She left the city, drove up state for a bit of a holiday. Scenes of historical houses, country stops, old diners, fruit stands filled her drive.

A slow burning fire greets her as she enters the rustic cabin, casting evening shadows on the knotty pine walls. She shuts the door to the rest of the world.

Setting her small leather bag down, she didn’t pack much, everything she would need was already here waiting for her. She hangs up the long wool coat on a hook by the door, shutting off her mobile phone. Shutting the door to her outside world.

Her black heels click across the countrified cabin floors, making her way across the main room. A brilliant light flickers at the end of the hall, she steps across the threshold. Dozens of white candles in all shapes and sizes lit the room. She stands in the doorway, hands on either side of the entrance staring at the godly creature in front of her.

She’s hit with an instant rush. That kind of intense heat and desire that spreads through you like a rapid wild fire, just by the very sight of him. It took her a moment to gather her self, it still shook her, the affect he had over her. She knew that every time she set her eyes on him she would experience this same powerful feeling, the kind that reaches down inside your soul, takes a hold of you, rocks you, sends your head reeling, skin burning, aching to be touched, leaving you shaking in your boots— she could almost hear the shackles across her heart jingle and tighten, holding her, pulling her in. She became undone.

He was stretched out on a soft old leather sofa. Tan feet crossed at the ankles, well worn faded jeans clung to lean muscular legs, a denim shirt, lay open across his chest. Her eyes drawn to his trim waist, at the two undone buttons on his levi’s, the way the material opened in a “V” there. He lay resting there with his hands behind his head, looking completely relaxed. His hair had grown longer then he was accustomed to, but she kind of liked it, he looked a bit dangerous.

His face held the tan from a man who spent a great deal of his days outdoors. Strong chiseled bones, soft full sensuous mouth, dark eyes that called out to her. He had been away for so long this last time on an assignment, to where she didn’t know…it was more of a unspoken understanding between the two, his work was dangerous, as was hers, sometimes they would be together for weeks on end, day after day, and then out of the blue he would receive a phone call and have to leave. It was always the same, it would be late at night, the call would come in on a private line, it never rang any other time, he would kiss her goodbye and promise his return. A sleek black Lincoln would always be waiting outside her building for him shortly after the call came through.

She reached under the slim black skirt that she wore, peeling off sheer black thigh high stockings, leaving them in a pool. He propped him self up now, arm bent at the elbow, head cradled gaziantep escortları in his hand, she felt his gaze upon her without looking at him. Unzipping her skirt, she tossed it aside.

Crossing the room, her steps taken slow, there was no need to hurry she knew. He watched her reaching under the men’s tailored shirt that spilled around her, smiling to him self…noting the shirt she wore, was his, he liked seeing her that way, in just his shirt. She slid her panties down, dropping them at her feet.

Turning, she eased herself up onto the table opposite of him, crossing her legs, removing the heavy platinum watch from her left wrist, the tiny pearls from her ears, hands rising to her hair, pulling at the two carved ivory sticks that held her hair in a high twist, long silky hair fell loose, framing her face providing her with a veil to look through. Fingers working on the buttons of her shirt, letting it fall behind her, peeling away at the rest of her world, she shut the door to her city.

Stealing a glance at him now, his eyes dark and vibrant, a palette of colors holding her captive as she walked across the room to him, one leg crossing over the other, he watched the gently sway of her hips, the way her breasts jiggled with each step. Liking the way she moved, she had a walk like no other. Her breath became broken and lost as she stopped before him. He rolled onto his back running a hand through his hair, a thick dark lock hanging over one eye. She came to him, leaving behind her crazy life that floated in the Atlantic like lost wreckage.

Crawling over him, straddling his hips, her firm bottom snug in his lap, her hands slid into his open shirt, slowly caressing up his body, missing the feel of his body, she could feel his heart beat beneath her palm, leaning down closer to him now as his hands came around her hips, she inhaled deeply, cool clean blue notes hit her senses, missing the smell of him. Tongue skimmed over his jaw, salty, teasing his lips, missing the taste of him. He moaned in her mouth as she fastened her lips over his. Her breath coming short, she needed his breath to breathe. His hands moved restlessly down her body, taking pleasure in every curve her little body offered him, hands cupping her round pert breast, rosy nipples hardening under the touch of his thumb and fingers, pinching her softly. In one fluid motion she threw her head back, long silky hair raining down her back, she tugged on the corners of his shirt, wanting him near here as she sat up in his lap. Wiggling her bottom against him now, helping him off with his shirt, wanting desperately to feel his skin against her skin. To connect with him, to feel him inside her.

Grabbing a fist full of her hair he gently tugs her head back, sliding his tongue down the groves of her neck, teeth scraping her slopes, licking the hollow of her neck, feeling her pulse quicken, her blood pumping. There was a certain satisfaction in knowing that she was his, the he could cause her heart to beat so. Sliding his hands down her withering body, cupping her ass in his hands pulling her tighter to him, pressing her down firmly, groaning as he did so.

She chuckled lightly, feeling his excitement growing beneath her, feeling her own passion peak as she rocked against him, eyes a bit wild, rolling her naked hips over him, tempting him, her wetness soaking the front of his jeans.

Before his eyes all but rolled back into his head he stood up with her legs snuggly wrapped around him, walked with her back into the main room, laid her gently down in front of the smoldering fire, she looked up at him as he knelt between her legs, a soft smile spread across her face, with one hand he unfastened the rest of the buttons on his jeans, sliding them down his legs, her eyes widened, to her surprise, he wore nothing underneath, a feeling of wickedness came over her in shifting tides. Waves of heat striking her as he closed in the sliver of air between then.

The warmth of the fire filled the room, amber light dancing over them. Watching him, she leaned up a little on her elbows, biting at the bottom of her own lip, she leans closer, reaching for him now, cocking her head to one side, sliding her slender hands up his strong thighs, grasping him lightly on his hips, pulling her self even closer, kneeling before him, she eases him back , grasping him in her hand, rock hard, peering up between his parted thighs, one eye on him as her tongue flicks out…swirling over the head of his cock…slow deliberate strokes…commanding his full attention.

Hooded eyes fall shut, she hears a deep growl rumbling inside him, pulling her hair aside, his hands fanning out along her back as if to pull her closer. Her lips slowly sliding down his hard shaft, taking all of him in, tongue swirling around the base and back up as she pulls away, he pops free from her lips, groaning as he does, a throaty laugh erupts from with in her. Lips fluttering along inner his thigh, over his hips, nipping, licking, tracing wet patterns over the sensitive skin in the cleft of his hip, skin damp and hot.

She watches as his eyes change before the fire light, the colors intensify, growing more intense … a whirling storm. Easing her back onto her elbows, drawing down between her thighs, hands sliding inside soft flesh, inhaling, breathing her scent, he watches her as his tongue dips inside her wetness, tasting her flavor. Growing stiffer from the quiet sounds of pleasure that hiss out from her lips. Diving in deeper, muscles twitching around his tongue, her body damp with heat. Her hands fisted in his hair, her body tensing, she tries to pull away from him, not wanting to let go yet, her thoughts lost, feeling the power rolling inside her, the ache humming as she begins to peak, not wanting to let go, wanting to feel him drive into her, firmly he grabs her hips as they rise to meet his touch, his tongue pulsing over her swollen core, she tumbles and shakes, quivering under his touch, hot waves crashing into her in one breathless surge.

Hazy eyes watch him, leaning between her legs, hands braced, holding himself over her, hot liquid pours from her as the tip of him teasing her velvety folds, lips brushing over hers, moaning into him, he changes his angle of the kiss, sinking deeper inside her, deepening his kiss, sliding inside, slow long thrusts, wanting to savor her, to make love to her for hours, to torment and tease her body until she begged him to stop.

Burying his face into the crevice of her neck, his senses full of her, her sweet scent swimming around him, her soft skin against his. This hiss of her moan in his ear now sending ripples of pleasure through him like current. She watches as his eyes she can see he is as lost as she is in the heat they shared. Sliding her legs down his waist, pivoting her hips into his, her muscles holding onto each stroke, her feet settle around him, wrapping around his calves locking their hips to together, taking him deeper with every thrust.

Stroking his hands over her body, gripping and squeezing at her regimented female contour, taking in the angels, her lovely curves, the beautiful lines of her body. His mouth coming down on hers, demanding, taking her in quick hungry gulps. Her moans echoed off the cabin walls, her head rolls from side to side, she says his name, only his name. He can feel her muscles tensing again around his stiffness, as he drives deeper into her, her essence trembling locking around him, with his eyes almost closed, he pulses into her.

Fingers raking up the length of his body, sliding up slick flesh, her eyes seeking his, fresh sparks of nerves awakening inside her as she drives her self up to meet his thrust, hands intertwining, raised above their heads, locked together. He watched her, as she strains for another release, building in her, her body molded to his, their sweeping thrusts diving into a more seductive dance of two people moving with the mind of one. Her heart hammered inside her, throwing herself over with him, an explosion rocking through her, darkness, bright shooting stars travel through her body at the speed of light.

They lay lax as water next to the fire, beads of sweat forming tiny pools over sizzling skin, with one leg draped across her body, his head on her chest, listing to the sound of her heart beat sent his blood surging inside his veins. He relaxed in the moment, her fingers absently ran through his hair, brushing it away from his eye now as he leaned up to her, his mouth a whisper away from hers, a lazy smile tugging at the corners of her mouth, he raised his eyebrows as her mouth parted, he watched her lick her lips, the short intake of her breath, her lips pursed ready to speak when the phone rang. A pout replaced the smile with a heavy exhale, her heavy lids softly falling shut. It was quiet humming sound, but it filled the room, the both knew that ring and what it meant.

She knew that he would be leaving again soon, but for now, she was content with the moment.

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