Lets do this,….


Lets do this,….
Early in the lifestyle with few people knowing about our playtimes we finally let one of my oldest friends in on our secret. He was by one night and we were cutting up and having some laughs when taking pics came up. I was telling him about us taking pics and posting on a few sites. Of coarse he wanted to see some. My home office is part of our guest room so off we went to the desktop. Needless to say he was enjoying the pics. Doris was sitting next to him and noticed he had a bulge in his pants. She told him she liked his reaction to her pics and did he want her to help him with his growing problem. He looked at me not knowing what to say. I laughed and told him not to disapoint her. She took him by the hand and led him to the bed and started to undo his pants. Doris sat and pulled his pants down. His cock was not quite hard but after a few licks it was at full attention. She stood and pulled his shirt off and started undressing with his help then got on the bed for some heavy making out.
After maybe 10 minutes I couldn’t take anymore and striped and joined them on the bed. I went straight down on her. Wasn’t long with me licking her and Tim kissing and sucking her breast she had huge orgasm. By now Tim and I was ready for some relief. Doris was ready to please us and went down and proceeded to give him one of her wold class blowjobs. Wasn’r but a minute and he was cumming and she was swallowing every drop. After getting every drop she turned to me and was swallowing my load within minutes.
Now Tim is a little nervous and after a little bit of laying around he says he has to go. We follow him to door and Doris gives him a long goodbye kiss and tells him not to be a stranger. I tell him to come back more often. We head to bed and have a wonderful night talking and pleasing.
Over the next few weeks Doris and I talk and she tells me how much she enjoyed Tim and how she really wanted illegal bahis to fuck him. I get with Tim and make plans for us to take Doris up to camp for a weekend. Plans are for us to take her out for dinner and dancing followed up by a night of pleasing her in every way.
We leave home on Saturday around lunch for the 2 hour drive north with Doris sitting between us in the front seat of truck. Of coarse Tim and I are rubbing each thigh. We arrive and unload everything into the cabin. The weather is perfect and we settle down in the rockers on the porch with a few beers. Now Doris is in a pair shorts and a tee and decides to get a little sun. She gets up and removes her tee, grabs a towel from inside and heads to the yard. She spreads out her towel and sheds the shorts and stretches out to to enjoy the sun and put smiles on mine and Tims face. Tim and I enjoy the view while solving all the worlds problems. Doris had enough sun and decided to start getting ready for her date night. We all take turns showering which was hard to do with Doris naked most of the time and got dressed.
We arrive at the resturant and seated in a booth. Doris sat with Tim. Dinner was fun with all the flirting and teasing going on. The best part was when the waitress overheard us talking about the club we were going to and told me I should be able to find a girl there. That drew a big laugh and I explained that Doris was my wife and Tim was a very good friend and we were both hers for the rest of the weekend. Took a second for it to register with her then she smiled and said lucky lady. As we were leaving our waitress stoped Doris and handed her a note that read I’m sure you will enjoy them and if you would ever like to add a 4th please call and included her phone number. Yes. Thats another story.
Nothing much more than dancing and grinding at the club. We took turns dancing with Doris and at times would sandwich her between perabet giriş us. We did get a few looks and Doris made sure several people knew she was going to enjoy her night with 2 men. Finally she said enough, she needed to get back and get fucked. Wasn’t sure if Tim and I were going to make it back without losing a nut. We were still in the parking lot when she unziped both of our pants and started stroking us both.
We arrived back at the cabin and was pretty much racing to get inside. No slow strip but clothes flying everywhere to the bed. Doris jumped in the middle and Tim and I got in on each side of her. She was on fire but I wanted this to be memorable and not happen too fast. She went back and forth between us kissing while we nibbled all over her neck and breast and ran 4 hands all over her. Tim finally started kissing and licking his way down as I continued nibbling, sucking, kissing and whispering in her ear how hot she was. I knew the moment Tims tongue hit the right spot. We continued with me and Tim swapping spots and paying a lot of attention to all of her. Several times she tried to do something to please us but we refused and told her it was her night. After more than a hour of some great forplay she said dhe couldn’t take it anymore and needed some dick.
Doris rolled over, straddled Tim and sunk down on his cock. There was no resistance. She was soaking and her pussy was open and ready. This was the first time he had been in her and I can’t say who enjoyed it the most. Tim was about a inch longer than me with about the same girth and she was getting every bit of it in her. I eased around behind cupping her breast and kissing her neck. She was lost in the feeling. Tim was trying to hold out but it wasn’t long before he said he was going to cum. That triggered her and she started cumming at the same time as Tim. She collasped on him and they caught their breath. perabet güvenilir mi She the rolled off and spread her legs and looked at me and said I need more. I was more than happy to fill her request and slid my aching cock in her. I know I wasn’t hitting the spot Tim did but she was pulling me in as deep as I could get and after a brief time I added a second load to her. By now Tim had recovered a little and we put her between us again and caressed and kissed her. From that point we continued to actually make love, not fuck her for the next 5 hours.
Sometime well after sunrise I woke and as i stired it woke her. I immediately kissed her good mornig and ask her if she enjoyed. I don’t believe Ajax could get the smile off her face. That morning kiss and talk led to more. Tim finally woke and rolled over and we started again. For the next hour or two we slowly made love to Doris with her riding Tims cock to several more strong orgasms. Tim got up to go shower and Doris and I laid and talked about it all. She claimed out of all our experiences that this was the best and hoped it wouldn’t be the last. I guess all the talk worked her up a little. As we laid with me slowly caressing her she looked at me and ask could I go once more. Sadly I had to say no. Didn’t bother her. She spread her legs and said then please eat my pussy. I kissed her and went down on her. As I got close I noticed drops of cum on her thighs. Not sure why but I started licking all the spots clean. I never minded kissing after blowjobs so it wasn’t the first time I tasted cum. That set her on fire. She started telling me how awesome it was. I took a long lick from the bottom of her pussy to her clit. I repeated over and over making sure I cleaned up as much of our cum as I could then I put my full attention on her clit. She started cumming harder than I had ever seen. After she recovered she said that was the perfect end to our weekend.
The ride home was great. We talked about all the things that happened and things we could add to the next time. We never got another weekend with Tim like that but he did continue for years to join us at home for some short but fun times.

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