He Got– She Got


He Got– She Got
He Got — She Got

By: Londebaaz Chohan

What shall be your pleasure, Ma’am. The young waiter asked very gingerly.

The best Gin in the house and tonic.

Sure Ma’am; best Gin and tonic coming up for you.

Soon there was a real classy glass with Gin on couple of rocks and a small decanter of tonic served before her. As the waiter left her alone, she poured some tonic on the Gin and took a sip. It was a real nice and mallow tasting brand of Gin. Pleased with the presentation she raised the glass to wave at the bartender for another one already.

Ava looked at couple of men sitting in front of the bar on those monkey stools but was not in a mood to give a smile or talk with anyone. She was already hitting mid 40’s and instead of being well settled with her husband and the family; she was divorced, single mother of two for the last 3 years. She was married soon after she got this bank job after college and her work ethics, made her rise through the ranks much quicker than other workers and the same love for the husband and her 2 sons made her home life, exemplary. She had no proof and so she never blamed her husband of being a cheater or going out with other women; fucking them around or whatever. All she knew that it was him, who one day; just divorced her.

Both the boys had graduated from the High School and now were away from home for their college, it was a heck of a burden and painful to keep living in the same house with all the memories of the boys and especially her husband always in a kissing, hugging mood and the bedroom, the bed that squeaked almost every single night of her 20 years of married life.

What else!! It was not easy, but she finally requested for a transfer in another branch of the bank and sold the house. Though, granted her wish; she got a job in a branch about over 100 miles away, she was now having a unique problem; that she never had so far. This was a job in a busy metro area of a larger city and she was to spend hours driving around to reach her job on time in the morning and every evening; she had to sit for hours in the traffic before reaching home. As a matter of fact, it was not wrong that if she told everyone to be driving as a main job after her divorce. Commute, work, commute, reach home to commute again was all her life now. Today was again just another day in traffic and it was a nagging pinching in her leg that made her take this exit and seen this huge sign that read ‘BAR’ on her right, soon as she hit the bottom of the ramp.

Instead of looking for a detour; she suddenly figured that a drink would be rather a better idea for now. She could relax and wait out the humongous traffic jam. She found a parking spot almost near the front door, locked and walked in. She found a corner spot and got seated at the end of the bar counter. It was not dark yet outside and she could easily see the people coming in or going out although the dusk time was settling fast.

As she sipped her drink and looked out; she recognized a face walking in. It was her junior, Glenn; extremely energetic, reliable and diligent worker. Of course a bursting youth, right out of college, he was ambitious for any and all challenges and she appreciated him very much; making her on job life, a little bit easy per say. Glenn stood at the door and looked around. She saw him but did nothing in particular to get his attention. He perused around and saw her seated and then she also raised her glass in salute; as he walks past the men sitting on the bar stools and took the seat on the same table next to her.

“Hi Ava, I am kind of shocked to see you here”. He said.

“Yeah, you are right; I am usually not a bar person but the traffic was really too annoying today”; she gave a simple explanation.

“O’ yes, I had the same feeling. Sir, can I get a güvenilir bahis seven in seven please”. He saw the waiter nearby and ordered his drink.

They talked about bank matters but as the alcohol got consumed, they mellowed and started talking more about their lives and personal matters. She spoke about her life, marriage, k**s, divorce and totally boring life at present. Glenn spoke his college life, his love life, passion but a bit upset about his relationship that ended about a month ago but he was lucky to have stayed above the water and holding himself good without being hurt much although he was a bit heart broken. Almost same life story, boy and girl fall in love, girl moves in, good and bad days together, girl or boy goes crazy, he or she walks out; pretty much routine but painful for sure. No reason but Ava thought, Glenn was examining her as they sat drinking and talking just as her husband used to often; but nah, why should he.

She looked at her watch and wanted to leave. Traffic or no traffic; if she stayed for one more drink, she might not be able to drive home but Glenn intervened asking, what was her hurry?

She kind of made a joke, “I am not used to have a good time. My system is feeling a shock; I must leave now but I probably shall have one more drink at home, before retiring. Do you care to join”? Even before him answering, she left some money on the table and walked towards the front door.

She was almost ready to pull out of the parking, when she heard Glenn, “I shall follow you”. She felt nervous, she had never had a man in her apartment since her divorce but she was very happy to have done a thorough cleaning of her apartment only a few days ago. She knew it may not be true but kind of believed that she had hit mid 40’s and even wearing glasses; she was no more attractive to men or particularly to beautiful men. Glenn was young, cute, handsome with dark hair, toned body and always dressed to show his good taste about latest designs and fashions. Why was he following her or better yet; why should he not be following her.

Just before stepping out of the car after parking; she looked in the mirror and once again thought, why was he following her. He was young, she was not. He was sexy, she had not even slept with a man since her divorce. She just collected herself quickly and walked in the building. After entering the premises; she directed Glenn towards the booze and mixers before rushing to change in her bedroom. She removed her work clothes and put on a loose sweatpants and sweatshirt to feel at home and comfortable. Standing in front of the dresser mirror, she reminded herself of not keeping her hopes high and start thinking of anything beyond a drink. She repeated, he was young, attractive and handsome and she was not. He was sexy…… “Drinks are ready”, she heard loud even the bedroom door was closed. She quickly felt her gravity pulled boobs and also the flattened, widened ass after sitting on job for years. She was sure, Glenn would leave after the drink and all she shall have her buzzing vibrator for the overnight company.

She quickly opened her bedroom door and stepped out to kitchen. On the counter she saw the bottle of Tanqueray and tonic along with the Crown Royal 7 and 7 up.

Next almost 30 minutes; if not complete silence, it was never to be listed as being any conversation , only a question and answer here and there, as they sipped their drinks and then Glenn, got up. Ava very much ready to accept, if he said that he was leaving; but no. He moved towards Ava. Held her under the chin and planted a kiss, yes a kiss; right on her lips and it lingered. She had many a thought in her mind. He was a coworker. Her own junior, he could be only doing it as a pity from the story just shared a while ago. He could have türkçe bahis any woman, any young and sexy woman. He could gossip and hurt her at work. Suddenly she felt very bold, she did not care about any or all of it. A man finally had put his hand on her and chose her, even kissed her. She stood up and put her hands around his taut body to grip him solid and kiss him in return. A very sexy kiss, a very passionate kiss.

“Are you sure of what you are doing”. She asked.

“If I were not, I won’t do it”. It was a very sure and confidant answer. They kissed again, much more passion, more like a lust. His hands searching her body, under the sweatshirt. Her breasts being cupped in her hands, nipples fiddled with fingers until they were hard on the meaty boobs. It did not take much for her juices to flow out from between her legs. His touch exciting her very much out of control. Their eyes meeting and once again a complete and sure consent granted for the continuation of kiss, fondling of tits, teasing of nipples and even beyond. She started unbuttoning his shirt. His shirt falls on the floor. The warmth of his bare chest; ouuhhh fucking magic, she pulled her sweatshirt off in a jiffy.

Like a robot, Glenn got in proper position on her nail hard nipples. She had her fingers in his hair, the smell, the mutual aroma of desire, the most natural, the primal desire, the sweetness of her lips, the tits; his hard body, manliness, she had almost forgotten. Still on the kitchen stool, him on his knees between her legs, her sweatpants and panties being pulled off to the floor by his fingers hooked on the waistbands and he spreads her legs. O’ the FUCKING whiff of her pussy, naked pussy. She was a bit nervous, might be embarrassed but he was doing it without any resistance. He pussy had heavy dense growth of brown hair. There was no need to trim, the vibrator never spoke a word.

“Are you okay”? Glenn sensed her tension.

“I only feel a little sloppy, not even trimmed”. She answered.

“I do not mind, trimmed is far better but not always”. He was so accepting and buried his face in her legs with loud slurping sounds.

Ava’s pussy was almost like a virgin; forget fucking, not even eaten for years. Her husband was not very keen but Glenn’s tongue in, around, on her clitoris. A rapid orgasm snuck up on her making her all wet and seeping, on the floor in the kitchen and managing with difficulty, not to fall. Her legs quivering bad as she tried to close them. His hands holding her knees tightly to keep her safe on the kitchen stool and his tongue licking the insides of her pussy, all laced with her gelatinous juices, darting in and out of her cunt hole. Soon she pushed him away, held him by the arm and dragged all the way to the bed. In one swift move, she undid his belt, her hands pulling his pants down to his ankles and her lips kissing his, all soaked in her pussy taste and flavor.

With his pants along with the underwear sliding down; his all naked, very hard cock stood straight from his pelvis. Honestly; a very normal size but his cock helmet, pushed out of the foreskin, looking so furious and dangerous. A lot bigger and thicker like almost a horse. His balls were hanging free from his body like a separate entity; looking lively and heavy, contained in the sac.

She braved to open wide and took the cock head in her mouth, circling her tongue all around its rim. Glenn squirming with sensitivity; breathing heavy with pleasure moans dissolving in the room. All wet; she could easily suck him all the way in her throat. Slowly she had him lying on the bed, his cock rising towards heavens. Her tongue applying pressure on his underside as she went down his shaft and toying all the length with her tongue tip as she came up. Glenn looked keenly on her mouth serving his manly güvenilir bahis siteleri cock; calling her name repeatedly.

Ava, looked in his eyes and smiled; still sucking him passionately and lifted his legs high in the air and took his balls, sucking bull sized balls in her mouth while Glenn took over stroking his cock. She chugged his balls like being in a machine wash and her pussy swamped with her juice in a hurry once again.

Soon as her body allowed, she climbed on her face, her pussy lowered to his mouth and she lowered her body to take his cock in her mouth once again. Her wet twat on his tongue, feeling like a paradise. Her tongue now applying pressure on top side of his sex muscle, her head twiddling, teasing his length over and again. Glenn also made a daring move, she had never enjoyed before, by raising his head as high from bed as possible and ran his tongue between her larger rump. Glenn pulling her hips onto his face and his tongue giving her the exquisite pleasure of ass being licked. She let him enjoy all he could, sucking him the best she could and now she was tasting his pre cum on her tongue.

She wanted him inside her, she needed him inside her pussy. She slowly moaned and crawled forward, face towards his feet; her both hands on his ankles. Glenn watched so amazingly, his cock disappearing in her snatch and it making her almost scream loud. “Oh, FUCK! Oh, fuck Glenn. God Jesus, it is so marvelous. Glenn keenly watched her ass bobbing on his cock base as she rode his boner and he fucked her; complimenting that she was the best cunt, he had ever experienced. She only smiled.

What better luck, after this long dry spell, she was being fucked by a young stud and he confessing that she was the best fuck ever he had. She felt great being fucked and her jumping hard on his bull, reverse cowgirl; making him yell, “Ahh!! Fuck! I am cummm, Ava; I am gonna CUM”.

“I want to see your expressions, I wanna see it shoot”; she quickly climbed off her. Mother, bitch! He was suddenly robbed of his orgasmic spasms but it was nice; her twat still wrapped his cock. He only shifted a little and began the most vicious fucking of her juice hole. With his cock slamming into her cervix; she screamed loud and her cream ran down his shaft soaking his balls and the bed. Soon Glenn started screaming again, “Fuck you Ava!! Here it cums all for you”. He shot to the muscle walls of her pussy, throbbing over and again as she asked him to keep bursting more and more.

Ava helped him all she could by pumping on his shaft until he was extremely sensitive and needed to stop. Excessive heat inside her, triggered another forceful orgasm, making her fuck his cock with her tits bouncing all around. “Your Fucking Cock is So Fucking Good”. She was almost dazed and did not even care when she fell over him.

Only remembering his warm chest touching her back; when she woke up next morning, Glenn was of course gone. She hurriedly got up, took a shower and went to her kitchen for a routine breakfast of a cup of coffee and just a butter toast. There was a note on the fridge:

Dear Ava! I only hope you enjoyed as much as I did last night. Thank you. I am sure, it won’t make things any complicated between us at work. Believe me, I really meant it; when I said, you are the best. I need more of it, PLEASE.

During changing in front of the dresser mirror, she noted something and rushed into the bathroom and then came out to dress up, smiling loud.

In the office, as she passed by Glenn’s desk, she ordered him to come in her office. “Close the door, behind you”. As he turned back after closing the door, Ava leaned against her desk and did not only raise her skirt but also pulled her panties to a side. Glenn’s jaw dropped. He had never seen such nicely close trimmed pussy.

“Thank you very much for making me feel like a woman once again and you are welcome to take as much as you please”.

Glenn quickly turned to leave her office before tenting in his pants.

The End. Your comments appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan March 30, 2019

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