Like mother, like daughter


Like mother, like daughter
I went home with Cait of course and we headed for the kitchen but first she went into the living room where her mom was and her mom was sitting in front of the TV but she was texting on her phone and not really watching what was on and Cait sat down beside her and gave her a long hug and when she let go her mom said “Wow thanks, baby. What was that for?” and Cait said “Nothing. I just felt like it” and I was watching them from the doorway and when Cait came back to me I looked at her and Cait whispered “What?” and we went into the kitchen and I whispered “Seriously?” and Cait said “What??” and I whispered “Oh, come on. You’ve seen me suck his cock half a dozen times and now you’re worried about him cheating on your mom?” and she said “That’s different” and I said “It’s really not” and Cait said “Yeah it is”.
“What about your aunt Jessica?” I said, and she said “We don’t know that for sure. And even so, that’s different too”.

So I said “It really bothers you, doesn’t it?” and she said “Yeah” and she opened the refrigerator and got the orange juice out and poured herself a glass and then she asked me if I wanted some and I nodded and then I said “But why?” and she said “I don’t know”.
She hoisted herself up on the kitchen counter and I did too and sat there next to her and I said “I’m sure your mom is okay with it” and she said “How can she possibly be okay with it?” and I said “I just don’t think he would do it if she wasn’t” and she said “Maybe”.

Then her dad came home because he wasn’t far behind us and we heard him talk to Cait’s mom and she laughed so gleefully and Cait frowned and then they came into the kitchen and he said “Hey ladies” and I said “Hey” and Cait didn’t say anything but kinda just gave him the evil eye and I pushed my elbow into her arm but he didn’t notice any of it and then Cait said ”You doing anything tomorrow, dad?” and he said “Tomorrow? No, I don’t think so. Why?” and she said “I just thought we could all hang out or something. Like all of us together” and he said “Sure, that’d be nice” and then he said “Oh wait, I may have a thing actually” and Cait said “Really?” and I looked at her and the knuckles on her hand were turning white from squeezing the glass and I was sure it was going to just shatter in her hand and her dad said “Yeah but it shouldn’t be more than a couple hours” and Cait bahis siteleri said “A couple hours? Wow, that’s pretty impressive, dad” and I elbowed her again and this time her mom and dad both noticed and he said “What? What are you talking about?” and Cait emptied her glass and jumped down from the counter and said “Nothing. If you’d rather be with someone else than with me and mom, then fine. Do you think I care? Because I don’t” and then she strode out of the kitchen.

And now her mom and dad were both looking at me and her dad looked like he had just fallen from the sky or something and he said “What the hell?” and I wanted to hug him and then her mom said “What’s going on?” and I shrugged and tried to smile and said “I don’t know, I’ll go talk to her” and I went after Cait up the stairs but then her mom caught up with me and said “What’s going on?” again and I sighed and said “She thinks he’s having an affair” and she said “Why would she think that?” and I said “Because, well… We… uhm…” and then quickly I said “We passed the gym on our way home, and we saw him. In the parking lot. With…”
And she said “With a woman?” and I said “Yes” and she said “Oh dear” and I said “Yeah, so…”
“Were they kissing?” she said.
“Uhm… yes.”
“And more?” she said, and I thought; is she really asking me if they fucked in the parking lot?
“Uhm… well, no” I said.
“He’s not having an affair” she said. “You know about this” and I said “Yeah, I guess, but Cait doesn’t” and then she said “Tell her…” but she stopped to think and then she said “No, I’ll go and tell her…” and she stopped again.
Then she said “You know what, here’s what you’re going to do. Give me a minute and then the two of you come here and hide and kinda like eavesdrop on us, and we’ll be here talking about it and you’ll be listening and I’ll make sure she understands that everything is okay. Without any one of us actually telling her anything”.
And I thought; that’s actually a good idea, and I turned around and then Cait’s mom said “I haven’t given you permission to tell her about you and me, you know. Not yet” and I said “I know” and I didn’t really think much about the ‘Not yet’ part then.

So I went to Cait’s room and she was sitting on her bed clutching her pillow and I said “Are you crying?” and she said “No. I’m not 5 years old, you know” and I said “Sorry” and I bahis şirketleri sat down with her and she said “I fucked up, didn’t I?” and I said “Nah. I told them you had a bad case of PMS” and she laughed and said “Thanks, I think” and I laughed too.
Then I said “Look, they went to the living room together. We can go and try to listen in on them. Maybe they’re talking about it. I mean, if you really want to know” and she said “No, it’s okay, I just want to forget about it” and I said “Don’t you want to know?” and she said “Actually, no” and I said “Oh, come on, you know you do” and she thought about it and said “Fine, let’s go”.

So we went back and snuck down the stairs, and just a few steps down the stairs turned ninety degrees with a plateau and there it had like a wall made of frosted glass facing the living room so we could crouch down behind that and they probably wouldn’t be able to see us there if we didn’t move.
So we carefully laid down behind the glass and peered under it through the opening between it and the stairs and her mom and dad were sitting on the couch facing us and I think I saw her mom quickly glance up at us but I couldn’t be sure.

Then aunt Beth said to him “So, what happened? Was Rita there?” and he said “Of course”.
“So, what happened?”
“The same as the other three times. I think she’s ready soon. I thought I could go to her place tomorrow but now I think I should stay here with you and Caitlin instead.”
“Don’t worry about that” she said. “Just tell me everything.”
“Yes” she said.
“Well…” he said, and then he started to tell her about it, and as he did Cait’s mom unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out and Cait gasped and I thought; But she knows we’re here!
And at first she just let his cock hang there to the side and she looked at it and said “Aw, did that selfish woman wear you all out?” and then she grabbed a hold of it and started to jerk him off and it didn’t take long for it to get hard and he was telling her about what had happened in the locker room and she got up on her knees in the couch and kissed and licked his cock while she jerked him and then she put it in her mouth and sucked him off and Cait groaned next to me, and he told her everything, that she had sucked him through the hole and how she had done it and how he had fucked her when she came over to his stall and what canlı bahis it felt like and what she said and did and everything and Cait’s mom sucked his cock faster and faster and then she stopped and kissed him while she jerked him off some more and then she said “Do you still miss the two girls that used to be there?” and my heart stopped.

And I looked at Cait and she looked at me and her eyes were wide open and her face was as white as a piece of paper but I could tell she was so horny and I was too by now and we looked back at her mom and dad again and her dad said “You know I do” and then her mom stood up and took off her pants and panties and then she sat down on his cock with her back to him, facing us and she fucked him like that, up and down and then rocking back and forth and he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and kissed her and fondled her boobs and then he put his hand on her clit and rubbed her and she said “Ooohhh yess” and rode him faster and after a while she said “Ooohh fuck yess” and then she came and her body shook and then she jumped off of him and put his cock in her mouth again until he said “Aaahh” and she took it out and jerked it and let him squirt on her face and Crait groaned again and then she stood up and ran up the stairs tiptoeing and I followed her into her room and she threw herself on the bed and I think she had her hand inside her pants even before she landed on it and she rubbed herself so fast and then she came too and she bit into the back of her other hand as she did and she went “Nnngghh” with her eyes closed.

I pulled my sweater off and jumped on top of her and we kissed and I straddled her thigh and ground my pussy against it and she pushed her pussy against my thigh and we humped each other and kissed and moaned and then I came and she grabbed my ass and pulled me harder to her and then she said “Mmmmhh” into my mouth when she came again.

I fell down next to her and we were both breathing heavily and then after a while we looked at each other and we both just burst out laughing and I said “Well, that was… convincing” and she laughed and said “Holy shit, my mom’s a freak” and I said “Like mother, like daughter” and Cait said “Oh yeah?” and she got on top of me and pinned me down and kissed me and then she took my bra off and she pulled my pants and my panties and my socks off in one fell swoop and she put her mouth on my pussy but I pushed her away and took all her clothes off too and then I grabbed her head and pulled her back between my legs and we really didn’t stop until it was almost morning and we fell asleep kissing.

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