Her First – My First


Her First – My First
Just to be clear, this is a total fantasy. It never happened, it has nothing to do with anyone I know, the names are made up, yada, yada, yada. Hope you enjoy, if you do give it a thumbs up, want to comment? I’d appreciate that. Hate this? Sorry I missed the mark, if you need to give it a thumbs down tell me why and I will try harder to meet your expectations. Nuff said, time to read some smut…

I passed the bedroom door, it was standing ajar and I was surprised to see Cara home from college. I could see her reflection in the mirror. She was wearing a sexy bra and panty set, lots of lace, beautiful satin finish, and a sweet lavender color. It was a perfect complement to her tanned skin and her tan lines showed around the edges of the cheeky panties.

From this angle I could see her ass from behind and her front in the reflection and my cock did what any normal guys would, hardened immediately as my heart beat sped up to the lust I felt for my step-sster Cara. She was home from college for the summer and I had not seen her since winter break, she had spent spring break in some southern place with beaches, booze, and beach bums.

I lingered at her door and watched as she turned right, then left, and then tugged at the panties getting them perfectly straight. She reached in the bra cup and pulled her perky tit up producing delightful cleavage and then she frowned as she turned right and left again and bent forward a bit looking at her reflection.

My cock was so hard it hurt, the throbbing in the tip begged me to rub it. I knew I should not be looking but this view was too delicious to pass up. I watched as she reached behind her and unhooked the bra, the elastic escaped her fingers and sprung open, yet the bra clung to her tits as their weight sagged a bit in the bra. She pulled it off, her tits were not large, but perfectly shaped and with a hint of sag that made them even more alluring.

She dropped the bra into the open drawer that I knew held her prettiest lingerie. She pulled out another bra and quickly slipped her arms through the straps and expertly hooked it in the back. It was a push-up bra, the balconette style that many call a shelf bra. I was an expert in such matters, I loved studying the subject of women’s undergarments, and yes I did a bit of cross dressing.

For me it was a feeling of intimacy when I would try on Cara’s lingerie. We were about the same size so most of her things fit my body, although I needed to stuff the bra cups with her panties if I wanted to fill them. She bent forward and again arranged her tits to give the maximum effect. Now the panties didn’t match the bra and she got a puzzled look in the mirror.

I knew I should move away, but I wanted more, if she changed the panties I would know, shaved or hairy. I didn’t care, I just had to know, it was a thing for me. I loved the look of both, on some women shaved seemed so natural, while on others a bush made them seem so sexy that I wanted my fingers tangled in the curls.

Cara dug in the drawer from side to side, she opened the drawer to the right, “No,” I thought, “those are the boring panties and bras, go to the left drawer.”

It was as if she read my mind, pulled open the left drawer and it was stuffed full of silken treasures. Yet she dug and found nothing to pull out. Without a bit of warning she turned took two steps and opened the bedroom door, my cock was making a tent in my pants and I was red faced as she said, “have you seen the panties that match this bra, I think you like them better than these,” she said as she pulled the front waistband out giving me a full view of her bald pussy and then letting it snap back.

“Creep!” she shouted and slammed the door leaving me in the hallway busted and knowing she’d run to Mom and tell her I was a pervert and then she’d haul me off to some shrink that wanted to know why I occasionally cross dressed and did I want canlı kaçak bahis to fuck my step-sister, or worse yet, did I fantasize about fucking my mother. I knew all these things because I loved reading porn stories and that is always the way it ended up, that or the character would fuck his step-sister, and his mom and then get them both pregnant or watch his mom and step-sister have lesbian sex.

“For fucks sake,” I screamed in my head, “you are what she said, a creep.”

I walked into my room, ashamed of this and my life up to this point. I had no girlfriends, never even had a date. I didn’t think of myself as gay but I knew that I was some sort of freak for wanting to wear Cara’s undergarments. I often thought if I just jerked off with her panties wrapped around my cock I’d be normal, “but no, you fucking idiot,” I thought to myself, “you need to slip into her panties and jerk off with your hand inside of the panties. And sometimes I would wear her panties all day and all night.

There was a tap on my door, I looked up and it was Cara, “Found them,” she said as she stepped into my room wearing the matching bra and panty set. This was a very sheer panty, and she was right, I loved it because I could see my cock through the fabric and loved seeing my cum bubble up through the fabric and become invisible when the fabric was wet.

“I’m sorry I called you a creep,” Cara said and walked over in front of me. My face was not more than a foot away from her panty covered pussy, and now that I knew she was completely shaved it seemed more special. I had worn those same panties last week before she had come home, I could see her slit and the smooth bald skin.

Cara put her hand on my shoulder, bent over to look me in the eyes. I had a tough time not staring at her cleavage as 34B cup tits hung in the cups as if they were about to fall out. “When you put my under things back in the drawers please keep the matching sets together,” she said and pushed my chin up and kissed me on the lips.

We had never kissed, not even when we were little, I had never really fantasized about having sex with her, I just loved the intimate feeling I got wearing her bras and panties. Yet the kiss seemed more than just a peck like you get from your aunt that slobbers all over you. This was a real kiss and I felt her full lips on mine.

She pulled back, “I have missed you Larry,” she said, “Let’s not fight okay?”

I nodded yes, my eyes, for the first time were fixed on hers, they were such a beautiful shade of green. Not some fake contact lens green, but real green and her nose was so cute this close up. Her skin was flawless, not like when she left for college and she had typical teen acne. At 20 years old she was a beautiful woman, and at 19 I felt like I was stuck at 12 and awkward as hell around girls.

She stood, moved back a bit, and now was not two feet in front of me. Cara pulled on my hand beckoning me to stand. I did, and now my hard cock was nearly touching her, I had forgotten about my erection and wanted to cover it, yet any movement would only draw attention to it. I could smell a sweet scent on her, I knew it to be the talcum powder, we all know that scent and I loved it on her.

She put her hands on my shoulders, we were so similar in size yet years apart in maturity, or at least that is how I felt. I was working in town, not wanting college, she was away in a big university, making friends, going places, we were so opposite. She bent towards me, her eyes fluttered shut, and kissed me again. Only this time I felt her lips part and then her tongue was there, warm, wet, and begging to be in my mouth.

I knew what this kiss was supposed to be, but had no clue how it was done in real life. Yes I watched porn with lovers kissing like they were going to eat each other’s faces, but this seemed different. Her lips pressed firm against me, her tongue probing mine, I parted perabet giriş my lips and the rest just seemed to come naturally. No lessons, no need to explain, our tongues met and I felt so close to her and yes aroused.

We parted, she looked into my eyes, “have you been with a girl?” she asked.

I hesitated, I couldn’t lie, but yet I hated to admit I was a virgin. I blinked, the word no was stuck in my throat.

“I’ll take that as a no,” Cara said and leaned in to kiss me again, this was the same as the last, deep passionate, full of tongue and heavy breathing through the nose. She pulled off my lips and hugged me, I could feel her breasts against my chest, I had never really thought about how that felt. Well I had felt breasts against me when my crazy old aunt would hug me, but they were huge and felt like one huge pillow between us. These were bumps that felt like two distinct tits.

“I want to be your first,” Cara whispered with her lips brushing against my ear, “and that will make you my first as well.”

I thought I didn’t hear her correctly, I pulled away and looked into those dreamy green eyes and said in disbelief, “you mean you haven’t done it?”

“No, just because I am a college girl doesn’t mean I have had intercourse. I have given guys blow jobs and I have made out with my roommate Amber, but no guy has been in me,” she said as she kissed my lips again, this time no tongue but her hands went from my shoulders to under my arms as she pulled my erection right into her panty covered pussy. “I just wanted my first time to be special, not in the back seat of a car or in some guy’s smelly dorm room with sweat socks and jock straps lying about.”

I pulled my hips back a bit, “you don’t need to do that,” Cara said, “I have felt a hard on pressed against me before, it is not that I haven’t had the opportunity, I just hated to have it an act of lust with some guy that would never call me again. I think it would be special if you would take my virginity and I hope you would love to have me take yours,” she said as she pulled me back against her and moved her hips causing my cock to move around and increase my arousal.

Cara did not wait for me to respond, either in words or action, she stepped back and her hands went to my athletic shorts and began to pull the waistband out, her fingers going inside my shorts and I immediately felt this rush, both sexually and fear. “So which one of my panties are you wearing,” she said as she ran the backs of her fingers against my pubic area looking directly in my eyes. I felt my face flush with embarrassment and yet in my mind I wondered how she knew, I never kept her panties when she was home nor had I been caught with them.

“Let me guess,” Cara said keeping her eyes on mine as she turned her hand and slid it inside my shorts cupping my cock and balls, “I know they are nylon, and the very slippery kind, and lace elastic. Hmmmm,” she rubbed her hands around to the sides, “I bet they are my cheeky panties,” and finished running her hands onto my ass. “Oh yeah, don’t you just love that center seam that runs up between your cheeks? I know I do and I know guys like to see me wearing them under tights. Have you ever worn tights?”

I knew she wasn’t looking for an answer to that question, luckily I had not so if she pressed me for an answer I would not need to lie. I felt flushed, she had busted me wearing her panties and seemed to know more about me that I did myself. I had not expected her to be home until next week and had dressed in them this morning and worn them all day. “Oh this is so much fun Larry, I’ll bet if you were doing the same to me you’d be able to guess the panties I was wearing, I know you really like looking at them in my room,” she said with a smile as she looked at me. “It’s okay Larry, I think it is special that you want to be close to me in that way.”

Cara brought her hands back to tipobet the front and ran her finger over the waistband, “And scooped in the front, you are just about poking out the top, I got it, they are my favorite cheeky panties because of the tiny little bow in the middle. Now I have two of them, one lavender and the other in red, hmmm, which one is it?” She said as she had a puzzled look on her face. “The lavender ones aren’t as sheer, so they would feel heavier than these, that’s it,” she said as she pulled my shorts down and revealed the sheer red panties with my erection plainly showing through them.

“I was right,” Cara said with a smile as she finished pulling my shorts down and knelt in front of me. She ran her hands over my hard cock and looked up, “I love that you are shaved, it makes oral sex so much more fun, I want to experience it as you penetrate me.”

I wanted to take Cara to bed, yet there was this taboo thing, yet we were not blood relatives and both of legal age. But this was playing on my mind and the thought that perhaps this was just her trying to make fun of me for wearing her panties. I looked down as she peeled the panty away from my shaved cock and wrap her fingers around my shaft. “I love how stiff you cock is, and the tip is so big,” she said as her soft hands moved to the tip and gently squeezed it.

“I don’t want to embarrass you,” Cara said, “but do you cum quickly when you are jerking off?”

“Sometimes,” I said blushing at the deeply personal question.

“Then this is my plan, I am going to give you your first ever blow job, and then when you get hard again you won’t cum
so fast when you are inside of me. I want it to last more than a few minutes.” She said and then without another word or any approval from me I felt her lips close over the tip of my cock. The warmth and wetness were unlike anything I had ever experienced and it sent a wave of pleasure right up my spine.

Cara pulled the panty off of my cock and balls and pulled them to my knees. She then cupped my balls and began bobbing her head back and forth on my cock that had been ready to bust so many times since this all started. I wanted to last for her but she seemed to know exactly what she was doing and what she wanted.

She pulled off for a second and looking up said, “It is okay to touch my head, just don’t push me so hard that I choke, and when you cum don’t pull out, I want your cum in my mouth.” I nearly shot my wad with her instructions as she went back to sucking my cock. I could see her tits moving with her motion and it was so erotic seeing my cock in her mouth. I tentatively touched the back of her head with my right hand, her hair was so soft and something about touching her made this seem so personal.

She glanced up at me and had she not had my cock in her mouth I know she would have been smiling. I put my left hand on her head and it was like I set Cara free as she went wild sucking my cock. I had no way of holding it back and grunted with the pleasure she was producing and then I felt it, the cum boiled out of my cock and I flooded her mouth with the pearly white cum. I saw it leaking around her lips as she continued to suck and move with my orgasm peaking with a spurt of cum that felt like the breaking of a dam.

She blinked, and I felt her swallow and then another spurt and I knew I was done. My hands were still holding her head and I had not realized I had been pressing her against my pelvis. I could feel the wetness of her saliva and my cum as she breathed against my bare pubis, and then she touched my hands and I released my hold on her head.

She pulled off sucking my cock clean. She opened her mouth and I could see the remains of my cum on her tongue and she closed her mouth, swallowed, and smiled. “I love the way your cum tastes,” she said and stood holding my spent cock in her hand and I could feel a very faint final contraction of my prostate as she moved close and kissed me.

I could taste my cum on her tongue as she fed me the remaining seed I had flooded into her mouth. “I thought you should get a taste of your cum,” Cara said, “and when you eat my pussy I expect you to do the same for me.”

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