It Could Be Worse Ch. 03


Recap: Cin has “softened” my looks so that I appear less masculine to her lover Stan. It continues below.


I asked and she said yes. Cindy and I were wed in a quiet ceremony in a courthouse by a Justice of the Peace. Our only witness, a clerk in the building at the time.

Our honey moon did not include her lover Stan. For that I am thankful.

But Cin is thoughtful that way.

No, we didn’t consummate our marriage in the usual fashion. Although Stan was not present his cock was. Well not his real cock but the image imprinted on my mind. My new bride sat on my face many times on our honeymoon regaling me with how wonderful it is and how she can’t wait to have back in her pussy.

“I know you can’t wait for Stan to see your new lips wrapped around his cock can you sweetie” her way of reminding me how I clean their combine fuck from it.

Two weeks back home, back at work and back with Stan. I sigh as I look at myself in the mirror.

My hair is almost shoulder length. Cin had me grow it out to a “more modern length”. My protests falling on her deaf ears.

“You can wear it back in a pony tail when you go to work” she told me. “You know, kinda like Steven Segal. He’s a real man’s man.”

Steven Segal. Cin has restored my manhood. She’s thoughtful like that.

For tonight, for Stan, I must wear my hair down. Cin says it frames my face making it more inviting to Stan.

She is always thinking of others.

The mirror reassures me that there’s no 5 O’clock shadow where my moustache once was. My new lips are fuller thanks to the Fusion Beauty Lip Fusion treatments Cin gave me as a wedding present. I wet them and agree with Cin. They are sexier.

She is always right.

Cin has reaffirmed to me that while I may accommodate Stan’s cock with my full lips, he’ll never cum in my mouth.

“Real men cum in pussies” she assured me. “Real men do not want to cum in a cuckold’s mouth like yours. That’s what my pussy’s for, Stan’s cum”

Her logic is flawless.

Having checked that my eye brows are thin, streamlined, I step back from the mirror satisfied. Pulling on the red panties I was told to wear, I marvel how smooth they feel on my now hairless legs.

Cin convinced me that with my chest shaved, my cock and balls shaved, the hair on my legs gave me an uneven look. She was right. My look is much more even.

She’s always right.

I love these panties. Cin gave them to me. They feel so nice against my rear end and hug my balls just right. Coming up almost to my waist, my cock doesn’t jut out them obscenely when I’m hard. Stan doesn’t want to see that and Cin made sure he doesn’t.

She is so thoughtful of others.

Reaching for my robe, I remember how Cin surprised me with it. It’s silk and has Oriental designs against a black background. The sleeves are loose and bell shaped at the 2″ cuff. The cuff hangs at the middle of my forearms. The length is just barely below my butt. I’m beginning to feel sexy as I tighten the obi at my waist. My cock gets a little weightier.

I hear the doorbell. The pizza Cin had me order is here.

I take $20.00 from my fanny pack that will cover the pizza and leave a nice tip for the delivery boy.

The fanny pack is a new fashion item Cin bought for me. Day-glo pink so I can find it easily, it both supports breast cancer awareness and matches the scrunchy I wear when I pull my hair back when I go to work. My wallet bulging in my back pocket was an unappealing look Cin explained to me when she gave it to me.

Who couldn’t love her sense of aesthetics?

Besides the beach comber slacks I now wear on occasions when Cin and I go out have no back pocket. Beach combers. That’s right. Cin calls them Capri’s.

Hmmm? Maybe she’s not always right.

I hurry Avrupa Yakası Escort to the front door and find that it isn’t a delivery boy at all. It’s a 20 something delivery man. A real man who may be augmenting his income with a second job.

I smile at him, handing him the twenty and taking the pizza. He smiles back. A nice manly smile as he looks me up and down. My cock twitches.

Thanking him, I push the door shut slowly and turn a little too quickly giving him a quick peek at my pantied bottom.

I feel sexy.

I place the pizza in the oven to keep it warm. Cin will be home soon. With Stan.

Sitting in the easy chair waiting for my wife I consider my transformation from her boy friend and lover to her less masculine, cuckold husband.

In weak protest I told her “I wished I never let Tom fuck her.”

“Why you stupid motherfucker” she spit out. “No one let’s anyone fuck me but me. You offered Tom my pussy but I gave it to him. It was me who let Tom fuck me and don’t you ever forget that.”

As she explained it to me, it made sense. It was me that invited a man to sample her pussy. Tom fucked my girl and she gave me a taste of his cum as a reward. Then after that it was so easy for her to place Stan’s manly cock in my mouth and feed me his cum from her freshly fucked cunt.

“What real man would do those things?” she asked sternly. “What real man do you know who wears his wife’s panties and sucks her lover’s cock?”

She’s right.

She is always right.

“I’ll never date anyone John” she went on in her explanation. “Sure, Stan and I go to happy hour on occasion but he’s too vulgar for me to date.”

I remember when she told him to treat me nicely. When I suck his cock to get him hard for her, he calls me vulgar names like sissy, fag, and cocksucker. Stan can be vulgar.

Cin is right as always.

“Stan and I will only fuck in front of you.” she calms my fears. “You get to assist us. I wouldn’t cheat on my loving husband”

God I love her. She so cares for me.

“And I will never deny you orgasms honey” she went on. “You’ll always get to fuck the “panty pussy” I’ll hold for you. I’ll even change up the panties sometimes so you can feel like you’re fucking some one different.”

Cin is so thoughtful.

The memory of my ass humping and hunching as I’m fucking her panty filled hand as she held it out for me to abuse makes me hard. I remember like it was yesterday. The orgasm I gritted and grunted out as Cin and Stan looked on was the most intense of my life.

I fell on my knees afterwards in thanks and gratitude.

(note: gotta break here a minute, I’m laughing so damned hard. Go ahead “Comment Trolls”, rip me for it. Who gives a shit?)

The door opens taking me from my reverie. Cin is home. And Stan.

“Hi honey. Surprise!” she smiles to me.

“What is this?” I jump up. “You said it was only Stan coming. You didn’t tell me you were bringing Bonnie too.?

Uh oh.

Cin looks at me with glaring eyes. I’ve angered her.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” she demands almost shouting. “Only Stan? Only Stan? you fucking ungrateful cocksucker. After all he’s done to help make you what you are today, why would you minimalize him like that?”

“But. but” I’m stammering.

“Shut the fuck up and listen to me you miserable fuck! You’re ruining this evening for me already and it hasn’t even begun.” She’s really mad.

“Apologize immediately.” she insists.

“Cin, I am so sorry I…”

“Not to me asshole. Apologize to Stan and Bonnie for your rudeness. Is this the way you greet visitors?” She’s staring at me.

She’s right. I was rude.

She is always right.

Hurrying over to them I take their coats and look Stan in the eyes. “I sincerely apologize Avrupa Yakası Escort Bayan for unintentionally minimalizing you Stan. It was not my intent. Please forgive me.”

“No problemo dude” Stan graciously accepts my apology.

Dude! He called me dude. He accepts me as an equal. I am so appreciative of him. Stan can be so thoughtful.

“That’s more like it johnnie” Cin is calming down a bit. “Apologize to Bonnie and get us all a beer.”

Looking at Bonnie I see an amused look on her face and wonder if I missed a joke. “Bonnie I apologize for my rudeness. Welcome to our home”.

Bonnie is Cin’s best friend. She’s known her for years but we’ve never played with her. I mean it’s not that I don’t want to. Bonnie’s a looker. Nice round ass. Petite breasts that are firm and have big nipples. I have seen them under her blouses those times I’m fortunate enough to be around when she’s bra-less.

I’m becoming envious of them.

Her hair is a little shorter than mine. Sort of the 70’s shag cut. Her smile is warm and inviting and her pouting lips look like they could suck a soft ball through a garden hose.

Cin has assured me that I will never fuck Bonnie. She’s almost family to Cin.

Of course I’ll never fuck her. I know this. Both Cin and Stan have made me aware of my place in life. I don’t stick my dick where it doesn’t belong. My dick does not belong in pussies. My dick belongs in panties.

I get it.

But I digress.

“Accepted and thank you” Bonnie smiles to me as she follows Cin and Stan to the living room.

Having hung their coats I make my way to the kitchen.

“Don’t forget to bring three glasses too honey” Cin calls out to me.

“Why only three” I ask.

“No alcohol for you” she tells me. “You fucked up enough already. I want you on your best behavior for our guests.”

As I load up a tray I hear Bonnie saying “Oh my God Cin. You weren’t lying. He is what you said. Congratulations.”

Blushing at Bonnie’s comments I pour the beers into the glasses and return to the living room.

Going to the easy chair I hand Bonnie her beer.

“For you my dear” I say in my best Clark Gable impression.

Cin is sitting near Stan on the couch. She was not amused. “Here you are honey” I smile at her.

“Uh huh” is her only reply. She’s still mad at me.

Stan is slouched back in the corner of the couch arms akimbo. His thighs splayed open, head back. Relaxed.

So manly.

Bending to hand him his beer my robe is riding high and I’m giving Bonnie a clear view of my red panties.

“Thanks dude” he takes my offering.

Stan has called me dude again. Oh thank you I think to myself. Vulgar he may be. But Stan can be kind.

Stan is almost 6′ tall. Weighing in at 175, his build is solid. Dark hair and a perpetual five O’clock shadow match his body hair and accentuate his masculinity. His complexion make me think he’s of Eastern European heritage.

Of course I don’t question his origins. It’s not my place to question real men.

And Stan is manly.

I am particularly drawn by is scent. He reeks of masculinity. His after shave is intoxicating. Masculine.

Stan can be assertive with just a glance. After pulling his cock out of my wife, he has but to look at me and to his crotch and I know what he wants from me.

I know what I need from him. More than once I’ve crawled between his legs to lave and lick his balls before taking his cock in my mouth.

I don’t mind that he calls me fag and heaps other abuses at me as I clean his cock that is fresh with my wife’s cunt juices and his manly cum.

He’s right to do so. He is a man. I’m not a real man. I’ve become a mere image of what a man is. I am happy that he fucks Cindy for me. She deserves a real Escort Avrupa Yakası man between her legs fucking and grunting his seed into where mine once went.

“Bonnie” Cin is talking. “We call her joanie when Stan is here. don’t we honey?” Cin is looking at me for validation. “Tell her why we do that”.

Looking down from where I’m standing between Stan’s legs, I can’t face her. My embarrassment is suffocating.

“Use your words joanie” Cin tells me “and make eye contact as you know it’s polite to do so”.

I look at Bonnie red faced. “It’s true Bonnie. It sounds almost like johnnie but is a tad less masculine. Cin feels that Stan will be more relaxed and not gay or anything like that.”

“And are you Stan?” Cindy asks him.

“Yeah” Stan says with no further discussion on the matter.

Tall, dark, handsome, and a man of few words. Cin is lucky to have selected him as her primary source for cock I’m thinking.

She is always right.

“Joanie” Cin snaps me back to reality. “You haven’t properly welcomed Stan and thanked him for coming, have you?”

She’s right. I know it. It’s become routine for me to mouth Stan’s manly cock and balls through his trousers, thanking him for making that 4 mile trek to our house to fuck my wife. This act assures him of his place in our relationship.

It also assures me of my place in our relationship. I want Stan relaxed so he can concentrate on pumping his load into my wife.

But it’s our routine and now Bonnie is here and Cin wants to demean me in front of her.

I look at Cin wide-eyed. She knows what I’m thinking.

She always knows.

“Don’t be shy joanie”. she coos. “Just pretend it’s a normal day.”

A new normal for me.

Cin nods in the direction of Stan’s crotch.

Already standing between his legs, I turn and fall to my knees.

Leaning forward I feel his heat as I nuzzle his balls and mouth his cock. I feel it stir a little. It’s hot and I feel his balls churning, making the cum that will soon be in Cin. And later in my tummy.

Cin was spot-on about softening my look, growing out my hair. My shaved body and recently acquired CSL’s have Stan more relaxed.

He grabs a handful of my hair and pulls my face in tighter and actually humped his cock on me twice before letting go.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a real man.

Pulling back and looking him in the eyes, I say the words that have become so familiar to me.

“Thank you Stan for driving all that 4 miles to come all the way to our home to fuck my wife.”

“No problemo dude” is all he says.

Dude! He called me dude again.

God, but this man gets to me.

I become aware of the silence in the room. Except for some heavy breathing it’s quiet.

Still on my knees I look over my shoulder and see Cin and Bonnie watching the ritual intently. Bonnie has her I-phone out and has captured for posterity my reverential welcoming of Stan’s cock.

Cin is smiling and rubbing her pussy through her pants. She has a proud look on her. She’s proud of me.

She is so caring.

My cock is hard. I stand and look to Cin for my next task.

“Well done joanie” Cin softly says.

She’s no longer mad at me.

(See dear readers, you can learn a lesson here. A little mouthing of a cloth covered cock can go a long way to defusing a volatile situation.)

“Please remove your robe so that Bonnie can see the improvements we’ve made to you.”

Turning to Bonnie I do as Cin has instructed. I remove the silk robe and holding it at my side, stand before her. She still has her phone out.

I am thankful for the bigger panty Cin had me wear. My cock is straining in them but not “obscenely poking” out. Stan has made it clear to Cindy that he doesn’t want to “see that shit”.

Cindy is so thoughtful of others.

There’s a wet spot where I’m leaking pre-cum. I’m excited and can’t wait to fuck Cin’s hand while she holds my “panty pussy”. I don’t care who sees.

But I have tasks ahead of me before I can savor that sweet bliss.

to be continued…

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