Justin Time


Justin TimeJustin time [part 1 of 2]By: Helena Handbasket I’m divorced, 48, a redhead and curvy. This is my first story, I hope you like it. As time goes on I will takeyou on my many fantasies, but this one is true. Episode one – the DIY Store. You may call this a Hardware Store. I ammeaning a shop that sells paint, plaster, tools etc for jobs around the home and garden. I needed some paint to repaint my front door. There was little chance I would ever actually paint it, but on this particular day I had started out with the best of intentions. Not that I was exactly dressed for DIY. Not THAT sort of DIY anyway. Ihave recently lost a lot of weight and I am enjoying my new body. Or my old body I suppose. I’m a big 38c, and they look even bigger, well to me anyway, as the rest of me is now smaller. My waist is good. My arse is quite big I think, but nice – so I dared a g string, and some leggings. My tits were in a tight little lycra top with no bra so they were jiggling a bit. I tend to sc**** my hair back and wear glasses when I am NOT on the pull, but this day I had my lush dark – auburn hair all unfettered, and my contact lenses in so I could at least find the paint aisle. I was bending over peering at the paint colours. Red Carpet .. ScooterRed …Sticky fingers – they all looked the same to me. I don’t know how it is that you know when you are being watched ? The store was pretty deserted and yet I swear I felt eyes on my arse. It’s big , curvy, eye-catching. Why NOT look at it? Then I heard the squeak of trainer soles on the floor. I looked back andthis HUNK was sooooo not looking at my arse. Trouble was he was looking at the ceiling, and there was as sure as hell nothing interesting up there. He’d got some grout and stuff in his basket, and a whole lot of WOOD down his tracksuit bottoms. He was well hard, and he didn’t look like he’d got any underwear on ! I was quietly fascinated by this swaying erection as it passed me by,his basket held hopelessly in front of it. He’d need more than some grout to hide that little lot. A roll of wallpaper perhaps. I checked out his arse as he went past. Yum. And I’d got a wet littlehard on of my own now. I hadn’t seen the guy’s face yet. His arms looked like they could tieknots in girders. Lordy. But he was, I estimated 22-25 years old, so I was old enough to be his mum. I felt he must have just spotted my arse, had a good look, got all hard ( how flattering 😉 ) and then when he saw me he probably was very disappointed, at least by my age. Anyway he was behind me in the checkout queue. Beyond the doors weresome big mirrors waiting loading. I could see the lower half of him in them. Much as he was still trying to hide it, he still had a right hard on. My gay best friend says the more you think about (trying to will it to go down) it the worse it gets. Must be right. The girl on the check out was checking it out as well. Chloe her namebadge said, and she was GORGEOUS. This made it even worse I guess, looking in the mirror. Finally I got served, and very slowly made my way out to my Nissan SUV,donning my dark glasses. Hard on boy was parked a long way from me. I wondered how on earth Icould make contact, other than to march up to him and say “Could I have a large portion of that cock please?” My heart was thumping. Drop a handkerchief would have been the plot inThomas Hardy’s day, but I updated this to my store card. Making out I was fumbling in my purse, I dropped the brightly coloured card in the middle of the car park, right in his path. “Excuse me” (I heard his voice call – don’t you DARE address me as MadamI thought) , “, Love – you’ve dropped your card!” “Oh !” I turned in shock “Thanks ” I beamed and strode back to pick it up. He was still a bithard I noticed. I bent down to retrieve it, giving him plenty of cleavage. It pushed the 58% Cotton/42% Polyester tracky bottoms out visibly. Outeven further. So he was interested alright. I had a good look as he couldn’t see my eyes I realised he had no Ankara bayan escort idea whatsoever that I was available. He was breathtakingly gorgeous. A bit of a cliche all muscles andstubble, but these blue eyes I wanted to jump into and swim. I decided to take the plunge I lowered the glasses. “Do you want some help with that?” I asked, looking down and smiling. Icould of course have meant his purchases. “Um..” he grinned “are you serious” “I am, I said, never more so. Come and sit in my car” I said ” And I’llscuk your cock for you” His jaw dropped (as mine would have to !) He silently followed me I opened the car with my remote, then got in the back and beckoned himin. He put his purchases on the front seat and went to kiss me. I stopped him, minx that I am. I shook my head. “Get him out” I said , looking down at the huge bulge in his trackybottoms. He pulled the waistband out, and he was blushing ! “Pull them down to your knees” I said “What?” he was incredulous “this is a car park! It’s broad DAYLIGHT” “I want to be able to get to your balls and everything. You can soonpull them up if someone comes out. Go on, do as you’re told” I ordered With some reluctance he did it. His big cock sparng out, phenomenallyhard. My ex husband was 6′ 4″ and built to match, so I knew how to handle big cocks, luckily. I held the head gently and wanked him. He groaned. “Have you come today?” I grinned He nodded “I fucked my girlfriend earlier” he admitted “Did you come in her pussy or her mouth?” I asked “Between her tits” he told me “Umm…. lovely” I enthused “does she DEEP THROAT?” “No she… .she can’t do that” “Mmm ….well I can” I giggled Cradling his big balls with one hand I held the shaft with the other andfed it into my mouth and right down my throat. I held my breath as I fellated him forcefully. “Oh god that’s fantastic” he grunted Needing to breathe, I withdrew the cock, shining with my spittle and Igently pulled his foreskin back, releasing his musky smell, and I thought a little bit of cunt juice from his earlier fuck. Lovely smell, I thought – I’d like to meet her! I enveloped the exposed head in my mouth looking up at him all the while”Can I get your tits out ?” he asked , his voice having dropped severaloctaves I got them out myself, pulling the tight top down “Oh my god they’re gorgeous” he moaned filling his big warm hands with”them fucking beautiful big nipples” “I love them” I said, emptying my mouth for a moment, and taking theopportunity, now I wanted to, to kiss him. Scooping his big cock into my cleavage, I moved up him to thrust mytongue deep into his mouth. “MMmmm” he groaned and his body clenched as I wanked him. I had no warning as he spasmed and came his load up all over my bigtits. “Oh” I moaned back into his mouth as I basked in his spermy salute tothe gorgeousness of my tits. We broke the kiss, I wanked him a little more to bring up any more juiceand finally deeply sucked him, at the end of which with thick sperm all round my mouth I smiled at him. “BETTER?” I teased “FanTAStic” he beamed “Finger – fuck me?” I asked as I wriggled out of my leggings “Sure”, he grinned as I spread my legs for him I have a neat little triangle of pubes well above the silt, below thatit’s all open land “Can I have a lick?” he ventured “You ..certainly can. I might smell a bit strong” I advised “I’m veryhormonal !” His face came to between my legs, and he had a sniff. “You smell great, actually” he smiled and he dug his tongue in between my shaved lips to get straight into mybig hard clittie. It was luscious, I mean he was no great expert, I’ve been eaten better,but he was so hunky and it was such a horny situation in this superstore car park at mid morning, that I could not help but to grab my tits, and enjoy the ride. “Stick your finger in as well” I urged He stuck First one then two big (and rough) fingers were pushed deep into my wethole. “Umff” I moaned He slurped and licked and lapped “I’m COMING” Escort bayan Ankara I said , rather unnecessarily as I soaked the lower halfof his face “Lordy!” he coughed, kind of “I’m sorry” I chuckled “I’m a bit of a juicy Lucy, I’m afraid” I handed him some wipes I kept in the chair back pocket, which he used.”I’m going to want you to come round to my house and FUCK me” I told himHe nodded “When?” he asked “Can you do Saturday night / all day Sunday, next weekend?” I proposed”My ex husband has my son then” I was having a bit of a wipe and I pulled my clothes back up / down asnecessary. He took the hint and tucked his cock away, which was shame as it washard again already I gave him a piece of paper with my address scribbled on it and avoicemail number. He smiled back at me as he left my car. I made myself look a bit more respectable, and got in the driver’s seatand drove home. I was shaking when I got back. I went straight up to my bedroom andwanked myself off with my favourite vibro. I still wasn’t satisfied, so I did it again, slowly, playing a lot of attention to my breasts, I held off and held off until I finally had a huge multiple orgasm. I still wasn’t satisfied, in fact it made me worse. Finally I got dressed and went food shopping. I was transfixed by ahuge banana. I bought it, well .. a bunch, a hand is the correct term, and all the other shopping got left in the kitchen for a while, as took my banana to bed. I put a condom on my new friend and fucked myself vigorously with it, in the end I crammed another one up my arsehole , as well. Finally I was so tired I showered, put the perishables away, ate mybanana friend and opened a bottle of wine. Towards the end of the bottle of wine a male friend called from Sweden, where he’s in a rock band. He soon realised I wanted dirty talk and obliged, making me strip naked on my sofa, and legs akimbo, pump my clit until I came again, he described his wank in detail as he joined me, and I heard him grunt as he came all over his hand. It was two days before my DIY store hunk (Justin – “Justin Time” Inamed him ) contacted me via the voicemail. Mind you, I had dialled in 32 times by then. He explained that he’d been working on being absent for most of theweekend, which involved a mythical plumbing first – fit in Walsall Wood. So…Saturday night came at last. And talking of coming at last I had bythis time mastrubated a couple of dozen times each time, or most times stopping short of ograsm. Sometimes I accidentally came. I was determined when I actually got my hands on him, I was going to go off like the space shuttle. I was undressed to the nines. Bright red satin dress. Basque,suspenders, black fishnet stockings, high heels, no knickers at all , hair all magnificent, lots of makeup. The very ultimate in tartiness, basically. I was going to describe my cunt at great length to you, but as you’ve been good, you may have a look. In this picture you will see right up it. Freshly shaved, very, very juicy, gaping a bit, as you will see, after a large vibe had been deep inside. Pic : http://erofiles.freewebspace.com/CB_Pussy.jpg While you’ve got your cock out, you may as well keep it out now. Right on the appointed time of 8 pm the doorbell rang. Though I hadmanaged to feign complete confidence in my dealings with our Justin, I was shaking as I walked to the door. Justin was standing there with a bunch of supermarket lillies, looking very scrubbed and magnificent in a white cotton shirt and tight and faded blue jeans. I wondered if he was just hard all the time, as I sneaked a peek, and he definitely was. “Come in quickly, the neighbours will talk” I giggled nervously. Hewas carrying a bottle of Chardonnay as well, both were taken from him and put aside as he entered the hallway. “I was thinking of coming looking like a workm!” was all he got out asI pushed him up against the wall and shoved my tongue in his mouth. I thrust a hand in between us and grabbed Bayan escort Ankara the bulge in his jeans. “I’m going to have to apologise” I murmured “.. but I’m absolutelyfucking rampant” Perhaps I didn’t really have to explain this to him, as such. His hands were at my back undoing the dress as he snogged me forcefully.It was soon in a pool round my spike heeled ankles. “Fuckng hell you’ve got a fucking basque on” he grunted , filling hishands with as much tit as he could access. His right hand dipped down to my crotch “Christ you haven’t got any fucking knickers on” he laughed He cupped the palm of his hand over my mound “Jesus you’re DRIPPING” he chuckled “Finger UP!” I groaned He inserted a big finger as deeply as he could reach “FUCKING HELL” he whispered “that’s got to be the hottest, wettest CNUTin the whole Midlands!!” I couldn’t argue with that Then, quite forcefully : “ON the floor, now, on your hands and knees”he ordered He pulled his shirt off, and hoiked his jeans down to his knees “I’ll get yez tits out in bit”, he announced , sounding suddenlygypsy-ish ” roit now I’m just gonna fuck yeh” “Do you want a condom on it, Mrs?” he asked gallantly I shook my head Not the wisest decision in the world, I’ll grant you, but firstly Iwanted to feel him, and secondly I could not POSSIBLY have waited. He was fishing around in his jeans as he asked, so I guess he’d come prepared. I had invested in a selection, but they were away up the stairs. I felt him rock hard between my buttocks, and I thought for a moment hewas going to pot the brown. All in good time, I thought. It was merely that he was so phenomenally hard , the tip of his big cockwas drifting upwards away from the big wet slot, and it is big, boys, I DO have a grip of iron, but plenty of room for BIG cocks at Chez Helena. He fed the nine inches of his fat cock in, the broad knob pushing my insides apart , the gushing pink walls of my cunt. His concrete – like thighs banged into the backs of mine. Any reputable source will confirm that there isn’t room for nine inches in anyone’s even if you’ve had a k**, there is only six odd inches to fill. “Mmmm mmmm” I moaned “God, you’re good” I said “…. a good fuck…. I like the way you move your hips” “Thanks” he grinned “You have the MOST GORGEOUS ARSE” he enthused . “My girlfriend doesn’t….” he started. I could guess what she doesn’t. “Pull out” I said “gently….. let’s go upstairs… I want to sit on it” I told him We ran up the stairs, me first, with him having a good look up my arse. I led him to my room, where I pulled the rest of his clothes off, forcefully. I opened the top of the basque, pulling out my big tits. I kept the shoes on , and the stockings. I lay him out and jumped on, with minimal if any use of hands! He was up me like the proverbial rat up a drainpipe. I leaned forward and forced a nipple into his mouth. “Bite me ” I moaned. He bit. As I leant forward Justin, bless him, stuck a finger WAY up my arse. I felt an “Oooh” vibrate through my nip as he noticed the bunch of KY I’d shoved up there, earlier. “Oh my lord get it up there , PLEASE!” I moaned “PLEASE” I begged, mangling my tits I reached behind me and pulled him out of my cunt If you DON’T put a condom on now, then you can’t go back in my cunt , and I won’t suck it” I warned. We agreed he would put a condom on, and I pushed his cock deep into my arse, still sitting on him as before. He groaned as his great cock sank deep into my bowels, the big knob reaming my ringpiece and making me cry out. Al too soon he cried out and pumped his load into the rubber. I gently dismounted, removed the condom and lovingly sucked his knob. As we fucked later, in the good old missionary position I asked him about his girlfriend, Giselle, who was Brazilian. “Has she GOT a Brazilian?” I enquired “she’s shaved… completely” hesaid “Pierced?” I said “Her clit, yes” he said “You know… the hood” “I know” I said “Does she like girls?” “She SAYS” he began ” she’s BI CURIOUS … though she’s not doneanything about it ” “Would she like ME?” I asked at last as I began to come “I think so, she says she’d like an older woman with big TITS”he grunted as he shot his load into my hot bare cunt. We wondered how we could lure her in. And that , as they say is another story, for we HAVE BEEN successful !!!

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