Learning to be a Good Boy, Part 5


Learning to be a Good Boy, Part 5
For the next few hours, I was tormented this way. I would later find out that this was called “edging”, yet as opposed to getting me close to cumming, and then simply stopping the stimulation, I was being trained differently. My overwhelming feeling of an impending orgasm was immediately replaced with intense discomfort, or even pain! Examples were: my balls being squeezed/twisted, my nipples being twisted, a cane used on the bottoms of my feet/ass/ or even my exposed balls, a flogger being used on my torso/back/ bare ass/bottoms of my feet…. Then the erotic stimulation would begin all over again, starting with being made to lean-back on the finger at the entrance on my anal ring.
I would later learn that this trained was intended to teach the trainee to associate pain with the desire to orgasm, thus training the person to avoid orgasm without express permission.

On one particular close episode, I announced my impending orgasm and the grip on my penis was eased just as the finger was removed from my rectum. To my surprise, no discomfort or pain was inflicted, as I had anticipated. Instead, my hard penis was allowed to throb and spasm under Mrs. Perkin’s watchful eye.

“You can’t see it” I heard her say, “but your penis is literally dripping with pre-cum. So that you understand how it works” she explained, “pre-cum is a clear, slippery liquid that escapes from the penis during intercourse. It’s intended use is to add lubrication during intercourse. Good thing güvenilir bahis siteleri for you is that if I allow you experience intercourse, there will already exist sufficient natural lubrication, as there was in Mommies cunt the other day. You will find other women, who I allow you to be with, naturally wet as well. As for others who I may allow to have intercourse with YOU, in your little-boy hole…”she added, “I will make sure that they use plenty of artificial lubricant… like this”

I then felt cool, slippery fluid being liberally applied to my anal ring. Then, a finger was easily slipped inside of me.. then a second finger. The fingers then rolled and twisted inside of me as my penis and balls were lightly held and comforted.

My rectum was slowly toyed and stretched for a few minutes until Mrs. Perkins’ voice broke the sound of my heavy breathing.

“Lean your face down here” she said, as she placed her hands on the back of my head. I lowered my face and soon felt soft thighs on each side of my face, working as a v-shaped track to guide my mouth down to her center. Just as I made the first lap at her very wet folds, it hit me:

*If I was licking Mrs. Perkins… who has holding my penis and fingering my rectum?*

I lifted my head and began to question:

“Wait, WHAT?” I asked, “Who is…..”

My words were cut off by the sound of swishing air, followed by an open hand making contact with my right cheek. The stinging filled in quickly, yet Mrs. Perkins’ words hit harder.

“How perabet giriş many times” she yelled, “MUST I tell you NOT to speak unless spoken too.”

The fingers were removed from my well-lubed rectum and my penis was released.

“Resume your licking” Mrs. Perkins ordered, “and your announcement of any impending orgasm.”

I leaned down again and continued lapping at her soaked center.

“It does not matter” Mrs. Perkins explained as a lapped and licked, “WHO is behind you. You belong to ME, and as your Mommy, and I will share you with ANYONE I desire.”

“Yes Mommy” I replied in a muffled voice, still trying to maintain contact with her syrupy folds.

“It could another female friend of mine,” Mrs. Perkins continued, “or even Mr. Perkins or perhaps it is Linda, my step-daughter. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes Mommy” I answered, but in reality, I was scared to death that it was any of those possibilities.

“It could even be” she added, “your REAL Mother, for all you know. The point is, it is whomever I want it to be and you will continue to do your best to please Me, your Mommy!”

I was still licking Mrs. Perkins yet nothing was touching me ‘down there’. But suddenly, I felt something make contact against my anal ring. It was firm and a bit cold.

“Lean back” said Mrs. Perkins, “and demonstrate your obedience by taking it all. It will be obvious when you have it all inside.”

Fortunately, my rectum was well-lubed. Unfortunately, this was not a finger or two, as before. perabet güvenilir mi As I leaned back, the device seemed to get larger in diameter the more it went inside. I took just a little but then needed to lean back forward in an attempt to maybe get a better angle. I tried again and maybe got more inside, but it was wider than anything that I had ever had. I had also, unknowingly, stopped licking Mrs. Perkins. I felt her hands under my chin.

“You may be permitted” she said, “to temporarily stop licking me until you have accepted this into your little-boy hole. You may also reach back and use your hands to spread your ass-cheek.”

I did exactly as she suggested and reached back, spreading my cheeks with both hands, as I leaned back onto it. Funny thing was that even though it hurt as it spread my anal ring, the deeper it went inside of my rectum, the better it felt. Soon the pain of trying to open up wide enough to accept this object was replaced by the incredible desire and need to be penetrated. I eased back more and grimaced as I did.

“Take it easy, baby-boy” Mrs. Perkins encouraged, “We still have plenty of time remaining today.”

I eased back, wiggled my ass a little and eventually, I felt the device slip all the way inside of me just as my anal ring suddenly narrowed and closed thigh around the base. The temporary pain was replaced with a deep, full feeling inside of my anal cavity. I felt more full than I had ever before!

I would later learn that this was an Anal Plug… a training device that is used to train the anal ring to open up for, well, whatever. This particular Anal Plug, I would later learn, was the smallest size.

“Continue your licking” I heard Mrs. Perkins order “As you get accustomed that full feeling back there.”

To Be continued….

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