Hot Sauna


We’ve been staying in a reasonably nice yet out of the way hotel for a break. The only other people staying there at the moment are a group of pensioners travelling round by coach who’ve gone out on one of their many day trips leaving the place more or less to ourselves. As it’s a dull rainy day we stay in to chill out and take it easy but later decide to make the most of the empty pool and go for a swim. We do a few laps and splash around a bit and it’s great not to have to share it with anyone so we sneak a few kisses and embraces in as we float in the pool. On the way back to the room we pass by a small sauna.

“Can we go in here for a bit?” I ask.

“I’m not sure, I don’t like the heat” you reply.

“Go on, just for a bit. We can turn it down to it’s lowest setting?” I say playfully.

“Well just for a bit then” you concede.

We go in and it’s hot, not too hot but I turn it down a bit anyway. We sit on a bench and lean against each other feeling the heat start to penetrate our bodies and relax us as you lean against me and my arm goes around you. After a couple of minutes we feel a sweat start to break out and a slight light headed feeling caused by the close heat. You’re getting close to your limit and are starting to think about leaving gaziantep escortları when you notice a new sensation that the heat is going deeper than you thought. With the heat your mind is almost oblivious that my hand has been caressing your waist and stomach but your body has noticed. The warmth spreading through your body from the outside starts to be matched by the one spreading from the inside until they meet and you feel almost a fever of lust grab you. You look around to me and see I am leaning back and have my eyes closed but looking down you see my cock is nearly fully erect in my wet trunks and the heat is obviously having the same effect on me.

I feel you turn and open my eyes in time you see the animal look in yours as your mouth closes on mine and we kiss deeply. My hand slides up and down your slick bathing suit as our tongues dance together and I gently bite your lip as my desire rises. Your hand grabs my hardness through the trunks and easily brings it to full attention straining against the material.

“Oh god” I moan as you caress me before popping my waistband down enough so that my eager cock springs out over the top.

I glance at the door and am about to complain when your cooling mouth goes down onto me and you greedily suck at the tip whilst stroking me with your hand. I moan and push into your mouth as my hands stroke all over your body, finding your aching nipples and stroking them through your skin tight suit. The heat is going to my head and you’re driving me crazy with your mouth and tongue. I’m gasping and gripping your body and the bench as you suck me so sexily. I reach around you, stroking over your bum and find your sexy slit, rubbing it through your soaking suit I feel how wet you are. I can tell the difference between you and the steam, I feel the thicker and slicker texture that I recognise comes from you and grind the crotch of your swimsuit against your aching pussy. My finger running deep up and down the length of you, from your bum to your clit, cupping you in my hand and pulling you closer to me.

My hands, the feeling of my hard cock in your mouth and the intense heat is almost driving you to the point of passing out, almost to where you’re sure you can’t take it anymore and need to get out but the burning desire within your aching body won’t let you. You feel so high and so hot and so good but need the release soon or you might explode. Lost in emotion and pleasure you take your mouth from me for a moment “OH fuck, stick your finger in me baby, I need to feel it in my cunt” you gasp. I immediately pull the drenched crotch of your swimsuit aside and push my finger deep inside you. It’s so fucking hot in there and so wet, I start to finger fuck you hard and fast grazing over your g-spot with every stroke. Your body reacts instantly and you feel a blinding light start to explode in your head as you rush into your orgasm and lose all sense of reality, only pleasure exists. You’re going crazy on my cock trying to channel away some of the intensity as I feel your body shake when you cum and your juices coating my fingers it starts me off too. “Fuck yes, cum babe, suck me, I want to cum with you” I moan as I push my hips up to meet your mouth feeling the first spurts of cum leave my throbbing cock. You suck on it greedily as I continue to empty my hot load into your sexy mouth still cumming yourself as my finger keeps you going. It feels like almost hours that we stay in this moment but eventually collapse against each other drifting in complete ecstacy.

After floating on our wave of satisfaction and relxed feeling that follows for a few minutes we decide we’ve pushed our luck far enough and it’s time to head back to the room.

“So how do you feel about saunas now?” I ask smiling as we adjust ourselves and get ready to leave.

“Mmmmm” you say sexily sucking your finger, “I think you may have just convinced me!”

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