Hotel with friends


Hotel with friends
İts about 3-4 weeks after that trip to the beach, we had gone several times inbetween but to the more busy beaches, nothing interesting could ever happen when theres so many people. My friends from London had reached out to me telling me they planned on coming and staying at a hotel on the island for a couple weeks and asked us to plan the holiday with them. İ Couldnt say no, this seemed perfect, i love these friends alot, they are a couple, the guys name is James, his about 5’7 in height, ripped from the gym and carrying something massive down below from what his girlfriend has mentioned before. The other friend was infact his girlfriend. Her name was Sarah, she was stunning, caramel tanned skin, standing at 5’5 in height, medium black straight hair, half sleeve tattoo on her upperarm and a tight dancers body, 32b tits which was around the same as my fiance, and her ass was a little smaller then Marias but it never went unnoticed, always compliments anything she wears, and she likes to dress a little slutty.

Maria had never met James and Sarah before and only heard stories about them from me, and from what shes heard they are very sexual and open minded. well thats the kind of stories i always tell about them.
We decided to go to the hotel early in the morning as its only an hour or so drive from me. The others would arrive early evening, once we got there and checked in we went straight to the bedroom to unpack, as we were doing this Maria let out a little screech
Maria: noooo nononono!
Carlos: baby whats wrong?
Maria: i didnt pack any bras!! i swear i did what happened to them?
Carlos: well i took them out (pretending to not realise how embarresed Maria would be
Maria: whyy would you do that!! first time im meeting your friend im gonna have to worry about my tits being seen by them!
with that i got a little tighter in my shorts, just thinking about Marias breats exposed for everyone to see
Carlos: i just want you to be free and sexy, you know nothing turns me on like a little exposure
Maria looked up at me with a subtle smile and said
Maria: you should have told me first, not what am i going to wear when then arrive
Carlos: we will figure it out (as i started kissing her neck)
she loves that, her neck gets her flustered and hot
Maria: we just got here and you want to do this (secretly wanting this too)
i say nothing just strip her down naked and push her on the bed. As she lay there i kneel down between her legs and start eating her pussy like crazy, she loves oral sex, she was practiacally screaming from pleasure, after 10 minutes or so i get up and lift her ass abit off the bed and place a pillow under her waist so her ass stays elevated.
Maria: baby what are you doing ( she asked as i slowly rubbed my dick down her pussy slighty pushing her juices with my cock around canlı bahis şirketleri her asshole. Since that day at the beach she really started to love anal sex. İ pushed in with one hard thrust and i was about 5″ in her ass all while placing 2 of my fingers in her pussy. she was going crazy with ectasy. Fucking her hard is how she loves it, for such a shy girl she really loves it rough, shes a freak in the bed. Thrusting and thrusting i feel myself about to explode
i can tell she is already cumming from all her twitching
Carlos: im gonna cumm
Maria: baby wait
As she pushes me off and drops to her knees taking all of my 7″ hard dick straight down her throat.. i explode as shes sucking the essence out of me, she doesnt leave a drop to be scene.
Maria: *swallows* ahhh.. dont want to make the bed wet and sticky already do we (while giving me a wink) all the while were both getting into bed for a well deserved nap.

İ wake up by a knocking by the door with very excited girly hellos coming from behind it. Ovbiously being James and Sarah i decide to get up from bed and greet them. Maria is still asleep (naked) and im in just a towel hardly covering myself but i go to open the door. As soon as i do Sarah jumps to greet me, leaping up and wrapping her legs around me for a tight squeeze.
Extending my arms out to hug her back i forget about the towel for a second and it drops down exposing my dick to the empty hallway and my friends.
James: woah buddy your soilders at attention between my mrs legs.
Sarah only wearing a bikini ovbiously already changed for the beach. she looks at me
Sarah: ohh is that what that was (with a naught smile and a kiss on the cheek all while slightly grinding on my cock
Carlos: sorry mate haha (i say to james as i put down his girlfriend)
James: haha its okay (giving me a hug as soon as i pull up my towel) so wheres this fiance of yours, been dying to meet her!
Sarah: yeaaaa where is she?!
Carlos: shes in bed but shes not decent at the moment.
James: well thats fine by me (as he pushes past me to take a peak)
Sarah: i wanna seeee
Maria is just lying there over the covers completely naked bottoms up
James and Sarah both start biting their lips all the while im getting a huge boner im tenting the towel thats wrapped around me.
Carlos: ill wake her up and meet you lot by the beach (whispiring not to shock maria)
Sarah turns around and notices my hard on, grabs it roughly : cant wait (she says with a wink)
James just pats me on the shoulder with a small “well done” as in he was impressed with Marias body.

about 10 minutes after they leave i wake up Maria gently telling her to get ready for the beach and that my friends are here. Maria puts on her black bikini, nothing interesting about this bikini, it still looks good on her but covers up everything soundly. We süperbahis walk down to the beach and spot them.
Sarah: YOOO (she shouts very excited and runs towards us)
Maria: what is she wearing? (shocked at Sarahs bikini)
Sarah was also wearing a black bikini except the top hardly covers her nipples and the bottom half was a basicslly just a string. just covering her front area, from behind it looked like she was nude.
Sarah: heyyyy you must be Maria (while grabbing her close and hugging her tightly) its so nice to finally meet you.
Maria: yeahh same here ive heard so many good things.
Sarah: İ hope nothing out of ordinary (giving me a slight wink)
we laughed and walked towards James who was spread across the lounge chair not bothering to get up as he was already oiled up soaking in the sun, both me and Sarah noticed as Maria couldnt stop looking at him as we walked over, he was a handsome guy after all.
James: oh hey, nice to meet you grabbing her hand and pulling Maria down for a hug. as he did she buckeled abit and tried to use her hand for support to stay up but as she tried she mistakingly rested her hand on his crotch, instantly getting back up and blushing. İ could tell she felt his big dick and she snapped her hand back towards he chest.
James: woah copping a field and we havnt even eaten dinner yet (he said laughing abit)
Maria: im soooo sorry that was an accident( looking both at James and Sarah who were both just smiling at eachother)
Sarah: İts okay im sure he enjoyed that (biting her lip while looking at Maria.
as we settled in to our beach lounges James and İ started talking about our past, laughing loudly and drinking heavily. Maria and Sarah were also chatting away, Sarah was very social and anything but shy. half way through chatting she pulls her strings up to finally exposing her perky tanned tits and her small brown pierced little nipples.
İve seen her naked before as she loves showing off her body, but Maria was in shock and currently turning bright red.
Sarah: sorry is this okay? i hate tan lines.
Maria: ye..yeahh ofcouse it is, feel free (she said nervously)
Sarah: you should try it, it feels great!!
Carlos: She did once after i stole her bikini top from her
Maria: Carlos! stop it
Sarah: aww bless you, but i have to say youre so beautiful its a shame to hide it (she says while slowly running her finger up and down the side of Marias stomach, giving her a little devilsh smile.
James: yeah loosen up, just think of us an an extension of Carlos over her.
Not understanding what that meant maria blushed and simply said thank you.

After an hour or so we all went to our rooms and showered to get ready for dinner. As Maria was washing off i was already ready and waiting, so i decided to pick her outfit for her. İ decided on a yellow fitted tube top and a her süperbahis güvenilir mi only pair of black short shorts which didnt cover her lower ass cheeks at all. Maria came out to the spread across the bed.
Maria: İ cant wear this out in public, especially without a bra!!
Carlos: you can and you will baby girl, come on you will look so sexy (i said as i smacked her bare ass)
she turned to me with innocent look and said
Maria: okayyy but im not sure about this
She got changed and looked so fucking hot, the yellow tube fitted around her tits which were ovbiously sticking out, taking the shape of her nipples pushing out. Her shorts were just as sexy, as ive said before Marias ass was amazing, the best i can explain it is imagining the sterotype of a perky latino ass.
Maria: İ cant wear thiss!! you can see everything!
Carlos: You look like a dream come true, im so turned on right now
Maria: Really?? well i guess if you really like this.
Carlos: i really do! if our friends werent waiting for us i would be balls deep in your pussy right now
Maria: Carlos youre so bad! (she said as she was getting abit excited)

We make out way to the restaurant part of the hotel where we see James and Sarah. Sarah was wearing what seemed to be a silk dress gown thats very transparent which revealed her perky tanned tits just chilling, nothing underneath just really tiny booty shorts that hardly cover anything as i can see her dark pussy from the gap of her shorts as she was sitting down
James: Finallyyy… woah Maria you look hot!
Sarah: yeahh wow you look beautiful (she said while she hugged Maria intensly again.
Maria: really? its not too revealing? (while looking directly at Sarahs breasts.
Sarah: fuck it, were on holiday, just enjoy the freedom!!
Maria: İ guess (she said looking at me then at Sarahs boobs trying to signal me but i already noticed.
Carlos: Cant wait to eat!!

After stuffing ourselves with the amazing food of the hotel we decided to hit the bar near the pool. İt was around 9 or 10pm right now and the ladies were walking ahead of us while James and İ were talking.
James: Maria is crazy hot bro.
Carlos: Thanks haha so is Sarah though, we both got lucky
James: yeah we did haha but i cant hide the fact ive been thinking of Maria naked since seeing her this afternoon.
İd forgotten about that until he said then i immediatly got pulse in my crotch area, i rememberd how much it turned me on them seeing her naked.
Carlos: yeah that was hot, but if she woke up she would have been so angry
James: you know, Sarah was saying how much shes attracted to your girl
Carlos: i can see that haha she wont stop touching her.
James: what if i said she wants to get with her during this holiday?
the idea of thia turned me on alot but i knew Maria and she wasnt convinced so easily.
Carlos: haha good luck but i doubt she could do that.
James: lets make a bet? if Sarah gets Maria into bed, then i get to join them?
the thought of this sent a sudden twitch to my cock as its exactly like one of my fantasies.
Carlos: okay bet! (not realising how awesome this would be)

To Be Continued

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