone thru.

When Casey got home she broke up with her boyfriend of 3+ years (long distance) no real physical relationship and she had matured incredibly over the 10 weeks of basic and this relationship was not what she needed. After a short time back in school she started to realize she wanted male companionship. Being very attractive she was approached izmir escort bayan by the regular high school guys who were looking to get their stick wet. She ignored them and moved on but after a time she gave in and started to date a member of the football team I will call Professor X. I had the opportunity to read some of his text messages .. “baby lets skip tomorrow afternoon and go to my place and “Fuck” – obviously a mature young man with only the best in mind…

Casey would go over to his place while his parents were gone to work and one time she came home and I was watching TV in my room and she climbed up on the bed and as we lay there together something sticky rubbed on my arm… ewww she had given the Professor a hand job and he had blown all over, as would be expected of an 18 year old and some of the out cum had now rubbed on me. I washed my arm to say the least but was not upset. I look at life differently than most. This is all natural and freaking out over it or claiming moral high ground makes us all hypocrites and I won’t do that in this case.

I grew up in a very conservative environment and decided I would not do that to my children. So this is where I have to put my money where my mouth is and I start to realize that I am going to fall short immensely.

I was planning a trip to Canada to visit relatives and my family was not going to be able to accompany me, prior to this Casey told me she had decided to let the Professor fuck her, for lack of a better explanation. So I got his address and did a recon of the area completely. On the day in question I parked down at a softball park that had a walking trail that led to his house. I walked up the trail and quietly surveyed the house. Split level, so the bedrooms were more than likely on the ground floor. Midafternoon allowed me some freedom with the exception of a house wife looking out the window and calling the cops. I got lucky and the Professor’s escort izmir room was on the bottom right front of the house. I slide down by the house and looked through a gap in the blinds and there was my incredible 18 year old daughter almost naked with this young man working desperately to get his cock into her pussy. Now here is where my internal dilemma arose, I became aroused. Initially I believe that I did what I did to ensure that she was treated correctly and with respect and that the guy took care of her, not so that I could get a hard on like I have never imagined in my life time… What was wrong with me?

As I watched the constant increase in activity I watched as more and more clothing found their way to the floor and I also noticed the Professor was somewhat small in stature… hmmm who is he going to please with that. I asked myself. Well apparently the answer to that question is “him”

I watched with intent fascination as he positioned himself between her legs and apparently entered her and began humping away. She seemed more interested in the porn playing on the TV than his actions between her legs… this was not going well. I was young and foolish when I lost my virginity and I wanted her to be treated right, she should have been prepped with foreplay and brought to orgasm before he finished… didn’t happen. I was upset… this was my girl and she deserved to be taken care of and held and loved as all young ladies warranted.

He finished quickly and then started an argument with her that she sucked in bed and didn’t know what she was doing… WTF

I couldn’t believe what I had seen and heard and walked down the street in luau of kicking the crap out of this little shit…

I turned to come back up the street and the door opened slightly and I was caught… military training and a sense of slight mental retardation I jumped into the hedges, which had no leaves… duh.

The door izmir escort closed and I walked down the street only to be offered a ride by my daughter so I could get back to my car… I took the ride.

A week or two go by and I leave for Canada, I think to myself that I need to keep an eye on things but then decide that I was nuts. Then again I am somewhat resourceful and figure out how to access the video option through a cell phone. Not a complete idiot but then again that is with the individual perception.

I am in Canada and start to wonder what is going on at home. I call the wife and she tells me that Casey is going out with John, someone she has liked for a long time, they fooled around as young kids. I start to wonder and log into the cell phone from my laptop and the camera is focused out to zoom. I pull the controls and a tanned ass comes into view and I watch as this ass pumps away, I pull back farther to see my daughters legs spread eagle and a good size cock plunging bareback into her wet pussy. she is making noises and he is focused on the breeding at hand. I watch with an almost obsessed intent as they hold each other, this was beyond my wildest imagination and I am grateful the phone is sitting on the shelf the way it is. I watch as his tempo increases as time goes by, 10 minutes but I believe he has been going for at least that length of time. I focus and watch as his cock slides into her pussy and his balls slap against her puckered ass hole. They both begin to grow in energy and I watch as he pulls her close and shoves his cock inside of her as deeply as he can and moans. I can see his balls contracting with each surge of his seed as he desperately attempts to force his seed as far inside of her as he can, this obviously a genetic need. I do not see her finish but hard to tell from the view from the camera on the phone.

I watch as they lay together and talk of this and that and finally watch them get up and get dressed. This is different than I had thought and though I am highly physically, erotically excited, I am not sure what to do with myself.

Wonder what will happen when I get back to the US… time will tell. More to cum.

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