Janet – the A-team Programme Starts


Day 2: A-Team

“Janet – given your skills and your already demonstrated capacity, today will be the day you are joining the A-Team programme,” Mistress Amalie announced to Janet shortly after lunch that day.

Janet focused her attention on what Mistress Amalie said, as she already had guessed from the name what that programme focused on.

“You should know that I expect only expert grades from the trainers, when I receive the status reports on your progress,” Mistress Amalie continued.

“After all, I’m the sponsor of your participation and I intend to use you to win the ongoing battle with Mistress Anne in Cell Block B. My expectations are high,” she informed Janet reassuringly.

Janet felt a growing lump in her throat as she felt the pressure being on her shoulders (or asshole to be more precise). All of a sudden it had become her responsibility to solve a dispute between two cell blocks. Mistress Anne from Cell Block B was the woman she had met in the canteen the day before, as Mistress Victoria was busy packing Janet’s rectum with a warm breakfast for the slave girls.

“You will be picked up by a Programme Mentor at 14:00 and will be taken to the basement where the facilities are. It will be fun, my dear,” Amalie said with a bubbly voice.

“Don’t worry – we will see each other later tonight when you are back but do expect to feel a bit wobbly in your legs after the session,” Amalie smiled at Janet.

Janet had a tingling feeling in her stomach, caused by all this new information. She honestly felt a bit nervous about it all, knowing all too well what being at the centre of a competition would mean. And in particular to her poor nether opening, even if it currently was held 7 cm. open by her day retention plug.

As time neared 2 o’clock, Janet was approached by a woman with her brown hair tied in a ponytail behind her head whom Janet had not seen before. It was a well-built woman in her early 30’s who grabbed Janet by her shoulders.

“Hello, Janet. I hear you are due for starting the A-Team programme today. Come with me. I’m Johanna, your assigned Mentor responsible for your success in the programme and I’ll be taking you to the basement for preparation,” the woman said to Janet.

Janet felt a bit nervous about it all, but as Mistress Amelia already had informed her, she went along with the trainer. Janet was led to a staircase which took them to the basement. It was a place Janet had not seen before, so it was with a tingling feeling in her stomach she descended the stairs with Johanna.

Janet was led through a long corridor which had some cell doors that were not locked, but allowed people to see what was happening inside. Janet turned her head as she heard sounds of a woman seemingly in some form of distress. Whilst walking past an open cell door, she saw the glimpse of a naked woman on a bench.

The woman was face down on her stomach, strapped down by belts around her arms, waist, and thighs. Her legs were spread, separating her buttocks and the area on the bench where her stomach was, a hilt was built-in to the bench. It thereby lifted her buttocks up in the air, making her fixed in a bent-over position with her cheeks spread and belted down. Furthermore, her ass cheeks were held unnaturally separated by 4 strips of gaffer-tape attached to her naked body.

“A dream position for a true submissive,” Janet thought to herself.

A fully clothed Trainer stood next to the bench wearing a long sleeve on her right arm, and what seemed like lubrication in the other hand. It was obvious what was about to happen. Janet looked back at her Mentor Johanne next to her.

“Yes, you already get the idea of what we do here,” she smiled back at Janet.

The two women went into a room at the end of the hall, which had a door with the sign “Arrivals” on the door.

“You take off your clothes here,” Johanna informed Janet.

Johanne placed herself on a chair observing Janet taking off her clothes. https://sokkan.org “Put your clothes in the basket here. It will be sent back with you when you go back in 3 hours from now.”

“I see you are not wearing underwear? What a slut you are. You will be happy about our programme,” Johanna laughed.

“Now – turn around and bend over. I see on your arrival form that you are already equipped with tooling,” she continued. Janet bent over and spread her cheeks.

“A 7 cm. smooth retention plug, if I’m not mistaken?” Johanna asked.

“Yes – that is my current day retention plug,” Janet answered.

“That you will need to have replaced in the not-too-distant future, unless you want to be clinching and tightening your sphincter all day to keep it in?” Johanna smiled.

“Take it out and place it in the basket together with your clothes.”

Janet reached around herself and started pulling the plug out of her asshole. It came out a bit soiled, as she had worn it since after breakfast this morning. She had finished serving breakfast for herself and Mariya this morning wearing the hollow plug, and like the day before, she had been plugged with the daily retention plug afterwards by Mistress Amalie.

Johanna went up and found a gown that she handed to Janet. It was like a gynaecology gown you get when you are due for an examination. It closed in the back, leaving her lower body exposed for access.

“Put this on, my dear,” Johanna said and next walked behind the open door. She found a wheelchair that was prepared for Janet’s arrival.

“Now – we do not want our students to slip and fall or other accidents, so we help them by wheeling them around the hallway here. You will be visiting different rooms during the next 3 hours, so plenty of opportunities for that,” Johanna said.

Janet looked at the chair. And, at the obvious difference the wheelchair had. Where you normally would sit, the seat was there, but it had a cut-out, and a black studded dildo was protruding from the seat pointing directly upwards. Janet was to sit on top of that dildo. Given the state of her asshole, she would not be sitting on top for long, but would be sliding down rather fast.

“This little darling has the same diameter as your own plug (7 cm.), but given its studded texture, you will definitely feel it more. Come have a seat, it is already lubed…,” Johanna instructed Janet.

Janet walked over to the wheelchair and started slowly sitting down. There was no doubt that she would feel this monster in her ass when the studs began tearing on her rectal walls. To Janet’s satisfaction, the dildo did not seem that long as only 6 cm. was sticking out of the seat surface and as Janet was fully seated on the seat feeling the seat touch her buttocks, Johanna strapped Janet’s torso to the chair so she could not get out of it, nor raise herself up from the chair.

“Now – we do not want to wear you out already before we begin, so we have selected a dildo the same size as your current retention plug. But here comes the fun part of it all,” Johanna laughed.

She started pushing the wheelchair into the hallway and unknown to Janet, she had clicked a lever on the right handle of the wheelchair. The dildo was connected to the wheels of the wheelchair making it start a piston motion as the chair was being pushed. The faster the chair was pushed, the faster the dildo pistoned as well. Now it made sense about only having 6 cm being visible.

The actual length of the dildo was rather 15 cm. Luckily, Johanna was only doing a walking pace for now, but Janet could not imagine how this would feel if she was running with the chair!

“Even though you are due to start in the room next door, I think I’ll like to show you the rooms in the furthest corner of the hallway,” Johanna laughed. “You will have a grand tour of the facility before I wheel you into the room next to us.”

Janet felt the studded dildo move in and out inside her asshole, already bursa eskort feeling like it was tearing her insides out of her when it retracted. It felt like it was somehow ‘gripping’ her insides when it moved out. The studded dildo was actually very similar to the one she was treated with the night before by Mistress Amalie when she complained about the size of the night plug.

This time the lubricant luckily was not Tiger balm though, she thought to herself.

Johanna walked to the other end of the hallway pushing Janet in front of her. Having the studded 7 cm. sturdy object pistoning in/out of her hole the whole time was a bit overwhelming to Janet.

“Would you like to have a break?” Johanna asked.

“Yes – please,” Janet responded.

“Well – that’s too bad, as you are not getting any,” her Mentor answered. “First, I’ll show you room

which is where we are now.”

The first room had a very telling identifier as the picture of a closed fist was on the door.

“This room is where we perform the ‘manual’ treatment of the students,” Johanna said. Janet very well knew what ‘manual’ meant in this context.

“The trainers working here have great experience in doing long and deep massages of the students if that is due in their individual treatment plans.”

The room actually resembled a conventional massage shop with 3 aligned massage beds with room for the student to lie face down with their face through a hole in the head rest. Next to the massage beds oils were found, although in this case it was not oil, but rather ‘grease’ matching the purpose of the treatment.

The only difference Janet immediately spotted was the straps attached to the massage beds. These straps were placed strategically so that the student could be immobilised and not move during the treatment.

“Let’s move on to the next room,” Janet heard Johanna say.

Wheeling Janet to the next room, Janet was again reminded of what she was sitting on. The movement did not become less, it actually felt like more. Without Janet knowing, Johanna had clicked the lever and moved the chair into a second gear making the piston motion go even faster than before.

The next room was not next door, but a bit further down the hallway. Janet’s ass did not particularly appreciate that location, as it meant another walk for her in the wheelchair.

“So – this room we call the Engine Room,” Johanna said with pride in her voice.

“The Engine Room is where you will have the longest and most rewarding treatments,” Johanna said.

The room was equipped with 4 different machines that had each their own purpose, Janet was to learn later.

“You are strapped to a machine unable to move with your holes fully exposed and the machine will take care of you for a pre-set amount of time. Normally, these treatments last a minimum of 60 min. and you will feel rather violated afterwards,” Johanna promised Janet.

“Given the purpose with the programme is to expand your capacity and skills, it makes only sense to carry out these long-lasting treatments. And as this is a machine, we of course monitor how you are feeling during the treatment. We have CCTV monitoring in this room to be able to follow your response,” Johanna said.

“Well – onto the next room,” Johanna continued.

She wheeled Janet back out into the hallway and turned left towards the centre of the hallway.

“So, the next room is called the Resting Room, but don’t be fooled by the name,” Johanna smiled.

The resting room is as you might expect a place where you will be relaxing, but the benches and chairs you are sitting on are a bit different. When we have taken great care in expanding your capacity, we of course do not want to lose that, so the chairs are all equipped with plugs welded to the seat. You will be assigned a chair depending on your current capacity, but you will never sit in this room without a plug in your asshole,” Johanna promised.

Janet was later orhangazi escort to learn some further differences to the chairs that were not immediately obvious.

Day 2: Orientation

“Okay – that was the grand tour. You will start here in the Resting Room, placed on a plug and I’ll explain how this all goes,” Johanna said.

Janet was freed from the straps on the wheelchair and with Johanna’s help, she was able to stand up with some difficulties and was led to the student sitting bench in the room that was placed fronting a whiteboard.

“I’m aware you are sore right now as you have just had a fairly thorough fucking of your ass during the little tour-de-chambre we did, but trust me – it will improve,” Johanna said and motioned Janet to place herself on the bench where a smooth plug was found locked to the bench.

“To give you a soft start – there is a 6 cm. plug you will be sitting on while I run you through the programme.”

Janet was appreciative of the ‘small’ size she was being assigned, as her ass honestly felt a bit sore from the studded monster she had been ‘enjoying’ the last 15 min. the wheelchair trip had lasted.

Janet sat on the bench, feeling the smooth plug enter her ass and thereby make sure she did not fall off the bench. She directed her attention to the whiteboard where Johanna was standing.

“The outline of your programme is the following,” Johanna said.

“You will come here every 3rd day for your sessions. Each session will last 3-4 hours, and this will continue for 6 weeks which gives us approximately 12-14 sessions. In our experience, we can bring students rather far during this many sessions.”

“Why only every 3rd. day?” Janet asked, beginning to appreciate the plug she was currently sitting on. It was a nice feeling comparing it to the moving studded dildo she just had left.

“The reason for the 3 days in between is to allow your body to recover before we continue the process,” Johanna answered.

“Every time you are here, we will introduce small micro-tears in your muscles and in particular to your sphincter.”

“It works the same way you build muscle when lifting weights, you tear the muscle a little and it takes time to heal and recover. Due to the micro tears, we will provide you with a protein enriched food to further help your body rebuild the muscle fibres we have torn in your asshole and rectum during the treatment.”

“I know from your intake form that you currently function as a toilet slave in your cell as well. That we will need to cut down on, as it is not being the healthiest practice and will actually contradict the healing process we are trying to establish with the protein food. I’ll reach out to Mistress Amalie on the matter,” Johanna said.

“Hmm – I wonder what that means to poor slave Mariya,” Janet thought to herself.

The next piece of information did not sit well with Janet and brought her focus back 100% to the room.

“You are currently fitted with 7 cm. retention plugs during the day and 9 cm. expander plugs during night,” Johanna said.

“We will bring your capacity from 9 cm -> 16 cm over the course of the next 6 weeks,” Johanna said in an assertive tone.

Janet could not believe what she heard! “How is that even physically possible!” she blurted out looking focused at Johanna.

“Janet – I know what the Cell Block B bitches can accomplish and in order for you and Melisa to win the competition you have coming, you need to ‘up your game’ so to speak,” Johanna answered looking her directly into her eyes.

“A 16 cm. hole will allow for punch-fisting without even touching the sphincter of your ass,” Johanna told Janet.

“I know this can sound crazy to some, but as I said – you have a competition to win, and I know what you are up against. Lastly, this is the agreed capacity with Mistress Amalie.”

Janet sat back and pondered over the situation. “This will break my ass,” she thought to herself. Literally!

Johanna left the room, allowing Janet to just sit on the bench for 15 min getting herself together after all this terrifying outlook she was looking at for her immediate future.

“What had Mistress Amalie signed her up to? And what did she expect from her? 16 cm????”

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