Good Neighbors – Chapter 13


Good Neighbors – Chapter 13
For the next two weekends, Todd worked on the lake house, getting the siding stained as planned along with the decks. Mary spent the evenings entertaining him with her big tits, nice, round ass and insatiable pussy. He would arrive early Friday evenings, spending his time screwing Mary until nearly midnight. Then he would get up at first light and start his day’s work. By dinner time, Mary would feed him and then fuck him all evening. The next day would be more of the same. By the time he got home Sunday evening, Todd was exhausted and only semi-functional for his livelihood and had to work at it to satisfy Meg when she wanted some action. He never was so eager to finish a job and he had never met a woman like Mary, who demanded so much from him and his cock. Each night was the same. She would suck him off until he came on her face or her huge tits. Then she would have him eat her pussy until she came at least twice. Then he would fuck her pussy and the night cap would be a long, slow ass fucking. That was Friday night, Saturday night and late Sunday afternoon before he left for home.

He enjoyed the work and he enjoyed the non-stop fucking, but the combination for two consecutive weekends on top of his normal weekly routine had him nearly exhausted. At the end of the second weekend, just before he left, Mary told him that he had done a wonderful job, both on the lake house and on her various holes. She wanted him to come back the next weekend and bring his friend Meg to enjoy the lake house. She would not be able to be at the lake that weekend and could tell he needed the relaxation.

“Also,” she said, “there is a pontoon boat in the boat house. Not sure it will start, but if you can get it running, you and Meg are welcome to use it and enjoy the lake as well as the house.” Todd thanked her and headed home, already looking forward to some quiet, relaxing time with Meg for a change.

He broached the subject with Meg Monday morning. She was sitting at her desk, naked as always and when he just relaxed and studied her large, round, beautiful tits and her lovely face and her near-perfect female form as she swiveled to face him, his cock twitched and began to stiffen.

“I think a weekend at the lake, just the two of us, sounds like a wonderful idea, Todd. I think you have been working too hard the past few weeks and I am tired of entertaining my sister so much lately. We will have a wonderful time. But first, it looks like you need some more immediate attention.” She rolled her chair up to Todd and reached out, taking his cock in her hand and stroking it to full erection.

“How about you just stand still and let me do all the work. I could use a good cum shot in the mouth to cut the coffee taste in my mouth.” She chuckled as she began to give him a long, slow, loving blow job. It was one of many qualities Meg possessed that endeared her so much to Todd. He rested his hands on her shoulders, closed his eyes and just soaked up the sensuality of her work on his cock. He shot his cum into the back of her throat as she gulped it down, licked her lips and cleaned up the head of his cock. Then she looked up at him and smiled, wheeled back to her desk and began her work again.

“What? You don’t want me to return the favor before you get back to work?” Todd asked, disappointed.

“Later, baby, later. I will wear out your face after lunch. Right now, I need to process some orders for Tex before he threatens to come up here and fuck my ass.”

Todd laughed and got busy himself.

When Friday rolled around, Meg asked if she could leave work at noon so she could get packed for the weekend. Todd agreed, kissed her and told her to be ready to leave by 4 and he would pick her up. He knocked on her door and nearly fell over when she answered.

“It occurred to me,” she began, “that I am always naked around you and thought that I would make it special by actually wearing some clothes for you,” she said with an alluring laugh.

Meg was wearing a red lightweight summer dress, with matching higher healed sandals, and matching sun hat with the wide, floppy brim. Her toenails and fingernails were painted to match her outfit. She also wore small gold hoop earrings, a lightweight gold necklace with a small pendant dangling from the front, a small lightweight gold bracelet around one wrist and a matching ankle bracelet. Her makeup was immaculate, but not overdone. Todd just stood there with his mouth hanging open and his eyes wide as he picked up her suitcase.

“Well, don’t just stand there. Say something! What do you think?” Meg asked as she twirled, causing the dress to fan out so that he could see the red panties she was wearing under the dress.

“I think you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” Todd said quietly, still in awe of the vision of beauty standing in front of him.

“Aw, you’re just saying that in hopes of getting fucked.” Meg suggested.

“Nope, I would say that if I was 105, or 5, man or woman, or blind for that matter.” Todd said, matter-of-fact. “But if I do get fucked, I know it will be the best fucking a man could possibly imagine.”

They drove off toward the lake house and more than once Todd nearly left the road because he gazed a little too long at the beautiful woman sitting next to him in the middle of the front seat. He didn’t try to feel her up and reach under her dress for her pussy. He just took the opportunity to enjoy the sheer beauty of the woman who chose to spend a weekend with him at the lake and would take the time to make herself look so attractive just for him.

“You, know Todd, you have done a lot of special things for a lot of people in our neighborhood. You have slowly changed a lot of lives because of your gifts to them. But you haven’t changed anyone’s life more than mine. For the first time in years, I have the money to buy little frills like the things I am wearing for you now and to spoil my sister’s k**s and just relax a little. Plus I get to spend a lot of time with a very special man. I know you have gotten to fuck a lot of fun people and probably have shot a quart of cum as your reward, but that is a small thing in comparison to what you have done for us. Thank you.”

Meg had a tear in her eye as she spoke and leaned over and kissed him on the cheek and then playfully stuck her tongue in his ear. Todd had to work to keep the car on the road again.

“It has helped me see the world differently too. I think I have gotten as much or more out of helping my neighbors as they have gotten from me. It isn’t about the free sex. Less than half of the jobs I have done has resulted in busting a nut for me as repayment. And just for the record, every time I have gotten laid for a job, you are the benchmark by which I measure the enjoyment. And also for the record, I would trade it all for more times with you, Meg. Even thought about giving up that part and just devoting myself to you entirely.”

The tears now threatened her perfect makeup efforts. She told him that it wasn’t necessary or even expected, but she appreciated the sentiment. They arrived at the lake house just before sunset, driving up close to the house with the lake view right in front of them.

“This is beautiful!” said Meg. “And you did a beautiful job on the house. I hope you got some royal fucking for this work!”

“Almost more than I wanted,” Todd said with a laugh, “But none as good as the fucking I hope to get this weekend.”

“Sweetheart, even I haven’t given you the kind of fucking you are going to get this weekend. I hope you brought some little blue pills. If you can’t keep it up all weekend, I am going to be sorely disappointed.”

“Then we better get inside before we put on a show for the birds and the bees…and the squirrels…and the raccoons.”

“Let ’em watch. They might learn a thing or two.” Meg said as she rubbed Todd’s crotch and felt his stiff cock fighting its way into her hand. “So where do you want to start? The bedroom, the kitchen…the deck?”

“I don’t know,” he said. You are so beautiful all dressed up that I hate to do anything that would cause you to take those things off.” he chuckled.

“Then let’s start with the mouth, honey…on the deck. Maybe if you get your first cum out of the way, you’ll be more interested in seeing me naked again and getting serious about our weekend getaway.”

They unloaded the car, went inside, and Todd showed her around the house. Then they walked down to the boathouse to get a look at the pontoon boat. Todd turned the key and to his surprise, the engine started right off on the first try. “Well, I know where at least part of our fun will take place,” Meg said with lust in her eyes.

“I was thinking the same thing, Meg. Tomorrow. Right now, let’s head for the deck.”

They güvenilir bahis walked hand in hand to the deck, the gold Meg was wearing twinkling in the fading sunlight. Todd leaned back in a cushioned lounger looking out over the lake. Meg unzipped Todd’s pants slowly and helped him slide them off and then peeled off his shirt so that Todd was totally naked in the natural surroundings. Meg removed nothing of her own clothing. She let her red-nailed fingers trace slowly over the protruding veins in Todd’s cock and looking lovingly at his stiff shaft. His cock twitched at her touch and he could feel her breath on his shaft and balls, her face was so close to his eager cock. Then she wrapped her hand around it and maneuvered it around like a joy stick, studying it more closely than she had ever done before. She stroked upward slowly, stretching the skin on his shaft as far as it would go, then she stroked downward, again going as far as it would go. A few drops of pre-cum surfaced and she gently bent lower and licked it off the tip of his cock. Suddenly she stopped, let go of his cock and stood up, walking toward the door. Slightly distraught, Todd watched Meg’s ass as she walked away from him. Her figure was nearly obscene. Meg was certainly top heavy with very large, firm, round tits, a narrow waist and a small, but beautiful ass with a perfectly shaped inverted heart that gave way to the most shapely legs a woman could have. Meg took off her bonnet and tossed it inside and came back to him, showing off the front side of her perfect form. She sat down next to him again and resumed her close attention to his cock.

“I thought the hat might get in the way of a proper blow job.” Then she began sucking his cock in earnest. She started with the knob and gradually took in more and more until she took the entire length into her mouth and throat. She sucked down hard, putting the maximum amount of pressure on his rod that she could and repeated until she heard him moaning and beginning to squirm a little under her spell. Then she began to massage his balls and slid a finger up his ass crack until she found his asshole and slid her finger up his ass as she continued to blow him. He just gazed at her cleavage in her dress and the beauty of her face impaled on his cock and when she looked up at his face with those beautiful round eyes, he shot multiple streams of cum down her throat. Meg smiled as she licked her lips and pulled away.

“That’s my good boy!” she cooed. “I love it when you cum down my throat. I know I have done a good job when you can’t hold back and you flood my mouth.”

“No is better than you, Meg!”

“I hate to tell you this, but it is time I removed some of my clothes so that you can treat me right.” she warned him.

“Why don’t you just remove the panties and sit on my face for a start.”

“That is an excellent idea.” Meg stood up, reached up her dress and pulled her panties down without disturbing anything else she had on. Todd reversed himself on the lounger and she lowered herself over his face, spreading the dress over him so that she could not see his head or what he was doing. She would rely entirely on the sensitivity of her other body parts to know what was happening. She sat on his face so that she was facing his cock and her ass crack was right up against his nose. She leaned forward, allowing him to breathe and allowing her t play with his cock to get it hard again. In the darkness of the outdoors and the veil of her dress, Todd went entirely by feel. He tickled her clit, driving her crazy with desire for more and deeper and more intense. He slid his hands up her dress and played with her ass, cupping both cheeks in his hands and spreading them slightly as he began to shove his tongue into her cunt. He slid a finger through the juices she was producing and used the wet finger to penetrate her asshole like she had done to him earlier.

Todd began deep fucking her pussy with his tongue and deep fucking her asshole with his finger. She returned the gesture by swallowing his cock again and finger fucking his ass. They reamed each other’s asses with the same fervor most people would fuck with and Todd was fully hard again in no time. Meg suddenly wailed as she came, soaking his face with pussy juices and locking her muscles on his tongue. Her ass tightened on his finger. When she relaxed, she pulled off his cock to say something and then immediately and without warning lapsed into another orgasm stronger than the one before. She collapsed on him, staring at his rigid cock beside her face as she tried to recover from two strong cums. But Todd did not let up. He slid a second finger into her ass and sucked on her clit hard, driving her into a third cum that nearly gave her leg cramps from tightening up so much.

“Oh, fuck! Stop! Please stop! I need a break.” Meg shouted at him.

Todd smiled and quit, pulling his fingers from her ass and his tongue from her pussy. Just to be playful, Todd shoved his tongue into her ass and nearly caused her to cum again, but she lifted off of his face and out of reach.

Out of breath, Meg stood, turned around and sat on Todd’s lap. “You asked for it, mister, and now you are going to get it!”

She lifted high up enough and grabbed his cock and impaled herself on it, sinking onto him all the way in one stroke. He could already feel the boiling cum building up to an eruption in his balls and she rode him hard, resting her hands on his bare chest for leverage. She was still wearing her dress and Todd reached below the hemline to place his hands on her shapely calves as she continued to ride him like an experienced cowgirl. Meg untied the bows on her shoulders that held her dress up and pulled the top of her dress down so that her heavy tits could bounce freely until Todd reached up and grabbed them to give them support and a deep tissue massage that sent her into another orgasm at the same time he busted his nuts inside her. Both were spent for the time being and she collapsed on him again, this time in a deep, loving embrace and passionate kisses.

“I think it is time we went inside and got you out of your clothes, Meg. I hate to think of getting cum all over that beautiful dress.”

“Okay, but if you don’t mind, I may leave the shoes and jewelry on for awhile. It makes me feel pretty.”

Todd smiled, “You would be more than pretty no matter what you were wearing, including nothing at all, baby.”

“Just for that, I think it is time for you to fuck my ass before we take a break for a snack and a glass of wine. What do you say?”

“Give me a little time to get it up again, alright?”

“Don’t tell me you are all fucked out already!”

“Not even close, but even a young guy needs a few minutes to reload.”

Meg laughed at him and they walked inside. They decided to have a quick snack and a glass of wine first and then fuck again. By the time they had finished a half bottle of wine, Todd was ready for more and so was Meg. She leaned forward over the kitchen counter just slightly. The heels of her sandals were just the right height to get her ass in the right position for Todd to slide his cock into her asshole.

Todd moved in behind her and began the effort of getting his shaft into her tight ass. About half way in, he realized something was different.

“What the fuck? Your ass is tighter than ever, Meg – and it feels like it is vibrating!” He had noticed that she was already twitchy and tightening up a little before he even started his penetration.

“That’s because I decided to try something. I stuffed a small vibrator in my pussy ahead of time. Like the sensation?”

“Fuck yes, I like it! But I ain’t going to last long with your tight ass and a vibrator tingling against my cock!”

“We’ve got all weekend, honey. Just fuck my ass like the man you are!”

Todd went to work, banging her ass hard and fast. He reached around her and grabbed two large handfuls of tit and pinched her nipples. Meg was groaning from the assault on her pussy, her asshole and her nipples and came in waves from the exploding nerve endings throughout her body. She let out a scream of ecstasy as she came and nearly fell to the floor as her knees buckled. Todd held her up partly with his rigid cock still buried in her ass and partly by grabbing her by the hips and lifting. His knees weakened as he neared his own climax and as Meg regained her self-control, he emptied his cum deep in her asshole. He could still feel the vibrator against the underside of his cock, making his rod continue to twitch even after he was done cumming. Meg removed the vibrator as he pulled out and she simply leaned on the counter until her strength returned enough she felt like she could stand on her own. Todd sat on a chair nearby and just admired her beautiful türkçe bahis ass and watched as his cum began to trickle down the backs of her legs. She finally stood up straight and walked over and sat on his lap sideways and they kissed gently. Both were spent for the night and after sitting there for a few minutes, Todd stood, scooped Meg up and carried her to their bedroom. They showered together and crawled into bed and snuggled for awhile. Meg noticed that Todd was actually getting hard again and the two of them used their hands to get each other off one more time before falling asleep for the night.

The next morning, they awoke to birds chirping and a mild breeze blowing in through the open window. Todd cooked breakfast for them and sat on the deck, naked, and enjoyed their meal and the morning sunshine. Todd cleaned up afterward and said he was going to go get the boat ready for them to get out on the lake for the morning. Meg said she would get a picnic lunch packed and get herself dressed.

It took Todd about an hour to check the fuel level, make sure the battery would hold a charge and have the confidence that he knew how to handle the controls for a safe outing. It had been a long time since he had operated a boat. He got it out of the boathouse and pulled it up to the dock, shut it down and tied if off at the dock and then went to the house to get Meg and carry anything she wanted to bring along. He walked in and once again was stunned by her beauty and the attention to detail she had given to dressing for him. In addition to the same jewelry she had worn the previous day, she was wearing a bright yellow jumper. It was sleeveless and hooked around the neck. It showed off her more than ample cleavage and the legs were cut in such away that it looked like a bathing suit from a distance. It just barely covered her ass. There was no back to it, cut low enough that when she bent over, the inseam was nearly pulled into the crack of her ass at the bottom and nearly exposed the little “V” that gave way to her crack at the top. It fit tight enough that it also showed side cleavage to her huge tits in front. Again, she had found sandals and a bonnet to match and had even done her nails to match again.

“I cannot believe my eyes, Meg! Every time I see you, you find a new way to look stunning. I hope you don’t mind taking that off later, because I am not going to be able to keep my hands off of you for very long.”

She smiled and suggested that the outfit was merely a visual form of foreplay and that she did not want to wear it for very long.

They cruised the lake for a little while and Meg pulled out a bottle of sunscreen, suggesting that a sunburn on either of them would be bad for their sex life and both of them peeled out of their clothes and they took turns coating each other with the cream. Of course, rubbing each other all over with the lotion turned them on.

“I don’t think I will put any of this on your cock, honey. First, I think it might not feel too good inside my pussy – or anywhere else inside me for that matter – and besides, it isn’t going to get that much exposure. I fully expect it to be buried in me somewhere most of the morning.”

Todd couldn’t help himself. All Meg had to do was mention sex with her and his cock would stiffen. The pontoon boat had plenty of padded seating for a party, so Todd idled the engine, dropped anchor near the shoreline and put Meg on her back and drove his hard rod deep into her already wet pussy. He was on top of her, giving her pussy a good hard pounding and she was moaning loudly right from the start. She was turned on by his arousal from her wardrobe and attraction to her and he was turned on simply because she was the most beautiful and best fuck of any woman he had ever met and she wanted him. He was turned on by her dainty gold jewelry and her painted nails and by the choice of outfits and the fact that she had done it all for him. That was enough to make his cock hard for days and all he wanted was to use it on her in any way that she would enjoy. And she was enjoying this immensely.

“Todd, do me a favor please. When you are ready to finish, would you please finish by tit fucking me. It’s been ages since I have seen your cock shoot its stuff. I love to watch you cum.”

“Whatever you want, baby. Whatever you want.”

Meg closed her eyes and relaxed in the sunshine, the idle of the boat motor and the repeated pounding of her pussy until she came hard and let out a screech that echoed from the nearby cove. Todd pulled out and put his cock between her massive tits and began fucking them with the same passion he had been using on her pussy. His cock disappeared with each stroke and she held her large tits tightly around his shaft to get the most friction possible on his thrusting rod. Todd pulled back, grabbed his cock and aimed it at one of her nipples and shot a thick stream of cum arching over her tit from top to bottom and did the same with the other tit. She lifted her head and sucked the rest of his cum out of him and then rubbed the cum on her tits like a second application of sunscreen. They laid down on the boat deck and stared up at the sky as the boat rocked gently on the waves. Meg stroked Todd’s stiffening rod, coaxing back to its erect form and then went down on him, sucking it the rest of the way into hardness. Meg moved to a standing position and motioned for Todd to come to her. She put her knees on the padded seat and her hands on the rail behind the bench seat, making it clear she wanted to be fucked from behind.

Todd maneuvered himself into position and entered her pussy from behind and buried it all the way in. Neither of them heard the fishing boat approaching using only its trolling motor. Then they heard a woman’s voice exclaim, “See, Jim, I told you they were fucking out here. Fuck, that is so hot to watch!”

Neither Meg nor Todd really cared if anyone was watching or not and didn’t even stop or try to hide what they were doing. They both looked over at the boat that had circled around and acknowledged them a friendly wave and a “hi”. The couple looked to be a few years older than Todd and Meg, were well tanned, attractive and clearly interested in their activity. The man clearly had a boner in his trunks and the woman had her hand between her legs, feeling her pussy.

“Mind if we come aboard and join you?” the woman asked.

“We are not sharing, if that is what you are wanting,” said Todd, “but if you want to come aboard and fuck along side us, that’s fine. I can see where that would be difficult in your fishing boat.

The woman’s name was Traci and she had an average, but good looking figure. Jim had an average, but attractive build himself. they looked like a couple that belonged together.

“We aren’t interested in sharing either, but we have always wanted to be part of a group fuck. We have always kind of had this fantasy of watching and being watched during a good fuck. Thanks!” said Traci. Jim shut off his motor and they tied their boat to the pontoon and climbed aboard. Both stripped down and Meg and Todd were both surprised to see that Jim was actually pretty well hung, with a cock nearly the same size as Todd’s. Traci went down on her husband, sitting close enough to Meg that she could touch her. Jim threw his head back and enjoyed the head. Todd kept fucking Meg from behind and she moaned. The moaning was in stereo as Jim began to moan from his wife playing the pipes on him.

It didn’t take too long and Jim pulled out of Traci’s mouth and shot a large wad of cum all over her face. Traci laughed as she wiped it off and licked her fingers. She then sat on the padded bench next to Meg and moved her ass to the front edge of the seat. Jim got on his knees and shoved his still hard cock into his wife and began to fuck her at a rapid clip.

Between gasps, Traci looked over at Meg. “You have very large and very beautiful tits, sweetie. I know we aren’t swapping, but would you mind if I felt your tits a little while we both get drilled?”

“Not at all, Traci. You okay with me rubbing your clit while you get fucked?”

“Are you k**ding? You can do anything to me you want. I love a woman’s touch and my clit is the perfect place to start.”

The women played with each other’s tits to start with and then they moved their fingers to each other’s pussies, playing with their clits and occasionally feeling the men’s cocks rub against their hands as they did so. Todd had gotten a head start on the fucking, and filled Meg’s pussy with another load of jizz. He pulled out and sat down watching the other couple fuck and the women fondle each other. Jim was not far behind, grunted and came again in his wife’s cunt after she had cum on his cock and the touch of güvenilir bahis siteleri Meg’s fingers working over her clit.

Jim pulled away and sat next to Todd as the women moved into position to kiss each other. They naturally drifted in to the 69 position and began eating the cum of the other men from each other, lapping it up and bringing each other to new rounds of orgasm from the oral work. Todd always enjoyed a good woman-woman show and this was a dandy. Both gave as good as they got and by the time the women were about to cum a third time, Todd felt a hand on his hard shaft. Jim had reached over and was stroking Todd’s cock. Todd looked at him and apparently seemed a little surprised.

Jim pulled back his hand. “Sorry, I was just admiring the size of your cock and wanted to feel it. I didn’t mean anything by it.”

“No problem, Jim. You can play with it if you want to. You have a nice one yourself. May I stroke yours as well?”

“Hell yes!” said Jim, moving close enough that the hips of both men were touching each other. Each had a hand in the lap of the other, stroking each others’ cocks hard. Now it was the women who were watching the men.

“Oh, fuck, Jim! Just go ahead and tell the man what you really want.” said Traci.

“Nah, they said they aren’t sharing and I respect that. You have already gone further than you should have, Traci.”

Meg was more encouraging, “Go ahead, Jim, there’s no harm in letting your desires be known. That doesn’t mean it’ll happen, but can’t hurt to be honest.”

“Oh, well…fuck…Traci has always wanted to see me take a cock in my mouth and make a man cum on me like I do to her. And…well…I …well…shit, okay, I have always wanted to give a blow job too. But I ain’t asking you to let me do that to you. Fuck, for all I know, you ain’t in to that shit and you already said you ain’t sharing, so let’s let it go. I am having fun just stroking another cock to know what that feels like. Thanks.” Both men pulled their hands back. Meg gave Todd that look. “That look” being to go ahead and let him suck you off. It wouldn’t be the first time your cock was in a man’s mouth and I want to watch. That was the look.

“Jim, I don’t normally mix it up with men, but this would not be the first time. Since the women have already broken the ice, if you really want to try it, go for it. Just tell me what you want me to do when I am ready to cum.”

“Well fuck me! Do you mean it? You’re okay with letting me suck your cock? Keep in mind that this is my first time, so I may not be any good at it. If that’s the case, just say so and I will stop, okay?”

“Okay.” said Todd, halfheartedly.

Jim got on his knees in front of Todd and gamely took Todd’s cock in hand and the head of his cock into his mouth. The women sat on either side of Todd and he put his arms around them and cupped a tit in each hand. As firm and round as Traci’s C-cup tits were, Meg’s were that much finer, but Todd enjoyed having both hands full. the women watched the closeup of one man blowing another. It was the first time for both of them to watch it in person and both were fingering themselves as the act continued. Jim was doing a pretty decent job for his first time, and the women looked at each other, sharing the same thought, and moved down next to Jim. Traci started playing with Todd’s balls in one hand and her husband’s balls in her other. Meg slid a finger into Todd’s asshole from behind with one hand and stroking Jim’s cock in the other. In a few minutes, Todd announced that he was about to cum. Jim pulled off just in time as Todd’s spunk shot straight up in the air, landing on Jim’s cheek, chin and nose. Traci began licking it off of Jim’s face and Meg cleaned up Todd’s cock. Meg moved up and whispered something in Todd’s ear and he nodded.

After the cum bath was over, Meg invited the couple to stay aboard and picnic with them. Jim retrieved their own basket from their boat and they all shared lunch together. It was Meg who revealed what she had whispered to Todd.

“We have reconsidered a little, if you are interested. How about one more round. This time, I suck your hubby while Todd fucks me and then Traci sucks Todd while Jim fucks her. Then we end the party and go on our separate ways. Interested?”

Neither checked with the other, but both enthusiastically agreed that it sounded like a hot experience and were more than ready.

“Traci, why don’t you suck Todd first while your hubby fucks you. I plan to have Todd fuck my ass while I blow your husband. He might taste better to you before he ass fucks me than he would after.”

“Holy shit! you can take that cock of his up your ass? I’ve always been afraid to try it.”

“It takes a little practice, but once you get it in the ass, you’ll want more from time to time,” Meg assured Traci.

“Well, in that case, if you can take it up the ass, I can suck one that’s been there. You go first and then, Jim – surprise! – you can fuck my ass today after you get blown by someone other than me.”

Jim was beside himself with anticipation. “Then let’s get the fuck busy here!”

Jim sat on the padded bench as instructed by Meg and she began sucking his rigid rod, noting to herself that he was about the same length as Todd, but not quite as thick. Jim helped himself to handfuls of Meg’s large tits as Todd got into position and pushed his cock into Meg’s tight asshole. Traci moved to where she could watch up close the anal action and how Meg managed it. She eventually reached between Todd’s legs from behind and played with his balls and even finger fucked his ass like she saw Meg doing to him earlier. Both men were caught up in the excitement of this new twist to the day. Jim shot his cum into Meg’s throat and she swallowed every drop, licking him clean afterward. Todd spewed his cum deep into Meg’s ass like he always did when the ass fucked, saving just enough to leave a little cream pie as proof to Traci that he had really shot his load. Traci wasted no time at licking Todd’s cock clean and even stuck her tongue into Meg’s ass and licking up some of the cream as it began to drain out.

It was unusual for Jim to regain an erection so soon after cumming, but the anticipation of his first ass fuck kept him as rigid as if he had not fucked in a week. Meg moved out of the way so that Traci could take her place. Traci was quick to go down on Todd and had no issues with the fact that his cock had just been in Meg’s ass. This woman was obviously a cock whore if Meg had ever met one. Jim was quick to move into position, but Meg stopped him.

“Let me help you get this started the right way, Jim. If you want more of this, you’re gonna have to do it right the first time.”

She wrapped her hand around his shaft and he patiently let her guide him to his wife’s waiting asshole. Meg made sure he had the right angle and didn’t try to go too far too fast. She took his cock and lubed it a bit with his wife’s pussy first and they guided him into position and he pushed slowly until his cock head disappeared into his wife’s ass.
Traci stopped sucking Todd’s cock momentarily and grimaced a little as the discomfort of her husband’s large cock made its way into her virgin ass. Once he was about half way in, Meg had him pause for Traci to adjust and relax. Once Traci nodded, giving the okay to proceed, Meg backed away and Jim pushed himself the rest of the way in. Traci went back to work on Todd’s cock and Meg fingered herself while watching this woman she had just met take two cocks at one time. Traci was an experienced cocksucker and Todd’s size was not an issue for her since her husband’s love tool was nearly the same size. Meg got on her knees at Traci’s side and played with her tits like she had done earlier and even tilted her head so as to suck on the woman’s nipples while she was getting gang banged by the men.

Jim could not hold out long from the excitement of giving his first blowjob and getting his first ass fuck from his wife. He told his wife he was about to shoot up her ass and she banged back on his cock to encourage him along. She could feel the warmth of his normally heavy load of cum spray forth in her ass and just as she started to relax, Todd’s cock erupted in the back of her throat, giving her no choice but to swallow everything he emptied into her. Todd pulled away and sat down with Traci’s face still hovering over his cock. She lowered her head and licked it some more as he played with her tits. Meg stroked Jim’s cock a little more to milk from him any remaining cum and then smeared it on Traci’s ass. They all relaxed over a couple of beers and agreed that the new experiences were good ones for all of them.

Eventually, Jim and Traci got back in their boat and left with a big thank you to Meg and Todd for sharing and hoped it might happen again some time. Meg and Todd cruised the lake for another hour or so and then returned to the lake house for a shower and an afternoon nap. Todd realized that Meg, in her own way, was being a good neighbor just like he was.

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