I set my Wife Up to take a BBC Blacken


I set my Wife Up to take a BBC Blacken
I’m a happily married forty-one-year-old man with three teenage c***dren, two girls and a boy. My very beautiful, petite wife, Lynda, is truly my soulmate and the only girl I’ve ever known intimately. I’m the IT administrator for a major firm in Florida, and recently hired a new assistant to keep up with the demands of the job.

Among the six applicants, Jack was unanimously selected by the hiring committee. He’s a college graduate relocating from Mississippi. His prior position as a State employee had been eliminated. He came with the highest of recommendation from his previous supervisor, had impeccable personal references, and most importantly, he really knew the job and would fit right in. He came to the interview overdressed for the position and treated all with the utmost respect, addressing everyone as Sir or Ma’am. When I called to let him know the job was his, he acknowledged with a very proper, “Thank you Sir. I’ll not disappoint you.”

Uncomfortable with formal address, especially from Jack who happened to be black, I asked, “Please, call me Ed.” My aversion to unearned expressions of respect from blacks was rooted in a c***dhood experience that burned into my memory. Having been raised in an all-white community, my first encounter with a black man came while vacationing in the South with my parents. I remember riding a cog train up a mountain, and upon reaching the top, I raced through the gift shop asking the clerk where the restroom was. I was in a hurry and never missed a step. She recognized the urgency with a smile and snicker and pointed to the back door. I darted out and ran directly into the black janitor who was sweeping the walk, nearly knocking him over. “I’m so sorry, Master,” he apologized in spite of the fact that I was the one who should be asking forgiveness. I was too preoccupied to respond to his apology and simply demanded to know where the bathroom was. He pointed towards two doors at the back of the building with three signs above: Men, Women, and Crows; with an arrow under it pointing toward the woods. I dashed for the men’s room and made it just in time. While relieving myself, I puzzled about the sign; Crows? Was the sign for birds meant as a joke?

My father came in shortly after, making sure I was okay. I told him how I’d run into the janitor and that he called me Master, acting kind of like he was scared of me. I wanted to know why he acted like that and why would he call me Master. “That’s normal here. It’s a sign of respect because you are white. The niggers here know their place,” he told me. Then I asked about the Crows sign over the bathroom door. He went on, “Bathrooms are for white’s only. Crows have to use the woods.” It still took me a moment to process; niggers were crows.

Even at my young age I knew that was outrageously wrong. Not that the N word itself bothered me; I’d seldom heard it and never heard any other word for the race; but the blatant, self-righteous degradation of people, simply because they weren’t white, really bothered me. I wondered how my father could think that way. I never really got over it. To this day, I still experience pangs of guilt and shame when a black person renders what I think may be undue respect. I sure as hell don’t want to be treated as special just because I’m white. It’s not an accomplishment.

I waited through an awkward delay after asking Jack to call me Ed. Finally, he replied, “Yes Sir, but only if you insist. I’m really not accustomed to addressing the boss by first name. At my last job, I could have been dismissed for insubordination had I done that.”

It took a week or so before Jack was comfortable enough to address me on a first name basis. We really got along well and he was fitting in perfectly. By his third week of employment, I had to ask him to stay after normal work hours to install new software on all the machines. His only issue was finding a night-time baby sitter. I told him I’d ask my wife if she could help out as this was just an unusual, but urgent requirement.

Lynda was more than willing to assist. We started our task at seven the next evening and finished by nine-thirty, a good hour ahead of schedule. “Great job,” I commended, “You made easy work of this. Let me buy you a drink before we go home.”

We walked to the bar just across the street, and as one drink turned into four, Jack opened up about his personal life. He told me how he’d become the single parent of two little girls, eight and ten-year-old’s. He explained how he and his wife were constantly arguing about his infidelities, and she finally insisted on a divorce. “I wished nothing bad for her, but she threatened to take the girls away from me. Before she could serve divorce papers, she had a fatal car accident. That was nearly two years ago. I was devastated and still miss her. But at least I still have my girls; something that wouldn’t be if she’d gotten the divorce. She knew before we were married that I fucked lots of women and she should have known that wasn’t going to change. It really pissed me off that she wanted a divorce over it.”

“I’m sorry things worked out that way for you, but I’ve never heard a more classic cake dilemma. I’m glad you still have your little girls anyway,” I told him. Then, after some delay, I ignored my better judgment and confessed, “I have to tell you, I really envy your sex life. I’ve only had one woman my entire life, my JUNIOR High sweetheart. Been married to her now for 20 years. I always wondered what it would be like to fuck other women; and think my beautiful wife surely must have similar thoughts. We started young. First time we did it she was only thirteen; I was f******n. We’re lucky she didn’t get pregnant before we married.”

“My wife first fucked me on her eighteenth birthday,” Jack responded, “and she did get pregnant before we married; but she wasn’t my first fuck. I was a horny eighteen-year-old virgin when I discovered ‘Personal Contacts’ on Craigslist and opened a category called ‘Man and Woman looking for a Man.’ There was an add there from a married, forty’s couple that said they were looking for a young, hung, thick, eight plus, BBC for their first threesome. They included a photo of a very hot little MILF, thin with perky little tits and the ass of a ten-year-old boy. They said the respondent would have to be OK with some MM play, at least accepting oral from him, and that the person must be d**g and disease free because there would be no condoms. Bareback only so hubby could clean up. I thought, why not? I really didn’t want to play with the guy, but if all they insisted on canlı kaçak bahis is that he be allowed to suck my cock, I didn’t care. A mouth is a mouth; right? I sent them a reply and met them at a hotel the next night.”

“The woman was so horny and fucked my brains out while the wimpy husband helped. He sucked my cock while I worked on his wife’s pussy until she was gaping open and wet, then he guided my cock to her pussy and played with my balls and licked my ass while I fucked his wife. I was amazed that my whole cock fit inside her little cunt. After I nutted, he cleaned my cock then ate my cum from her pussy while she sucked on me until I was boned up again. That was my first fuck; the best ten seconds of my life! But I can go four or five times a night, so I made up for it. She told all her friends about me, and soon I was fucking a different bitch every night, sometimes two of them the same night.”

“And your wife knew you were doing this when you met her?”

Jack broke out in laughter, “Fuck yeah she knew. About three years after I’d first fucked her mama, the bitch I just told you about, I took my wife’s virginity. When she turned eighteen, her mama rented a hotel room, stocked it with booze, and gave her daughter the key as a birthday gift. She told her a guy named Jack would meet her there at nine, and that she should go early to shower, put on the negligee laid out on the bed for her and have a few drinks. When he gets there, she told her, just follow his lead, be nice and do whatever he wants. He’ll make you very happy, she told her. I was really excited about it. I’d been fucking lots of women, but mostly older, married cunts. This was my first really young pussy, my first virgin cunt.”

“Oh, shit! Her mom actually gave you her daughter?” I replied in astonishment. “She must have thought you were something very special if she was willing to give you her daughter’s cherry.”

“I guess. She must have suggested it to her best friend too, cause when her friend’s daughter turned eighteen, I became her birthday present too. Cunt wasn’t the virgin her mama said she was though. When I fucked my wife for the first time, I really had to work at it. I only fingered her deep enough to touch her hymen without disturbing it. I wanted to bust through it with the big, blunt head of my cock. I took her on her back with her legs on my shoulders, used lots of lube, and took at least five minutes just to pop the head inside. It was slow going. Damn, she was tight! And when I finished, the towel I put on the bed to catch the cum gusher that always follows one of my fucks was pink with blood.”

“But with the daughter of her mom’s friend,” he continued, “I was disappointed when I found no hymen. I damn near had my whole fist in the bitch before I even fucked her. When I got ready to mount her, she told me, ‘Wait!’ She got up on her knees, ass up, head down and pussy thrust out for deep penetration. I plunged in balls deep in one thrust. Fucked the little bitch hard and loaded her cunt. After I nutted in her, I kept her on her knees and worked my hand completely inside, all the way to my wrist. I balled it into a fist inside and pulled out. I just love seeing a cunt almost turn inside out when I do that. That little bitch let me punch fuck her cunt over and over. What a fuck slut she was! I thanked her mama for giving her to me, but never told her the little bitch was already ruined.”

“So how is it, with all the fucking you were getting, you got married?”

“Like I told you, she got pregnant. Knocked her up on our first fuck session, or soon after. I was fucking her regularly. She and her mama sometimes met me without the cuckold, usually in the middle of the afternoon. They’d take turns riding me. My wife liked to fuck me till I nutted in her, then sit on my face and watch her mama ride me before I could lose my erection. When she discovered she was pregnant, mama and the cuck offered to pay for my college and give us a place to live if I’d marry her. It was a great deal. I was still fucking both of them and all the other chicks too. Then my wife started getting jealous. She never cared how many women were fucking me until we got married. But I just couldn’t give it up. I needed it.”

“You still getting that much pussy?” I asked in curiosity.

“I’d like to, but the girls take up most of my time. It was really nice of your wife to babysit them this evening. This is my first night away from them since we moved here. I’ve got to find a regular sitter so I can get out to meet some women. I’ve snuck a couple of whores in late at night for a quickie, but I miss the spontaneity that comes with chance encounters,” he told me.

“I’m sure Lynda wouldn’t mind sitting for you more often. I’d better be careful though, you might be sending her home totally fucked and knocked up,” I laughed.

“Oh, fuck no boss! Don’t ever think I’d make a move on your wife. I’ve never fucked a married woman unless the husband wanted me to,” he paused, then told me, “You’d be surprised how many men want to share their wife; especially white couples who want to experience a really big black cock. I’m pretty sure almost ever white couple thinks about it at some time. I bet you’ve even fantasized about it.”

“To be honest, yea, I’ve jerked off to that fantasy many times. That and the thought of my wife taking a fist in her cunt. I’ve actually tried that, but she’s too tight. We’ve role played the big black cock scenario. When we do that, I usually work four fingers into her, then tell her that she’d get my whole fist if guys with big black dicks didn’t have huge hands. She tells me she can’t take any more and to just give her my big black cock. We’ve got a black dildo, and I work her with that until she cums at least twice, then tell her it’s time for hubby’s sloppy seconds. It’s a fun game. By the time I get in, I’m usually so excited I have one of those ten-second-fucks you mentioned earlier. But I know she’d never really fuck another man,” I confessed with disappointment.

“You might be surprised, Ed. Older women in secure marriages are often open to it. They just need a little encouragement. I bet if you let your wife know that you’d like it if she spread her legs for another man, she would do it. I can help you out with that. I can introduce her to fisting too if you like.”

“Your hand is way bigger than mine, and I can’t get mine into her. There’s no way, even if she would do you, that you could push that mitt of yours into her little pussy,” I insisted.

“You only think she’s too tight for that. Hell, you’ve got three k**s. They all popped through that hole. There’re very few pinbahis giriş women who can’t take a large fist. It’s just a matter of getting them excited enough and lots of lube. You have to make them beg for it. When they say stop, cause it hurts, you back off, get more lube, and try again; patiently and slowly. While stretching them, you need to work their clit till they get so hot they actually push their cunt onto your hand. It might take an hour or more, but I guarantee I can get my fist completely inside your wife’s cunt,” he told me, knowing I was intrigued.

“Sounds fucking hot!” I told him, “I don’t know why I’m confiding in you like this. You’re just so easy to talk to; you understand me. Maybe Lynda would open up to you too. When you go home tonight, why don’t you offer her a drink. Flirt with her a bit and let her know you’re interested. She’ll reject your advances, but you can blame your behavior on the drinks, and apologize for your behavior; maybe telling her it’s partly her fault for being so sensuous. Then when she gets home, I’ll encourage her to let you have your way with her,” almost begging him to use my wife.

“Don’t suggest she do anything with me until you’ve got her in the mood. She’ll only entertain the idea when she’s in the throws of passion, really hot and horny. Role play the big black cock theme, and pretend you are me. Let her fantasize about fucking Jack; not just any big black cock. Tell her you’re going to put your thick ten inches of pulsing meat deep inside her and fill her with your nut,” he instructed me.

“You really have ten inches?” I asked in amazement.

“Yes,” he confirmed, “That’s why all the white bitches can’t resist. Most any white slut will spread for me if they think they can have it with discretion and no serious consequences. If you let your wife know she can fuck me and you’ll be okay with it; she’ll spread for me. We just have to work on her a little. If you really do want me to fuck her, it will happen. I will fuck your wife,” he stated for a fact, then paused before telling me, “The first time I fuck her, I’d really like to be alone with her. Would you be okay letting me fuck your wife without you being there; just for the first time?”

“I really want to be there. I’d like to watch; but if you can get her to fuck you without me being there, I’d be thrilled if she came home with a loaded pussy and told me all about it. I’d lick her cunt while she told me about it, then take sloppy seconds,” I confessed, then admitted, “I don’t know why I’m telling you this. I’ve never told anyone about these secret desires. Sometimes, after I fill her cunt, I don’t let her clean up. That way I can do her later, using my own cum as lube. It always thrills me fantasizing the load is someone else’s. Knowing it’s your load in her cunt while I fuck her would give me one of the quickest fucks of my life!” I admitted.

“Okay then; it’s a done deal. I’m going to fuck your wife; it’s only a question of when,” he stated.

We finished our drinks and bid each other good night. I arrived home ten minutes later and, even though Jack lived only blocks away, waited another hour before my wife pulled into the driveway. I greeted her with a kiss and asked how her evening went.

“It was actually kind of fun. The girls are just little angles, well behaved and fun to play with,” she answered.

“I thought you’d be home a little earlier,” I replied, fishing for more information.

“I would have been, but Jack invited me to stay for a drink so he could thank me again for helping him. Just as he poured the drinks, the little one cried out. She was having a nightmare. I told him I’d tend to her. He said if I didn’t mind, he’d take a quick shower while I did that. When I came back down the stairs, he was stepping out of the bathroom wearing just a towel!” she giggled.

“What’d he do?” I asked as my dick stiffened.

“He just apologized and said he thought he’d have time to dress before I returned,” she said, “I told him not to be embarrassed; he was covered and it’s just not a big deal. I thought he’d get dressed, but he took me quite literally and walked up to the kitchen bar and sat on the stool next to me with just that towel on. We finished our drink and had one more before I thanked him and told him I really had to go. He’s really a big guy, Ed. You should see his chest and muscles,” she exclaimed as she repressed her excitement.

That night, with thoughts of Jack fresh in her mind, we played the big black cock game again. “Call me Jack, Sweetheart, that’s who’s going to fuck you with a thick ten-inch cock tonight,” I told her as I lubed up the black dildo dwarfed by visions of Jack’s actual cock.

Lynda really got into it, “Oh yeah, Jack! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Give me that big black cock! I want your cum, Jack! Pump it in deep! Fill me Jack!” she cried out as I thrust our black dildo in and out at jackhammer speed.

I let her have two cums on the black toy before I took my quick fuck; then licked my load from her cunt, telling her, “Your hole is so stretched out. I can get my tongue in really deep to lick Jack’s load out. There’s so much cum. Your pussy is so full!” And once more, as she grabbed my head in both hands and humped my face, she had an orgasm.

She snuggled with me after and we talked about what a hot fuck that was. We both agreed that we’d have to do that again. I so wanted to tell her she could have the real thing; but didn’t think she was ready to really consider it.

At work the next day, Jack asked if Lynda told me what happened when he got home.

“Yeah, she said you had a couple drinks with her, wearing only a towel! Bold move dude!” I answered.

Jack smiled, “Did she tell you I let the towel fall off?”

“Seriously? You really did that? No; she didn’t tell me. She probably thought I’d be pissed off about it,” I replied. “What did she do? Tell me about it!” I begged.

“As your wife was tending to my daughter, I dimmed the lights and ducked into the bathroom for a quick shower. I stood at the bathroom door wearing just a towel, waiting for her to catch me like that. I apologized and said I’d be just a minute getting dressed. She told me I was fine the way I was and asked me to join her at the bar. I walked over and she couldn’t take her eyes off me. I reached for my drink and let the towel slip to the floor. My cock wasn’t hard, but it was clubbed and looks really big like that. It almost reaches my knees. Her eyes locked on my cock and balls and her mouth gaped open. I told her I was sorry, and slowly reached down for the towel. I took my time putting it back on. Your wife was astonished pinbahis güvenilir mi and wordless. She finally blinked her eyes, looked up at me, then gulped down her drink. I poured another and kissed her cheek while leaning in to set the bottle down. Hey, I didn’t get slapped. She didn’t object. She just slammed down her second drink and told me she had to go. This is going to be so fucking easy!” he assured me, “Set up another late work night, send your wife over to babysit, send me home from work early, and I’ll be fucking that hot wife of yours.”

I didn’t tell him about our hot fantasy sex when she came home. He didn’t need any more confirmation of his imminent conquest. It was only a matter of selecting the right day to give him my wife for his pleasure. I really wanted her to fuck Jack, but didn’t want his baby. My vasectomy kept us safe, but Jack would be shooting live seed and it was just two weeks ago that her menstrual cycle ended. I know because I’m always anxious for that first fuck after she’s ready again.

“One more week, Jack. Give us one more week and I’ll let you have her,” I told him, agreeing with his assessment.

As the date neared, I kept working on my wife. We role played Jack fucking her every night, and I hinted that she might really like to do him. By the end of the week, I was encouraging her to really do it. She always objected, telling me it was just a fantasy, but each successive fantasy got hotter and hotter as she obviously thought about actually fucking his massive cock.

A week passed and the plan was set. It would be a late work night once more with Lynda babysitting. She tried to back out, knowing she’d not be able to resist and fearful of how this was going to turn out. I explained that I really needed to work and I needed Jacks assistance. I begged her to help and told her not to worry about anything. “I know Jack likes you, and if you want to give yourself to him, I would really like that. I love you and want you to be happy; and I’d be very proud of you and happy knowing you are taking another man’s big cock. It thrills me to know how happy you can make another man while using him. Any man you fuck will be so jealous of me, knowing they just get to fuck you, but I have your love and your lust all the time. Just do whatever you want. It will be okay. Don’t worry,” I assured her.

Jack and I met at the bar for a few drinks while Lynda watched his girls. He told me, “This is the big night, Ed. Your wife is supposed to have the girls in bed by nine, so I can go home any time after that. I’m going to fuck her all night long and send her home full of my nut. Not that I need any help, but does she have a favorite position or any quirks I should know about?”

“She really likes it on her knees,” I told him, then paused before telling him, “She finally admitted she’s seen your cock. If it’s as big as she says it is, you’ll have to be careful doing her doggie. You could hurt her with that thing,” I said, sincerely concerned about my wife’s ability to even take his cock.

“I think you’d be surprised how much cock your wife can take, but don’t worry, I promise not to hurt her. I’ve never hurt any of the women I’ve fucked. She’ll be taking my fist too. I know you don’t think she can, but when you see her gaping, ruined pussy after I’m done with her, you’ll understand. Your wife is going to feel like a virgin tonight, getting fully stretched and truly fucked for the first time in her life,” Jack bragged.

I was beginning to worry; not for my wife so much as for myself. The ‘once you go black’ thing was tugging at me. I wanted to share my wife, but didn’t want to lose her. Jack’s descriptions of how he’s going to fuck her like she’s never been fucked before had me about to pull the plug; but it was too late. My lifetime fantasy of having a big black cock fucking and filling my wife’s pussy was going to happen. Before the day’s end, Lynda would know the thrill of a massive cock pumping her full of cum.

The magical hour was almost upon us, and while Jack insisted on having my wife to himself, I just had to know what she’d be taking in her pussy. “Jack,” I said, “I’ve got to know before this happens. Do you really have a ten-inch cock? It’s okay if you don’t, but I so much need to know what you’re going to fuck her with.”

He scooted toward me in the booth and took my hand, placing it between his legs so I could feel his flaccid penis. “Is this what you want to confirm?” he asked as I squeezed his dick, starting at his crotch and working my way down toward his knee.

“Oh fuck, Jack! What the hell is that like when you’re boned up? Please let me see before you leave. Come to the restroom with me, please. I know it sounds really gay, but I’ve got to see what Lynda is going to be fucking; Please!” I begged.

Jack didn’t seem to mind and followed me to the men’s room, joining me in a stall. I sat on the toilet while he stood in front of me and pulled down his pants. His black cock was indeed huge. “You’ll have to help me a bit if you want to see it the way your wife is going to see it,” he said as he hoisted the bulbous head up to my mouth.

I’d not played with a cock other than my own since I was a very young boy, but it seemed only natural to open my mouth and take the big black cock head in. It completely filled my mouth. I thought about how I liked to be sucked on and did my best to replicate it. It must have been okay with Jack because in a very short time his cock doubled in girth and length and pointed up towards the ceiling. He was huge, hard as glass; and I was unashamedly sucking him, hoping he would feed me his load.

“Oh shit, Ed, I didn’t know you were such a good little cocksucker!” he told me as he pushed my head off his cock, “Now you finish me, I’ve been saving this load for almost a week, and I’m going to fill your wife’s pussy with plenty cum tomorrow night. That’s it Ed now play with my balls, don’t forget the balls as I sucked him deeper into my throat I could feel his balls tighten as his cock pulsed shooting loads of his black cum into back of my throat as I choked it down some of ran down his huge black cock. He finally stop coming Nice job Ed now cleanup the rest of the cum off my cock and balls as you missed some. As I lick the remaining cum from his still hard shaft and balls. If you want to taste some of it, you’ll have to wait until she gets home.”

He stuffed his still hard cock back into his pants as best he could, told me, “See you tomorrow, Ed. I’ll send Lynda home when I’m done with her. She’ll be late. Don’t wait up;” he chuckled, “like you won’t be counting the seconds as you spend the night jerking off thinking about your wife impaled on my cock.”

“Don’t tell her I sucked you, please,” I begged.

He just smiled at me as he stepped out of the stall. I locked the door after him and quickly stroked out my first of many loads that night.

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