Her daughter too


Her daughter too
Paul had been seeing Liz for a few months, there relationship was purely sex, Liz had been divorced for a year and was just after some fun,she was 46 he was 32 they met at a bar late one night,and ever since had become fuck buddies.liz had short blonde hair blue eyes very curvy around the hips 36c. She had a 17yr old daughter Kaitlyn long aurburn hair curvy like her mum around the hips 32c.it was no secret to liz that Paul fancied Kaitlyn which really didn’t bother her,in fact sometimes when Paul was fucking liz he pretends it is Kaitlyn. It wasn’t often Paul stayed over but one night they had been out drinking and that nite had a really good fuck session.the next morning liz slide her hand underneath Paul’s balls and rubbed them gently letting the flat of her hand rub up and down his shaft, she felt his cock twitch and illegal bahis siteleri pulled the covers down to expose his hardening cock, she circled the head and glans with her thumb, she looked at Paul his eyes closed he gently moaned as a bead of pre cum popped out from his pee hole, liz massaged it over the head and around the glans, I bet you would like Kaitlyn to do this she said, you can’t say that Paul said, why not you fancy her don’t you.paul was about to awnser when there was a knock on the bedroom door liz pulled the covers back over. Hi mum can I come in ,yes of course Kaitlyn liz said. Hi Paul Kaitlyn said. Paul’s cock remained hard under the covers as he glanced over Kaitlyn beautiful young body,she was wearing tight black jeans and a thin cream blouse buttoned to show some cleavage , liz new Paul would canlı bahis siteleri be perving so reached behind and continues to stroke his cock.ive got some washing mum in the laundry basket do you want me to put it on before I go to college. No that’s alright Hun I can do it later. Paul loved the feel of liz hand around his cock wanking him slowly while he was perving over Kaitlyn his eyes admiring her tight teen body her jeans hugging her tightly showing her lovely curves his eyes looking directly at the crouch, wondering what sort of panties she was wearing or wether she shaved that sweet pussy or just trimmed it.liz felt Paul spurt some pre cum mmmmm she thought he’s nearly ready. Can I borrow your phone charger mum mine has packed up, yes babe it in the top of the dresser in the cupboard, Kaitlyn reached up Paul’s bahis firmaları eyes fixed on her tight young teen arse also her blouse rose slightly giving Paul a view of soft tanned teen flesh.pauls eyes fixed on her beautiful arse. Liz felt his cock twitch followed by a hot jet of spunk hitting her arse, the rest of his seed oused out his pee hole slowly down her fingers. Thanks mum Kaitlyn said see you tonight bye paul. Liz pulled the covers back mmmm you did make a sticky mess for her didn’t you, sorry said Paul I couldn’t help myself, it’s ok baby she’s a good looking k**.why don’t you shower before going to work. Paul turned the shower on . He glanced at the laundry basket in the corner, his thoughts went back to Kaitlyn he pulled the top up and rumaged around towards the bottom found a pair of blue silk panties,must be Kaitlyns he thought and his cock hardened instantly letting his finger run through them then bringing them to his nose imagining her teen pussy as he smelt them, mmmm they had a slight fragrance Paul began to jack off within seconds a jet of spunk hit the tiled floor. To be cotinued

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