Haying Time in Wyoming

Ashley Alban

I grew up on a ranch in Wyoming where my father was the foreman and he expected me to learn as much about ranching as my brothers did. I did everything they did and grew up as strong and capable as they were. So, when I needed a job the summer after I turned 18 it was only natural that I apply for ranching jobs as well as the more traditional female jobs of waiting tables and clerking in the store near where we lived.

One of our neighbors knew someone who needed a hand for the summer to help with irrigation, mending fences, and haying. They lived a good way out of town and were willing to let me live with them while I worked so it seemed perfect. Mr. Layne also hired the son of one of their neighbors to help out part-time with haying so they could get the hay cut, baled, and stacked more quickly.

Buster was a couple years older than me and I remembered him from when he attended high school. He didn’t have a girlfriend that summer while he was home from college and his father had been ill so he spent all his time working their ranch to keep it going until his father recovered. He was taller than my 5’8” and darkly tanned from the time spent outdoors. His shoulders were broad and his arms were well developed and muscular. They were covered by a light dusting of sexy blond hair. His chest was firm beneath the t-shirts he wore everyday and his hips were lean in his denim jeans. His butt filled out those tight jeans nicely and his thighs looked rock hard and incredibly sexy as he climbed up onto the tractor the first day he came to cut hay.

He turned around and caught me watching him that first morning. I blushed and he tipped his hat at me and winked before he drove off. I was left with that saucy grin of his and an image of his sexy blond hair and grinning green eyes while I stood there feeling foolish. I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans that were soft from many trips through the washing machine. My long, brown hair was pulled back in a braid down my back and I was wearing a baseball cap that said Wyoming on it. I found myself hoping he had liked what he saw when he winked at me.

Buster was going to start cutting in one area and Mr. Layne was going to cut another. My part of the operation didn’t come until we were ready to bale the hay so I was stuck moving the straight-line irrigation pipes with Mrs. Layne that first morning. I walked the fence around the field where Buster was mowing that afternoon looking for places that needed repair. I also spent some time watching him on the tractor and noticed when he stopped near some trees presumably to relieve himself. My thoughts wandered and I developed a mental picture of him standing there with his cock in his hand that had me blushing all over again. The freshly mown hay needed to dry a little before we baled it so I only saw Buster at lunch and before he left for the day. We were both sweaty and hot and neither looked our best but he still managed another wink at me before he drove off that escort kartal evening.

The next day was more of the same only this time when lunchtime rolled around, Mrs. Layne brought us sandwiches in the field where we were working. I thought she was going to take me back to the house with her since I had finished that fence just before she arrived. When I questioned her she said she needed to talk to Mr. Layne and could we please eat our lunch there and she’d be back in an hour. She left us sandwiches and ice-cold lemonade along with some fresh fruit. When she left, Buster and I carried our lunch over to the shade of some trees that grew in the middle of the field.

I let him get ahead of me and that gave me a perfect view of his butt as he walked. Those firm cheeks had me blushing again as I watched him and it wasn’t long before I was daydreaming again. I didn’t notice when he stopped and almost ran into him. He looked at me and then glanced behind him when he saw where my gaze was directed. I didn’t know what he thought but he quickly looked away and promptly sat down with his back against a tree.

I sat down next to him so we could share the food and I saw him looking me up and down as I stretched my long legs out in front of me. I pressed my shoulders back against the tree to get comfortable and realized as I did that the position pushed my breasts up against my shirtfront. Buster’s eyes were on my breasts and he was holding a sandwich part way to his mouth when I glanced at him to see if he had noticed. I pretended not to notice his stare. I peeked at his lap and saw a bulge where there hadn’t been one when he first sat down. Just then he bent the knee of the leg closest to me effectively cutting off my view of his crotch.

I took a bottle of lemonade out of the small cooler and opened it. The outside was wet from being suspended in ice water and as I took a long drink I felt the water drip onto my chest. It made the t-shirt transparent in the spots that soaked up the liquid and my lacy bra showed through. Buster turned his head away and I saw him surreptitiously rearrange the crotch of his jeans when he thought I wasn’t watching. His leg remained bent and he balanced his lemonade on his knee as we ate. The water from the bottle ran down his leg darkening the fabric as it absorbed the moisture. I couldn’t help glancing at it and wondering if he liked the feel of the cold, wet fabric against his thigh. It was very hot even in the shade and we both sat without even trying to make conversation.

When I finished my sandwich I took a peach from the collection of fruit Mrs. Layne had included in our lunch. It was warm and I felt the juice run down my chin as I bit into it. This time when I looked at Buster he didn’t look away. His eyes followed the juice down to where it met the collar of my t-shirt. When he looked up into my brown eyes, his were hot and I could tell he was as aroused as I was. I took a paper towel and blotted the uğur mumcu escort side of my lemonade bottle to get it damp so I could wash away the stickiness of the peach juice. I closed my eyes and tipped my head back against the tree. When I stroked the towel down my neck, I heard Buster groan. My eyes opened and he was kneeling in front of me.

“Let me,” he said and his hands clasped my shoulders. He pulled me up and his lips brushed my chin. Then I felt his warm tongue following the trail of juice down my neck.

My hands went to his shoulders and his lips moved back up to take mine in a long, hot kiss. His tongue went inside my mouth and toyed with mine. He pulled me closer to him so my back was away from the tree and turned me so he could lay me down on the ground. I gave the peach a toss and pulled him down. His chest pressed against mine and I moaned low in my throat. He felt so good and so strong and I didn’t want him to stop kissing me. His hands released my shoulders to run up and down my sides before he rolled a little to the side so one of his hands could cup my breast. I felt it swell at his touch.

He rubbed the flat of his hand against me and I felt my nipple tighten and push against his hand. He pinched it a little between his thumb and fingers and I moaned again. His lips released mine to nuzzle against my neck as his hand pulled my t-shirt out of my jeans. I lifted myself up against him to make it easier for him to pull it out and then felt his hand cup the bare skin over my ribs.

My hands began moving up and down his back as far down as I could reach and I grabbed handfuls of his shirt to pull it up out of his jeans. He adjusted himself to accommodate me and then pushed himself further away so he could remove the shirt entirely. He pulled up my shirt and I lifted my arms so he could slide it off. He held me up as he spread both shirts on the ground beneath my back. He lowered me back down and gazed at my breasts still covered by my bra. The nipples were hard and showed darkly beneath the white lace. He lowered his head and bit at one through the fabric. I ran my fingers through his blond hair and pulled his head closer to me. His hands went to the front fastener and he released it so my breasts spilled out into his waiting hands.

“Mmm,” I heard him moan as he lowered his head to take one of my nipples between his lips. He sucked it gently and then opened his mouth to take it all in. He sucked hard on it as my hands held his head against me.

“Oh God,” I heard myself say as I looked down at his head against my chest. His blond hair and dark hands and arms made a sensual picture against the whiteness of my breasts and stomach. His head moved to the other breast as I felt one of his hands caress the skin of my belly. He unsnapped my jeans and lowered the zipper as I pressed myself up against his hand. I felt the hand reach down over my jeans to cup my pussy and he rubbed it hard against çavuşoğlu escort me. I wanted to feel more of him. I pulled on his shoulders and he moved back up so his lips were over mine. We looked into each other’s eyes and then his lips moved against mine again.

He lowered himself against me as one of his thighs slid between mine. I knew my pussy was wet as I felt him rub his leg against me. I wanted to feel all of him and my hands reached down to slide inside the waistband of his jeans and against his butt. Those delightful cheeks that had so tantalized me earlier were firm against my palms. I kneaded them and realized he wasn’t wearing underwear. When my exploring hands moved to the front, he moved back so I could undo his jeans. When I reached a finger inside to unsnap them, I felt the smoothness of his cock head against my fingertip. It was hot and I felt a drop of pre-cum against my fingers as I pulled the zip down. I pushed the jeans down his hips and felt his cock spring out hot and hard against my stomach.

“Oh God,” he groaned as he pressed it against my navel. His hands went to my hips and he pulled my jeans down as I lifted up to help him. He was poised above me as I lifted my feet to kick the jeans down as far as they would go. I looked up at his chest above me and reached my tongue out to lick one of his nipples. I felt his cock jerk and he pressed his chest against my mouth. I circled the nipple with my tongue before lightly scraping my teeth across it. I felt his cock jump again and felt the stickiness where his excitement was dampening my stomach.

His hand ran up between my legs and rubbed my panties against my pussy. I knew he could feel how wet I was as he pressed the cotton against me. I pushed against his hand and felt his cock jerk again.

“I have to be inside you now,” he groaned as his hands tore the panties down my thighs. He lifted himself up on his toes and moved his other leg over mine. When both legs were between mine he lowered himself against me. I kicked the panties free and crossed my legs over his as he rubbed his cock against me.

“Ohhhh, don’t make me wait,” I begged as I pulled him closer.

He reached down between us and positioned his cock at the entrance to my pussy. He slid it forward so just the head was inside and then his hand went up to my clit. It was hard and swollen and he toyed with it before he started rubbing it in earnest. I pushed my hips up against him trying to get more of his cock inside as he rubbed and teased my clit. I felt the pressure building inside me and my hips bucked up against him straining for release. Just as I knew I was going to cum he finally pushed all the way inside me. As his cock filled me I felt my muscles tighten around him with my orgasm. He groaned and started thrusting and it wasn’t long before I felt his cock swell even more as it filled with his cum. He threw his head back and yelled my name as he pumped every drop into my already dripping pussy.

By the time Mrs. Layne returned we were both dressed and Buster had returned to his tractor to finish mowing the field. That lunch was the start of a long, hot summer filled with more encounters lasting right up until we both left for college in the fall.

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