Hazel ! My Sexual Teacher ! Final Part !


Hazel ! My Sexual Teacher ! Final Part !
I was right ! Kevin came and joined us. “Well isn’t this cosy” said Hazel. “Just Go Kev” I thought to myself but he picked up the glass she had poured and swallowed it in one. Hazel filled it again “Thirsty” she asked “mmmm” he replied “its nice”.

“So what work are we doing Mrs Wilkinson” Kev asked innocently. “Its nice work isn’t it Steve ?” and looked at me, giving a wry smile. I nodded yet wanted to shake my head.

“Yes Kev its really good work. You can do it. I’m going home”

Hazel gave me a scary look as I moved to the gate and left. I felt relieved and thought of what Kevin had to endure. Totally jealous !

I thought too soon.

I arrived home and Mam said ” Well that’s nice letting Hazel down” “Eh” I said “Kevin cant cope and she needs your help” I wanted to go but didn’t want Kev there. I decided to go.

I sidled back down the street. I was praying that Kev had left. I approached the back gate, opened it, and found Hazel laid on a sunbed sipping a glass of wine.

“You silly boy” she chastised me with a smile “You were jealous weren’t you ?”.

I felt my face redden. “Come and sit here” She patted the sunbed and filled a glass for me. “We are going to have a fun afternoon !”

“YYYes I hope so ! Where’s Kevin?” I stuttered. “Oh he’s gone” she replied “I think he was a bit unnerved” She laughed.

I laid down on the sunbed and we chatted nicely in the sunshine. Hazel knew I was nervous and let the wine circulate within me until I became more relaxed again. Then the sex talk subtly started.

“Are you ready for your next lesson Steve ?” As she released again her pert tits from her bikini top. “Reckon I have no choice” I replied.

Her hand grabbed mine “Inside”

We moved inside and Hazel said ” Go and make yourself comfortable on the settee”. I did.

Hazel walked in topless with a couple of drinks. “Would you like to listen to a record ?” she asked.

I was again nonplussed. “YYYes erm” i thought .. “I know what you’re thinking” she said looking at her watch. “Why the music ? There is a reason” she said quizzically.

She put an LP on ….The Beatles Let It Be ! First song was called Two Of Us ! There was !!!

We sat and chatted for 20 minutes or so, rather restrained conversation, as Hazel kept looking at her watch. Hazel turned the record over. The doorbell rang and Ive Got A Feeling started on the record player. I had a feeling too !!

“Flamin Kevin” I muttered. Then I heard “Hi Natalie You’re a bit late” ” Sorry Mrs Wilkinson got held up but here now” “Come in”
said Hazel.

Hazel And Natalie walked into the room. ” Right ! Time for your final lesson both of you OK?”

I looked at Natalie ..Totally gorgeous and my dick hardened as Hazel said to Natalie “Off with with your clothes” then turned to me “Both of you !” Hazel removed her bikini bottoms, revealing her trimmed pussy !

“We are all going to have some fun today !” Hazel said !

We were all naked. Hazel told Natalie to sit next to me. My dick hardening bahis siteleri by the second. “Ok Nat watch and learn” Hazel said as she took my cock in her hand and slowly started wanking me.

“My Mrs Wilkinson ! It’s so big !” Natalie said with a look of wonderment on her face.

“It is and it’s Hazel or Haze Natalie please, not Mrs Wilkinson, Ok ?”

I was in a daze and a Haze ! Hazels hand tossing me and Nat looking on.

“Right take over Nat” “Erm ” “Come on put your hand around it and do what I was doing …dont be shy”

I closed my eyes and felt Natalies hand enfold my now totally rigid dick.

I haven’t mentioned that Natalie lived in our street and was the daughter of Hazels friend Mrs Brown! I wondered later how many young ones Hazel had trained ! Plenty i’m sure including her son !

At this moment my thoughts were more on not cumming. If this was Nats first time she was good.

Then Hazel took over.

” Watch and learn again Nat”.

She then took my length into her mouth.

“Oh my God Don’t Haze Im gonna …..”. I exploded into her mouth as I had before and Hazel stared up at me. “You naughty boy” she said sticking her cum coated tongue out at both me and Nat. Her tongue went back inside. The third time she had done that to me and no fuck.

“Yummy ! Thanks Steve needed protein ! Your turn next Nat but lets have a bit of a break …give Steve a rest ..could be a long day”.

“Right ! Stay naked if you wish and back outside on the beds and lets get some more sun” Hazel said as she walked into the kitchen for wine. I looked at Natalie and she smiled.

We decided to put some clothes back on, covering our privates, thankfully. I couldn’t have looked at a naked Nat and Hazel
without embarrassing myself !

Hazel was outside with the wine and glasses. “Shy Eh ? dunno why ? The fence is high and gate’s locked ! Complete privacy” Hazel stated. Hazel, still naked, wandered back inside and came back with a mini buffet of sandwiches.

“Reckon you’ll need some sustenance AND please drink your drinks and CHAT! You both fancied each other before today and reckon you do more now you’ve seen each other naked” she said with a knowing look.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well how hard did your cock get when Nat stripped Steve ? and Natalies face was a picture when she saw the size of your cock ….amazed Natalie weren’t you ?”.

We were both really embarrassed and we gulped down our glasses. “Oh well done” said Hazel as they were quickly refilled.

“Right a bit of scran and a quiet hour enjoying the sun and wine and then the sex !” Hazel announced. Nat and me looked at each other nervously. “Well you do want to fuck each other don’t you ?”

We both looked at each other again smiled and nodded. “Right there you go ! then Nat we are both going to feel Steves 10″ inside our cunts”.

Hazel giggling slightly tipsily.

We sat and ate the buffet and drank another couple of glasses of wine and had a bit of a laugh. Hazel was getting ruder and ruder and Nat and bahis şirketleri me got redder and redder. Then the time arrived when Hazel said “Right its time k**s ! Ok ? Lets Have some sexy fun”.

Nat looked at me and I looked at Nat. Nervous wasn’t the word to describe our feelings.

We had a choice. We could leave or stay. “Im just nipping to the toilet” I spurted out, again nervously, and Nat just gave a dagger look ! “Won’t be a minute”.

“Ok ! Meet us in my bedroom when you’ve finished…and don’t run off !” Hazel replied knowingly.

To be honest i did try to leave but Hazel was one step ahead. Doors locked no keys. “Bugger” I thought and slowly walked into Hazels bedroom.

Hazel and Nat were sat there when I entered.

Both were dressed in a basque and stockings Hazel in red and Nat in black. “Do you you like Steve” Hazel asked.

My body stiffened as did my nether region.

“Eeerm LLLovely” I stuttered !

“Get on the bed and lie down ! Its time for the fun to begin ! You Ready Nat ?”

Nat just stared as Hazel pulled down my shorts to reveal my rock hard cock !

“Ok Natalie start wanking him” Nat did as she was told. She wrapped her right hand around my stiff cock and started jerking me.

“No ! you’ll make cum too quick” I blurted but Nat continued “Slowly Nat” Hazel said as she climbed onto the bed next to me.

She opened her legs. She looked at me as she started rubbing her pussy. “Just getting the juices flowing” she said and watched as Nat continued jerking me.

Hazels hand increased the pace of her own masturbation and suddenly a gush of water spouted from her pussy.

Hazel then shouted “Fuck me now Steve ! Get that fucking big cock inside my cunt !” I was gobsmacked !

Nat stopped, open eyed, as I rolled over and entered Hazels very moist pussy.

“Oh My !” Hazel gasped “God ! That feels so good… slowly Steve cos I’m gonna cum again and quickly too”. I started and as the rhythm increased she grabbed me wrapping her arms around me and then her legs engulfed me !

“Harder Harder” she shouted “Fuck me me hard” Suddenly a big spurt came again from her pussy and I could feel it spasming, trying to force my cock out. I was going to remove it when she shouted !

“Keep going don’t stop… Oh fuck this is so good !”.

She was literally screaming now when, suddenly, Nat ran from the room. I stopped and so did Hazel. It broke the moment. I was almost there. “Bugger It thought !”. I’d wanted to cum myself ! I was so close to it !!!

We found Nat on the settee in tears.

“What’s wrong Nat ?” Hazel asked.

“I thought sex was nice but you were in pain” She replied.

“Oh no ! I was in ecstasy Natalie ! It felt so good” “I was screaming with pleasure not pain… honest did you not see me cum ?” Hazel asked.

“What” Nat replied innocently. “When I squirted and covered the sheets twice I was having an heavenly orgasm …wonderful”

Hazel actually sighed.

I had no idea that was what it was. I thought she had pissed herself both times. canlı bahis “Come on Nat lets go back and you can try yes ?” Nat looked nervously at both Me and Hazel…..”Okay” She said …..

We returned to the bedroom. Natalie had calmed but was still nervous. She and Hazel were still in their crotchless basques and stockings. I was rock hard. “Look Nat ! how he is so eager for you” Hazel said, looking Natalie in the eyes. “Its a bit big ! its gonna hurt !” Nat muttered.

“You’ll be gentle won’t you Steve” Hazel asked. I nodded.

Hazel ushered Nat onto the bed and to my surprise laid her down and placed her head between Nats legs. “Getting her moist and ready for you Steve. Fuck me please”.

Hazel bent over the end of the bed. Her head between Nats legs. Her basqued body, tits out and her arse and hairy trimmed pussy between her gorgeous red stockinged legs beckoned me. How could I resist.

Hazel started licking Nats lightly haired pussy as I entered her. The problem I had was that I knew I would cum pretty quickly after the earlier excersions. I was only young then !

I looked at Nats face. Eyes closed she was clearly enjoying Hazels attentions.

Nats legs were writhing as she enjoyed the tonguing while I slowly fucked Hazels pussy.

Nat suddenly gave a big moan and Hazel said to her “was that nice dear ?” “MMMMMM” was all Nat could muster in reply.

“Right Steve, she is soaking, your turn now”. I pulled out of Hazel, moved up onto the bed, and placed my cock between Natalies sexy slim blacked stockinged legs.

“Bare your tits Nat”. She duly did and her pert little tits popped out of the basque. Stiff little nipples indicating her arousal.

Hazel held Nats hand as I slowly entered her.

“Oh” she moaned as my cock entered her much tighter pussy. I had to push hard when suddenly it went in almost to the hilt.

“Owwww!!” she yelled “Sssssory Nat but you are so tight I will be gentle”

“No Its alright, It was just a bit of a shock, first time and all that, it feels nice” She gave me a look that appeared like she was in a dream.

We started and she pulled me towards her, kissed me, and told me it felt lovely. “Gently Steve” she said “Its gorgeous I can feel myself cumming again”

I could feel her cunt muscles pulsing, and the same was happening to my cock, but I didnt want to cum. I was in heaven.

I knew it wouldn’t be long as her arms clasped me closer.

Then she yelled “GOD !!! Thats it yes”. Hazel grabbed me at that moment.

“Off Steve pull out and wank onto her tummy “.

Hazels face was looking at me from Nats tummy ! I didn’t need to wank. I pulled out and my cum spurted up Natalies lovely basqued covered body.

It covered her tits and both her and Hazels face. “Wow” We all said together.

We laid there for a few minutes then Hazel said “Enjoy that k**s?”.

She winked at us. “Mmm tastes good ! Try it Nat” said Hazel.

She stroked her fingers over Nats basque and put them, cum covered, on Nats lips.

Natalie opened her mouth and took Hazels fingers and licked them clean. “Nice Nat ?” “Nice Hazel” she replied.

Nat looked at me put her arms around me and we kissed. “I take it you enjoyed ?” Hazel asked us both.

“It was lovely Hazel” We said in unison.

“Thank You”.


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