Led on the path of BBC


Led on the path of BBC
It was 1999, the internet was still kind of a new place to most and the rules not set very well In chat rooms. Young people and older people mingling in chatrooms with no filters or function other than “block”, “exit”, “send.” It was in this room that my young self found a friend.

Melissa was, as she told me, 22 at the time and was very interested in talking with a young boy. Being on the start of puberty and scared to look up porn online for fear of viruses and other harmful thing, I was all for talking with her. Now, don’t get me wrong, I was looking at porn. Mostly guy on girl porn. However, there were a few times when I would accidently run across trans anime pics. This confused me a bit and would actually make me harder and more turned on.

So we began to chat online. She would tell me when she had sex with a guy from the night before giving me every detail as well as when she messed around with her female friends. She would send me pics of herself, with her friends, or with a guy. I was ecstatic.

Fast forward 4 years, I had moved states to Maryland a year after I started talking to her, into the middle of farm country. Melissa and I continued to talk, and she knew a lot about me, since I trusted her from knowing bahis şirketleri her for so long. She knew where I lived and school I was going to.

Now during these 4 years of chatting online with her changed my tastes. The pics she would send me were now porn instead of her own pics. Girl on girl to start, telling me over and over how good pussy was and how good it felt. Then straight guy on girl porn, commenting on the size of the guys cock and how much it stretched out the girl’s pussy that he was fucking. She would send a variety of guy on girl. From normal sex to bdsm where the girl was tied up and used by a few guys. Then after a while she started to send me porn of trans girls. First, guys fucking trans no able to see the trans girl cock in most of them, then trans girls fucking girls, then trans girls fucking girls, then eventually trans girls fucking guys. At this point I have been looking at porn and all kind of types by myself but when she messaged me and sent me things, I would feel so drawn to her and whatever she was sending. It was different than finding porn myself, it was like a d**g that I never knew I was using.

By this time in my high school life I had 2 girlfriends, one I did a few things with and another illegal bahis that I lost my virginity to. Both were high school girls, so it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. Melissa knew this, she knew practically everything about me, I would tell her everything after it happened. She was proud of me and she said she got off on it.

The porn that she sent me, more of, in messages and emails, was now a mix of everything with a comment of two from her about what she sent. How good it looked or how good it feels to have that done. Mixed in with everything was now hardcore gay porn. Gangbangs, bdsm, water sports, cum covered everything. I was so turned on by anything she sent me now that I didn’t care what it was, I drooled and jerked off, hours on end to this. The gay porn started to turn more interracial and more into black guys on white boys. I didn’t notice at the time, I just loved everything she sent.

Now this small farm around school only had a few black k**s in it. I never really had spoken to them since I didn’t have any classes or have any reason to interact with them since they had a completely different group of friends. One day however, the older one that was a senior and I believe 18, came up and started talking with me illegal bahis siteleri and asked if I wanted to hang out.

I picked him up a few days later and we went and hung out with a few of his friends at an arcade/laser tag place for a little while. During this time my ex gf the one that I lost my virginity to called and said she wanted to talk. So, Kyle and I left his friends and we drove to her work. On the way he was grabbing and rubbing the back of my neck, which at that time was a huge turn on spot for me. I didn’t say anything, but I did let a few little moans escape. When we arrived at the gas station that my ex worked at, he said to park off to the side of the building. It was night and dark on the side. This is where he grabbed my crotch and started rubbing as well as my neck. With his hand on my crotch, he undid my pants and took my already hard cock out and grabbed it, jerking me off slowly. I tried to reach over and grab his cock but was scared, nervous and just weak from what he was doing. He then leaned over and took my cock in his mouth. It was warm and I was in shock as he took the whole thing in my mouth. His hand was now holding my cock at the base, pulling the skin, tight and making the blood in my cock throb as he went up and down, using his tongue all over.

It was too much, and I didn’t last long. I came hard, moaning and whimpering as he swallowed my whole load before lean back up into his seat and smiling at me, the windows all fogged up.

To be continued…

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